Welcome to the new CQN mobile website…

You may have noticed some changes. Hopefully you are looking at a cleaner, faster and more mobile friendly website.

Our aim for the mobile site (for both phones and tablets) was to make it simpler and faster and basically “just work”.

Please leave us any comments and feedback about the mobile website on this page, as we’re working hard to sign this off before tonight’s game.


  • When leaving feedback it would be exceptionally helpful to tell us what mobile / browser you are on, and if you’re logged-in or not. “It doesn’t work on ma fone” doesn’t help us find out whats wrong :)
  • TimeStamps in comments now link to that comment. This should not be used as a refresh button, as it does not actually refresh the page, but enough people have asked for it so we’ve re-added it.
  • When you “refresh” a page, your browser asks the CQN server for new information; it does not re-download the whole page (including styles). This means that some items will appear as browser default until your styles are refreshed. I wouldn’t normally raise this, but the default for links is “royal blue”.