Well done, Celtic


Sunday was a huge test of Celtic’s apparent return to form.  Aberdeen had the luxury of training and preparing for their semi-final, while Celtic travelled to France to play on-form Lille; an exhausting occasion.

Apart from a couple of ominous looking early cross balls, the game was completely controlled by the holders, as they secured yet another domestic cup win: 35 without reply.  100 years from now fans will look back on this period in their record books and wonder at the incessant adulation the Celtic players and manager must surely have received……

Ryan Christie comes in for his fair share of criticism for shooting from distances that beggar belief.  When offered inviting space 26 yards from goal he was always going to have a pop; it evaded the despairing lunge of Joe Lewis and found the top right corner of the ‘keeper’s net.  It was a symmetrical strike to Mohamed Elyounoussi’s first in Lille.

By this stage, Odsonne Edouard, on his first start since recovering from Covid, passed up a double chance and, as manager Derek McInnes would later observe, the Aberdeen defence were “spooked” by his presence.  Tom Rogic crafted the second and final goal of the game when he crossed from an unlikely angle, pitching the ball over Lewis to drop at the far post, where Elyounoussi  committed to the cause, and the post*, to score.

There were many tired legs and minds in green and white in the second half but Neil Lennon chose to defend what he had.  Aberdeen were given plenty of the ball but were unable to trouble Scott Bain.  I was happy to see us play like this, there will be many occasions this season when we will need to shut up shop.

Hearts will attempt to be the first team to win the Scottish Cup in the ‘season’ they were relegated.  It will be an historic final either way, as Celtic can become the first club to win four consecutive Scottish Cups, moving clear of the record they share with Aberdeen, Rangers and Queen’s Park.

We have become accustomed to setting records.  The Invincible Treble was delicious and the first back-to-back treble historically special in its own right.  That it was more of the same, did not make the last Scottish Cup final, also against Hearts, any less tense or celebrated.  It is as though each additional achievement makes the next trophy all the more important, to Celtic and to everyone else.

Well done, Celtic.

*the post is receiving therapy.

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  1. There is no way 2 players were at the same gathering the night before training the next morning.



    Stinks to the high heavens of a cover up by sevco.



    D :)

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    * – Ho ho ho.



    How forcefully a player attacks a ball when hard contact with the post is virtually inevitable … is a good indicator of that player’s commitment.



    The physical pain will fade but the goal (or its prevention) will last FOREVER.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  3. I’m sure Keech Jackson & Co will be waiting on that phone call from his pappa Jabba when to write his puff piece.



    Celtic don’t let me down, if their games aren’t postponed then I do hope you have that statement ready, your loyal fans are counting on you here, do not let us down.

  4. The Brian Glanville of the North, Kris Boyd,said post Bolingoli, that we should forfeit points, and the game against Aberdeen cancelled, what’s your take now Kris?

  5. Its not Ryan’s shooting g from distance e thats the problem,its his decision making some of the time.There is a fantastic player in there,and we are only seeing it in flashes.I have noticed that Ryan and Ajer have started hitting passes,like shots at goal.Calm down lads.Ajers thunderbolt of a pass,led to the Huns 1st goal.


    Anyway,not a moan.Too happy for that.I think Lenny should now mostly play 4-3-3.More so.id in defence,and more danger going forward.When all the players are up to speed,will take some stopping.Biton,Rogic,Eddy great ball playing spine.Looking forward to Thursday to see if we continue to improve.

  6. Good morning every one Celtic minded.


    I really can see we’ve turned the corner, reason being Tom Rogic, such a gifted classy player, and Ryan Christie.


    They remind me of “playing the CELTIC way” and to my mind they have to be in the first names on the team sheet.


    It cheers my heart to see us turning the corner and I have no doubt we will prevail and go on to win No 10.


    A good friend ( a Rangers fan, but not a hun is bragging about being 9 points clear. I just said, enjoy it when you can, because it will not last, makes me laugh like a drain.


    We have some exceptional players in our squad and most now are returning to fitness, so my message is, Worry not.




  7. BADA,


    Just what is the difference between the Hun players,and our eejit.We had a two game postponement for rule breaking.

  8. Scottish Cup goals:



    Dembele 17


    Forrest 14


    Sinclair 13


    Rogic 8


    McGregor 6


    Griffiths 6


    Ntcham 6


    Brown 6


    Edouard 5


    Lustig 4


    Christie 3


    Elyounoussi 3


    Armstrong 3


    Tierney 2


    Bayo 2


    Jullien 2


    Johnston 1


    Boyata 1


    Weah 1


    Ralston 1

  9. Celtic played better than recent games but still have improvement to make, Rogic and Edouard need games. Bitton and Duffy need work on their partnership. others will need rest.



    There is another International break this month. We should be withdrawing players

  10. It’s telling that Aberdeen created more in the first half than the second.



    A very professional performance with no repeat of the madness at the end of the 3-3 game.



    That it came in a semi-final is even more impressive

  11. TB- just apply the rules evenly and fairly, we had 2 games suspended, which causes a fixture pile up, and why we are 9 behind, with 2 games in hand.

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Yes, we’ll done. Amazing achievement.



    Hopefully turned the corner. The fixture list is relentlessly punishing all season. I can’t believe we continue to put our best players through the international meat grinder.

  13. Think Big Nir playing g alongside Duffy,let him do what he does best.Defend.A lot less of Shane having the onus of passing out of defence.Seemed a lot more comfortable.Defended very well.

  14. Duffy played two straight long passes yesterday, both intercepted by Aberdeen players which led, if I remember correctly, to two Aberdeen corners.



    Play diagonal passes big fella.

  15. Garngad to Croy on

    Excellent result and performance with the squad looking better after injuries and Covid troubles. Covid will have a massive impact on every team in Scotland.

  16. I have said previously that this covid situation will be used by the government and the football authorities to advantage sevco.


    One rule for sevco and a different rule for every other club.


    Everything is being done to stop us winning the league this season.

  17. BADA,


    Yep,not looking for special treatment.Just rules being applied consistently to all teams.Not one for churning out statements like thems across the City,but I would seriously demand our club take this further if rules,which the governing bodies made up themselves,are not adhered to.We all knew at the time,when Celtic,Don’s were punished for the actions of players outwith club time,that they were opening a can of worms,but they chose to do so.Now the punishments dealt out to us,must be applied again.

  18. TBB ( ages ago )



    Was the Aberdeen charge not eight players went to a pub and restaurant?



    “The first charge is, all players are bound to follow Scottish FA regulations at all times, which currently means observing the coronavirus protocols and public health guidelines. The second charge is that their behaviour brought the game into disrepute.”



    Rainjurz players having been at a party on a Sunday night ( ahem ) Aberdeen charge had nothing to do with mixing in training afterwards.



    I know the rules were sketchy if not non existent but……………

  19. Robinbhoy- Shane is better passing it 5 yards to a team mate just now,and build his confidence back up,FWIW I thought he had a good 2nd half in Lille, and was excellent yesterday. HH

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    Ryan Christie comes in for his fair share of criticism for shooting from distances that beggar belief.




    im not sure thats true



    i think we generally encourage him shooting because he is good at it



    its his short range passing and dead ball crosses into the box that he might want to work on

  21. Let’s all- I encourage our players to shoot from 20 yards,as I think we pass from side to side too often….

  22. Celtic and Aberdeen were ‘punished’ by two games being postponed. I’m not sure who dealt out the punishment, SPFL or the Scottish Government. Sturgeon was scathing on the behaviour of the footballers and football in general. I wonder if the outcry would have been as loud, if Celtic hadn’t been involved. A yellow card said Sturgeon, yet her chief medical officer and an SNP MP have done far worse. I’m not sure if any other SPFL players have had breaches, or if the two Sevco players are the first since then.



    Rainjurrzzz. waive the rules.




  24. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND NOVEMBER 2020 1:13 PM


    Let’s all- I encourage our players to shoot from 20 yards,as I think we pass from side to side too often….





    Yes. I think that’s a very good point. It’s great to see goals hit from a distance. We‘’be got guys who can do it but we only see it occasionally. It would be good to see more of it from the edge of the box to 25 yards out.

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