Welcome to the new look Celtic Quick News


Welcome to the new look Celtic Quick News.

There are a few changes.  We are on a new version of WordPress and are using a more modern template (which we’ve been using for CQN Magazine for some time) but your existing user name and login details will still work.  The old WordPress was years out of date and we were beginning to run into issues as a consequence.  To get to the comments section scroll to the bottom of the page and login as usual.  The Magazine site is no longer a separate entity, news items, which previously appeared there, will now appear below the most recent two blog articles on the Celtic Quick News home page – most recent article top left, second mode recent, top right.

We’ll be making modifications over the next few days.  I’ve moved server environments (from three dedicated physical servers to a modifiable virtual environment).  Not convinced we have the balance right here so there’s likely to be some tweeking ahead.  Also, please ignore any CQNMagazine livery for now, it’ll be replaced in due course.

Today’s article appears below but was originally published on the old template.  I’ve not had a chance to copy comments from this article yet but comments from previous articles are on the new version.

Hope you like it (don’t hate it too much!).

Thanks, Paul.

Last night’s article:

Last night played out pretty much as I hoped and expected.  A win to zero was what I asked for, while Qarabag demonstrated the kind of resistance which served them so well last season, before tiring late on.

Craig Gordon didn’t have a save to make.  What worries there were at the back came from the sudden realisation that Qarabag were up-field and within the kind of range that a hit-and-hope effort could fly in.  Concerns in Celtic’s final third are a bit more pronounced.  Up against a well organised defence, we created very little and again relied upon a set-piece to break the deadlock.

Did you notice the passing issues we had in the first half?  Individual players can have days when passing just isn’t right but when things go wrong on an industrial scale, there’s usually a reason for it.

For me it looked like we were not compact enough.  It’s normal to spread across the field when dealing with a packed defence, but we were invariably over-ambitious with our passing.  Try to think of partnerships which looked good last night?  Apart from the central defensive paring I can’t think of any.  Lots of good performances, but the first half was marked by poor passing and players not in-tune with each other.

The change to 4-4-2, which is naturally more compact, helped, even as it came at the cost of our best player until then, Nir Bitton.  There are lots of reasons why most of the time we are going to stay with 4-2-3-1, but we need to learn how to be more compact in this formation.

I was reluctant to see Kris Commons make an appearance, as tense Celtic Park crowds are not the most understanding of players who are short of fitness.  Fortunately, Kris didn’t need to cover a lot of ground, but his first touch of the season was good enough to create the best opening of the game.  Thereafter he brought a tangible change in the goal threat.

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth restating.  To win tight games you often need to create seven or eight good chances.  Without Kris Commons we rarely do this.

We will be clear favourites now to progress, and although Qarabag are a decent team, we saw nothing too concerning, but the tie is far from finished.  Get the tactics wrong out there, fail to create partnerships from middle to forward, and we’ll be turfed out.

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  1. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Gonnae be some fun and games on here when we’re all half bevvied..


    Still,we have to persevere.


    Hope the Griff visited a good dentist.:-)

  2. THE GREEN MAN on 30TH JULY 2015 7:07 PM


    Is it just my computer, or is it CQN that’s loading really slow?






    it is slower but its loading a whole lot more & my guess is if you have megafast internet then yer quids in

  3. leftclicktic on

    from twitter


    though someone posted it houras ago on yon auld blog




    Delighted to say, in response to the many who have asked that Qarabag v Celtic will be live on the new BT Sport Europe channel. Wed 5.15 pm.


    Ever been stressed tae feck by that infuriating moment when the perfect reply to a pub argument pops into your head-ten minutes to bliddy late?





    Or when it’s on a well-known Celtic blog,and you know you’ve missed the moment,gone forever?




    Let the new-look Celtic Slowasaweekinthejail News banish the blues for you.




    Simply post your witty reply in your own sweet time,everyone knows the ‘real’ reason for the apparent delay after all,and be hailed for the witty genius you know yourself to be.




    (This service is also available to all married men who forgot to wish the missus a happy birthday)

  5. Dj67MadeThisPost4Hours2TurdsAnd2InchesOfFacialHairAgo on

    Is there anybody out there….HaHa



    Let CQN start the Paaaarty.



    Constipated Bowel Movements are quicker than this.



    Hail Hail!

  6. Any CQNers heading to Dublin on Saturday?


    It’s the centenary of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa’s funeral and a re-enactment is being held. It’s stage one of the 1916 commemorations.


    After we hear Patrick Pearse’s speech recited by an actor singer Red Hurley will give a rendition of Spirit of the Gael, a new song by Pete St John who wrote The Fields of Athenry.


    I can’t wait!

  7. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    feedback (courtesy of jimi hendrix)



    Format looking good on laptop using chrome browser.



    a bit slow reloading new page; up to 30 seconds.



    Login page opens fast but actual login longer than 1 minute.



    Adblock on and not gettings ads



    font sizes good. Not sure the gray is the best option?



    Generally looking good.




  8. How long until we hear this at Celtic Park?


    Spirit of the Gael





    In the land of Ireland Green and free


    Lives the spirit of the Gael


    Eternal as the shamrock’s soul


    And the dream that will not fail


    This land I love


    This land is mine


    By ancient Royal decree


    My place of birth, my island home


    Oh my Ireland green and free.





    Ireland, Ireland, our nation will prevail


    Forever free through all eternity


    Lives the spirit of the Gael.





    In distant lands and foreign climes


    Our sons and daughters sing


    The song time history of our land


    And the joys that it can bring


    The times have changed, but Irish ways


    Are carved in culture’s stone


    Our Race as one


    When peace is won


    And no hero stands alone!








    In our Nation’s name we now proclaim,


    Our Irish flag unfurled


    And send our Gaelic message free


    To the nations of the world


    This land I love


    This land is mine


    By ancient Royal decree


    My place of birth, my island home


    Oh! My Ireland green and free





    There’s a lip utube of Red Hurley singing it. Great lyrics

  9. You can’t halt progress!



    Finally managed to log in and post.



    I think!



    We’ll soon get the hang of it.



    Well done PAUL.




  10. What is the Stars on

    Houl yer whist


    O ‘ Donovan Rossa, I was listening to a discussion on the radio earlier with Shane Kenna, who has written a biography of Rossa, and an American descendant of Rossa who is making a documentary about him. Amazing character, in many ways the Osama Bin Laden of his day. I am reading” war in the shadows” at the moment, also written by shane Kenna, it’s about the fenian dynamite campaign in Britain in the 1880s . fascinating stuff

  11. glendalystonsils on

    I hope the sheepies qualify for the EL on 2 counts.


    It would raise the ole coefficient but also , they are likely to be our nearest challengers and , it would not just be us being stretched by juggling European and domestic football.


    Provided we qualify as well, of course.



    BTW I’ve noticed there’s a lot less moaning on the new blog! >)

  12. Delany’s Dunky: I tried ringing you. Sounds like your phone is still in Barcelona:-).



    Meet up after match on Saturday

  13. leftclicktic



    But will Celtic TV have it for us in foreign fields?



    BTW When you copy (before paste) on the new site – it comes up as green and white.

  14. Evening all as old Dixon of Dock Green used to say!


    New thingy working ok for me – so ya boo sucks to all those complaining!



    A very ordinary performance and result last night IMHO. The team we were playing are no great shakes and will struggle to get past a good team – should they knock us out.


    My biggest concern remains RD and his willingness to play as open a game as he does.


    Couple of times last night saw the sight of NB – supposedly our better holding player- trying to press our opponents being our furthest forward player at the edge of their box.


    This is not what real CL teams do and the prospect of coming up against really top sides gives me the fear!


    As others have said – we look like an average EL team – so I would not be surprised to see us end up there. Should we qualify for the CL and VVD gets sold – then we need a CB,LB and above all a proper defensive midfielder. NB is not that type of player – as he is much happier making forward passes. We need a Paul Lambert – Neil Lennon or Victor Wanyama – who first instinct is to stop any threat to our goal.


    Looking forward to seeing that great club servant – John Clark getting some well deserved limelight


    On Saturday!




  15. On font Size



    I use Internet Explorer (IE)but I would guess other browsers have same functionality but in IE if you move the cursor over the wee gear icon (like a jagged polo mint or donut) at top right hand corner and left click, you are presented with Options one of which is to ZOOM.



    So for all the Zoomers on CQN :) pick what size you want to view a page in. If you make it too big you might have to use the scroll bars to read all on a page, so there is a balance, but 125% suits my 69 year old eyes.



    (As old age advances you may be given the opportunity to develop from a Zoomer to a Zimmer. Oh the joys)

  16. fanadpatriot on

    I think we have to realise that Ronny is going to have the team playing differently from previous managers.


    The secret of home games ,is to finish it with no goals against,OK I know to score 3/4/5 would be great,but to score away is now just important.


    As Celtic supporters we all want to live in the old style score,score and score again,but time has change.So must we.


    Will we all be happy if we progress into CL proper with this type of result,you better believe it,this Bhoy will.


    In Ronny we believe.HH.

  17. Houl yer wheest on 30th July 2015 7:40 pm



    We’d get lifted for singing that at Parkhead.

  18. Paul claiming that his is the same blog?


    Claiming ownership of all previous comments?


    I think not.




    The auld yins on here don’t like change.



    Us young things will be fine.








    I think his phone is goosed,mate.




    I’ll send you his mail addy,but he’s not too quick on the draw wi that.




    Enjoy the weekend,mate. I’m planning to show off THAT t-shirt in Chelmsford next month.

  21. Last post went somewhere? Anyway I can’t find BTSport Europe on my Virgin Media list? Still got BT Sport 1 and 2 listed…anyone know if it will be on one of them?





    PAUL67 did the same a few years back wi the link creator. I’d finally got the hang of it and he scrapped it.



    Never been able to create a link since.

  23. clogher celt on

    Houl Your Wheest,



    Hope to see you in Dublin at the weekend.




  24. West End of East End on

    New site seems ok on laptop & Iphone, not checked IPad yet. Agree with others that the names in grey could be better but other than that, bring on the change….

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