Welsh inclusion arrested a persistent problem


It all looked too easy.  There was a collective holding of breath when Stephen Welsh was replaced midway through the second half but Celtic’s movement exploited a St Mirren team who bossed them in Glasgow less than two weeks earlier.

Tom Rogic started proceedings with a throwback to some of his classic performances.  His close control and ability to shift from right to left in an instant created space inside the St Mirren box despite the defence packing around him.

Scott Brown continued to look rejuvenated, as did Ryan Christie, who came on for Albian Ajeti and confused defenders with his perpetual motion.

St Mirren are a solid side, one of the form teams in Scotland.  After last night, we were left wondering what could have been?

Let’s hope Stephen Welsh makes it for Perth on Sunday.  I suspect a solid back four has a lot to do with the run of three consecutive wins, with 10 for and 1 against.  Stephen may never be Baresi, but his inclusion in the line-up for these three games arrested a persistent problem.

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  1. Happy Friday eve from a snow covered Louisville where the black ice hides below. Interesting commute ahead. 



    4 goals, spread across the team with some solid defensive work bringing a clean sheet. Horrid stamp on Welsh. 



    Be nice to have a day without anti-vaxxers and the qanon nuts telling me my eyes deceive me. 



    HH all and stay safe. 

  2. Game last night



    Looking solid since Welsh and Kenny came in. Ajer happy to charge forward now



    Tried to play one touch football first half but St Mirren defended well



    Ajeti linked play well and did OK i thought. Ajeti and Edouard playing quite far apart to give width sometime so not a classic partnership that Walker kept mentioning wasn’t there)



    I would say that Ajeti/Edouard could have played higher and look to make more runs . Kept coming into the midfield area; hence our neat play with no chances in most of the first half



    Edouard stay up more at the start of the second half and we got more chances



    Our ability to bring on forward subs broke St Mirren in the end



    Very few crosses last night which helped them defend our passing game through their midfield



    Enjoyed it , so one of my post Christmas KPIs have been met; just need a good Barkas game to complete





    BBC online were pretty snidey last night e.g. ‘adjudged to be a penalty after Taylor went down in the box’, ‘once Taylor went to ground you were looking at ref expecting him to give it’



    My top 3 : Welsh, Turnbull, Rogic. No-one had a bad game

  3. To think Welsh was dropped after the Hibs game when he played very well.



    That’s management for you

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think the addition of Johnjoe at right back along with playing with a more defensive minded left back has resulted in our central defenders being less exposed. This, along with a natural centre half in young Welsh, has led to a more secure defence. We now have only one converted midfield player in the back four instead of four. Stands to reason that the defence should improve.

  5. I don`t have the drive to do it but i would like one of those in the business to write an article examining the many other possibilities for us being so far behind Sevco.



    sum it up in a word Duff y

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    …and I agree re: Duffy.



    Really wish it was different – but he is a nightmare.

  7. P67 — your analysis is poor.


    We were very stodgy for 80 minutes.


    no penalty award and the last 10 would have been interesting.



    SW — raw as sushi but he gives it his all.


    Not sure all his seniors can say the same.

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  9. errr…Sunday…






    What day is it again?



    Feckin lockdown, they all look the same.




  10. garygillespieshamstring on




    Strangely enough, I was looking at the referee and waiting for him not to give it but i don’t work for the BBC.:)

  11. To play 1 touch or 2 touch football you must have a minimum 2 teammates in space to allow you to pass, and for me there in lies the problem. Time and time again you can watch a player make a pass then stand and watch as the play unfolds. Too often, particularly our midfielders and forwards make little or no movement off the ball. They are most times happy to stroll/stand with an opposition player within 1-2 feet from him rather than trying to lose him.


    While watching Swalex Man Yoo team on tv many moons ago, an ariel view of the action came up on screen. A friend beside me says, “ there’s something you never see in Scottish football”


    He pointed out as the Man Yoo midfielder moved forward with the ball, their only player not moving was their goalie. Every other player was moving, trying to lose his marker, and creating space for himself to allow the guy with the ball plenty of options to make a pass.




    no penalty award and the last 10 would have been interesting.






  13. I will gladly take the vaccine if they can guarantee me it will end lockdown , remove


    draconian emergency powers and take us back to normality.


    I will even reluctantly accept mandatory vaccine passports for work, play. and identification.



    But the deal must be two ways.

  14. Bit soon to be convinced by Stephen Welsh as a defensive solution given that two of our last three victories were against teams at the bottom part of the league. Think he has only played a handful of games for us all told, could have got himself booked early doors, and showed poor judgement and positional sense on at least two occasions. That said we cannot really judge him unless he gets a good run of matches, and thanks to a brutal challenge last night, and almost certain ankle ligament damage of some kind, that might have to be delayed for a bit.

  15. MM,



    R U sure you’re not watching a replay of the St Mirren gave a couple of weeks ago.



    However it all about opinions, and you are definitely entitled to express yours.




  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Welsh a massive upgrade on Duffy and cost us nowt. A good player on the ball, unlike Duffy who is a good guy, but having a nightmare for us. Even during his short cameo last night.



    As we reboot we need to give more of our young players a chance. Turnbull is a wizard of a footballer, but would he have got the chance if he had come through our own academy?



    The team was excellent last night. Taylor and Ajer both had great games. Good to see.



    I’m hearing Stevie Clarke being lined up for next season. I’m happy with that.

  17. Tell ye what would be interesting from a Tim perspective – how would the huns have goat on playing at least 3 games down to 10 men…….aye…….with the persistent marauder banned and denied penalties of the scoddish kind.



    Aye, agin….







    The game we won 2-1, although the last ten minutes would have been interesting if Motherwell had scored a second goal.



    But they didny!



    And we still one 2-1.

  19. For those on here and maybe elsewhere who have stated THEIR intentions to simply put their Vaccine Appointments in the BIN….or who have just decided NOT to turn up for THEIR Vaccine appointment…at the very least show some Common Decency and phone up the NHS and CANCEL YOUR Appointment…in order that some other Person can then step in and take your place , and receive the Vaccine ?


    Is that TOO Much to ask ?


    Do those that plan ( or who already have), ….WEAR Face Masks when in a Public place…work, Shops etc ?


    I have my own thoughts on those who plan to refuse any vaccine…and the possibility of Vaccine Passports being issued some time in the future. I will keep those thoughts to myself….for now.

  20. Sorry that should have read…” Do those that Plan ( or who already have) to REFUSE ANY Vaccine…WEAR Face Masks while in work, Shops, Public Transport etc ?


    just curious.

  21. First half, I thought Rogic was the only source of creativity. After the goal, we had a good spell for 10 minutes. Second half I thought we disappeared, midway through it (looking back on comments last night), then the flurry of goals, though the game was never a 4-0 on balance of play for the whole match. Too early to judge Welsh for me but I think he might read the game well. He’ll need to be very good, as he’s lacking in height (in modern day football) and doesn’t look to have exceptional pace. Hopefully, Welsh is back shortly to get a good run.

  22. Big Jimmy


    Spot on sir. If you cancel they will contact someone else who doesn’t fancy dying from Covid.




    I remember a few years back I recieved a letter from the NHS inviting me to attend hospital for an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism Screening.



    The letter specified a time and date.



    It also supplied contact details if you could not make the appointment and wanted to change or cancel.



    I turned up early and was surprised to be taken immediately.



    I was the first person they’d seen for about 2 hours.



    People just didn’t turn up.



    Really selfish as you say.

  24. MM



    Interested you see Ajeti is a penalty box striker. I have seen no evidence of this in his time at Celtic. to be frank i cant identify any attribute that excites me about this player to date.



    Are you basing this on his goals for previous club?

  25. BSR- the food bank queue is truly shameful in 2021,I have helped start one in our local when it reopens

  26. 31003 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:35 PM



    agree , trying to play one two’s on very tight 18 yard line’s continually without players being ars@@ to be mobile or willing to get free from their markers is another poor coaching example , the number of times Eddy loses the ball in great positions this season has been annoying to say the least.

  27. 26 years ago in 1995 Celtic beat St Mirren 2-0.



    Last night in Scotland was the coldest night for 26 years.



    Is there a conspiracy theory there ?

  28. WARNING/ALERT…Wee Joke incoming…..



    A wee Jelly Bean goes to the doctors…



    DOC..” Whats wrong Mr Jelly Bean” ?


    Jelly Bean ” Doctor…I think that I have VD”



    Doc ” How can you possibly have VD…Your a Jelly Bean” ?…




    Jelly Bean ” Ive been Sleeping with ALL SORTS”!





  29. Great result last night, didn’t see the game but saw the highlights. Looks like a few of our star’s performed, as well as some new boys, well done.



    For me it’s not a case of “what might have been”, as more of a case of what should have been!?



    BAMBOO @ 11:21 AM,






    Many Doctors and nurses and other health workers dont want the jab!



    Why do you think that is?



    Obviously there will be a plethora of reasons why a small minority might, in my experience they were queuing up to have it as quickly as possible.



    I didn’t and can only speak for myself.



    To be fair it was trepidation at first also the fact I had Covid-19 “anti-bodies”…



    … So



    Did I still need it?



    Is there any different reaction due to said anti-bodies?



    Having read on CQN this week the G&T brigada were against it I thought…



    … MMMMMmmmmmmm they’re wrong about everything, so I’ll get it, I’ve now had it.



    Apart from a slightly sore upper arm I’m feeling great…



    Do the right thing – get the vax!!



    Hail Hail

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