Weighty comparison for Ntcham


Roy Keane played 13 games for Celtic and the first two of those were memorably for a disastrous performance and result away to Clyde, then what looked like an out of shape performance by the former Ireland international at home to Kilmarnock.

The remaining 11 games of his Celtic career were a lesson on what a great central midfield player looks like.  This was an era when we had recently seen Champions League winner, Paul Lambert, and Neil Lennon, play central mid, both masters of their craft, but Keane fulfilled the role better than anyone I had seen in a Celtic shirt, even as a 34-year-old.

There’s a video of his solitary performance away to Rangers (@FocusOnCeltic), where he asserts himself effortlessly, a lesson on how it should be done.  I watched a similar video of Olivier Ntcham against Newco on Sunday (@CelticBible).

The obvious point should be made.  The Rangers team of 2006 that Keane faced had players like Barry Ferguson and Dado Prso, and had a proper manager, whereas the team Olivier Ntcham faced are not of the same calibre, nor were they at home, but you and me have watched rubbish Oldco/Newco teams over the years without seeing such a complete performance from a Celtic central mid as Olivier’s.

Last month I suggested we drop Olivier and pull Callum McGregor deep, as the former’s passing and effectiveness was off the pace during the qualifiers.  He was one of several subject to bids and contract talks over the summer.  A clear head seems to have elevated the 22-year-old’s game to a new level.

The King is in town, get along to see Henrik and pals do their stuff at Celtic Park tomorrow.

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  1. I wish i read back before posting ….keep missing the offensive posts , lol.



    Is FAIRHILL BHOY at it again ? ???….


    Btw , i’ve enjoyed staying in a nice house for the fortnight . Tidied up as best i could .;))

  2. Ha ha. Lost most of the last post for some reason.


    Maybe someone deleted the first part as i was in the act of posting it ?

  3. Just read back; I do know how spell Moussa, I just don’t notice autocorrect changing Otto Moussaka.



    If it’s not one thing, it’s another. CSC







    As I have said before on here, THAT Cup win was THE best ever moment of my watching Celtic. Never have experienced before or since the “high” it gave me and that includes Lisbon.






    *aye me tae, saw grown mhen and womhen weeping with joy on the terracing that afternoon.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Eh,……..foreign? Celtic? Coloured?



    All three?



    Maybe the Green Brigade have infiltrated the Tartan Army?



    I jest.



    Clearly they are all pissed off he played up and potentially cost Celtic a chance to earn 40 million in the Champions League.

  6. Boyata seemed to overextend his knee trying to keep his feet after an innoccuous challenge with Armstrong.


    Looks ok so far and playing well.

  7. OLDTIM67 on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:00 PM



    Someone enquired about Dunfermline when beating Celtic 5-1, If my memory is still working I believe that the great man himself was Manager of Dunfermline at that time,by great man I mean Jock Stein.



    *OT Jock was our manager that night as it was a game sandwiched between our cup win on the Saturday and a GC win over deidco on the Friday night.



    I came home from around about that time and was desperate to take in a game,one of my Brothers said that he wouldn’t mind going to Dunfermline game,so 5 of us went and watch the game,Dunfermline was down about 4 or 5 nothing after the away leg so they had a hard job on hand, but they beat the team? they were playing 6-1 and I’m sure Jock Stein was their manager at the time,Dunfermline had a very good teamat that time and they had the best Manager as well,my memory may be playing tricks with me,but I think that I’m right.



    *The game your referring to was against Valencia, who were the cup holders, and came tae East End Park with a 4 goal lead. Valencia had already eliminated us in the previous round while the Pars had put high flying and spending Everton out.



    At half time it was tied 5-5 on aggregate before finishing 6-2 for the the Fifers. Away goals didnae count as double then so a 3rd match was required, in Lisbon of all places, which Valencia won 1-0 and then went on tae retain the cup and Jock was the Pars manager.









    I would imagine that is why Dunfermline beat us 5-1 that day.

  8. MIKE IN TORONTO, loved the pic of seamus will post a pic of our new puppy when joan gets round to doing it ,you know im fecking crap at hi tech.lol.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    There are minutes of a meeting and court documents that prove rangers accepted liability before 31st March 2011, it does not take three months to understand the implications, what will take three months is how to find/invent an interpretation that can/will create ambiguity.

  10. That’s a foul…………all day long



    That’s a goal kick………..all day long



    That’s a booking………..all day long



    That’s a corner………..all day long



    Davy ( all day long ) Provan

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No GM,


    The board a d polis statements were in support of each other, there was/is CCTV evidence yet the board supported the polis statement. Only CST, CSA and supporter pressure changed the boards stance, this is identical to Amsterdam, the board do not rest etc or trust theCeltic support.

  12. Never to wrestle with a pig.


    You get covered in shite, and the pig likes it.



    That’s paraphrasing George Bernhard Shaw I believe.



    Some will read that and be offended that they are thought of as a pig.


    If that’s the case change the way you post.



    Others will read it and think ‘yeah, I should know better’.


    If that’s the case change the way you post.






    Old Tim:





    Jock was manager of Hibs then son summer cup.Dunfermline manager was wille Cunningham.



    I had a look at the Dunfermline site and JS managed them from 01/07/1964 until 30/06/1964 and Willie Cunningham took over from Jock a week after, you are correct and my memory is crap.



    Almore your Gin was tasty, BT and I had a couple of drinks from the bottle, which started a wee Gin session in my house,Thank god he was with his brother in law,or we may have drunk all my Gin.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    Yep, Board decisions always bow to ‘fan pressure’ when they act the way you want them to.

  15. A new forum called Celtic Noise seems to be gathering pace.


    A different model to CQN in that it allows multiple threads. It doesn’t follow the CQN model of a leader post to stimulate debate.


    Will be interesting to see if it takes off.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If anyone wishes to write to the board regarding Res12, please open with the truth, that they have not supported Res12, supporting Res12 means voting and implementing it. They have, for five years, refused to support Res12 that is the bottom line.

  17. Mcginn has done well, especially when you look at who’s around him in midfield. McDonald is one of the worst players I’ve seen in a Scotland shirt for a long time.



    But he doesn’t look better than what we’ve got, and he’s lacking a bit in technique

  18. Celtic’s announcement today regarding an independent review is a direct consequence of a meeting which took place in Parkhead on Tuesday night. The Celtic Trust along with the other supporters’ organisations pushed,over several hours, for this to happen. I’m not saying for a second that Celtic wouldn’t have initiated this after an internal inquiry but the speedy announcement is a result of the power of a unified Celtic support.



    Old Tim:





    Jock was manager of Hibs then son summer cup.Dunfermline manager was wille Cunningham.



    Another error.


    1960 to 1964.

  20. CANAMALAR. more power to your elbow sir. we should not be sitting at the back of the bus anymore.rosie parks.com.hh.

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