Weepy incompetent Newco, belligerent Hearts, be Good to each other


The SFA’s statement last night clarifies the immediate future of the game, or lack thereof.  No training will be permitted until at least the 10 June and the professional game can start 6 weeks after training.  Without the lockdown being extended, the earliest behind closed doors football game can take place on 22 July.

It would be possible to complete the Premiership by 19 August.  Today’s proposal by the SPFL keeps this option on the table.

The new league season would need to start immediately thereafter, games would almost certainly be played behind closed doors and Uefa would need to delay the start of Champions and Europa League qualification competitions until the last week in August.  I think this is unlikely, but it remains possible.

I understand that Hearts, four points adrift at the bottom, are lashing out in every direction, but they would be better advised to try to win support for league reconstruction than go down the belligerent route.  Maybe Ann Budge should have retained the bonus scheme and avoided all this stress.

Newco’s anger is a pale shadow of what we saw during the Traynor statement years.  It’s all a bit limp for my palette. I like my Newco statements frothing with anger, typed while standing in fermenting urine-soaked shoes with flute music blaring in the background.  Don’t judge me.

Today’s “legal advisor did not deem our Members Resolution as competent” is so weepy all I feel is pity.

This afternoon’s SPFL vote can change only details for Celtic.  The real battle was to make this season Null and Void and our incompetent friends across the city were chased out of town for that suggestion.  Celtic will be champions; nine-in-a-row is ours, whether achieved on the field or after Uefa issue advice to national associations.

It’s also interesting to watch the paranoia triggers.  Our own sufferers’ gas will be at a peep for a while, whereas Newco’s conspiracy theorists were born for these times.  Do not be like any of them, just because the tide goes against you, doesn’t mean The Man is out to get you!  You’re just a little anxious.

I know this is a Terrible Good Friday, but be Good to each other today – and stay indoors all weekend.

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  1. repost with spelling correction!



    NEUSTADT-BRAW on 10TH APRIL 2020 11:48 AM


    see they managed to get the Creme de Menthe bottle oot ….or did they?…..maybe it wis nothing to do with Creme de Menthe….the truth will out ….







    a St Thomas.s spokesman(anonymous) implied that the Home Secretary with her grip of steel hands (trained on grabbing very cold and wet immigrant children and propelling them into cages ready for deportation)was personally involved in the removal of said bottle…







    further information to follow …





















    smiley think of yourself as a ping pong ba thing








  2. The effects of this pandemic will touch every aspect of society and business globally.Football will forever be changed.



    The only non partisan conclusion is that Celtic will be a Behemoth in the Scottish game, with no credible challenger.



    Celtic will win everything domestically, for as long as they want



    We need to start planning our own long term exit strategy

  3. So we have the Huns begging for money,close to going bust,and Hearts,4 wins all season, trying to call the shots here,laughable.




    A new format from yesterday.


    I couldn’t get on last night but can today, so fingers crossed.

  5. So the plan is: season 19/20 never happened?can you get prize money for something that never really happened? Asking for a wee teem!

  6. I don’t know about elsewhere but I see Tesco in Forres are opened full days on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday


    08:00 – 20:00. Just my opinion have they not made enough money out of this crisis.


    Why not open 2 half days or even close completely. Surely their over worked staff could do with some time off as well as discouraging people from making that “essential” trip to the shops. I’m sure enough pasta and sauces were purchased to cover 2 days as well as sufficient toilet paper to clean up the mess!



    Rant over.

  7. ” Rangers are to resubmit their members resolution on the early release of prize money after it was deemed “not competent” by the SPFL’s legal adviser.



    And the Ibrox club say they have had “numerous reports” from Scottish sides of “attempts to coerce and bully them” into backing the SPFL’s own proposal. ”



    I can still hear Stewart Calimelo Robertsons wee voice ‘ It’s an injustice ‘

  8. When I refresh the page it almost goes back to the beginning. I have to click on a see more comment’s to catch up.

  9. weebobbycollins on

    I hope big Norman Hunter recovers from this virus…fearsome tackler!


    Wasn’t so fearsome on this particular night (50 years ago next wednesday)




    Some post-match quotes…



    Don Revie, “We lost our chance at Leeds. When we scored I thought we could do something, but Celtic are a very, very good side. I sincerely hope they win the European Cup again.”



    The Daily Telegraph, “They may have only one world-class individual player, Jimmy Johnstone, in what is essentially a team. But what an individual! What a team!”



    Norman Hunter, “I played in a lot of European games for Leeds United. That Celtic side was probably the best I played against.”​


    Jock Stein played tribute to skipper Billy McNeill, who had enjoyed a dominant evening, “I don’t know how he managed to get fit in time. On Tuesday night it did not look as though he would be able to play. He played on one leg in this game, the other ankle was strapped and he will not be able to play on Saturday.”




    Albert Barham in the Guardian, “How one can feel sorry for Leeds. “Celtic were superior in every phase of the game. The midfield was theirs to dominate and exploit, and Giles and Bremner had to give best to Auld and Connelly. But the man of the match for Celtic once again was the tiny, but wily, Johnstone. Jones and Clarke, although they ran and harried, gained no reward from McNeill or Brogan, or from Gemmell and the most promising Hay.”




    Tommy Gemmell, “It was so pointed a ‘doing’ wee Jimmy was giving them that we heard Norman Hunter, Leeds’ infamous hard man, shouting blatantly to Cooper to chop him down, and Cooper shouting back at him to come and try it himself if he wanted. He did. They swapped positions, and Jimmy just did the same to him and ran him ragged.”




    Terry Cooper, “Jimmy had everything you could wish for in a winger. He had such a low centre of gravity and it was so difficult to stop him. Unless you took him by unfair means it simply wasn’t going to happen. Jimmy was a bit like George Best. That’s the best compliment I can give him. But at Elland Road and Hampden, especially the game in Glasgow, I wasn’t looking to pay him any compliments. I would love to have kicked Jinky, but I couldn’t get near him! I still have nightmares. I reckon I had good anticipation, but I could do nothing to take the ball off Johnstone.”




    Billy Bremner, “That was one of the greatest exhibitions I have ever seen. Jimmy had one of these games where he was unstoppable. He destroyed us on his own and I remember turning to Terry Cooper at half time at Hampden and saying to him there was no point in him going out for the second half.”

  10. Pog



    `Why not open 2 half days or even close completely.`



    I think that might lead to another `picnic` buying spree.


    Also, would the staff not have the choice of working (or not) with double-time or something offered as an incentive?

  11. Newco’s anger is a pale shadow of what we saw during the Traynor statement years. It’s all a bit limp for my palette. I like my Newco statements frothing with anger, typed while standing in fermenting urine-soaked shoes with flute music blaring in the background. Don’t judge me.




    Absolutely hilarious, top stuff P67!




  12. Happy Friday all.



    The sun is up in Kentucky and I have to go into the office for first time in 3 weeks to pack up my personal belongings. Such larks!



    CANAMALAR @ 8:06 AM



    From previous thread. Indeed, although it was the multiple laptops for D&G that got me. Still some good wee points though. 




    QUONNO @ 11:54 AM


    As it should be, taxable that is. Can’t keep all your new found wealth to yourself. 

  13. Does anyone have any idea why Sevco are trying to turn the spfl into a credit union ?



    Clubs with cash flow trouble can and should avail of government covid 19 loans specifically designed to see business through the other side of this. Why ask for loans from the spfl ?

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Big Yogi took Jack Charlton to the cleaners that night .




    Wonderful memories, thank you for posting.



    I remember approaching Hampden with my Dad and bro in law (an Elgin fan) and the place was mobbed.


    I was a smoker then and said to my Dad (who had the tickets for the wee South Enclosure) I was going to wait at an ice cream van to get fags.



    The next time I saw my Dad was at home well after the game!



    They had walked on into the crowd and lost me!



    I managed to buy a 12 bob ticket for the North Enclosure for 10 bob from a Leeds fan and got in just before the game started.



    My Dad got into the ground while my bro in law, who wisney very tall waited outside the ground looking for me. By the time he got into the ground it was so packed he couldn’t get to the top of the stairs so didn’t see the game. He wnt home very early.



    Great night, great team, wonderful memories!




  16. AN DUN



    I think with the government loan scheme the potential beneficiaryneeds to prove they can service the loan properly.



    Also believe they need to have submitted up to date accounts and paid there taxes up to date.



    Mibbe it’s just me but……………………

  17. To me there is a conflict of interests between the SPFL board and sevco. Surely under normal circumstances it would be prudent for the conflicted person, in this case Stewart Robinson, to stand down from the SPFL board, albeit temporarily, until the conflict is resolved.

  18. GENE on 10TH APRIL 2020 1:17 PM




    Large stores closed on Easter Sunday in England




    Must be a Scottish thing. I forgot stay at home doesn’t apply here.




  19. Chanty



    (From previous article)



    I have a ticket for the postponed game at Ibrox, no mention of any refund so far.






    I wasn’t telling anyone what to post I think you should read what I wrote more carefully.

  20. If if if if if……. we were able to finish this season by September, why P67 would the next domestic one have to start straight away?



    Expand the top flight by 2.


    Play twice against each other.


    Shortened 20-21 season



    10 IAR



    21-22 season, Celtic join new euro league. Leaving a reserve team to play in Scotland.



    Have a blessed and safe Easter



    HH jg

  21. Garngad to Croy on

    If the season is cancelled and null and void. Every fan that has attended any game in Scotland should be due a refund. Lets all get together and start a campaign for that !

  22. weebobbycollins on

    Macjay @ 1.02…I saw big Yogi do the same to him in 1965. Scottish League vs English League. 2-2 draw with Yogi getting two headed goals for the Scots…big Jack got the opening goal for the English who had Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves, Alan Ball and Norman Hunter in their ranks. If I remember well, it was a feisty match…





    Philbhoy @ 1.08…I think everyone who was there will have a story about getting carried along with the crowd. I often wonder what would have happened if we had all lifted our feet off the ground at the same time… :-)

  23. PHILBHOY on 10TH APRIL 2020 12:42 PM




    A new format from yesterday.


    I couldn’t get on last night but can today, so fingers crossed.



    I logged out and cleared all history on my kindle and logged back in , new article ,podium , it’s a good Friday 😜


    seems to be a bit better re the ads

  24. Bada


    Don’t worry she’s just making me a cup of tea after which we’ll get dressed 😉

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