Welcome Mikael Lustig


A big Celtic welcome to Mikael Lustig, 24-year-old Swedish defender, who will join in January on a contract that runs until summer 2015, after leaving Rosenborg on a free contract.  At 6’3” he can play in central defence but more commonly plays as an attacking right back.

With the ever-promising Adam Matthews, Mark Wilson and Cha Du-Ri already competing for the right back slot you would intuitively think Mikael is more likely to be used in what has become known as Celtic’s troublesome central defensive positions, despite Neil Lennon’s “he can play both positions, but he´s predominantly a right-back” comment.  Cover at right back is susceptible to change, however.  Mark Wilson will be injured well into 2012 and Celtic are unlikely to stand in the way of Cha, who is surplus to requirements most weeks, which leaves only teenage Matthews to see us through the business end of the season.

On paper he ticks all the boxes, right price, right experience and has been tested in European and international football.  With Jos Hooiveld likely to be off the books in January, for what could yet be a promising career in the English Premier League, to the amazement of several SPL players I’ve spoken to, Mikael should strengthen the squad.

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  1. BelfastCityCelt on

    WGS says:



    23 November, 2011 at 16:18






    We are trying to build a great side here,not dismantle one.

  2. Bet 365 streaming tonights game on their website,not sure if can be accessed from UK? Some bhoys know what to do :>

  3. WGS says:


    23 November, 2011 at 16:18



    Aaahh!!! Don´t like the sound of either of those moves!



    Do Spurs really need Forest?

  4. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on




    Glad someone else thinks this could be the night we turn on the style.



    I’ve gone for Forrest 1st goal, 6-0 at 100/1, Was going to do Stokes…His odds have been slashed from 100/1 to 50/1 since Monday.




  5. BelfastCityCelt on

    Buzzin’ here i am.



    Get these next two home games out of the road,then sit back and watch der hun on Sunday at Rugby Park.



    I won’t predict a Kilmarnock victory as that shower normally lie down against the skintos,howevever i will predict this – Killie will score at least one goal against them.

  6. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. WGS



    Pal. fae that Pot o’ Pottage,which ye Provided..



    Right away.. A wid Thrust Ma Haun intae the Pot..






    Ah wid Grab and Glom ontae. wan o’ yer suggestions, immediately…



    Marcus Rosenburg..



    He is a Brammer..

  7. Ah hiv Noos fur Youse..




    “Every Celtic Player is “Fur Sale ,tae the Highest Bidder”



    Fur the Right Price



    Maks Sense Tae Me.

  8. BelfastCityCelt on

    Serge (10) Tommy Burns says:



    23 November, 2011 at 16:25



    Serge I think that we are due a penalty kick as well.



    Ki will hit it,if he plays – think Ki is 10/1 to score first – not sure what price he is to score at anytime in the game,but it could well be worth a punt.



    A landslide victory is on the cards – all out attack from the kick off.




  9. There must be 15 squad players at the club that we can flog before we contemplate selling first teamers.


    If you can flog a dead horse, you can (try) and flog some of our squad players.

  10. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on




    That’s the spirit!!! haha.



    Ki is 11/4 anytime goalscorer mate, well worth a punt as you say, HH

  11. Big celtic welcome to you Mikael and to you andre Blackman. Wonder if Mathews could be for right mid and broony for the off.Hmm


    I think lenny may just be the type of manager to get the best out of Blackman. I`m looking forward to these


    two signings. Now if we could get a similar deal for Diawarri tied up then id be even happier than i am now.


    To the present however and 3 points a must tonight followed by another 3 on saturday and then lets see if


    the ayshire mafia can exert a bit of pressure on fat sally and his mankies. I think they might. Good luck the


    bhoys tonight and i`m going for 4_1.


    hh lbb

  12. Think we need to be careful about letting Hooiveld go too cheaply. A mentioned above, he’s not really had many opportunities at Celtic and he might turn out to be decent.

  13. Paul67



    I think Matthews will be used to cover right mid for when Brown goes in January.




  14. how about we try something different tonight and go with the same X1 as the weekend , we cant have done that this season which shows the problems we have had with injuries.

  15. I really hope we keep James Forrest, for his sake as well as ours. He will continue to develop with regular first team football and we can give him that. How many games would he play at Spurs who have a number of wide player already?

  16. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Young Matthews looks very comfortable on the ball, but he needs to work on the defensive side of his game particularly positioning, so I hope that he stays and develops into a top-class full-back.



    Although, you could argue that he would receive better defensive coaching elsewhere….! :-(




  17. I don’t know about the injury thing with Craig Gordon, but to me he’s a better keeper than McGregor. Just wonder also about his take on it. He never appeared to like Celtic much, but as any fule kno, once players come to Celtic (or managers-look at WGS) the club and supporters seem to enter into their soul. Not them all,obviously, but you know what I mean. Lustig–did someone call him a journeyman? That’ll do me, someone who is 6ft 3 inches in height and scores goals. I would also hope he’d kick Lafferty into the stand at the Deathstar. I’d also love to see Tony Watt get a go one of these days. If they’re good enough they’re old enough.

  18. My dear,dear,dear,friend..RATM



    Thanks fur the Info,pal.



    Ah kin live wi that Line-Up… same as oor Last Game.




    Sammi,did a passable Joab.. he is Improving.. and Ah Like tae


    see that..



    Looking forward tae Tonight’s Game..



    Will be a Tough Encounter..



    The Dunfies wull be oot tae






    But.. we should hiv enuff. in oor Locker tae Thwart their


    nefarious Plans.





    Yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  19. viewfaethewindae on

    Welcome Mikael Lustig, you’ve made it. One point to remember, it’s all about the glory.

  20. What is going on ?!



    Another young defender whose career will faulter under Lennon. Rogne seems destined to not be given the chance to re-capture his promising displays prior to injury. Hooiveld is a prime example of the clueless man management at Parkhead. He was never given more than handful of games under Lennon till allowed to leave and is now part of a solid defence at a Southampton running away with the Championship.



    Kadouri, brought in from no-where on cheap and couldn’t even play in europe. Unceremoniuosly hooked last game and looks destined for short Celtic career.



    The youth players must be wondering what the point is in winning everything at there level when have constant flow of unknown youngsters like Blackman brougt in ahead of them. Guy supposedly has had umpteen chances at other clubs but has a stinking attitude, should either prove another disasterous aquisition by unsettling the changing room or a master stroke but surely disconcerning for likes of Fraser.



    These picture tell me that Lennon isn’t standing on the sidelines and doing a O’Neil or Swalex by merely observing the players training and instructing Thompson/Mjallby to coach and put up sticks etc – http://www.snspix.com/detail/print/5807497.html


    Players should be all aware of the boss in my opinion and fighting hard for places in now massive sqaud. These pics don’t show it.



    Backed Lennon till recently but although not just going by pics to judge it looks too cosy for me and Mjallby has got another defender to add to those already who seem to fail to follow his training methods.



    Rant over

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    larsson80: 23 November, 2011 at 16:43



    Sometimes words provide a clearer picture about people.

  22. Time we got a decent signing from Sweden. Recent mediocrity has somewhat tainted the legacy of the King and Mjalby.

  23. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Larsson






    Ah agree. wi ye.. aboot the Part. where ye wonder whit the Celtic


    Youth , may be . well. Wondering!



    It diz look like there is Nae Room at the Inn.. fur oor


    Home Fed Youngsters..although, we should Know bettah..as


    Forrest has Proven Conclusviely. that a Home Grown Laddie


    is Mair than Capable of Making it in the Big Leagues..




    Ah sympathiize wi ye. in that respect. One Hundred Per Cent..



    Noo.. Ah don’t agree wi you aboot Yer Changing Feeling regarding Mr.Lenny..



    Gie him Mair Time oan the Joab..



    Sure,he is Making mistakes.. as . well it wiz Expected tae be. Expected..



    He is Larning, though..



    Ah like Lennie. as Ah am sure that You dae,an awe.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  24. Kojo says:


    23 November, 2011 at 16:38



    Completely agree, but think the game will be too tight for Samaras, they will defend deep and he won’t have any room to stretch those big legs! I’d replace him with paddy who can create space where there doesn’t seem to be any. But, even with Samaras we should be beating dunfermline!

  25. Delighted for Neil and The Bhoys – welcome to Andre and Big Mikael.



    Great for Neil if we can field a settled formation. The difficult job he has will be that bit easier…..



    I’m going for a huge victory for the Hoops, one nil to the ghood ghuys – 3 blessed points and a right good night for the Tims.




  26. Hooiveld now a top player with Southampton and looks to be heading for the English Premiership and Darren O’Dea making great strides with the Irish under Trapattoni and Tardelli with an overall score of 7 out of ten in the run to the European finals. Interesting stats and just goes to show never say never.



    This new defender looks a great signing with an impressive cv.


    Let’s keep that winning mentality going to-night and Saturday and a result against Athletico next week should be enough to see us into the next phase of Europa. Come on the HOOPs.

  27. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Sounds a good signing. Hopefully he will actually play – we sign our fair share of defenders these days.



    I Hope Lennon finds out quickly what his best XI is.



    Izzy is our best defender, mulgrew the most composed and wanyama possibly the most promising. 5 at the back when everyone fit? (2 wingbacks?)



    Matthews Lustig wanyama mulgrew Izzaguerre ?

  28. My dear,dear,dear,friend .. RATM



    Ah agree wi ye… in the Respect of yer observation.. regarding






    Noo.. Ah hiv hid tae Retract some.. well.. at least a wee bit.. o’


    My criticism.. of Paddy..



    Fur.. He did Completely..



    Turn Things Aroon fur us.. when he made his Entrance. agin the Caber





    Yep.. Ah mebbe hiv bin Misjudging ,Paddy…a wee ,wee,tiny… Toatie… wee bit.



    But, Don’t tell anybuddy..



    Nice chatting..’





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  29. larsson80 says:


    23 November, 2011 at 16:43



    I totally agree re Kaddouri, I think his Celtic career will be short-lived.



    More so given he’s only on loan for another 38 days or so.



    Re your pic: aye, I remember seeing my manager putting out the cones and flags and lost all respect for him. Clearly, he should have been watching the players. Arriving in their cars (at the time he was putting out the cones and flags).

  30. I see people were discussing Mark Wilson on the previous thread. I was amazed at how often and how well he played last season. He is quite obviously a supporter too. Why not offer him a pay per game deal? As someone said, few, if any, other clubs will offer him a contract because of his knees. Of course, if he has to retire, then it is his decision.

  31. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Dirty mac



    I’d happily send el kha back to Kiev, pretty poor. Especially his distribution. Makes naylor look a good passer of the ball. Probably why he only player around 100 games in 10 years for Kiev.

  32. Dirtymac @ 16.58



    Quite a sardonic post which is fair enough. Maybe if thought on might realise that there’s an option to buy Kadouri after loan term. Guessing he’ll go back.



    Guessing your coach at whatever level you played was giving up his spare time for training etc. Bit different from a Celtic manager. My opinion on looking too cosy based on more than just him looking like he does the training chores.



    Cheers though.

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