Weighty comparison for Ntcham


Roy Keane played 13 games for Celtic and the first two of those were memorably for a disastrous performance and result away to Clyde, then what looked like an out of shape performance by the former Ireland international at home to Kilmarnock.

The remaining 11 games of his Celtic career were a lesson on what a great central midfield player looks like.  This was an era when we had recently seen Champions League winner, Paul Lambert, and Neil Lennon, play central mid, both masters of their craft, but Keane fulfilled the role better than anyone I had seen in a Celtic shirt, even as a 34-year-old.

There’s a video of his solitary performance away to Rangers (@FocusOnCeltic), where he asserts himself effortlessly, a lesson on how it should be done.  I watched a similar video of Olivier Ntcham against Newco on Sunday (@CelticBible).

The obvious point should be made.  The Rangers team of 2006 that Keane faced had players like Barry Ferguson and Dado Prso, and had a proper manager, whereas the team Olivier Ntcham faced are not of the same calibre, nor were they at home, but you and me have watched rubbish Oldco/Newco teams over the years without seeing such a complete performance from a Celtic central mid as Olivier’s.

Last month I suggested we drop Olivier and pull Callum McGregor deep, as the former’s passing and effectiveness was off the pace during the qualifiers.  He was one of several subject to bids and contract talks over the summer.  A clear head seems to have elevated the 22-year-old’s game to a new level.

The King is in town, get along to see Henrik and pals do their stuff at Celtic Park tomorrow.

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  1. BP1 yes we are all well.


    Hope you all are too.



    This is disgusting tonight, booing Boyata and cheering on Jack.


    What next back to booing scotland Celtic players



    I never took any of my kids to see Scotland as I remember those days.


    Cannot see me taking grand kids to see them either.



    D. :)

  2. CELTIC40ME on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:40 PM


    Mcginn has done well, especially when you look at who’s around him in midfield. McDonald is one of the worst players I’ve seen in a Scotland shirt for a long time.





    Kevin McDonald looked like he had been picked up on the local playing field, one of the worst professional performances I’ve ever seen.

  3. Wonder if the mssm will be clamouring for fecklesses head and a review of SFA’s recruitment process that gave this diddy the job?


    Wont hold my breath.

  4. Mahe the Madman on

    Bateen , thanks I didnt know. Dont follow Scottish football. Where or whats a bateen by the way. If you wanna a few questions to keep thoul grey matter moving just say the word


    Hail Hail

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No GM,


    So nothing on the points raised just the simpletons retort to ‘folks like me’ Celtic supporters who are not ready to bare our arse to people with a job description as a title. Grow a pair

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Ooooft…….Big Feck will be hoping he remains in situ long enough to earn the corn to pay back taxes.



    Come to think of it, if we knew his tax liability and knew his salary we could work out his likely tenure.

  7. In the dunny ? Lost me there.


    We stayed in the apartments directly across from the Ministry of Foreign affairs building. They had just been completed when we moved in. Very nice and occupied mainly by ex-pat medical staff and paramedics

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The dunny in Glasgow was the basement, or basement below ground floor apartment.

  9. MIKE IN TORONTO.hope you are well lovd the pic of seamus, don’t mention Hamilton went for a job there 1968, 2 positions me and 2 from the dark side guess who got the jobs, even to this day was it because I put st augustines Coatbridge on my cv lol.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    ‘The points raised’?



    Which points?



    Neganon implying Peter Lowell, Ian Bankier et al have deliberately put in danger the lives of fans attending a game of football?



    For what reason?



    Do they stand to cash in on theinsurance?



    Perhaps there’s a clause written in to their contracts that says they get a bonus?



    I maybe a ‘simpleton’, but I know a charlatan when I see one.

  11. Canamalar




    Yes, it was. As far removed from “the dunny” as you could get. 3rd floor, views unobstructed by yachts which weren’t there when we lived there. The whole Marina has been developed now, and the Arabs and Russians have taken over the apartments.


    Couldn’t remember the name. Marasy apartments.

  12. mike in toronto on

    My week at the cottage is nearly over. Back to work as a lawyer, so less time for CQN. Will be nice to have a break from all the arguing, I suppose …

  13. What is the Stars on



    I think what you meant to say was….


    It will be nice to be getting paid for arguing once again !!!

  14. Garngad to Croy on

    It will be interesting to hear big Eck’s post match comment’s . I predict he will throw his team under a bus. Lots of international retirement’s to come with big Eck in charge.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No GM


    My interpretation of negs observation was completely different from yours but that’s not a surprise.


    PL and Bankier couldn’t give a monkeys about the plebs, they have proven this time and time again, every time they supported PR that condemned the Celtic support.


    If you can provide a single example where they initially supported the Celtic support against any charges I’m all ears, go on, even one example?

  16. Don’t give a hoot for Scotland.


    But genuinely concerned about Celtic players involvement in this shambles of a set up.


    The only thing playing under feckless could do is destroy a players confidence and teach bad habits.


    There is nothing to gain for our players involved in this poor environment.

  17. oh how great was that humiliation for corrupt sfa could not of happened to a better bunch of clowns i cant stand england but i would support them against this tripe so well done belgium so easy.

  18. MARSPAPA-hey you I’ve no said a word,sitting in airport flight not till 7:10pm and it’s only 5:10pm .Was hoping the quiz would be going on???

  19. Can I just interrupt the scything of the joke which is feckless’s scoddish Fitba team to say I am really looking forward to Paradise tomorrow when I’ll be taking my grandson to the fanzine/ coaching area/ Celtic Way and then on to our seats to watch players who stopped playing for The Famous Glasgow Celtic long before he was born. I always said after going to Bobby Charlton’s Testimonial ( a joke where we should have cuffed them good and proper) at Old Trafford that I wouldn’t go to another friendly. I went back on that once – Big Packy’s Testimonial when I took a young GlasgowAsian neighbour to make sure he became a lifelong Tim- How’s it going Yousi? Anyway, I’m over all that now. These games are a bit of a laugh and I only know there’s going to be a show and The Glasgow Celtic will be there.


    Right, you can go back to telling everyone how fecking useless Feckless is.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Caramel, I doff my hat to your quick wit and repartee.



    On another note……you reep what you sow.



    SFA employs someone in need of finance to pay back taxes; whose employment was lauded and supported by people in the media (BBC Sportsound) who also needed employment to pay back taxes for the same reason the manager of Scotland needed employment to pay off back taxes (and Big Feck will be endorsed until all have earned sufficient money to pay off back taxes).

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I actually enjoyed a good Tim team bitchslap hundom with good football. Really looking forward to watching this qualifying show, no, zero nada, zilch allegiance with the Scottish team hope they get coplulated 4&5 nothing every time. Even better if the refs are terrible or better again cheat :)



    I will be supporting every team they compete with and I might even watch some in the company of good Scottish fans just to drive home my disgust at their hypocracy.

  22. It must be galling for The Celtic Players to take any instruction from that dinosaur of a coach. Better out of it, me thinks.

  23. Fairhill and Bateen,



    Which former striker has turned businessman and now owns his own exclusive range of Brandy ?



    Me to but i hope it happens without Celtic players.


    Playing against higher quality opposition normally helps players improve.


    This won’t happen under this clown and it could effect the self belief of KT ,Calum and Griff when this team are continually humiliated on the international stage.

  25. Was speaking to the father of an EBT recipient today. A former workmate, and thoroughly nice guy.


    Asked him how his boy was doing, and how he feels about being chased by the taxman for the tax due on the ‘loan’ ( he knows I’m a Celtic fan. He’s a Dons fan and I use to wind him up all the time about his boy being a hun )


    Said his Boy has settled in Australia now, and isn’t at all concerned about the tax he may be liable for. Just turned down a £2.5m offer for a house and land he bought for £450k a couple of years ago, and won’t have to worry about financial issues for the rest of his days.

  26. I’ve been hoping they’ll get humped in every game since he took over – just wish our Bhoys could exempt themselves on the grounds of moral rectitude.

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