Welsh inclusion arrested a persistent problem


It all looked too easy.  There was a collective holding of breath when Stephen Welsh was replaced midway through the second half but Celtic’s movement exploited a St Mirren team who bossed them in Glasgow less than two weeks earlier.

Tom Rogic started proceedings with a throwback to some of his classic performances.  His close control and ability to shift from right to left in an instant created space inside the St Mirren box despite the defence packing around him.

Scott Brown continued to look rejuvenated, as did Ryan Christie, who came on for Albian Ajeti and confused defenders with his perpetual motion.

St Mirren are a solid side, one of the form teams in Scotland.  After last night, we were left wondering what could have been?

Let’s hope Stephen Welsh makes it for Perth on Sunday.  I suspect a solid back four has a lot to do with the run of three consecutive wins, with 10 for and 1 against.  Stephen may never be Baresi, but his inclusion in the line-up for these three games arrested a persistent problem.

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  1. My friends in Celtic,



    The very concept of this site was to refute the narrative of the MSM.



    Why have we endorsed that in a football perspective but hang on to every word in everything else.?

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Ernie Lynch on 11th February 2021 4:47PM



    Now, now. Still in lockdown here, non-essential works such as research assistance frowned upon. I only got the name from your post. It’s a sure bet that weak gag was on a million Twitter timelines before the news was an hour old.



    Too busy in any case, thanking all the saints in heaven, individually, I don’t live next door to the Marsh family.

  3. Since the addition of a proper right back we have looked a much more balanced team, that and Stephen Welsh coming in for Sean Duffy, 2 straight forward changes but very effective. Ryan Christie scored the kind of goal last night that we know he is capable of, when he turns up, a peach of a goal.

  4. GREENPINATA on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:26 PM


    My friends in Celtic,







    The very concept of this site was to refute the narrative of the MSM.








    The narrative of the SMSM’s reporting on matters concerning Celtic.



    Rather different to what you suggest.

  5. saint stivs



    Was just reading about the Appin murder of 1752 last week. Or rather some recent work in relation to it. Very underrated film. Soundtrack by Roy Budd, a fantastic musician in his own right, who also created the soundtrack for Soldier Blue, in 1970 as well as Get Carter, also with Michael Caine of course, around the same time as Kidnapped.

  6. ERNIE



    Just spotted these interesting covid death figures for one day. Can you explain?


    Maybe yesterday or today?


    UK – I001 from a population of 67 million


    Africa (the whole continent) 529 – from a pop of 1,200,000,000


    Asia (whole continent) 949 – from a population of 4, 400,000,000

  7. Ernie,



    You, I and everybody on CQN know that CQN is all about Celtic and beyond. Check Paul 67’s leaders for proof.



    You deliberately differentiate between the MSM and the SMSM. CQN was originated to refute the narrative of both.



    This blog was designed to question the establishment, it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise no matter the scenerio.




  8. Bada


    The vaccine is the way to get herd immunity but will only be successfully attained if around 80% are vaccinated. The US are particularly worried about not getting to this.



    It looks like the vaccine will become an annual event especially for the over 60s and at risk groups

  9. Ive been a smoker for all of 50 years.


    When I have read and/or heard some saying that ” Smokers” should NOT be treated by The NHS in relation to any smoking related illness, it makes my blood boil………



    I have made my National Insurance Contributions….AND I have also gave The UK Treasury THOUSANDS of Pounds in Tax that is imposed on Cigs and Tobacco….for over 50 Years.




  10. Bamboo


    UK population density is about 279 per sq Km compared with 45 in Africa. Also the virus thrives in cooler conditions and less do in high UV rates



    But it’s more complicated than that as your 70 plus years will tell you.

  11. Gene- thanks for reply, yes re US,I watch a lot of their news channels, and Trump conned the people yet again, by not placing vaccine orders,and actually said they had extra supplies, but the black community are slow to take it up,they are waiting on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being approved, and it should take off after that hopefully.

  12. Re The Book ” Kidnapped” written by Robert Louis Stevenston….and the Film of the same name featuring Michael Caine….


    RLS also wrote…Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde…


    Not a lot of people know that.





  13. GREENPINATA on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:11 PM



    ‘You deliberately differentiate between the MSM and the SMSM. CQN was originated to refute the narrative of both.’






    And what exactly is the narrative of the MSM outwith Scotland towards Celtic? Does such a thing even exist?






    ‘This blog was designed to question the establishment, it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise no matter the scenerio.’






    No it wasn’t, and no it isn’t.

  14. Big Jimmy


    In a discussion with Timhorton about whether people should be denied treatment if they weren’t vaccinated. I was giving the example here which you have heard many times about lifestyle and people bringing problems on themselves.


    As part of that I posted



    Lifestyle has always been an issue when it comes to treatment with the argument that people who are obese, alcoholic, smokers, drug takers etc should not be treated before ‘more deserving’ – but thankfully it’s the medical profession that make those calls.



    I myself suffer from Diabetes and wouldn’t be happy if that went against me if I needed treatment for something.



    Sorry if you felt my post was not clear

  15. I used to have a girl friend called ” Helen”, but I Binned her soon after.


    Folk asked me why ?



    I would reply that ” Helen had the Face that would SINK a Thousand Ships” !



    Only Joking, as she did have a lovely figure and she was a very nice Girl…until she fell for me.






  16. BAMBOO on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:09 PM



    The answer is obvious.



    We should all move to Africa. That way we would be safe.

  17. GENE


    How did you know my age? However old I am I’m self-employed and we dont stop work for nothing. Cant afford to. Most people round here are the same . Life goes on as per normal but go into the town Blairgowrie and thats a bit different masks and lots of closed shops.


    Calcutta Lagos ect must have a far greater density of population than anywhere in the UK.


    If the figures are correct it suggests certain countries(European -US) are exaggerating their figures. Pockling.

  18. GENE…


    NO offence taken Mate.



    When I posted about my smoking and the Money Contributions that I have made to The Treasury for 50 Years, I was remembering some so called “Experts/ Politicians etc” on TV who have on occasions over the years popped up and who have more or less implied that Smokers etc, should NOT be treated by The NHS.


    In the past I have had some arguments with Life Long NON Smokers about that very subject.


    When I ask them if they ” Drive a Car”…and if they say ” Yes”….I am happy to remind them about the damage to MY Health and others due to the Toxic fumes from their Cars.


    that usually shuts up the NON Smoking Car Owners etc !





  19. BAMBOO on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:53 PM








    ‘If the figures are correct it suggests certain countries(European -US) are exaggerating their figures. Pockling.’






    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  20. I see shortbread saying our penalty was extremely harsh on st mirren – cue another referral for simulation

  21. Bamboo


    You said the doctor phoned and asked if you wanted the Jag so you’re either 70+ or have a relevant medical condition – which I hope is not the case

  22. Lord Mullholland has come out of his corner now. Same lawyer as Salmond. Who said Scotland was a wee country?



    Hope no one is offended by the web address







    And the rest of the statement here…




    David McKie, of Levy & McRae solicitors, said: “In light of the unfounded personal attack made on my client in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, he requires to take the unusual step of responding publicly to the false and scandalous statements made under the protection of parliamentary privilege.



    “He wishes to make it clear that he welcomes the independent judge-led public inquiry into all the circumstances surrounding this case and it carries his unequivocal support. My client looks forward to participating in its proceedings to the fullest possible extent.



    “He has found it frustrating to have his professional reputation maligned, but has until now remained silent due to his judicial role.



    “He believes that the fullest possible degree of transparency is required and strongly supports robust and thorough interrogation of the full facts of this case.




    “Given the importance of this matter, and the obvious public interest in a full examination of the circumstances, it is absolutely imperative that the remit of any Inquiry also specifically extends to the handling of the recent civil case, not least given the sums of public money involved.



    “His view is that any inquiry should also include a public and open review of the entirety of the evidence at the time of indictment, and a detailed examination of all of the case’s processes prior to the decision to proceed.”

  23. Ernie,



    If the blog wasn’t originated to refute lazy journalism, then what was it’s purpose.



    Incidentally the genie has opened the lid on the Scottish establishment.




  24. St. Tams at 5.10 definitively states Shane Duffy is on 80,000 per week & nobody bats an eyelid.


    His actual earnings are precisely half that.

  25. GREENPINATA on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:30 PM









    If the blog wasn’t originated to refute lazy journalism, then what was it’s purpose.’






    Take it up with the person who founded the site.



    Maybe it was to debunk the whole moon landing story, cos like the main stream media all say that happened but some special people know the truth.

  26. CC @ 7.40



    Saw that myself — but was finishing my dinner so my response has been delayed.


    SD when he signed for Brighton was given a basic of £45K pw.


    Consequently the £80K figure is a low rent wind up.

  27. Greenpinta,


    The reason the Nightingale was not used,was that they did not have enough trained Covid staff available to operate it as a Covid hospital.Has been used as a clinic/hospital for other ailments.My SIL working the Nightingale.

  28. Kidnapped, Appin Murder, etc


    How weird…I’m reading that book and was researching it today!



    Big Jimmy – I would NEVER advocate people not being treated on the NHS, on the basis of lifestyle. What I would point out is that, despite the tens of £thousands you may have paid in tobacco taxes over the years, direct and in-direct costs to the national economy actually exceed tobacco tax incomes.



    Know what I hate….really hate. Celtic players do fek all when one of their own is hirpled. Lustig used to do so. Ajer did but no longer does. No pressure on the ref, no retaliation taking a yellow for the team. No one even went to see the kid was okay. Esprit de corps, my archie



    Finally, happy birthday to biggest and best Zoomer on here!



    HH jg