What did Juve learn from Celtic on Tuesday?


On watching Celtic on Tuesday I wondered, ‘What will Juventus learn from this performance?’  Their scout will have left with a few notes.

Celtic can break quickly and effectively.  Both Hooper goals came as a result of moving the ball the length of the field, mostly on the deck, at pace.

Their threat from corner kicks was re-emphasised.  Charlie Mulgrew delivers the ball with sufficient pace to benefit from unpredictable movement, beyond the anticipated swerve.  This will be difficult for defenders, keeper and attackers to meet, but Celtic players clearly put a lot of work into practicing getting onto the end of these crosses.

Hopefully the scout will have learned nothing about how we will defend against Juventus as we were somewhat erratic early on against United and were not pressed thereafter.

Juventus are rightly favourites but this this is a thankless tie for them, especially when the first message delivered is ‘Don’t concede corners or free kicks in wide positions’.

They will also be alert to the dangers of being caught forward when Celtic can break effectively.  Celtic conceded through this mistake against Spartak last month but I wouldn’t expect us to leave as much empty space in defence at any point against Juventus.

My main worry about Celtic is over how much practice they are putting into penalty kicks….
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  1. Just had a look at our fixtures either side of Juve home and away;



    ICT – Away; Juve Home; Dundee Utd – Home.


    Motherwell – Away, Juve- Away; Ross County – Away.



    Phew! For a minute there I thought The Authorities were being a wee bit unhelpful then I noticed we have one game at Home.


    Our two nearest rivals away in the games before Juve and our furthest journey in the final game after Juve.


    Being positive, I have noticed that teams who reach a final often go off the boil in the games leading to said final then play poorly on the Big Day. Teams playing tough games can be better prepared for important game so, thank you SPL ( and Canadian Computer Program).




  2. Vmhan


    Hows derry ghirl … On the mend i hope



    Did you learn to cook yet



    I see the youngun in oz has settled back in quickly

  3. Bawsman


    I was still too young for Dixie’s pen to leave any lasting damage , although everytime i see it i always wonder what if ? A gubbing in the final according to my older brothers !

  4. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – If only Bazza could rid himself of the Albatross of injury. (thumbsup)



    !!Bada Bing!! – I would love to see that.



    Bazza as player manager.



    Ian Durrant as his assistant-cum-tactics adviser.



    Kris Boyd in charge of the multipack of pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch.



    Ally McCoist as the new Broxy Bear. He will save Sevco a small fortune on the material they currently use to pad out the costume’s stomach. (thumbsup)

  5. Jj



    Good to meet you on tuesday night… Glad to see your ht fears were unfounded . ;)

  6. R.I.P. Dolours Price. You were a great Republican and suffered a huge amount for The Cause. I know you had not been well in recent years and small wonder considering all you suffered. You will not be forgotten.

  7. I know a losing battle when I see one, so in realising I’ve been outnumbered by TBJ and his army of imaginary friends, I hereby hoist the white flag and retreat out of hazards reach.




  8. estorilbhoy


    Having now read it, I see that the “no accounts” comment did not come from the Conference Chairman. A pity.




  9. Just in from work and have read to the beginning of the post, so sorry if this has been mentioned earlier. Has anyone received the questionaire in from Celtic?


    Two were lying behind my door this morning. I think this is a wee chance to get some thoughts through collectively. I quite like question 1b.


    Answer would be, Only when I am totally satisfied that CFC are not party to any actions that would let the new Rangers have a quicker entry to the top flight, and irrespective of any wrong decisions in the outcome of the side contracts issues of the recent old RFC, Celtic FC should take the matter further. Sporting integrity is paramount, especially after the events and rule breaking we have seen in the last 6 months, which has gone unquestioned.




  10. Philvis-The poor man’s Mike Bassett will have outlived his worth to Challs at the end of the season.4-5-1 against teams filled with postmen,brickies etc ?Even the Sevco loyal know the game’s up for him.

  11. Here is the Google translation of TET`s link (



    “Elfsborg borrow Mohammed Bangura, 23, in a year of Celtic.



    AIK striker who did not feel they can afford to keep.


    Swedish masters apparently do a big push towards summer’s Champions League qualifier.



    Elfsborg has called a press conference at 18.00 in the evening at the Borås Arena presenting a new player.



    There has not been a secret that chased a skilled striker – and that there are financial resources to resolve such.



    Elfsborg blogger Bruno Fogaça tweeted out quickly that the player is Celtic striker Mohamed Bangura.



    Data Sportbladet been confirmed.



    On loan to Celtic



    Bangura struck the AIK in 2010 and was sold to Celtic in 2011, but got bad with time in Glasgow and was loaned out last fall to AIK, where 23-year-old scored four goals in ten Premier Division matches.



    Celtic demanded then the Jets would buy off Bangura otherwise he would return to Scotland.



    AIK said they could not afford to keep the crowd favorite – now instead is ready for Elfsborg.



    Option to buy off



    Boras team borrows Bangura for one year with an option to then be able to buy the Sierra Leone player, according Sportbladets data.”



    The bit where Mo ” got bad with time in Glasgow” made me smile. Makes it seem like he had to work at becoming bad!






  12. 50 shades of green on

    quick question folks turns out i can now go on Sunday to the game .



    question is anyone know if i can get tickets ( parent@ child ) in the EK Celtic shop or will i have to go to the main ticket office.




  13. This deserves a repost every day for 125 days (may 5th)


    10p a day £12:50, 20p a day £25:00.


    A fantastic gesture I’M IN :)).




    10:48 on


    6 January, 2013


    While its quiet I’ll repost Kitalba’s message from the KANO 125 CFC fundraiser:






    11:15 on


    28 December, 2012


    Kano got sick one night, very sick. If it was not for so many Celtic Supporters, from so many places, then Kano would be an ornament in a sterile hospital room. That is not nice because Kano still breathes and he still thinks and he is still a Celtic Supporter to his very core.



    A lot of money, by a lot of people, was raised to take Kano home. He can’t ever balance the books, but he’d love to.



    None of us gets more than one go on the roundabout of life.



    Celtic is celebrating their 125th Birthday and indelibly stamping it into their history by encouraging all to embrace the simple ethos of the clubs founding… let’s try and help those who just don’t have more than the air that they breathe.



    A lot of Celtic Supporters are doing a lot of different things to raise money for to help those less fortunate than ourselves. To a lot of people that is no big deal.



    I’m determined to help Kano pay back the kindness shown to him by the Celtic Support by supporting my club to help unfortunates. No big deal.



    There are some from here who have said they will help me to help Kano to help Celtic to help others.



    I give up the bevie for 125 days and I give up posting on here for 125 days as of the 1st Jan.. No big deal really, Kano has done both for the best part of four years.



    I ‘m going to put a wee bit aside for each day that I don’t drink or post and forward it to Celtic to hopefully fill a belly that needs a feed or to make an unfortunate hope where only darkness is their dawn.(but maybe I can have St. Pat’s day off so I can share a day with some good Tims)



    I’ve only one life and when I’m gone I soon be forgotten but if I’ve ever managed to feed one hungry person, if only for one day, then my life was worth something.



    No big deal to me or you but the person I fed, he/she will never know where the food came from and they won’t ever be visiting my grave to put some pretty flowers at the base of a head-stone, they’ll be too busy worrying about tomorrow.



    I can live with that and like Kano, once I’m gone, I’ll know that I never changed the world, hardly left a mark, but still I took to Celtic and I did something to try and ease the pain of others… sort of the Celtic way.

  14. From next Sunday we have 5 vital games in about 16 days. We play in the 2 Demestic Cups, The Champions League, and one of our two SPL games is away to our nearest challengers I.C.T. This run could define our year from very good to totally memorable, we will need our full squad to see us through. 5 wins would be Heaven.

  15. tomtheleedstim on

    Jungle Jim – “The bit where Mo ” got bad with time in Glasgow” made me smile. Makes it seem like he had to work at becoming bad!”


    He certainly gave the impression he worked that hard at it.

  16. the boy jinky 12:54



    You think your a smart arse …. But your not smart.



    > Smart enough to spot YOUR awful grammar though.



    Ha ha ha

  17. TenMen WonThe League @14:37


    Bangura away to Elfsborg on loanfor rest of season.






    Thanks for that mate! :D





    /Bishop B

  18. hebcelt


    Not sure what your point is. I was referring to the games IMMEDIATELY before and after Juve games.




  19. The Honest Cover-up on

    I wonder if the Craigy Whyte song will be added to the SNP’s offensive song list.


    I didn’t think KC and the Sunshine band were in the business of “hate filled anthems”.



  20. Jungle Jim



    The Juve games are the omly show in town for those weeks and should be the players focus. We have a great cushion in the league and we should sent the reserves to ICT.


    Losing a couple of league points in a few matches is a small price to pay to be at our best v Juventus.


    Who do Juventus play? Just out of interest.




  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ASonOfDan 13:19 on 24 January, 2013



    “I was anticipating the United supporters doing something but I didn’t think they would stoop to this.”



    From the piece of sh1t who penned the most poisonous obituary ever printed in a Scottish newspaper.



    Who wipes McMillan’s chin after he’s been eating – Ruprecht Graham or Divine Dingwall?

  22. TTLT


    “He certainly gave the impression he worked that hard at it.”



    I think many on here believe it came quite naturally to him 0:-)



    Cheerio for now,




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