What does Celtic metronome mean for Scottish football


I was a teenager when I looked back at the record books and saw Celtic won five consecutive League Cups in Jock Stein’s first five seasons as manager.  This extraordinary achievement was less prominent that it otherwise would have been, due to the nine-in-a-row league title wins and that business in Lisbon.

Those five seasons, from 1965-66 to 1969-70 stood out from the tail-end of Stein’s then record breaking winning run of league titles.  The European finals and two semi-finals, five leagues, five League Cups and two Scottish Cups; the rest of Scottish football had to scrap their joy from three Scottish Cups, as Celtic ended their long drought in spectacular fashion.

The current Celtic team are bidding for eight-in-a-row league titles, but this era also splits between the first six and the last two and a half years, where the trophy acquisition rate has become metronomic: cup, league, cup, cup, league, cup, cup…

Celtic players looked tired at times during yesterday’s Hampden final.  Aberdeen looked far better than a team beaten 3-0 by Motherwell a week earlier, but the result was never in doubt.  No amount of rest and recuperation while Celtic toured Europe midweek prepared Aberdeen for a cup final against the champions.

Ryan Christie will remember this League Cup competition for the rest of his life.  Whatever he achieves in the game from this point forward can be traced to his halftime substitute appearance in the semi-final against Hearts at Murayfield five weeks ago.  His goals settled both games and his performances marked him out as a pivotal player at the business end of the field.  He also has an appropriate amount of aggression in him, which will take him places in the game meeker men will not see.

For much of the final play was squashed into a 30 yard area in the middle of the field.  Aberdeen held a high line, compressing space, inhibiting Celtic from exploiting their traditional passing style.  The compromise from this approach from Aberdeen was to leaving space behind the defensive line for the right ball over the top.

The goal came when Odsonne Eduard dropped to open a gap at the top of the field for Dedryck Boyata to ping a pass which the sprinting Christie controlled with his first touch.  It was one run too many for Aberdeen to cover.  After the initial shot rebounded off Lewis, Christie found the net with the rebound.  Once ahead, Celtic were never going to be denied.

The award of a ludicrous penalty kick should have settled the matter early in the second half, but justice was served when Aberdeen keeper Joe Lewis rushed off his line before Sinclair’s kick was taken to make the save functionary.  We left Hampden thinking ‘Scottish referees can do better’, then watched television pictures from elsewhere to remember they can also do worse.

Gary Mackay-Steven’s head clash with Dedryck Boyata knocked the Aberdeen player unconscious before he hit the pitch.  Players seemed untutored on how to react.  Mackay-Steven was flipped onto his back with his neck unsupported, an act which would have had potentially fatal consequences if the injury was different.  Then, realising the seriousness of the situation, Aberdeen captain, Graeme Shinnie, berated medical staff for not having a stretcher on the field sooner, despite the fact that the player was already receiving treatment and not yet ready to be moved.  Some simple head injury training is needed before another player is flipped while motionless.

What does this this trophy mean for Celtic?

For you and me, we have celebrated the seventh consecutive trophy – an achievement no Celtic fan has experienced before and a joint Scottish record.  I’m not going to tell you this one was up there with the 1997 League Cup win over Dundee United, but it easily eclipsed the 2000 win over Aberdeen, when we got to enjoy a trophy, but endured a hollow season.  This one means so much because it is a measure of how good a Celtic team this is.

What does it mean for the rest of Scottish football?

Sport thrives on great champions.  It slumps with mediocrity.  Right now, every trophy, every cup game, in Scottish football has enormous importance.  When (or if) Celtic lose a cup game, every club remaining in the competition will think, ‘Maybe this year!’  Similarly, every other aspirational club knows that with Celtic just so imperious, they have to make every chance at a cup count.

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  1. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 3RD DECEMBER 2018 11:20 AM



    Morning Tims,





    Good day yesterday, me n wee Shades in the front of the South stand at hamdump, close to the pitch but still a piss poor overall view, spent most of the first half looking at the big screens to see what was happening when we attacked.





    Still we got a great view of the aftermath celebrations.





    Well Ryan Christie it seems has bashed the bookies for loads of Celtic fans, well done young mhan and that smile on your face at the end was priceless.





    Loved the YNWA at the end and it was made all the better when I realised the wee steward in front of me was singing along.











    Same here. Front stand Row G almost near the corner flag. Had no real view of what was going on up the other end, couldn’t see the byeline and had to rely on the big screens which would have been even better if the full screen had been used to show the football instead of one half of it showing an advert.




    However, a great and very important win and I WAS THERE!

  2. Good point about the way GMS was flipped over on to his back, thought so at the time. Players need some instruction on what to do in this instance. ALL players. HH.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    TOSB 12.19pm



    I replied on previous article



    Delighted you enjoyed your day yesterday … happy days indeed

  4. GFTB


    I disagree that the Blog would be a boring place if everyone agreed all the time.




  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well, another trophy in the bag. As hard fought as I expected. Thought Aberdeen got their game plan spot on and closed off our passing options.


    Bit surprised that Rogic started. Thought he looked rusty on Thursday night. Would have gone with Brown sitting and McGregor floating around where he would have been harder to man-mark.


    Anyway, well done to all the bhoys. Saw it out professionally and a really well-taken goal from Ryan. Hope Dedryck’s injury isn’t too bad and that GMS is okay.


    Only disappointment is that we didn’t get the seventh consecutive trophy, with Sevco winning the league a couple of hours earlier.

  6. My screen is very slow to respond on CQN but not on any other site.


    Anyone know the reason for this and how it can be sorted?



  7. I now realise how lucky I am that I can get to Celtic games regularly with relative ease. I constantly marvel at the distances some Tims travel to see our beloved team. Yesterday I was sitting beside a lovely guy, spoke with an English accent and has lived in Budapest for the last 12 years. He was in Trondheim on Thursday. His flight to Edinburgh was cancelled and he had to take three flights to get to Glasgow for yesterday’s game. He was fairly knackered. He attends all European games home and away and tries to get to about half of our domestic games. Unbelievable commitment. Hail! Hail! I’m glad the team won yesterday. I know there are other guys out there with similar commitment to the cause. Chapeau,

  8. TOSB…



    Had a good seat in Hampdump behind the tv moniters but I know what you mean with shitty seats.


    Anyway 7 in a row… and more to go.?☘

  9. Another Magnificent Seven…………………



    Thanks Celtic!



    Love Life, Choose Celtic.




  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry the podium chaser , how did your banker bet on Saturday get on?

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Hot Smoked 12.25pm



    Totally agree



    Are different opinions ok ?



    Or as an ex-teacher you have to be correct :-)

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Dallas 12.50pm



    Gubbed… I have the bosses boss £20 in ma works bag for tomorrow



    Got a decent wee coupon up yesterday although as far as I know the good lady is away to the Range ? to buy stuff she didn’t need before my coupon came up

  13. GFTB


    Different opinions are OK but it has to be remembered that they don`t carry equal weight.


    For example, there is mine than there is everyone else`s .






    PS Are you saying I wasn`t correct when `teacher` was not preceded by `ex` ?

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    When does the “top of the league at the beginning of December” trophy get paraded? Those were some celebrations from Stevie the slipper and the penalty misser!

  15. ` to buy stuff she didn’t need before my coupon came up`



    Very good. Made me smile. True.as well as funny.





    .Thanks for that. I might have to take a wee break until it is sorted.


    I am away to ponder team selections for Motherwell and Kilmarnock


    Cheerio for now.




  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    It’s that time of the year again.



    The first Advent candle has been lit.


    Ingredients for Christmas cakes and puddings being sourced




    The first trophy of the season safely back in our trophy room.



    It’s also the time when we wrack our brains trying to think of that little unusual gift for that special person.



    Fear not, mes amis.






    My daughter has a wee Etsy shop, set up with the aid of helpful advice from our own resident entrepreneurial capitalist, TET.



    Lots of little niff-naffs for gift ideas, especially for the whiskey lover in your life.



    Have a browse, but anything you break-you buy! : > )





  17. Hot Smoked – re problems with slow loading pages etc, here’s a repost of mine from Friday evening…..



    “Been meaning to say (since I returned from Lanzarote), a HUGE thank you to EMERALD BEE for some fantastic advice on improving access to CQN on my phone, tablet and computer.


    For anyone on a windows laptop that’s still having issues with slow loading pages, etc then what I learned was how to switch off Javascript solely on the CQN page. The only downside is that with certain links that are posted you sometimes need to turn Javascript back on before the link will open. Although, right clicking on the link and choosing the ‘open link in new tab’ option often works fine.


    So, to turn off Javascript on CQN (if using Chrome as your browser) then it’s –


    > Click on the 3 wee vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen


    > Click on Settings


    > Scroll down and click on Advanced


    > From the list that then appears select ‘content settings’


    > From the next list that appears click on Javascript


    > 3 options then appear – on the one called ‘Block’click on ‘Add’ and then type in ‘www.celticquicknews.co.uk’ [THIS IS PROBABLY WHERE A MOD DELETES THIS POST!!!]


    And that’s it – simples! My limited understanding is that Javascript is then disabled but only on the CQN site.


    Thanks again Emerald Bee. Site access on phone and laptop for the past 5 days has been ‘just like the old days’ ;-)”

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Hot Smoked



    Coming from a family that “teachers” just out number the civil servants I think all teachers & ex-teachers always think they are correct :-)

  19. 50 shades of green on




    Must have been near us mate, we were also row G, 73 and 72 , last time I will be there mind.




  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yeah if you in the lower tier of that dump of a stadium and your ticket is not double letters then you view will be crap. Stadium needs knockdown however we were fine but Always get upper south, worth the extra fiver

  21. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 3RD DECEMBER 2018 1:31 PM






    Must have been near us mate, we were also row G, 73 and 72 , last time I will be there mind.









    Good Ghod, I was in G76 – the aisle seat. What are the chances. The Budapest Bhoy was on 75 and his mate in 74. Rotten view. I wouldn’t go bCk to that area either.

  22. For us old buggers who went through the barren years, 7 Trophies in a row, never in a thousand years would I have forecast what is happening in front of our eyes.


    Cherish these moments nothing lasts for ever but in a hundred years Celts will be looking back at video clips etc & fondly recalling these days.


    We are privileged to be here so just enjoy let the party continue.

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  24. What I did notice yesterday when Brown came on was that he was much quicker with his passing and didn’t slow the game down as he has in the past; still more sideways than I’d like but I got the feeling he had been “advised” on how CalMac’s sharp passing meant he wasn’t getting automatically moved for Brown.





  25. On another point entirely, Hot Smoked and I will most likely have some grub in Coias pre-match on Saturday (1 o’clock probably) so alone else for another wee soiree to Coias with us?





  26. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Broony coming on I thought settled us, sometimes it’s not the best players you need on the park, winning mentality and knowing how to win is our captains forte …. he should be used to it by now :-)



    Callum MacGregor is magic as well

  27. Jobo


    Thanks for that. I have just done as you recommended and it seems to be working already !



  28. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Hot Smoked 2.57pm



    Exactly …. sometimes it’s easier just knowing am always correct (in my own mind :-)



    Where would we be without teachers

  29. Corkcelt


    ` looking back at video clips `? In a hundred years , we`ll be travelling back to witness it all over again !


    I , nevertheless, totally agree. One of the more difficult but seemingly simple things to do in life is appreciate what we actually have. You don`t know what you`ve go`till it`s gone is a very true observation.


    Are you over for the Salzburg game? As CL Qualification is made more and more difficult, maybe you and Mick should try to ,make EL games.




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