We’re going to miss Dave King when he’s gone


There may be some glib and shameless laughter if Dave King is forced to relinquish control of Newco by the court after his hearing, which takes place today and tomorrow. The Takeover Panel ruled that he led a Concert Party in the period leading up to his takeover of the club in March 2015. As a consequence, King was instructed to make an offer for the entire shareholding, which he failed to do. The simultaneous effects of ‘Cold Shouldering’ leaves the club hampered in their abilities to raise money.

None of this is welcome. I will be genuinely sorry if King is forced to relinquish control of Ibrox. His interference at the club, which started within days of Sevco 5088 being awarded the rights to buy Rangers assets by administrators Duff & Phelps, has been malignant.

Within a week of the Sevco 5088 offer being accepted, owner (disputed) Charles Green was asked to step aside. Green was quickly forced to abandon his projections, instead he had to over-promise what he could deliver, and sell cheap tickets in order to get fans, who wanted others to control the club, on board. Ever since Newco has haemorrhaged money.

It managed three promotions in four years, but now seems doomed to forever perform the role of hapless cash cow for the rest of the Premiership. They are good box office, add valuable income to the coffers of every club they visit, but are unable to generate enough money to break even.

The really puzzling aspect of King’s failure to make a share offer, following the Takeover Panel’s ruling, it that I’m sure it would probably cost buttons. If every shareholder took up the offer, there is a potential £11m bill, but surely few, if any, would exit at this stage, for 20p a share? I cannot see this being any more than an exercise of going through the motions.

Irrespective of the likely uptake of an offer, King would need to show the means to make good for the entire £11m, just in case, before proceeding. You or I could to through the motions of a meaningless £11m offer, but few of us could demonstrate the follow through. Perhaps King is in the same quandary.

I know we mock King’s pantomime PR and general ridiculous-ness, but he is perfect for the job of controlling Newco. For most people, for most clubs, this week’s shenanigans would be humiliating, but Dave and his cronies are made of stronger stuff. Hang in there, Dave, we will miss you when you are gone.capture-20171009-120341

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  1. Didn’t mcurine do a naesurname, chauncey and ian mcccoll and walk out of the Scotland job tae take a position elsewhere, but not before he took a junket tae SA for a WC meeting knowing he was leaving.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    That’s assuming the Strong Rangers Association don’t decide to disband the national team and focus on getting a strong “Rangers”….




    The time to sack him was then, surely, not after he’d turned things around.

  4. Counsel asked by Lord B why DK went ahead and made offer despite being warned by GL about potentially crossing 30% threshold.




    DK counsel says perhaps DK wasn’t fully aware of significance of consequence of crossing 30% or fully understands GL email.






    Glib and Shameless.

  5. Sorry for WGS,but,to coin a phrase we used to hear a lot of in Scotland,he brought it on himself.Stubborness his downfall.Still a Celtic fan,and I wish him all the best.


    Better news,Broony,Stuart,Jozo,should all play next Wednesday.Full strength,and not before time.Lets just get any kind of a win on Saturday.Still no news on Eboue.Is he fit?.


    Midfield on Saturday looks like,Calmac,Ntcham,Biton,if Eric is fit.


    Cant wait to get back to the Tic.

  6. Agree with Glasstwothirds full, Lambo’s the man, but we all know what will happen. Until we have a total clear out of the blazers nothing will change. So, as I said before, hell mend them, you reap what you sew.



    It just proves the point that “they” would rather see Scotland not qualify than choose Celtic players.



    So , why should we bother about Scotland when they don’t.. Sad really




  7. CELTIC40ME @ 3:49 PM,



    The problem there was, that last game against Slovenia showed he HADN’T learned.



    Broonie and Stuart were not available, instead of slotting in replacements and sticking with the winning combination he reverted back to type.



    Scotland ended the Campaign with more or less the same players on the pitch playing the same type of Football that was so disastrous at the beginning of the Campaign.



    That Second half in Slovenia was as poor as it gets – WGS was just too stubborn to accept his earlier mistakes.



    Hail Hail

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CELTIC40ME on 12TH OCTOBER 2017 3:49 PM






    The time to sack him was then, surely, not after he’d turned thi





    You could argue that it would have been unfair on him to sack him mid group and also for another to come in.



    The fact that he did do what was necessary, but then reverted, even though Brown and Armstrong were injured, was cancelled out by ultimately not qualifying.



    I suspect that he got caught up in SFA politics, as in, it was not prudent to have too many Celtic players in the team.



    An SFA precedent had been set in the Lisbon Lion era,where the glaring omissions were embarrassing.



    However, if those were the conditions, then he accepted them and paid the price.



    It does not detract from what he did for us and in the respect he holds for Celtic

  9. The usual suspects who are being touted as new manager (McLeish, Moyes, Lambert) are all currently unemployed, some may argue unemployable. There is a reason for this, they have all flopped at their last three jobs (five in McLeish’s case) so why should they be considered for the national team job. Someone young, someone who is currently in a job and doing well should be top of the list. As I said earlier Alex Neil should at least be be asked if he’d be interested.

  10. BTW… CELTIC40ME agree with your earlier comment, WGS is indeed a very decent human being from talking to anyone who talked/knew him.



    He certainly has the make up and candour I like to see in a Manager of our National Sport.



    But at the end of the day we all have strengths and weaknesses… in fact sometimes the same facet of our character can be both.



    Gordon is at an age when he should know how to utilise them.



    Hail Hail

  11. CHAIRBHOY on 12TH OCTOBER 2017 4:01 PM



    He did replace broony with the best likeness available. And we’re forgetting that we were 45 minutes from a play off place. At half time everyone was happy



    I’ve no idea what was said at half time, and whatever was said he needed to change the formation but I couldn’t believe how far back we sat. I can’t imagine anyone told them to do it, in my mind I can see him waiving everyone up the park but that’s probably a false memory of what I wish I’d seen



    I think it’s very harsh to sack him after a poor 45 minutes in a game that we actually drew and after some really decent performances.

  12. normanstreet49 on

    If they give the gig to Mr EBT Mc Lie ssssh….


    see what I did there….


    They want to hang there heads in shame….


    But nothing new there… they shouldn’t even be there??


    If they don’t bring in a decent manager that understands Scottish grass roots football they can get tae…. my time of actually watching Scotland has come to an end. Best young players warming the bench. What a bunch of self serving bassa’s…..



  13. ERNIE LYNCH on 12TH OCTOBER 2017 3:55 PM


    Counsel asked by Lord B why DK went ahead and made offer despite being warned by GL about potentially crossing 30% threshold.


    DK counsel says perhaps DK wasn’t fully aware of significance of consequence of crossing 30% or fully understands GL email.




    I don’t imagine the Glib and shameless liar defence will work……………………Then again, Bryson? LNS?

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Does anyone know if all 108 clubs wanted to get rid of Strachan? That’s the way it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?

  15. Look at Iceland?



    We need to get rid of the system and functionaries who have had a mad keen football nation drowning in mediocrity for 3 decades. What they do, and how they do it, DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!



    We need business (Barry Hearn type) & football minded EXPERTS (good young coaches), not has beens and/or failures, running the show.



    We need state of the art indoor facilities in every town with good quality coaches to oversee.



    CELTIC40ME on 12TH OCTOBER 2017 3:49 PM








    The time to sack him was then, surely, not after he’d turned thi







    You could argue that it would have been unfair on him to sack him mid group and also for another to come in.



    Given that we needed 6 victories and a draw at that point (I think) and still had England to play I don’t think anyone realistically gave us a chance, do to get so near did show a pretty remarkable turn around. And at that point, with qualification as good as done, it would have been a very good time for a new manager to come in and start working towards qualification for the euros



    Unfortunately that would have been a decision that would have cost money and involved bravery, and the SFA are short on both

  17. CELTIC40ME.


    I have to agree about G.S being a decent man.


    At the risk of namedropping :-)). In a previous life I knew some of John Wark’s family and through this got to meet G.S. To tell the truth I done everything I could to avoid him, it was just after Aberdeen had beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup final and in my mind, it was Strachans fault that Big Roy was sent off. However he was a true gent and great company. He completed turned me around. Then again we spoke about anything other than football :-)).


    Hail Hail

  18. normanstreet49 on



    I think what you need is honesty….


    The SFA don’t have that.


    They are a self serving body of incompetence.


    Who answer to no one.


    You don’t need multi million pound training facilities when you get picked cause your the gaffers favourite…….


    I know you get the drill.


    We all do. Unfortunately….



  19. The blazers wont remove themselves they are on salaries and freebies, best seats in the house and no critical analysis of what they do and what they produce, they spent £50m on the South Stand at the dump that is Hampden, when indoor regional facilities were needed, you have semi professional clubs with votes, the Junior FA and the Womens FA, how is this ever going to produce the improvements that football need, it will need people from outside Scotland to do this but they wont be allowed as the media will then attack them as they are not Scottish or upset the establishment and we know what that means.


    All of the above is before you think about how they [SFA] have ignored distorted and cheated other major clubs playing here for the benefit of the reincarnation of one.

  20. 50 shades of green on

    Nothing like a good mutal consenting to bring the blog alive.



    O wait can you bring something alive again, haud on and I’ll ask the FTSFA.



    Yip it appears you can.



    Onlyinscotlandmind .csc.

  21. CELTIC40ME @ 4:14 PM,



    Well again you have a point, Gordon did replace Scott with the very able Darren Fletcher.



    The thing is Gordon had Scott playing along side (amongst others) Mac Arthur in front of the back 4.



    They played 4-2-3-1, the formation Celtic play in most of the time.



    If he had played the same formation with say McGinn or CalMac replacing Stuart, it would have shown Continuity.



    He went 4-4-2 and played the long ball game… against a team he said had a much better physicality than us.



    The reason we sat back was the pressure Slovenia put on us because of our tactics and formation we kept giving the ball away.



    If you look at Scotland’s possession stats for Slovenia at Hampden vs Ljubljana they are reversed.



    The Slovenian’s always looked like scoring after they made the half time changes and they did.



    Now can you tell me what formation we were playing after we brought Anya on? I don’t know. It seemed that we might have had Philips up as a forward… sometimes??



    It didn’t change anything, what it was supposed to change I don’t know. But it always looked like they were going to get a second. In fact frantic defending and Some great Craig Gordon saves was all that was between us and an embarrassing score line.



    Then when Slovenia did score the inevitable next goal (twenty minutes later) we carried on for a while and as the last ten minutes approached we brought Snodgrass and Steven Fletcher on… now what formation were we playing? We took Kieran off so we only had three defenders…



    Was it 3-4-3? 3-5-2? Or Up kilts an’ at them!!!



    It’s as if we were devoid of options, after the Anya substitution didn’t work at 1-1 – I’m no tactical genius but how’s about this, if we wanted to go three at the back.



    Bring Tierney to left back push Robertson forward to left wing, transfer Anya over to right wing play a 3-5-1 and try to give Griff some service.



    We still could have had a couple of subs for a final push.



    As it was I thought the 4-4-2 was the wrong formation to begin with and was totally lost (as we’re most of the players) at what we were doing when Chris Martin went off.



    In what was an important match, we needed leadership, structure and composure it was all sadly lacking and we were into the same old..:(



    Hail Hail

  22. So WGS got the sack for picking the wrong players, the sfa are going to make a dogs bollix of it by appointing the wrong Alex.


    Alex Neil for me.


    Alex McLeish for them.

  23. TTR


    Would Moyes take the job ?


    I know Eck would bite your hand off for it, but Moyes, I would hope he sees himself as better than scotland, no that he is, but you get what I am saying.



  24. TeT



    Moyes is a laughing stock down south. I think he would take it. I have a feeling they will go for Eck anyway.

  25. I don’t think Malky McKay should be forgotten about. I don’t necessarily think he should get the job, but he’s already there, as director of coaching or some similar title, and he will fit the bill for those making the decision.


    Available – check


    Scottish – check.


    Young(ish) – check.


    Knowledge and experience of the EPL and Championship – check.


    Cheap ( he’s already drawing a salary from SFA coffers ) – check


    Won’t rock the boat – check



    To be honest, I’m caring less and less about the national team these days, but was disappointed on Sunday. The rest of Scottish football will, unfortunately, get the coach they deserve.

  26. TTR


    I suppose he is, and you will no doubt be correct, just as I was getting to like the team again with all them Celtic players in it :-)






    Bateen Bhoy


    Mrs TET fair enjoyed her time at the Little Mix concert, she was well impressed with them, she said they put on a very professional show, wisny worth the cost but she was impressed all the same.



  27. Bateen Bhoy 5.19.


    Add nepotism to your list, with his Dads influence. I can see why McKay would be an attractive option for the corrupt SFA members.


    Hail Hail

  28. TET,


    Glad she enjoyed it. I can imagine if Simon Cowell was involved that the least they would be was professional, and entertaining, after a fashion. And we know of certain other qualities they possess :-)


    As an Aberdonian I’d need to be very, very drunk, or stoned, to part with any amount of money to watch them though. Apparently you can have quite a good time in some of these “dancing ladies” type clubs for the type of money it would cost to stand amongst thousands of screaming schoolgirls and listen to manufactured pop.


    Not my cup of tea :-)

  29. Jimmynotpaul


    Odds on McKay just been slashed


    Wonder if he can impersonate a Mad Scottish Schoolmaster :-)

  30. Starting Saturday, We have 7 games in 3 weeks including Bayern twice, a Cup Semi Final, away League games to two of our main challengers, Aberdeen & St. Johnstone, plus two Home League games.


    Even with our squad that is a bit of a scary schedule.

  31. G67- Lambert kept Villa in EPL 2 seasons longer than they should have been there, walked from Wolves after a guy was brought in over his head to buy players, he was doing ok there.HH