West Brom-Celtic row: it’s about Rekeem Harper, not Oli Burke


There is a subtext to the unedifying comments by West Bromwich Albion technical director, Luke Dowling, concerning Oliver Burke’s care at Celtic last season: Rekeem Harper.

Dowling told the Daily Record, “Once Brendan [Rodgers] left to go to Leicester the treatment he got from the manager that’s in place now is something we don’t expect for one of our players.”  Short of curbing Burke’s playing time, as Brendan Rodgers also did, there were no issues between Neil and Oliver.

Rekeem Harper is a completely different matter.  The 19-year-old central midfielder is out of contract next week and Celtic can sign him for Training Compensation money.  He is coming off a breakthrough season at West Brom, where he made 12 league starts since his first in December.  Celtic are monitoring the situation, while Dowling is doing what he can to persuade the player to stay in the Midlands.

These comments are all a bit transparent.  They are not based on reality and I would be amazed if they convinced Rekeem Harper he should sign a new contract with West Brom.

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  1. Great news DAVID66



    A bit underwhelmed by some of the names being banded about as potential signings tbh.Also thought Lenny almost invited bids for KT the other day with his comments.Personally think KT will stay cos he loves the hoops and is on to the captaincy when Broony chucks it.



    Hail Hail brothers and sisters

  2. excathedra44 on

    David 66.


    Great news,a weight lifted from your shoulders,as the concern is with you daily.


    Puts things in perspective.




  3. With regard to Oliver Burke, I don’t think Olly would say or do anything to jeopardise his relationship with Celtic. I’m sure I read Lenny bemoaning the fact that Olly was away and that he had given us a terrific outball when the team was under pressure and that we would no longer have that. I think Olly, by and large, enjoyed his time at Celtic and wouldn’t mind ending up playing for us. The WBA technical director was at it for precisely the reasons Paul stated.

  4. Starting to feel for the young fella Turnbull now. Needs to get back in a team, any team, ASAP

  5. Drew1967- cheers pal, hope you are well. Agree regarding players we are linked with.



    Guys just been sent a text saying there is an issue with UTurnbull medical and the 2 clubs are in talks, hope it’s a load of shite.



    D. :)

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Says Clubs trying to find a solution, probably a renegotiation of payment terms maybe?

  7. weebawbabitty on

    Have Hemocromotasis , myself ! Easily managed pint of blood taking off me every 3 month , can cause sore joints and tiredness from time to time

  8. excathedra44 on

    Ref Turnbull,reported to be a knee problem on another site,quote from ” family “??



    Lets not make the same mistake the ” Premier ” team made with Hartson, however lets get some conditions inserted in the Contract, I.E. ” Here is £2 M rest to follow when limp dis-appears.”.

  9. Shame about the Turnbull issue. I feel for all the parties involved. Hopefully, it can be quickly sorted out and the signing can go ahead but I don’t mind Celtic taking due time to resolve issues and the last thing we need, is some sort of clock on this process so that we end up paying for any serious issues.



    But, as weebawbabbity suggest, the issue is easily handled, we should go ahead and sign him (Turnbull, that is, not weebawbabbity)

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Scott Sinclair emerges as £2million target for Sheffield United



    From The Hun

  11. Turnbull transfer should not go ahead.



    It should have been pulled as soon as our best and final contract offer was knocked back. No checking out other clubs. No second chances.



    If something has been discovered during his medical why did Motherwell not disclose this?



    As I said a couple of weeks ago we should not deal with Motherwell.

  12. Good job this transfer is happening early in the window…not the last day!


    I feel very sorry for the player.Way too much info has been disclosed about every part of this deal.The football media world has turned into a forensic horror show.I prefer yesteryear and ignorant bliss.

  13. TOSB- thanks, off to Greece, Rohdes next Saturday for a family wedding, we will enjoy it even more now.???



    D. :)

  14. Delaneys Dunky on



    I couldnae imagine any player get by Weebawb easily if he played for Celtic. ???




    Don’t think Turnbull would have had s medical at Norwich. It’s a shame for everyone involved. Hopefully doesn’t turn out the way it did for the South African boy last season.

  16. weebawbabitty on

    DD , no huns wid anyway, ?David 66 going to Greece Friday, Mykonos 1st then bit of island hopping! Great country people and food hope you enjoy yourself, and also your wife m8

  17. Weebawbabitty- cheers first time…. No matter what I will enjoy myself, I like a drink and natter and like to think I can socialise with anyone, oh and of course spread the good word of the Famous Glasgow Celtic.?



    Enjoy- your break sounds greeeeat.



    D. :)

  18. Turnbull is either a good bet or he has an underlying issue. So why Celtic are probably haggling over the price is simply beyond me.



    If there’s a chronic medical issue then move on, if not sign him and give him the time he needs to get up to speed. Do not jeopardise the move over trying to get 500k knocked off the asking price, Celtic.

  19. David66, hope everyone can enjoy life a bit better with that news!



    Weefra, a rare post earlier, good to see you on the blog, keep it up!



    I’m at the end of my last day on Garda, have enjoyed the cqn link to back home while away.




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So much for the stock mantra we can’t compete with even championship clubs in England pant on fire ?

  21. Oh, and thanks to everyone who replied to my posts about Garda, always love a recommendation- that’s Almore, Let the people sing…etc.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    A bit like yourself unable to resist a cheap dig at anyone expressing an opinion you don’t share eh

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