Welsh should start ahead of Carter-Vickers


Saturday’s game against Ross County was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second run out since July, so there was no surprise to see him down with cramp in the second half.  Match fitness cannot be fully achieved without matches.  It will take a few weeks until he is fully primed.

This poses a question for Ange Postecoglou, does he play Cameron against Real Betis tomorrow or revert to Stephen Welsh, a player two years younger but who is fully fit.

If we were discussing a creative type, like Jota, who also cramped on Saturday, I would expect him to start, as creatives are often swapped out in the second half, but managers are loathed to change their defensive line during a game.

I don’t think there is a definitive best choice here.  We do not know enough about Cameron and I know little about Betis, but my hunch would be to play Stephen.  The overriding factor is that we know Betis will run our back line significantly more than Ross County did on Saturday.  If Cameron’s muscles were in rebellion then, they will surely suffer in Seville.


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  1. Game day. Right now feeling rather miffed at our misfortune with players out.



    I know very little of Betts and whether we are “expected” to beat them. Usual nerves this far out from the game.



    By 5pm tonight I’ll be predicting a 3-0 victory 😀

  2. JHB



    None of us should/would be surprised if we took a thumping – let’s hope we can keep it respectable.





    How do you know that?



    You don’t know what I think!



    More made up rubbish.



    Gies a brek.

  3. Wishaw tim on 16th September 2021 8:15 am



    Great contribution, must have been up all night on that one.


    You need to work on the punctuation though. I can point you to


    some useful resources if you wish?

  4. Game day predictions?


    I’m still rather optimistically thinking score draw.


    I reserve the right to change my mind and become my usual grumpy self prior to ko



    Medication is a fickle mistress

  5. Uncle Jimmy on 16th September 2021 8:51 am



    I’d be delighted with a draw and hope that we actually make Betis work for their goals and don’t have our usual, away from home in Europe, calamitous defending.



    Would it be greedy to hope for a clean sheet? :-)

  6. If I could, I’d be doing cartwheels if we get a draw tonight. A victory and I might even wash the dishes.



    I’ll go for a 1-1 with the Bhoys scoring first. This team can still surprise us.



    Hail Hail the Celts are here.




    Good morning CQN from a beautiful game day in Springburn (work)



    Result tonight……Feck knows, a good show would be great. If we get a win or draw then fantastic.



    D :)

  8. Will Ange find a place for Niro ‘the imperious’ Bitton?


    I know he’s a Jeckyll and Hyde kinda player but he could straight sub for Cal if Ange’s mids wanted a bit more ball control and penetration from that deep mid slot?





    Ralston, CCV, Starfelt, Scales


    Juranovic, Bitton, Turnbull,


    Jota, Ajeti, Montgomery

  9. JH — great to see him doing well after all the abuse he took when he played for us.


    He was / is a good player — he has speed / presence / confidence — just a case his decision making was poor.



    The move has been the making of him.


    Better coaching / new environment / no dressing room anger over comps.



    He is a player we needed last season and he is a player we need this season.


    Just a case that we have had 2 years of stagnation leading to disintegration.


    Not an environment to develop players at any level.



    And yet the board fiddled / and yet still they clapped.



    JH is playing well in the CL — the difference is he wants to play in the CL.


    While we are told by all and sundry that the CL is not for the likes of us.


    That is what happens when you are “controlled” by an absentee landlord.


    And run by a second rate property bean counter with too much ego and not enough talent.



    In AP we trust — we have to / there is now no one else.

  10. Jack Hendry’s Celtic career was doomed the day a copy of his wageslip appeared on social media.

  11. Ange is just giving Players opportunities.



    That is All you can aak as a Young player.



    It will be tough agaist Real Betis but I think we can dae it.

  12. ST TAMS on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:49 AM


    Excellent article in the Times this morning by Michael Grant






    Interesting and shared in parts over on Joe McHugh’s site.






    Won’t do us any good tonight; So all eyes on the field and on Ange’s cunning plan!

  13. TMcL @ 9.41



    Doomed by whom?


    Doomed by what?


    Envy / greed / hubris?



    Where was the failing — him vs us?

  14. On the day of a game, any game…………. involving us, I usually awake with one thought :


    5 – nil to the Bhoys….




    ….Knowing little or nothing about team formations, strategy and form, my ignorance is indeed blissful.



    However as the day unfolds and those that do have an insight on these things make their contributions here my optimism steers more towards pragmatism.



    Having been up and about already for a fair while, I’m currently at 3- nil to the Good Guys but the news of Cal-Mac’s absence has dented this belief somewhat.



    By kick-off the nicht I expect to be somewhere between ” Please God, A draw!” and “Behind-The-Couch-With-Sound-Off.”







  15. Timmy, punctuation,, FFs as well as fud , your now grammar police on here , away and ask your mat masters what to post next! fanny hope a spelt that right, away to male some money now to help pay for aw these nat policies

  16. ST TAMS on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:49 AM


    Excellent article in the Times this morning by Michael Grant



    Any chance of a copy and paste?(any aussie posters take settings off and copy)


    I would be weary of anything coming from The Sun(in big wurdz) from the murdoch andrex factory.




  17. JHB






    Did you read Ange’s interview?



    On the left of this page.



    I’m with him.



    I hope Lyon pump your team tonight.



    C’MON THE ANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Ange said last week that Georgi had not done pre-season training and would need to be managed carefully until he is fit.



    Makes sense tae me!

  19. AN TEARMANN on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:14 AM




    Celtic recently rolled out the annual summer pantomime of conducting their main transfer business amid the fading vapour trail of their most significant European ties of the year. Kyogo Furuhashi, Joe Hart, Josip Juranovic, James McCarthy, Carl Starfelt, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Jota, Giorgos Giakoumakis — the expensive new troupe carrying all their hopes — all appeared too late to save Celtic from the Champions League bin.



    When a car park mob gathered to demand Neil Lennon’s head in November, those in the boardroom were so thrown that he stayed in charge until February. Odsonne Édouard and Kristoffer Ajer were sold this year when they should have been shifted 12 months ago. The Celtic board waited an eternity for Eddie Howe to piss or get off the pot only for them to be the ones caught with their pants down when he eventually said no. Nick Hammond, the recruitment guy, left at the end of March and still hasn’t been replaced more than five months later. They either do or don’t want a director of football, no one is letting on. If there was a tournament for dithering, Celtic would miss the deadline to enter.



    So, just to be clear, this is not a club synonymous with decisiveness and swift decision-making. Landing Ange Postecoglou within days of the custard pie from Howe was done out of panic and necessity. For years Celtic prided themselves on being financially prudent and stable when in fact that caution and conservatism on the board — both small and capital C applies — also informed and underpinned their wider decision-making. All of which makes Dominic McKay’s swift departure especially intriguing and all the more out of character for Celtic.



    They don’t sign players quickly enough, they take aeons to get rid of a manager or appoint one, and they have three senior directors who have been on the board for a combined 62 years, yet it’s being suggested that when McKay’s face didn’t fit they were so clear-headed about it he was gone in 71 days.



    The club has “a board like no other” according to a fans’ banner raised at Celtic Park on Saturday. Dermot Desmond, the majority shareholder, Tom Allison, Brian Wilson, the chairman Ian Bankier, Michael Nicholson, Chris McKay and Sharon Brown know better than to interpret that as a compliment. The competence of any set of club directors, or at least the perception of their competence, is shaped by performances and results on the pitch and there is no question this board has been able to cling to Postecoglou as if he was a human shield.



    The belated arrival of a generally promising set of new signings rebuilt the squad and at times Celtic have played some exhilarating stuff. The simplicity of that can exasperate those malcontents who permanently agitate for regime change. To them, years of systemic directorial stagnation isn’t alleviated by putting three goals past Ross County.



    They see Desmond, Allison, Wilson et al as the dead hand which has been in charge for too long and yearn for the turnover of directors rumoured to be coming soon. But McKay’s swift departure amounted to the removal of an outsider who was seemingly intent on modernising the club from within. Peter Lawwell, the former chief executive, was an omnipresent micro-manager and that suited the usually absent Desmond. The idea of McKay delegating to capable departmental heads, the standard modus operandi for most chief executives, seems to have been too revolutionary.



    A couple of issues emerge from all of this and neither of them is encouraging for the supporters. Firstly, if the Celtic board is at all resistant to change, it is surely condemning itself to repeating previous mistakes and misjudgements when it comes to erratic and wasteful recruitment, unimaginative appointments and a generally tired and pedestrian approach to many aspects of the business. Lawwell lost his touch towards the end of his long reign, and he does seem to be much less involved now than cynics would have you believe, but their executive is weaker without him than it has been in nearly 20 years.



    Secondly, if it was quickly realised that McKay was in the wrong movie what does that say about those who cast him in it? So far it looks as if Celtic will deserve credit for having the boldness to appoint Postecoglou and they have given him plenty to spend, but their approach to the recruitment was a mess as three months were wasted waiting for Howe. Even longer had already been spent on identifying a new chief executive only for their choice to be a spectacularly poor fit. Even if McKay was making bad calls and didn’t deserve to stay, are we to believe there was no inkling of his intentions before the board gave the thumbs-up and ushered him in?



    Nicholson is the interim CEO and a “team player”, according to Bankier. That might have been a veiled dig at McKay although perhaps that is giving Bankier credit for subtle communication skills he has otherwise kept to himself for a decade. Nicholson is a capable and respected legal and administration man but he isn’t likely to reinvent himself as the major leader Celtic need as their face and voice.



    There will be no humility or transparency from Desmond over any of this. He does not deign to attend the annual general meetings let alone feel that those who plough hundreds of pounds into the club each year might be entitled to insight or information. The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship is coming up at the end of the month, mind you, so he might pause in front of a microphone for a soundbite or two on Celtic if he’s in the mood. It is astonishing that no senior figure speaks for Celtic except a Greek-Australian who had never set foot inside the place before June.



    The club still looks desperately thin at the top of the football department. It will soon have a second-choice manager working under a second-choice chief executive, and this during a period in which Desmond supposedly has been “more hands-on”. Who they appoint to succeed McKay will be fascinating, but the real issue is whether what they want is different from what they need. Is this a search for a chief executive or a yes man?







    1. Turned the support against him.



    2. Turned the board against him.



    When the support AND the board are your enemy, you’re dead.

  21. Nicholson is the interim CEO and a “team player”, according to Bankier. That might have been a veiled dig at McKay although perhaps that is giving Bankier credit for subtle communication skills he has otherwise kept to himself for a decade.



    Headshot CSC