What did Juve learn from Celtic on Tuesday?


On watching Celtic on Tuesday I wondered, ‘What will Juventus learn from this performance?’  Their scout will have left with a few notes.

Celtic can break quickly and effectively.  Both Hooper goals came as a result of moving the ball the length of the field, mostly on the deck, at pace.

Their threat from corner kicks was re-emphasised.  Charlie Mulgrew delivers the ball with sufficient pace to benefit from unpredictable movement, beyond the anticipated swerve.  This will be difficult for defenders, keeper and attackers to meet, but Celtic players clearly put a lot of work into practicing getting onto the end of these crosses.

Hopefully the scout will have learned nothing about how we will defend against Juventus as we were somewhat erratic early on against United and were not pressed thereafter.

Juventus are rightly favourites but this this is a thankless tie for them, especially when the first message delivered is ‘Don’t concede corners or free kicks in wide positions’.

They will also be alert to the dangers of being caught forward when Celtic can break effectively.  Celtic conceded through this mistake against Spartak last month but I wouldn’t expect us to leave as much empty space in defence at any point against Juventus.

My main worry about Celtic is over how much practice they are putting into penalty kicks….
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  1. Izzy/Ernie


    definition of assault is placing an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his/her consent.


    I stand confidently by my use of the term.


    Were either of you on the Edinburgh jury that found the Hertz fan not guilty of attacking Neil Lennon.


    The ballboy may have acted stupidly but nothing he did deserved the thuggish actions of Hazard.

  2. When we look at our achievements this season, especially in Europe, and our steady improvement in the domestic league, it’s really heartening.


    I know there are four games between now and Juve in which we’ll want to shine, the last one being an enounter 3 days prior with ICT (no fixture fixing favours there from the sfa), but it seems to me we’ll enter the 2 legs at a high level of competency and proficiency.


    We are there, by merit, and being given maximum respect for being there, against all expectations and having to endure a wholly dismissive and derogatory domestic msm.


    More fools them for backing the old nag draped in the fleg.


    : > )

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    It’s open season on cheeky ballboys then.



    Maybe that fud nevin was right this morning when he said we should “do away with them.”



    Can you imagine the outcry if……………..no, don’t go there.

  4. Imagine that you are having a party and invite a guy called Billy Hun to it. He phones and tells you that he’s not coming because he hates you.



    You then keep getting messages from him telling you how to organise your party …………….



    Is there any hun anywhere who has the faintest notion of what irony is?

  5. stephenpollock on

    My main worry is how much practise they put into feigning fouls and winning dodgy penalties

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    They worry bout the Whyte mask?



    Bullies never like being humiliated and that’s Sevco.. Perhaps then the creditors of the oldco should turn up instead of Whyte masks.. What a club..



    Sally demands to know the names of the mask wearers and Journalists in Scotland fill pages with poor wee Sevco stories..



    We ARE laughing at you SEVCO ,




  7. ASonOfDan



    I think the United fans have the opportunity to perform the best wind up this season by pumping the team on the park and ripping their fans a new one off it.


    Quite looking forward to watching this game.




  8. Anyone think that Hazard should be offered a contract with the Yorkshire Police? after all they have been getting away with kicking Minor’s for years.

  9. Bawsman




    13:27 on 24 January, 2013




    Correct but they won’t they are also to blame for letting this lot do and say what they like.

  10. izzy



    13:30 on


    24 January, 2013



    It worked and that’s why the boy began to feign injury imo



    You should have said “IMO” a lot earlier IMO.

  11. I think there’s more important things we can discuss than some incident in a Chelsea game. Ive no beef with anyone with a different opinion on the matter. Couldn’t care less about English football in general.



    The boy jinky



    Ill ask you not to speak to me like that again. You have been on your high horse about Hazards behaviour and then go attacking a fellow Tim and CQNer with verbal abuse and pathetic veiled threats.



    I trust you won’t repeat that unseemly behaviour on here again.

  12. Auldheid



    Interesting question earlier regarding why licensors (in our case the SFA) need to know how much players’ contracts are stated to be worth by the licence applicant (clubs wishing to take part in official football competitions).



    I am unfamiliar with Chris Graham’s oeuvre, but from what you say, he is arguing that it’s only or mainly to make sure the players get what they are owed. This is disingenuous. However, I don’t think it’s to make sure no third party is putting money in players’ pockets to try to influence the outcome of a game, and if I read you right, that’s what you were wondering.



    The most detail I have seen is a UEFA document, which is at this link. I think you will be familiar with it already.






    For the purposes of this discussion, article ten on page 11 is important, as are articles 55 and 56 on page 32, the lengthy but brilliant Annex VI starting on page 52 (of which section E, sub-section j on page 57 is an absolute killer and a must-read for Chris, Richard and every other Sevcophant who thinks they can brazen their way clear here), and then Annex IX, starting on page 65. I am not suggesting this is a comprehensive summary; and I am not an accountant. I can barely count.



    Nevertheless, in summary, I would say from having seen this material with my own eyes that it tells us quite clearly what the SFA (to be Scotland-specific) needs to get its licensed member clubs to submit before it can give them a licence. Among the documents they have to submit is a list of employees and full details of what the club will pay them. Annex VI, my favourite, goes on at some length about the types of payments that need to be included for consideration, and I don’t think anyone is going to be left thinking an EBT doesn’t count.



    Also, and in answer to the question I think you were asking, and in contrast to what Chris G seems to think, the reason why the governing bodies need to see this stuff is not to make sure evil club boards do not withhold promised cash to poor wee players. Absolutely not. What they care about, and what they want the SFA and its counterparts to care about, is that a football club that gets a licence to be part of official competitions is not going to go bust in the middle of one of those competitions.



    This is very easy to understand. They don’t want to get to the knock-out stages of the CL and have to give someone a bye because one of the supposed best 16 or eight or whatever clubs in Europe has gone bust and can’t pay its way. What if it happened in the build-up to the final? And the principle applies to all official competitions at domestic and continental level for the same reason.



    Licensors (the SFA for us) have to scrutinise all the documentation and satisfy themselves that this scenario is not going to affect the competitions they are responsible for. They have to get audited accounts from every club and they have to make sure the audited accounts match up to the information, including list of employees and money owing to them, that the clubs submitted when applying for a licence.



    How else could they satisfy themselves that a club was going to be able to complete a season? How else could they give that guarantee to UEFA, which is what the licence means? How else could they play fair with the clubs that do tell the truth and pay their way? What alternative is there but to have sight of, in confidence, the value of the contracts of all the employees at each club, including the players?

  13. mearns 2 milton on

    I think some good Tims are letting there dislike of Hazard cloud their judgement. Look at every angle you want. Hazard has attempted to get the ball back as his team are chasing the game. Yes, he should have just let the ballboy continue as the ref would add time on. Ballboy clearly a moron, of course his earlier tweets didn’t help him. Nor the fact he is the chairman’s son. Good Tim in my office saying that an individual from Huddleboard saw Hoops on flight to Stanstead this morning. Players have day off so he could be down visiting family or such like. Apologies if already mentioned.

  14. South Of Tunis on

    Much weeping and wailing on Juve blogs re the failure to get Llorente now —



    ” Marotta took Wardrobe Bendtner on loan —-our Chief Exec is someone who thinks Wardrobe Bendtner is good enough to play for Juve . Thank God Wardrobe is injured , hopefully he will never shame the shirt again”.



    Lopez deal seems to be a runner . Conte gave big licks re the need to sign a centre forward last Sunday night .. A real thing centre forward will enable them to switch their reliance on 3 -5-2 to 4-4-2 / 3 /5/1/1 as required.



    If Lopez clicks —— Juve have become a harder task.



    Monsoon -way down south

  15. a wee update on the bhoy he went into theatre this morning,promises to be a fairly long procedure,ill get back to you tonight with further updates.prayers said and everything crossed.charles my son,when your part of the celtic family(as well as your own)you will never walk alone.may god bless you and keep you ktf

  16. The ball boy(teenager) debate.



    Why was Hazard even wrestling the ball from him, when it was Swansea’s goal kick?



    Answers on a postcard to…

  17. just seen the “assault” on the ballboy there for the first time. That ball boy was well out of order. IMHO the chelski player was trying to get the ball out from underneath him to get on with the game nothing more nothing less. If that is considered an assault god help us all. We would be better wrapping ourselves in bubble wrap n not leave the house in the morning. !

  18. Paul


    I don’t know if you have been made aware of whats been happening on this blog of late.


    The reputation of this place has taken a serious downward direction.


    If you have a bit of free time you might review the offerings of the Himmler twins over this last day or two.


    Their content does not breach the language guidelines but IMO breaches any sense of decency. Free speech carries it’s own responsiblities

  19. Conference chairman said that as far as he is aware, the only place in Europe you can play without 3 years of accounts is Scotland.



    Why no MSM headlines or stories over that wee nugget of information?

  20. roddybhoy



    13:47 on 24 January, 2013



    An open invitation to burst yer bubble if ever I heard one!

  21. It has been an interesting couple of days.



    Ballboygate and now maskgate!



    So – someone wearing a mask at a match is trying to start a riot?!



    Expect Tayside’s finest(sic) to search everyone entering Tannadice and confiscate every mask found!



    4-0 to the Arabs!




  22. AFC Wimbledon have been training their ballboys ahead of their clash with Port Vale tonight.



    In response to Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard’s dismissal for kicking Swansea ballboy Charlie Morgan, the League Two side cheekily posted a picture of one of their ballboys replicating last night alongside the message: “We have had the ballboys in early for training today ahead of tonight’s televised match.”




  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I” say another wee prayer.



    Good luck and best wishes to your Bhoy.

  24. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Hazard shouldn’t have kicked the ball boy, but the ball boy needs his erse kicked (if that;s not a contradiction).

  25. Paul all tims and united fans are changing their profile pics to Craigy Whyte on twitter a day before the game, i hope you’ll be updating the CQN page with a pic of CW :)

  26. Auldheid



    As a short addendum, reading that document sure makes you wonder how Rangers and Sevco (and probably several others) have managed to get permission to take part in Scottish football.



    I wonder how the SFA would justify allowing them to take part.

  27. magnus






    It worked and that’s why the boy began to feign injury imo



    You should have said “IMO” a lot earlier IMO.



    >I used


    ” From what I saw there was no contact made with the boy ”






    “I’m sure the player had no intention of hurting him”



    It’s clearly a personal opinion.

  28. Celtic_First


    13:43 on


    24 January, 2013




    A stoater of a post sir.



    Well played, ma bunnet is doffed.

  29. Tim Tanium



    13:31 on 24 January, 2013





    Even Lewis Carroll’s extraordinary imagination could not have drawn a comparison between the frenzied attack on NFL at Tynecastle & last night’s comic opera.



    Well done.

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