Welsh inclusion arrested a persistent problem


It all looked too easy.  There was a collective holding of breath when Stephen Welsh was replaced midway through the second half but Celtic’s movement exploited a St Mirren team who bossed them in Glasgow less than two weeks earlier.

Tom Rogic started proceedings with a throwback to some of his classic performances.  His close control and ability to shift from right to left in an instant created space inside the St Mirren box despite the defence packing around him.

Scott Brown continued to look rejuvenated, as did Ryan Christie, who came on for Albian Ajeti and confused defenders with his perpetual motion.

St Mirren are a solid side, one of the form teams in Scotland.  After last night, we were left wondering what could have been?

Let’s hope Stephen Welsh makes it for Perth on Sunday.  I suspect a solid back four has a lot to do with the run of three consecutive wins, with 10 for and 1 against.  Stephen may never be Baresi, but his inclusion in the line-up for these three games arrested a persistent problem.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:57 PM



    So let me be clear; the nightigales were created at enormous cost in a blaze of publicity ( The Scottish one with a tartan slant ) and they never ever had the staff to operate them .



    Is that correct ?

  2. Greenpinata


    I’d imagine had the Nightingales been needed then even more staff would have been seconded to front line Covid duties with the corresponding loss of other services. The ICU staff ratios would be reduced as well.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes Bhoys


    Celebrated the day in the hoooose with the family


    Celtic victory last night set things up, for a wee Green day 🍀

  4. Catch up Saturday for OUR team selections and tactics for Sunday😂 .



    Hope welsh’s injury isn’t a long lay off the lad was showing promise .

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    Green piñata



    I wonder if the Welsh first Minister felt the need to have a Nerys Hughes hospital to give it a More Welsh slant.



    I’m afraid she is the only Welsh nurse I know, even if it was only a BBC drama.

  6. Watching Chelsea struggle to play any football on a Coofield,against a Barnsley team,that to call,agricultural,would be a slight on Farmers.

  7. Greenpinta,


    No country has had enough staff to deal with Covid.Staff working two 12 hour shifts non stop.Thats why so many other illnesses have been so hard hit.Better thinking would be we were lucky we coped without it.They did not in England.

  8. Greenpinata, my understanding is that the nightingale hospitals in London were set up to replace/enhance the smaller hospitals in the area



    In Scotland we have already shut all that type of facility which would mean that we didn’t have spare medical staff to run the place

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TURKEYBHOY @ 5:09 PM



    Another class A,Ahole,Mc Avennie getting the boot in.



    How low do you have to sink to sell your soul?






    As low as a sunken treasure boat it would appear?






    Don’t snort at it.



    Just another dope ….



    …. acting the big time charlie






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  10. Seemingly the Nightingale Hospital in London, at the Excel Arena,makes it’s Saudi owners,£3 million a week in rental.

  11. Garygillespieshamstring



    Labour are the largest party in Wales in coalition with a couple of spares to get majority. The rise of nationalism in Scotland and the lack of it in Wales is interesting. Possibly the proximity to large English economic centres and the lack of GDP in Wales itself lends itself to remaining part of the UK



    Betsy Cadwaladr is the famous working class Welsh nurse who worked in Crimea with Nightingale, who allegedly hated her for being common and Welsh and didn’t want her there. Amazing how many English heroes turn out not to be very nice e.g Churchill, Pankhurst. There’s always a working class parallel person who didn’t get famous

  12. GREENPINATA on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:46 PM









    Exactly, they were never needed.’







    You’ve obviously forgotten what was happening in Italy at the time and just how desperate the situation was, which is surprising given the regular updates we were getting on here from SoT. It was feared we would go the same way and those emergency hospitals were one response.



    Luckily lockdown and other preventative measures meant we escaped the worst of it.

  13. BOBBY MADDEN will fly to Athens to referee this weekend’s powder-keg clash between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos.



    SunSport can reveal the Scottish whistler has answered an extraordinary personal SOS from the Greek Super League by agreeing to take charge of Sunday’s derby.



    And the SFA told us, it would be ridiculous for a foreigner to referee a Glasgow Derby…..and the hypocrites will be getting a wedge for it too…

  14. Madden will see the green and white and the shamrock and the autopilot will kick in ….. Olympiacos must have requested him.

  15. spikeysauldman on 11th February 2021 11:10 pm



    Is madden an elite athlete ?






    Funny. Made me try and think of anagrams for “an elite athlete.”



    Best I got were


    “A Tale Entitle He”


    “Anal Teeth Elite”


    “Hate Leant Elite”


    “A Hate Elite Lent”



    This was so close I nearly wept



    “A Latte Elite Hen”



    which are neither relevant nor funny. What a waste of 15 mins.

  16. Lenny not doing himself any favours tonight with quotes about Celtic and Huns not getting any favours from the disciplinary review.Reeks of OF.Why he felt the need,is beyond me.Better asking why they have played no games with 10 men.

  17. Turkeybhoy on 12th February 2021 12:07 am








    Zero for effort.Sorry mate.






    I know. Took a break from work emails and should have quit after 2 minutes.



    Fail acknowledged. A ‘u’, a ‘u’, my kingdom for a ‘u’.

  18. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:01 PM


    Seemingly the Nightingale Hospital in London, at the Excel Arena,makes it’s Saudi owners,£3 million a week in rental.



    wouldnt suprise me.the monies going out are staggering.



    The hotel groups will come out well recall the refugee who went and totalled 2 or 3 last year.he and fellow refugees were in the Hilton.5 floors all paid by govt.this 10 isolation hotels are.(ps refugees are us)




    testing is private well the profits for it are.


    pd for by nhs but


    the person you speak to bookin works for private com


    collection/delivery is amazon



    rancid tories digging in for the next gen of the eton entitlement.



    soz for harpin on.😊meant to say thanks for your RFJ vid on Sean Graham.




  19. Coneybhoy 10.04



    sound observations mate.🖒


    The loss of primary industries and Thatcher wrought havoc on a lot of the communities that sustained them down there.


    The tech valleys were as much a myth as silicon glen.




  20. In response to the many differing views posted tonight, heres my tupppenceworth. Nobody should be forced to get vaccinated, but i also feel that those not interested should at least have the courtesy to reply in order to allow others the opportunity to accept. Also, nobody should be denied NHS care due to lifestyle, such as smoking related illnesses, obesity etc.



    However, for those on here suggesting or hinting at the ‘pockling’ of numbers due to some global big pharma conspiracy, and those suggesting that the NHS and care services being stretched to breaking point is part of some government backed media brain-washing exercise, you are, in my opinion, an embarrassment.



    My wife manages in a care company. My daughter delayed her final term of her nursing degree last spring to instead volumteer to help out on Covid-positive locked door mental health wards. They, like thousands of their colleagues, have worked day and night for a year to treat those affected by the virus, and to protect others most at risk from contracting it. They have seen far too many in their care succumb to this virus. They have seen colleagues and friends contract the virus, and have seen many patients with unrelated ailments suffer because normal treatment for everything else has had to be delayed. Dont take my word for it, just speak to a nurse or a carer. They will tell you how close they are to breaking point in relation to the virus.



    It is not a conspiracy. It is not a massive con of the public. This virus has impacted every possible part of the NHS and related care providers. So for those flippant enough to choose to decline the offer of help in the form of a vaccine, for those who think that we are all being lied to and the NHS staff do not deserve every possible form of support and co-operation to try to lower the pressure they face, I would just ask one thing.



    Unless you have sound evidence that disproves the efficacy of the vaccines, or if you have evidence that confirms a grand pharma/government conspiracy, or if you have proof that the trial results are a global fraud, then i ask just this. Keep your views to yourself and shut the xxxx up. You may feel that you are in the right and the overwhelming majority are wrong, and you have every right go make that choice…for yourself. But by sharing your unfounded views and beliefs, and by not backing your views up with any science, research or evidence, then without this proof, all you are doing is giving others who are less informed, or are more easily persuaded, false information.



    You have every right to decline preventative treatment for yourself, but what right do you have to stop others?


    And while I’m on my soapbox, for any who have declined the vaccine who subsequently do get infected, i take it you won’t mind if you go to the very end of the line for treatment and allow others who have supported the NHS to be prioritised? I thought not…