What did we learn yesterday?


There’s a question I have heard over a long time from football people, “What did we learn today?”  It is usually asked by a coach who wants his player(s)  to figure out the change he wants to make.  So what did we learn yesterday?

If any doubt remains that the current Celtic squad are very effective as 3-5-2 and relatively ineffective as 4-2-3-1, it can only be from someone who was on Twitter most of the game.

Gordon Strachan endured some torrid criticisms as Celtic manager.  I am sure this informed his pre-match comments on the “Twitterati’s” verdict on the tactical deployment against Ferencvaros.  Gordon assured us Neil Lennon knows the players better than anyone, especially online fans, and he picked his strongest team to start on Wednesday and again on Sunday.

On any level, this is true.  Neil Lennon knows his squad better than any of us, just has Gordon did in his day.  Both men are also tactically better versed than most of us could ever hope to be.  But the sight of two central defenders making rampaging runs at different times late in the game against Motherwell, surely will convince the final doubters: three at the back, two up front and leave the middle five fluid.

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  2. Lenny hasn’t had an opportunity as yet to deploy 3-5-2 from the start due to lack of fit strikers.



    Griff has badly let us down.



    We now move on. 3-5-2 with Duffy in the side, Ajeti and Eddie up front and we’ll do just fine.

  3. Your final paragraph Paul does seem to indicate that perhaps NFL’s tactical nous isn’t quite as otherworldly and removed from us mere mortals as he, WGS and the opening of your leader might suggest. 🤷🏼‍♂️



    HH jg

  4. An Dun


    Polish Paddy has been at the club since January and was not deemed fit for the start of the season?


    Either he is too dim to take instructions or the fitness coaches should be given their P45s.


    Absolute criminal that Neil has to come out with that old chestnut over and over.


    When and if Duffy signs, will we have to wait 6/7 months before he is deemed fit enough to play for us?


    Sorry for the rant but the ‘fitness’ excuse just does my brain in!


    Hail! Hail!

  5. Let me first say how delighted I was with the score yesterday and particularly


    the performance of Callum McGregor who i thought looked back to his best.


    I still have a major problem with the striker situation.


    If NFL knew that PK and AA were not match fit and Griff was unavailable


    why would you sanction allowing Bayo ( who scored twice this weekend )


    to go out on loan.


    You then leave yourself one fit striker, who took serious abuse at Tannadice,


    then potentially costing the club millions in the Champions League.


    Don’t worry about tactics that’s just plain daft.








    Bloody Well Right!






    Supertramp CSC

  7. As you say Paul, “defenders making rampaging runs late in the game” says an ‘off the cuff approach’ to me.



    Game management is a ‘buzz’ phrase which in my opinion means, recognise where you are in the game, what result you want, and set the shape to get it.



    Cluj, Copenhagen & Ferencvaros, are prime examples of us getting into the game with the opportunity to win it, but allowing the opposition a second chance.



    The Ferencvaros press had, after the break, slackened substantially on Wednesday night, we had time, a full forty-five minutes including extra-time, to consolidate & build to get a winner, instead we pushed forward so recklessly, that one long ball left us horribly exposed with fifteen minutes to go.



    Finally, there can’t be the excuse that the crowd were forcing us on.



    With no fans it would not be so different from training game, although much higher stakes – the coaching staff had full control, but didn’t exert it – why?

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  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    If we are able to get Shane Duffy and Barry Douglas signed, then along with Barkas, Turnbull and Ajeti, this would be an excellent transfer window for us, with no significant outgoings. 352 would suit our personnel, and we would be good to go.

  11. Garngad to Croy on

    Will Aberdeen have to forfeit the tie because of Covid-19 travel restrictions placed on Norway by the Uk government?



    Rangers and Motherwell should be ok as there are no restrictions on Norn Ireland and Gibraltar at present.



    Hopefully Celtic draw a team from Norn Ireland tomorrow. (if we still can?)

  12. Yesterday proved Neil’s stubbornness. To deploy a 4-6-0 after the midweek knock out was just an example of Neil doubling down on his initial folly; and the result proved it was a folly; a striker on at half time and we looked much improved in the 2nd half; 2 strikers on and playing a 3-5-2 and we looked better again.



    Neil claimed last year that Jullien was not ready to play in the Cluj game (settling in/fitness etc). Two weeks later he was near enough man of the match at Ibrox.



    This year we have Klimala unfit (god knows how as he doesn’t have any injuries) and unable to play. Now while he was not a world beater yesterday, his inclusion certainly improved the overall situation and he did not show any signs of being unfit; had he played on Wednesday, the result might very well have been different.



    Two season in a row, Neil has messed up qualification through left field decisions that left everyone baffled before kick off.



    TIAR is up for grabs, so any meaningful discussion on anything outwith TIAR falls to the wayside, but there are a lot of questions to be asked of Neil, Pedro and how we do business.

  13. Good afternoon,BRRB.


    I’ve got my bars mixed up! Was worried that your local, The Stanley Bar, had closed down. Now realised The Stanley is Matt Stewart’s local….and we’re missing Matt’s wit and wisdom.


    So glad you’re still holding up The Star – sorry for the confusion.

  14. General question…………………



    Are there any other good managers plying their trade in Scotland?



    Of the managers currently working in The Game (anywhere) would any of them choose to come to Scotland?


    If so, why?




  15. If we estimate reaching the Group Stages of the champions league earns us £15-20M pa, that’s the corporate loss that NFL and PL should be held accountable for.



    Show me another business (apart from the City of London!) where you can piss away c.25% of your company’s projected income, year on year, without consequence.



    Accountability might really make people ‘know their players’ and how better to employ them. Whether these players be on the pitch, in the dugout or leading the company.



    HH jg

  16. We have a good team, potentially a very good team.



    Probably the best in the league.



    If the players are motivated and deployed properly, we should win the league.



    If we are unlucky with injuries or embark on strange formations, we may yet hand the initiative to one of our rivals.

  17. Bankiebhoy.


    I believe there are many excellent managers in Scotland and abroad.


    The issue isn’t whether you are “good” or not.


    Many teams have unique circumstances and the big issue for us


    is the small pond we swim in.


    Call a manager for interview and tell him that he has to basically win every game


    home and away. That is what Celtic are looking for.


    Then how many possible managers can you see?


    We need someone who has managed a big team and understands the pressure.


    Then we need them to want to come here. Narrowing things down nicely.


    Sorry if that was a really long winded answer.

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    Just seen your post, and I take it you thought Packy Bonnars sister


    had been paid to come over to Oz.


    On the contrary ,she was on holiday in another part of Victoria and


    heard about our club and wanted to be with her own kind, and very


    kindly donated that beautiful Irish flag to our CSC.


    H.H. Mick

  19. @ BANKIEBHOY1 on 31ST AUGUST 2020 1:24 PM



    Is that supposed to encourage a conversation that no decent managers will come work for us and that Neil is realistically the best we can get?

  20. When you anaylise yeasterday’s match, James Forrest was more effective, when he


    was switched over to the left wing. Young Frimpong did well when he came on, making


    darting runs, & taking players on, & being direct. The young chap, is better being used as


    a right hand sided winger, rather than a right back. Ryan Christie, is certainly not a Centre


    Forward, & what is this with him taking all the Corners, with poor delivery’s, & now he


    wants to take all the free kicks as well. He should be practising on the training ground,


    his end product deliverys which are poor. Ryan, we are looking for Quality deliveries, &


    shots @ goal from free kicks, which there is a technique too, not quantity. & other players


    in the Team, should also be allowed to take corners & free kicks, not always Ryan.


    In my opinion about yesterday’s match, CalMac was man of the match, rightly so, &


    Calmac is more effective making those forward runs, & picking out good passess, instead


    of being bogged down, & having to hold down the midfield. As much as I like Broony,


    grand old mother time has caught up with him, well he is now 36 years of age, which is


    old age for a football player nowadays. He is also always getting booked as well, which


    all adds up to a suspension of matches. My midfield would be JF on the Left, Wee Frim


    on the Right. Calmac in the middle of midfield, along with Ryan & Young Turnbull as well.


    I would have Ollie & Broony on the Subs Bench/Seats, & Two up Top, Eddie & Ajeti, with


    Kilmalah & Leigh (When Ready) on the Bench. I would also like to see young Euan Henderson


    given a chance on the Bench, because Euan-H can put in decent Corner Kicks, his Brother


    was right, what he said about him as a player. I also thought that Chris Jullien. playing not


    bad yesterday, & scoring a good goal. What? Chris-J is better going forward, than being in


    Defence. Kris Ayer, played not bad either, picking out Albian Ajeti with a good pass for a


    well taking good goal. I think that Albian Ajeti will become a good Striker for Us, when he


    becomes full match fit, & sharpness. & our new Gollie done not bad either, after his gaff


    against we all know who. Mr Bartes, has good possional presence & he will turn out to be


    a good Goalkeeper for us. I also think, we should perhaps look @ bringing in a decent back


    up Goalkeeper for Mr Bartes, because Mr Bain is not the answer. What about the Goalkeeper


    who plays for Dundee Utd? Not a bad suggestion, after all, he was man of the match, when


    we played Dundee Utd, just over a week ago. Mr Elhamed, needs to get more match time


    his belt, & also match sharpness, & better Decision making, when under pressure, we all


    know, what meltdown result match I’m referring too here. The Jury is out on Mr Elhamed,


    As regards too, if he will become a solid Defender, or not. Greg Taylor, nah lets be honest


    here, he is just a backup makeshift Left Back, which we will get away with playing in Scotland.


    As for Europe, nah bombscare time. So as I’ve mentioned on here on numerous ocassions,


    we need to Strengthening our Defence, that is a ‘No Brainer’ Also, we should be looking @


    either bringing in new additions either in the Summer Window, or the January Window.


    Not leaving it to the last moment, & hoping that said new additions, will Bed In quickly &


    Hit The Ground in Turbo Mode, nah, that is not going to happen, be realistic “The Board”


    Also, ditch the “Penny Pinching Approach” when signing new players, that is a waste of


    Time & Money. For example, what’s the point of waisting two million plus, on players who


    are a waste of space, in the Squad, & Also on the Wage Bill, that mindset approach, is


    Stupid, & also Careless. Just pay either the asking price, or ask if what would be acceptable.


    For example, the John McGinn saga, was a total mess, like a Dog’s Dinner Bowle. Use ones


    Napper/Head/Brain Wisely, don’t Dilly-Dally when it comes to doing Business, Wise Up.


    No Wonder, Wee Lenny has his Work cut out. I agree what Big Bad John Hartson, said


    after yesterday’s match. We need to go Two up top. That is a no brainer, & it also gives


    us a better chance, of converting the chances we are creating, instead of the Lone Wolf


    Approach. For example, look @ the Dundee Utd match when we switched formation.


    Boom, Goal. & look @ mainly the Second Half yesterday, Boom, More Goals. I personally


    prefer a 3-5-2 formation, however there are other formations like 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.


    Instead of 4-2-3-1 which seams to produce great pocession stats, like 70% of the match


    pocession. However, pocession stats does not win football matches, it’s all about putting


    the ball in the onion bag/Net, Goals. That is what really counts, @ the end of the match.


    After all, we are working in a Results Industry, that is the bottom line here, end of ramble


    All & Hail Hail ! & COYBIG. AKBW1888

  21. Also, what happened to Big Tom Rogic?


    There where Rumours, Aye Rumours, by we all know who, which turned out


    to be rubbish rumours.


    I would keep big twinkle toes, & @ least have him on the Bench.


    Because he can pick out good passess, & also score important goals,


    like he has done in the past, when fit, that is another “No Brainer”

  22. I would also have Mr Beeton (Bitton) on the Bench as well, because he is also not


    a bad makeshift Defender, if need be. Brendan-R will vouch for that. If we cast


    our minds back, too the last time we qualified for the CL Group Stages.


    Season 2016/17. Mr Beeton was used as a makeshift Defender, which worked


    out in Europe. So if that was the case, then he could do a job for us Domestically.

  23. ROLLING_STONE on 31ST AUGUST 2020 1:38 PM


    @ BANKIEBHOY1 on 31ST AUGUST 2020 1:24 PM


    Is that supposed to encourage a conversation that no decent managers will come work for us and that Neil is realistically the best we can get?



    Then who would you suggest Rolling_Stone as our next Manager?


    A Friend of mine, suggested John Kennedy, I said to him, we want


    to put bums on seats, not drive bums off of seats.