What a club, what a support. Just incredible.


In time we will forget, but for much of Celtic’s 0-9 win at Tannadice earlier this season, Dundee United held their own and forced the champions off their game.  An early Kyogo goal provoked United into action.  It was Kyogo’s second, on the 40th minute, that did the damage.  Before the break it was 0-4.

That game was Jack Ross’ seventh and final game in charge and eclipsed their 0-7 reversal in Alkmaar two weeks earlier.  In the vernacular, United ‘chucked it’.  We could expect a change in attitude when, after the players got their way, they arrived at Celtic Park in November.  The visitors levelled on 87 minutes, only to be denied a point by the team that never, ever, chucks it.

Since the World Cup break, United have lost only once in six outings, a home defeat to Newco.  That run took them off the bottom of the table; they are now tied on 20 points with Kilmarnock and Motherwell, three above Ross County.

Fully rested and in great form, I expect no problems for Celtic on Sunday.  United can look back on their early season woes and comfort themselves with the fact that at least their 7-1 aggregate hammering came to the team currently second in the Dutch league, whereas another Scottish club had the same outcome over two games against the fifth-place Eredivisie side.

Paradise Pit Stop

Every now and then the Celtic FC Foundation, YOUR Foundation, does something that stops me in my tracks.  With the cost-of-living crisis having such an effect, from next week they will open the doors to Celtic Park lounges on Monday and Thursday evenings, when volunteers from the club and Foundation will serve food, provide warm shelter and facilities for kids to play and study.

Celtic cannot solve the problems of poverty, but opening their doors twice a week to provide warm food and shelter to the needy is an incredible act which reflects our founding principles.  If you are involved in this, well done.  If you can only contribute monetarily, your efforts are invaluable.

What a club, what a support.  Just incredible.


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  1. Gentleman / Ladies …let’s not pollute the site with chat about the insidious organisation that is freemasonry 🤔…it’s not smart and it certainly is not clever .

  2. Checked my calendar just in case it was 1st April. Nope. The constant merde show that is the ibrox franchise really has issued a random AC/DC sevco mash up range.



    Oh. My. God.



    I’m cannot imagine the meeting in which any half decent group of employees signed off on that idea. Which leads to the conclusion that they are genuinely run by total incompetents.



    Let the banter continue. Highway to he’ll indeed.

  3. thanks BB from earlier; flight for 8 apr game now booked.



    5.45am flight out of Dublin!!!!!!!!!

  4. Prestonpans – the young brothers who formed the band were born in Glasgow, supposedly rangers supporting family, before they moved to Australia. Angus, the lead guitarist wore a deadco Jersey maybe once on stage so they claim them as their own.



    I quite like the band, watched a few documentaries on them. Their supposed love for the deady bears doesn’t feature.



    Scraping the barrel for celebrity associations. Embarrassing stuff

  5. Prestonpans- I’ve just read rhat the Angus Young wearing the top at a gig thing was faked. He didn’t.



    Also £30 for a bobble hat off that range. I know most fitba gear is overpriced and celtic are no better than most on this, but you really want to see the state of it.

  6. All available this weekend, except Ralston. Would expect GG to be out the squad (seen at airport earlier) and Ho off the bench for a cameo. 3 games in a week.





    Johnston, CCV, Kobayashi, Taylor


    Hatate, McGregor, Mooy


    Abada, Kyogo, Jota



    Subs : O’Riley, Haksa, Maeda, Turnbull & Oh.



    Regulation 0-9 away scoreline at Tannadice.



    “It’s a long way to the top” Hun monkeys




  7. Eff me….Two letters and I still manage to get it wrong !!!



    Damn you dry January.






    Anyone know the background to this ac/dc association, know nothing about the band




    Tend to go along with RobertTressells post,i knew there was a vague link that came out when their glaswegian background surfaced.It was not overt as in wee martypellow inNoot the bloo room and i completely forgot bout it tbh,as i am sure they(acdc) had.



    Well until todays marketing nonsense from NooKlub,now i wonder if they have permission as patent on brand products usually means a nod has been given.




  9. ST STIVES At least they have built a Museum ,us pie in the Sky ,a club that promises plenty but comes up with zero,and as you mentioned what about Barrowfield,

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bada 3.34 – LoL.



    Some enterprising soul should knock up HM⚡️RC t-shirts. On the back it could say ‘Liquidation Tour 2012’ and instead of listing tour venues and dates, it could list the top 10 EBT recipients😂😂

  11. Saint Stivs per 4.29 pics …is that a young Tom Callaghan shooting (scoring ?) past our goalkeeper ? …or was it his bro Willie ?

  12. Celtic


    Simpson, Cattanach, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Wallace, McBride (Chalmers, 62), Auld, Hughes.







    Martin, W. Callaghan, Lunn, Fraser (Hunter, 54), Barry, Thomson, Edwards, Paton, Gardner, T. Callaghan, Robertson.


    Scorers Robertson (64), Gardner (75)



    Referee: R.H. Davidson (Airdrie)


    Attendance: 47,000

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Thanks for the info. AT has already asked my next question….



    wonder if they have permission as patent on brand products usually means a nod has been given. 🤔🙄

  14. Formerly GM



    I just received a HM/RC logo on a text. Looks like your t-shirt idea is in the works😎

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