West Brom-Celtic row: it’s about Rekeem Harper, not Oli Burke


There is a subtext to the unedifying comments by West Bromwich Albion technical director, Luke Dowling, concerning Oliver Burke’s care at Celtic last season: Rekeem Harper.

Dowling told the Daily Record, “Once Brendan [Rodgers] left to go to Leicester the treatment he got from the manager that’s in place now is something we don’t expect for one of our players.”  Short of curbing Burke’s playing time, as Brendan Rodgers also did, there were no issues between Neil and Oliver.

Rekeem Harper is a completely different matter.  The 19-year-old central midfielder is out of contract next week and Celtic can sign him for Training Compensation money.  He is coming off a breakthrough season at West Brom, where he made 12 league starts since his first in December.  Celtic are monitoring the situation, while Dowling is doing what he can to persuade the player to stay in the Midlands.

These comments are all a bit transparent.  They are not based on reality and I would be amazed if they convinced Rekeem Harper he should sign a new contract with West Brom.

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  1. West Brom have a cheek. Celtic have an excellent reputation for developing young players. Young Olivers problems began a long time before he came to us. Personally I hope the young boy finds the type that play a style that can accommodate him.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “while Dowling is doing what he can to persuade the player to stay in the Midlands.”




    Surely that would only work if the players didn’t talk to one another?

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Chairbhoy 9:51


    One of my first, if not thee first comments I made on CQN some 15 years back, was stating that we should be looking at emulating what the best of our peers in Europe are doing and ignoring what Rangers were doing.




    This sort of sensible thinking will never catch on!


    We can but live in hope……

  4. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Anyone falling for this smokescreen by Paul67 needs to wake up. Young Mr Harper, being a West Brom player, will have direct access to Olly B through social media such as West Brom players Instagram e group. Is their seriously 1 person that thinks he simply wouldn’t just ask Olly the truth and as we know Olly is a Celtic fans so would obviously be honest.



    While it’s easy to say that the West Brom comments about Lenny and his treatment of Olly B were down to them trying to stop one of their best youth leaving to join us, I would suggest there is more to it than that as we aren’t the only club that want him, there are several others who also wouldn’t have pay more than a modest development fee so why pick us out?


    It just doesn’t add up. You can dismiss Olly B as not really being much of a player and West Brom maybe thinking he would have stayed another season. Therefore saving them a couple of £m in wages, though these things happen all the time and I can’t ever remember any team making remarks like this about a particular coach before. I for one would certainly be interested in what Olly B said to the coaching team on his return to West Brom.

  5. Hello,lads,good to be back.The wee break away done me the world of good.Well,in saying that,I was knocked down twice,fell off a cliff ,broke both legs playing softball,took my back out wringing out a damp flannel,got divorced,lost my house,daughter has disowned me,and have had to convert to Islam.Allows me to beg outside Mosques on a Friday.Anyway,enough of my news.I think Harry Mc Guire,is Scott Mc Kenna,a year down the line from playing in a decent team.Or vice versa.You know what I mean.

  6. JF


    Although he mentions you by name and the others only get an `ilk`, I don`t think he was having a dig at you on a personal level. He, presumably, felt that adding a `personality` gave his point more of an impact.


    Do I get the coconut?



  7. JF


    I was in two minds but the Ol` ` nut might clinch the deal :-))


    Actually ( Hove !), I asked my girlfriend if she fancied a trip to The Dear Green Place but she seems less than enthusiastic. I`ll get the coconut another time….perhaps when KT leaves :-)



  8. Oh, she likes Glasgow well enough but she want a relaxing weekend as she is on edge re the Uturnbull Saga !


    Cheerio for now.



  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Welcome back, I was just wondering the other day where you had got to as I was supping an Efes.



  10. Go tell the Spartim on




    Sadly enough punters still buy that rag, though its dwindling, not fast enough though.



    Its what they do and have always done

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    In the interests of balance and wanting to be seen as upholding standards, I’m assuming the Daily Record pointed out the potential for ulterior motives?

  12. BHOYLO83 on 25TH JUNE 2019 2:49 PM


    Hearing Celtic are in for some guy Turnbull from Motherwell



    Has he got a twin brother

  13. Celtic have made a ‘magnificent’ offer. West Brom have made a ‘ridiculous’ statement.



    the new Celtic media book of adjectives



    WakeMeUpWhenTheWindowIsShut CSC

  14. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 25TH JUNE 2019 3:20 PM


    Celtic Legend – extreme right ?




  15. Think I have come back on at a bad time.The old transfer window,yech,never the best.Anyway,Bissaka for £ 50 million+for one season in the EPL,KT around £ 25 million!!!!!!!!!!!.Nah,not having that.Great comparison for our suits to hold up.In the end,its down to KT.Any of the CHs we have been linked to,would seem to be able to do the job required.Thanks to UEFA,this has to be a shocking time to be in the market.Under 21s still playing,the rest,lying on a beach somewhere,occasionally answering their phone to their agent saying”Maybe,add another 10 grand on,and get back to me”.Good draws for us in Europe,gives us time.Off to a Barbie,be nice.

  16. eddieinkirkmichael on



    Who knows though it raises questions about why they would say such things and then pro PLC bloggers immediately rehash a story from another pro Celtic PLC site that really doesn’t stand up to any kind of serious scrutiny.


    You’d think it was ORCastrated in the same way other teams plant stories on Board friendly forums.


    As I said, I don’t know the truth and my opinion of it being to deflect from something else is equally as valid as the nonsense about it being to put someone off joining us, someone by the way we were led to believe we had dropped interest in once we had persuaded the Motherwell kid Turnbull to join us.

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