What a club, what a support. Just incredible.


In time we will forget, but for much of Celtic’s 0-9 win at Tannadice earlier this season, Dundee United held their own and forced the champions off their game.  An early Kyogo goal provoked United into action.  It was Kyogo’s second, on the 40th minute, that did the damage.  Before the break it was 0-4.

That game was Jack Ross’ seventh and final game in charge and eclipsed their 0-7 reversal in Alkmaar two weeks earlier.  In the vernacular, United ‘chucked it’.  We could expect a change in attitude when, after the players got their way, they arrived at Celtic Park in November.  The visitors levelled on 87 minutes, only to be denied a point by the team that never, ever, chucks it.

Since the World Cup break, United have lost only once in six outings, a home defeat to Newco.  That run took them off the bottom of the table; they are now tied on 20 points with Kilmarnock and Motherwell, three above Ross County.

Fully rested and in great form, I expect no problems for Celtic on Sunday.  United can look back on their early season woes and comfort themselves with the fact that at least their 7-1 aggregate hammering came to the team currently second in the Dutch league, whereas another Scottish club had the same outcome over two games against the fifth-place Eredivisie side.

Paradise Pit Stop

Every now and then the Celtic FC Foundation, YOUR Foundation, does something that stops me in my tracks.  With the cost-of-living crisis having such an effect, from next week they will open the doors to Celtic Park lounges on Monday and Thursday evenings, when volunteers from the club and Foundation will serve food, provide warm shelter and facilities for kids to play and study.

Celtic cannot solve the problems of poverty, but opening their doors twice a week to provide warm food and shelter to the needy is an incredible act which reflects our founding principles.  If you are involved in this, well done.  If you can only contribute monetarily, your efforts are invaluable.

What a club, what a support.  Just incredible.


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  1. GENE on 27TH JANUARY 2023 8:32 PM






    Can you get cream for that






    Dunno Gene :-))



    I often wonder if the delerium shown in his never to be forgotten hospital interviews was a symptom lols




  2. Nisbet could be a good addition a snip at £2.4 million,but if he goes to the Huns then to me he ain’t a Celtic Fan ,seemingly he is a fan?

  3. VOGUEPUNTER on 27TH JANUARY 2023 9:27 PM



    Then that waster Grealish puts a no bad baw in for a no bad goal … still pish .



    *he boxed himself in and just dumped it moanin faced bassa

  4. ● Here’s 2 to mull over ●


    1) Celtic v Aberdeen 1980 Scottish premier league game was a ‘Celtic first’.Any idea?


    2)Hamish McAlpine had a pen. saved at Celtic Park 1977.Name the Celtic goalie?

  5. 2)Hamish McAlpine had a pen. saved at Celtic Park 1977.Name the Celtic goalie?



    roy baines, recently signed from morton ?

  6. cqn in game blogging for that cup final …………….



    we should have signed kevin gallagher

  7. Watching the horrific videos of cops ,murdering a guy in Memphis…..5 bodycams,another couple in cop cars…..

  8. I huv a lot of suggested youtubes, I was Ohmega surprised to huv this link coming across.



    WTF is wrong or right with the Google algorithims?



    Anyway efter deciding I wisnae buying another Fifa or EA game ever again a few years ago, well the scum corporation that is EA shut down servers, or made getting a game on Fifa 19 very lengthy, they can say they urnae shut down but it was almost overnight when you’d get a game in under a minute, then it would take literally hours to get 1 game 1 night.



    I succumbed over Christmas and bought the latest game.



    It truly is an embarrassment of a game.



    Sums up Governing Bodies these days.



    Anyway I listened to 2 gals @ the Shrewsbury Folk Festival that kept my spirits up when I done a 180° frae near the opposing teams touchline to ma own (I’ve set my tactics up where 1 fullback always stays back) full back…. wan of many shocking plays…



    Basically it isnae a game it’s a script. My Son was wise to it by 2017.



    Then again @ that Time it was easy for Aidan to see.



    Anyway enough of the fake.



    Pro Evo was Always the best.









    It’s the 8th, not Easter Sunday.



    They are getting it Hardcore.




  9. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to sit with the wee man Together @ a Newco Hampdump experience – get to Every other Hampdump adventure, No Problemo.



    I’d much rather, we both missed out Wan/Two games and another parent&child got to go Together.



    Corporate – F them.

  10. I’ve always been into the mair Hardcore Faster paced Dance Sonics……………………..



    Next Weekend will see how Olde I am!!!!






    John is nearing retiring age (not Dance Music) – actual retirement age.



    I hope the Judge drops some real Bernhard Langers that are on the harder edge.



    There are so many.



    Really Looking Forward to it.



    BTW – Sorted my Reardons membership – Gold style so if US/UK Pool gies a shout.

  11. DAVID66 on 27TH JANUARY 2023 4:56 PM


    Gene great news from earlier.







    Hail Hail





    Yes, its very good news Mate.


    HH GENE.



    and BRRB…..





    Thnaks Bhoys. I didnt see the News as I was watching the Racing ” LIVE”.


    Sadly, wee BILLY only had ONE WINNER last night, but as it was for ” GODOLPHIN”…( Charlie Applebys Stable ), Wee Billy will surely find himself riding BETTER Horses in the future, thanks now to his ” Assocation” with the GODOLPHIN Stable.


    He was interviewed after his Winner last night, and he claimed that ” It was the BEST Day of his life”….due to riding for GODOLPHIN and Charlie Appleby for the 1st time !



    BILLY the KID….is going places…


    HH Bhoys.

  13. GENE on 27TH JANUARY 2023 7:23 PM


    Big Jimmy





    My son has part ownership in a horse racing at Uttoxeter tomorrow 14.32. Floueur – first run out after change in owners.





    This is not a tip 🤣




    Cheers gene.


    Your sons horse is currently 12/1. I REAL;ISE that you are NOT ” Tipping it”, but I will stick a couple of Quid on it….You never know ?





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