What a club, what a support. Just incredible.


In time we will forget, but for much of Celtic’s 0-9 win at Tannadice earlier this season, Dundee United held their own and forced the champions off their game.  An early Kyogo goal provoked United into action.  It was Kyogo’s second, on the 40th minute, that did the damage.  Before the break it was 0-4.

That game was Jack Ross’ seventh and final game in charge and eclipsed their 0-7 reversal in Alkmaar two weeks earlier.  In the vernacular, United ‘chucked it’.  We could expect a change in attitude when, after the players got their way, they arrived at Celtic Park in November.  The visitors levelled on 87 minutes, only to be denied a point by the team that never, ever, chucks it.

Since the World Cup break, United have lost only once in six outings, a home defeat to Newco.  That run took them off the bottom of the table; they are now tied on 20 points with Kilmarnock and Motherwell, three above Ross County.

Fully rested and in great form, I expect no problems for Celtic on Sunday.  United can look back on their early season woes and comfort themselves with the fact that at least their 7-1 aggregate hammering came to the team currently second in the Dutch league, whereas another Scottish club had the same outcome over two games against the fifth-place Eredivisie side.

Paradise Pit Stop

Every now and then the Celtic FC Foundation, YOUR Foundation, does something that stops me in my tracks.  With the cost-of-living crisis having such an effect, from next week they will open the doors to Celtic Park lounges on Monday and Thursday evenings, when volunteers from the club and Foundation will serve food, provide warm shelter and facilities for kids to play and study.

Celtic cannot solve the problems of poverty, but opening their doors twice a week to provide warm food and shelter to the needy is an incredible act which reflects our founding principles.  If you are involved in this, well done.  If you can only contribute monetarily, your efforts are invaluable.

What a club, what a support.  Just incredible.


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  1. GG…5.54 ……Naw don’t be daft the mighty Sevco are talking to 3-4 don’t you know and are clearly ready to swoop …probably for Bale …the breakfast is at the ready …or should that be aye ready 🤣

  2. SFTB



    I THINK I have `trapped` but could you confirm? Sorry about this but I `entered ` from a different site and am not sure if I was successful.

  3. BIG JIMMY on 28TH JANUARY 2023 5:38 AM


    Heres one that I made up myself….


    ” A BOOZER walks into a BOOZER” ………




    ….and says, ” Why don`t you watch where you`re going? “

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Tearmann,


    You are just being silly now, obviously the moderator will not allow alternative views, it’s a reflection of British media and the ambition to promote the blog as conforming to and promoting the new cancel culture.

  5. Very glad to hear that CC-V has a chance of starting. I am not a big fan of Fletcher`s style but he COULD cause havoc in the air against us and COULD draw a penalty from a Starfelt challenge.


    Good to see that Taylor has recovered as well but whether or not he starts is another matter.

  6. AJ to start tomorrow – ange doesn’t hang about with noobs, AJ gets scottish fitba.



    I still can’t quite figure out what happened in the second half of the game against wangers

  7. Selection I would LIKE to see tomorrow:





    Johnston Carter-Vickers Kobayashi, Taylor


    O`Riley McGegor,Hatate





    Strong winds forecast but as we play on the deck, I would hope that doesn`t affect us too much.



    Hot Smoked,


    You’ll be next :o)”



    Yes, this could develop into something quite funny!



  9. AT



    If you post a graphic video of someone getting killed – regardless of the circumstances it will get deleted



    Your complaint was well written and had merit but then you added one word at the end, why would you do that????



    Thats why that got deleted

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    John lived alone and decided to go to the pet shop to get something to keep him company…The owner at the pet shop suggested an unusual pet, a talking millipede.”OK “, thought John,”I’ll give it a go….he took the millipede home,put it in a cardboard box and then gave the box a gentle tap and said,” I’m gonna down the pub for a drink…wanna come with me?”No reply,so he leans over and shouts” HEY MILLIPEDE I’M GOING DOWN TO THE PUB FOR A DRINKDO YOU WANNA COME”? “I heard you the first time!!” snapped the millipede,I’m putting my bloody shoes on!”

  11. MODERATOR1888 on 28TH JANUARY 2023 1:14 PM




    One of the reasons CQN is the successful blog that it is is because we have peole like yourself willing to give of their time to maintain high standards.Of course there will be occasions when some will think there are inconsistencies but, overall, I am sure most CQNers see the need for what you do and appreciate your efforts.






    A rich guy is looking for an unusual present for a wife who has everything. He settles on a parrot that can speak twelve different languages.


    He leaves it at home while his wife is out then he goes back to work. When he comes home, he asks his wife if the she liked the parrot.


    ” Delicious ! ,” she says.


    ” Delicious? ” he asks. ” Did you eat it?”


    : Of course, I did.” she says.


    ” That bird could speak twelve languages!! ” he cries.


    ” Well why didn`t is say something? ” she says.



    Big Jimmy has a lot to answer for :-))

  13. Rangers (sic) v St Johnstone


    1/8 ( H)


    13/2 (Draw)


    22/1 (A)



    These are quite remarkable odds…..have the officials just been announced?


    Cheerio for now.




    PS Beautiful day here in Arbroath. Pity the game wasn`t today.

  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Last night I posed 2 questions.


    1) Celtic v Aberdeen at Celtic Park Nov 1980…..was a ‘Celtic first’.


    2) When Hamish McAlpine had a pen saved in Celtic v Dundee Utd game..Who was Celtic goalie?

  15. 2) When Hamish McAlpine had a pen saved in Celtic v Dundee Utd game..Who was Celtic goalie?



    wasit riy baines a recent signing from morton




    Nope,not being silly,i think its more centred than that.ie what he likes,dislikes.


    Just wait til your debating with a “moniker” only to find as the pages go on, that your replies have been deleted making a discussion one sided and silly looking.



    Canamalar i disagree with you on many a thing(range goes from awesome forensic intellect to out n out banger:-))),thats not a fault,thats a richness,its our strength,we come together,we go forward,to me its what Celtic have done since we left the hall in 1887,and its some energy 👍



    I dont think its cancel culture wi moderator,more am pesht n have the power to delete or control or bate conversation.simple as that.😊


    Sometimes he/she gets it right.this was the case with “user” and with a moniker you mention Angryffm-or as his lakota name”types wi girly thimbles”:-))) whose digital warrior credentials are of renown to me as the recipient of his ‘words’haha,one just knows he wouldnt speak face to face like that in The Dolphin:-))


    Everything is there for the learning ,yourself,j,p and others showed that wi r12.How it arose off these pages,i doubt such energy would be wasted here today sadly.


    anyway your team for the morra?






  17. beale talkin shitw on sportsound



    “its armed forces day and that always brings something special”



    feckin wierdos

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Team I’d like to see but no chance 4-4-2





    Johnston Carter-Vickers Kobayashi, Taylor


    Mooy McGegor Hatate Maeda


    Kyogo & GG

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands.


    Hot Smoked 1.34


    You, Bhoyjoebelfast and Coneybhoy are encouraging Big Jimmy in this folly. Desist, or my lawyers shall be in touch. If I can drag them out of Sharkeys.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Tearmann,


    No need for me to wait for such a scenario its happened plenty times.

  21. bigrailroadblues on

    Joe, AJ, CCV, Carl, Bernie, Captain, Aaron, Reo, Liel, Kyogo, Jota. Probably a mile out but 3 points please.

  22. Prestonpans bhoys on




    From videocelts and thus doesn’t include var:



    In 25 domestic match Walsh has refereed the Ibrox club six times, four at Ibrox, once at Celtic Park and one game at Hampden

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