West Brom-Celtic row: it’s about Rekeem Harper, not Oli Burke


There is a subtext to the unedifying comments by West Bromwich Albion technical director, Luke Dowling, concerning Oliver Burke’s care at Celtic last season: Rekeem Harper.

Dowling told the Daily Record, “Once Brendan [Rodgers] left to go to Leicester the treatment he got from the manager that’s in place now is something we don’t expect for one of our players.”  Short of curbing Burke’s playing time, as Brendan Rodgers also did, there were no issues between Neil and Oliver.

Rekeem Harper is a completely different matter.  The 19-year-old central midfielder is out of contract next week and Celtic can sign him for Training Compensation money.  He is coming off a breakthrough season at West Brom, where he made 12 league starts since his first in December.  Celtic are monitoring the situation, while Dowling is doing what he can to persuade the player to stay in the Midlands.

These comments are all a bit transparent.  They are not based on reality and I would be amazed if they convinced Rekeem Harper he should sign a new contract with West Brom.

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  1. Jimmynotpaul on



    Good to see you posting.


    Your credit, as is Lennybhoy’s, is good in this household.


    I’ve told you before, my bhoy thinks your are Peter Lawwell.


    We did have a good laugh, when I told him your reply, that the snow,doesn’t melt on your driveway automatically, as you didnt have a heated driveway ( or words to that effect )


    Hail Hail

  2. eddieinkirkmichael on



    Who “led” you to believe that then?






    Which Celtic blogs are pro Board?




    Which are anti Board?






    And which manage to strike a balance?





    Several Celtic sites in articles over the previous week when commenting on our acquiring Turnbull have speculated that to be the case. I accept these are just opinions based on nothing more than a feeling combined with their belief that we are already well served in that area. That could change however if our personnel changes, like Nitcham getting a move to France which would maybe open up a position. I was going to say his desired move though we would be back to the beginning.


    As I have said it’s all speculation and using such speculation is what happens when we offer our opinions on things we don’t really have any inside knowledge of.




    Pro board forum probably isn’t a good choice of phrase. I was more offering an opinion on the feature writers.


    I would say that CQN lead articles tend to be more sympathetic to a particular Celtic position than against, video celts another that offer imo uncritical stories that don’t appear to offer opinion on where we may not have been shown in a good light and would tend to offer something critical of the source or putting a spin on it in Celtics favour,


    An alternative writer that does tend to do this, though not in this case, would be JF over at the Celtic Blog. He is prepared to offer analysis of an issue that may on occasion show Celtic in a negative light.

  3. Cheers bhoys and hail hail.



    Whoever we sign and don’t sign, we are still CELTIC, always have been always will be????



    D. :)

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Rumour I’m hearing… Bankiebhoy1 been spotted with Ross Hall at a Daimler Dealership.



  5. Now that Catman has given his imprimatur, time to break out the Bubbly well OK time to crack open a can of Magners’s anyway.

  6. Eddie in Kirkmichael



    Thanks for the polite reply.



    Nobody was led to believe anything. Some people posted stuff about which they were uninformed. Lennybhoy, on the other hand, gets some inside info close to the event but, even there, there’s many a slip between intention and completion.



    There are posters who are pro-Board, others who are anti-Board and a lot in between trying to make balanced judgements, not always succeeding.



    I think JF is a fine writer but can be quite volatile with his opinions, quick to react and occasionally, a bit OTT.



    Paul67 is less excitable and, probably restricted by his access but the idea that CQN is an influential moulder of Celtic supporter’s views on Celtic, is fanciful and does not stand up to evidence. Most Celts are unaware of the site and, those that are, take it with a pinch of salt, and just want to beat Rangers again (even though they died).



    I get a bit fed up being painted as pro-Board because I am sceptical about the wilder claims being made about them being Masons and anti-Celtic (they’ve done a terrible job of undermine us by allowing 8iar to happen).



    I know the Celtic Board let me, personally, down in 2012 and, subsequently, re their passive response to the dead club’s cheating. I am strongly critical, too, of their overall reactive PR on the historical coach abuse issue. But I refuse to join in the hysteria re transfer dealings as the historical record shows they are getting a lot right



    There are more than 40 shades of green opinion

  7. DIXIEDEANS on 25TH JUNE 2019 6:39 PM


    Who is Julien thats rumoured to be signing ?



    Christopher Julien – big CH at Toulouse.



    Anything like the last one we got there and I’ll be happy.




  8. Hunderbirds………………….










    It’s a Bentley Continental. Get it right dear Bhoy!







  9. Chavez, Corkcelt



    Lennybhoy has a 70% strike rate I’d say, which in today’s climate is very good. His posts and texts are most welcome. Top blogger too.



    The one who’s posts I always look out for at transfer time though is Catman. From what I’ve seen in over 12 years on this blog his record is 100%. Even the breaking news of Rodgers midnight flit was confirmed, on here, by Catman. There were ‘newer’ posters here who questioned his authenticity. Silly move. Don’t shoot the messenger.



    Hail Hail ??

  10. Christopher Julien, is a 6ft 5 inch French Centre Half 26 yrs of age plays with Toulouse,

  11. jobo, did you phone clyde tonight ?



    celtic supporter, scotland supporter from EK, being honest about the limits of Oli burke, if it was it was a good call.

  12. WeefratheTim on

    Evening all



    Just popped in for a quick lurk and am absolutely delighted to read David66’s fantastic news. HH David, look after that special ghirl. HH




  13. Just sittin here thinking about how many last minute winners we got this season



    Feck me it must have been sickenin for the Hun




  14. Just think how many ‘jammy bastas!’ Were being shouted all over the country



    Beautiful treble treble

  15. West Brom take note on how to be defeated in the transfer market



    Norwich City’s sporting director has questioned why David Turnbull chose Celtic after the Hoops’ unusual social media move in the thick of the transfer saga.



    Record Sport exclusively revealed the Canaries had a £3.25million bid accepted by Motherwell for Turnbull last week, shortly after Celtic had then ruled themselves out of a move for the midfielder.



    The 19-year-old travelled to Norfolk last Thursday to meet with Norwich over a potential deal and it looked all but certain Turnbull would be signing on with the Premier League new boys.



    But a late change of heart from the midfielder saw him complete a u-turn on his decision, and he’s now expected to be unveiled Scottish champions shortly.



    Celtic released a statement as the drama unfolded, saying their “magnificent” offer made to Turnbull had not been accepted.



    Neil Lennon’s No.2 John Kennedy later insisted the club were not interested in signing players motivated by money.



    After shunning a switch to Norwich, their technical director Stuart Webber says Turnbull has “chosen a great club” and hopes to see the player develop under Neil Lennon.



    But Webber questioned whether he would have made the same decision as Turnbull after the Hoops’ unusual social media move.



    He told the Pinkun : “He was with us on Thursday, talks went well and we rolled out the red carpet – as we would – and he chose Celtic, which was his choice.



    “Good player, good lad, good representatives, he’s chosen a great club.



    “I’m not sure I would have chosen them after the way they spoke about me in the media but that’s his choice.



    “He’s chosen a great club and I’m sure one day he’ll want to play in the Premier League because it’s the greatest league in the world, and hopefully he’ll get that opportunity.



    “When you get turned down it’s never nice but at the same time, there’s always another player and we want players who genuinely want to be here.



    “As I said to him when he was trying to decide: ‘Listen mate, have no regrets, you’ve got to go where you want to go and if your heart is set on Celtic, it’s set on Celtic – because you’ll be here and in a month thinking you’re going back up to Scotland’.



    “One of the things with the group of players who have done so well here is, they have genuinely wanted to be here and they love it.



    They work hard and they give everything in their lives – and their families have – to be a success.



    “The ones who don’t, it normally doesn’t work. So fundamentally he’s made the right call and good luck to him.



    “Hopefully I’ll enjoy seeing his development there.”

  16. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    Blog wars.



    Checking for weapons of mass distraction.

  17. Delaneys Dunky on



    Doncha know that if games lasted 80 mins then the zombies would have won the league last season.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Turnbull seemingly has a blood condition, hemochromatosis… can be managed,has to give blood regularly, this could be the hold up…

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