What did Juve learn from Celtic on Tuesday?


On watching Celtic on Tuesday I wondered, ‘What will Juventus learn from this performance?’  Their scout will have left with a few notes.

Celtic can break quickly and effectively.  Both Hooper goals came as a result of moving the ball the length of the field, mostly on the deck, at pace.

Their threat from corner kicks was re-emphasised.  Charlie Mulgrew delivers the ball with sufficient pace to benefit from unpredictable movement, beyond the anticipated swerve.  This will be difficult for defenders, keeper and attackers to meet, but Celtic players clearly put a lot of work into practicing getting onto the end of these crosses.

Hopefully the scout will have learned nothing about how we will defend against Juventus as we were somewhat erratic early on against United and were not pressed thereafter.

Juventus are rightly favourites but this this is a thankless tie for them, especially when the first message delivered is ‘Don’t concede corners or free kicks in wide positions’.

They will also be alert to the dangers of being caught forward when Celtic can break effectively.  Celtic conceded through this mistake against Spartak last month but I wouldn’t expect us to leave as much empty space in defence at any point against Juventus.

My main worry about Celtic is over how much practice they are putting into penalty kicks….
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  1. izzy



    13:53 on 24 January, 2013



    You didn’t say that earlier. Change it to IMHO and you’re forgiven.

  2. Charliebhoy



    All the very best luck in the world. Hope and pray for a quick and full recovery.



    Hail hail

  3. philvisreturns on

    Any truth in the rumours that Barry Ferguson is set to leave Fleetwood Mac this summer in a shock move to Sevco? (thumbsup)

  4. philvisreturns on

    Roddybhoy – Please complete a health and safety questionnaire and submit it to the council before you are authorised to self-administer bubble wrap. (thumbsup)

  5. 67 Heaven……..If you are around…..for you.



    From the pi+h stained alki.



    Thursday, 24 January 2013




    THE net is closing on the list of suspects who will have to answer charges about the crimes they committed against Rangers.



    And I expect news to break very soon that the first to stand accused will soon be named, shamed and charged. Though it has yet to become clear who it will be from a long list of suspects.



    However, for the moment, it would appear that the people many believe are the chief culprits, Lloyds Bank, have wriggled off the hook. But I repeat, that Lloyds’ escape is only for the moment and the bankers may yet find themselves in trouble if big hitting and highly-motivated-to-find-the-truth-liquidators, BDO believe Lloyds have questions to answer over their role and the role of their placeman on the Ibrox board, Donald Muir.



    But right now BDO are believed to be gearing up to start legal action against a number of those who they believe acted improperly during the whole sad sorry saga.



    With one prosecution imminent!



    Take your pick on who it will be from a long list of villains headed by Craig Whyte, already three-times-under-investigation administrators, Duff and Phelps, their partner, Whyte’s close associate and pal, David Grier, Whyte’s lawyers Collyer Bristow and their former partner, Garry Withey and the man Lloyds Bank shoehorned into the Rangers Boardroom, Donald Muir.



    I also understand BDO have spent this month pouring over much of the documentation from the period immediately before David Murray’s sale of Rangers for a quid to Craig Whyte.



    BDO have also conducted interviews with a number of directors from the old board, including Donald McIntyre, John Greig, John McClelland, Paul Murray and former chief executive Martin Bain. Former chairman Alistair Johnston will be pleased to sit down with BDO, tell their top investigators everything he knows and help them in their probe in any way he can when he is next in Scotland.



    But it does not appear that one of the chief suspects, Lloyds Bank’s man on the old board, the controversial Donald Muir, has been interviewed. He will be. For when BDO order that he make himself available, if he does not, then Muir will have committed and offence.



    But the clock is ticking on the men who wronged Rangers and the first of the guilty men will soon be named, shamed and charged.

  6. celtic_first 13:43 on 24 January, 2013:




    The devil in the detail, as ever. I wonder what dreck chunkles garbles to the sfa who doff their caps, give him the knuckle stroke, and then expect every mug punter to buy it.


    Backward, bent and broke. What a shambles to present to the world. How all this has been allowed to continue with Ogilvie and his cronies I will never understand.

  7. izzy



    13:57 on


    24 January, 2013





    Earlier in the day or earlier in the post. Be specific man! :)



    Izzy, if I want your opinion then I’ll give it to you! :-)

  8. A Son of Dan @13.49


    Do you have a link to that comment from the Conference Chairman?









    13:59 on 24 January, 2013



    I can see another Craigy video coming to a screen near you, singing like a bird :)

  10. I gotta get outta here. All this hangin’ around. Testing my patience.


    Thanks to you all. CQN can be a lifesaver y’know.



  11. Oh please not penalty’s. There was a shoot out at Aberdeen ,i think it was mid eighties, i was so nervous listening on the radio i started cleaning the kitchen. My big sister thought i had gone mad. A CL shoot out might well finish me off



    13:59 on


    24 January, 2013



    It would make great sport if BDO and /or HMRC were allowed to chase EVERY recipient of an EBT. This is plainly taxpayers money and should be returned.



    We’ve got two aircraft carriers being built on the Clyde that will go straight into mothballs when completed, surely we need to float these boats with Loyal refunds.



    £95K would be a starter for 10.

  13. Juventus eh?



    Disciplined, well organised, physical, defensively sound, pacy … and then there is Pirlo.



    That’s on a good day – but they dont always turn up.



    They can be formidable opponents – but they are not invincible.



    Antonio Conte is a very talented coach with meticulous attention to detail – but so is Neil.



    Personally I can see the tie going to the wire, with us, possibly, getting through on away goals. Would settle for that! No penalty shoot-out please!




  14. borgo67


    14:05 on


    24 January, 2013



    I’ve never got over Dixie Deans blooter over the bar/stand/moon against Inter.

  15. philvisreturns on

    Sevco fans slam plan by Dundee United Football Club to win match against Sevco FC



    THE Sevco Supporters Association have condemned the planned win as provocative ahead of the clubs’ Scottish Cup clash next month.



    SEVCO fans have accused Dundee United of trying to spark trouble by preparing to beat their team during their Scottish Cup clash next month.



    John McMillan, Sevco Supporters Association grand wizard, slammed the stunt as provocative and liable to lead to violence.



    The Ibrox club are boycotting the fixture but around 200 Sevco fans are expected to defy the ban and attend the clash.



    However, McMillan insists the preparations by United to win the game are not funny and urged the Tayside club to ensure there is no goading of any goat-botherers who travel.



    He spat: “I was anticipating Dundee Hibernians doing something but I didn’t think they Mickey basturts would stoop to this.



    “The majority of Sevco fans will not be at the game and observe the boycott but unfortunately I’m certain some of them will go to Tannadice so this is a recipe for trouble like when that broken telly forced us – I mean, Chelsea fans – to riot in Manchester.



    “It’s inflammatory to beat Sevco and it’s disgraceful to even be thinking about it. We are ra Peepul.”






    Thoughts & best wishes are with your boy.





    Sometimes it is best to just say nothing.


    Good luck on the jobs front.

  17. The Boy Jinky


    13:20 on


    24 January, 2013





    Have you been rising an hour early .. Or has the pooch been your alarm clock ;)




    Ha, no Jinks I’ve been getting up normal time (5:15am) but as I use CQN as a time check (and to read the moonhowlers )this morning discovered I was an hour late, been behind all day.






  18. Bawsman



    Was there the night Dixie blootered the penalty into space – the ball has never been found!



    Then on the way home to Ayrshire after the game we ran into a coo on the A77 near Fenwick – the car, and the coo were write-offs!



    What an end to a sh*te night!




  19. Kilbowie Kelt



    Thank you sir. I’ll heed that advice, got more irritant things to be doing.



    Hail hail

  20. jungle jim



    14:01 on


    24 January, 2013


    A Son of Dan @13.49


    Do you have a link to that comment from the Conference Chairman?











    Here it is, last paragraph. ( came from video celts ) Hail! Hail!



    Conference clubs have no plans to discuss Sevco at their meeting on Monday.


    Charles Green’s presented the idea to his favourite radio presenters, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, who pushed the idea all week despite there being no mechanism for the move to take place.


    Ally McCoist and the usual subjects joined in the ‘debate’ but despite the hype it will be business as usual at Monday’s meeting.


    Dennis Strudwich, chief executive of the Conference said: “The reason that I know that Rangers joining the Conference is not on the agenda on Monday is because I organised the meeting myself.


    “It won’t be discussed. There is no letter from Rangers about this and no club has brought it up so I can guarantee it won’t be on the agenda.


    “The main reason that I want to shoot this down now is because this is a total lack of respect for the Scottish FA and the Scottish Football League to discuss one of their (associate) member clubs like this.


    “For us to even consider this would be extremely disrespectful to them and also to our own football association because we haven’t discussed it with them.


    “Quite simply there is no mechanism for this. Rangers are light years away from joining our league.”


    Any switch of leagues would require the approval of the SFA, FA, UEFA and FIFA. In England and most associations throughout Europe any new club must supply three years of audited accounts before being granted membership, in Scotland that rule does not apply.

  21. Izzy



    You cant possibly hear me …. Or do you have a special pc that outputs my voice



    Away back to zombie media and give us all peace

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