What happened to Martin O’Neill?


Football is a results business and Sunderland’s results have been rotten for months, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Martin O’Neill was dismissed as manager on Saturday.  But he is Martin O’Neill, who appeared to be able to walk on water when at Celtic.  What happened?

Martin’s teams played the same football at Sunderland as they did at Celtic and Leicester.  Direct and, if supported by excellent players, incredibly effective, but Martin was the antithesis of the tinkerer manager.  He had his plan and stuck to it, a fact which Alex McLeish successfully exploited.

Of all the recent dismissals in England his was least surprising.  Sunderland thought they were heading for relegation but still have a fighting chance, the right change could produce the short-term boost required.  As for our old pal Paulo, I’m in David Milliband’s camp. He and ‘Arry can go the same way.
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  1. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    14:40 on 2 April, 2013





    If you can find out in advance the numbers for the demo on Saturday,can you ask your source for the lottery numbers as wel,please?








    I’ll get them.



    Send ur bank details and i’ll forward the winnings





    You might be right-I’ve never found proof of one…..

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Also series 2 introduces Sami [not the #9 Enigma, sadly] and his initial affair de couer avec Laure.

  4. Stringer Bell on

    Dbbia / htb



    Many thanks for the heads up re spiral.



    Will start at the very beginning, as Ian Andrews once sang.





    Obviously your friends and acquaintances are similar to mine-full of bravado and GIRUY on the phone but speechless in a real-life discussion.



    Facts on the table,laugh at their attempts to rationalise-or lie-and it’s goodbye sevconians.



    Cheers me up on a Saturday as I look at the wreckage of my betting slips!

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Ten Men Won The League 14:21 on 2 April, 2013



    saltires en sevilla 14:21 on 2 April, 2013



    It’s great fun. I hope to meet more deniers soon.



    They get more upset at facts than crucifixes these days…

  7. Is Madden a Catholic?






    Ye know.. the Odds Say..






    Fur.. Ah know THREE MADDENS.. who are Roman Catholics..




    there’s Etta.. who is..and wiz.. and Auld Flame o’ Mine.



    Then There is..



    The Twin Brother of the Song Writer… Benji Madden..



    Who his.. A Tattoo of the Virgin Mary oan Wan Airm..and A Blazing Tat..of the Sacred Heart of Jesus oan the Ither..



    And Then..there is..



    Father Madden.. who is a Priest, that Ah Knew..



    Madden , is a maist revered and well Known… Irish Name..



    Yep.. The Odds Decree.. fur they canny Talk..






    Madden, the Faltering,



    Is a Good Catholic Boy.






    Still.. Laughin’

  8. setting free the bears


    14:52 on


    2 April, 2013


    I think I was once in a function in the Masonic Halls in Cambuslang




    My wife assures me that we were at a function in same ludge,but


    as I cannot remember a thing about it I’m in denial……..kind of


    like the huns and the ’55’

  9. See this meeting on Saturday ,see if the polis ask for my details ,am I allowed


    to tell them to fek off?

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP-G64 will have his khaki Desert Storm outfit on,stand beside him and the polis won’t see you :)





    Nothing wrong wi gaun to thair ludj.



    Slag them rotten,and take advantage of the cheap drink and cheap wimmin widely available.



    Works for me every time……….

  12. !!Bada Bing!!



    He’s convinced its Che Guevara’s jungle outfit….I thinks it’s more J R Ewing’s safari outfit.

  13. Being a Catholic.. Good or Bad…



    Must be a Wicked Burden tae Carry..


    when Wan is Slated tae Ref.. a Celtic Game in the S.P.L.






    Wan his Joined the Scottish Refereeing Fraternity.



    Especially, should Wan want tae Hing oantae that.. Thousand Pound Fee, that Wan


    Kin earn.. as a Big Time Referee.



    Awe the Eyes of The Pro-Anti- Scottish Establishment..


    wid be Burning a Hole in Yer Back of ye Neck… Making sure that Wan wullnae


    Show the Teeniest,Tiniest… Favor tae the Celtic.



    Yep..it is Understandable that A Guy in that Unenviable Position..



    Must .. Tailor his Refereeing Decisions..




    NOT…ACCORDING….tae the Truth..



    But.. Tae his Pocket Book.




    That is ..if He Likes Money.



    And.. Let’s Face it.. Kids..



    Who Disnae??





    Still.. Laughin’

  14. SFTB/ BMCUW,



    They don’t exist. That’s all.



    These halls they have scattered around surreptitiously in woody enclaves, and in town centres, where they are so obviously there, that they can’t be real, are actually buildings constructed by the UFH ( http://youtu.be/msX-SizUAiQ?t=25s ) in an attempt to muddy the waters of modern day politics with tales of conspiracy and favouritism. Kafflicks, no less.



    Freemasonry hasn’t existed since before the formation of the first Grand Lodge in London in 1717. They regularly do no charity work and due to their non-existence they have no involvement in the Scottish legal system.

  15. bournesouprecipe


    Only used three of them Grips, in the early seventy’s, wis the only Tim on B Watch,28 FIREMEN, the Fire Service was riddled with the Brotherhood, think all told there was about 8 Tim’s in total out of 84,in Clydebank Fire Station,the only Ladder the tims could climb wis the wan wae the rungs,promotion was allocated on Thursday nights at the secret meetens we all new about.


    All quiet in the East PJ

  16. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Let’s all dress up as a policeman, a referee and a judge and have a wee song – Village Idiot Peepul.




    In The Masons,


    You can bare your left breast,


    In the Masons,


    Ensure The Sevco beat the rest,


    In the Masons,


    Roll your trousers up,


    In the Masons,


    Cheat the tims out of the Cup….


    They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit


    They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit (unless you’re a tim)

  17. Having a wee day in at the old holiday shack looking out to the snow covered Cairngorms, where mrs ss and junior are doing their ski/snowboard thing. Far too energetic for me!


    Enjoying the peace up here (apart from that bloody big hen thing wae the funny hat)


    Last night in the garden we had deer ,pheasants, horny rabbits, and hens all at the same time.


    Went into town for some provisions earlier. (Liquid) and a look around the anorak shops.


    While in tesco I had a wee swatch at the back pages. There was ally, beamingly telling the world about the 55 titles. A couple of days ago it was hugs on the bus after they found out the QP score, not long after they had been boo’d off the park by their own fans.


    It’s just all a wee bit too false. The smiles are just a wee bit too forced. Why are they so pleased? 8 page pull outs!


    They know deep in their hearts the reality. Someone earlier posted about sevco fans not wanting to talk football in work. I’ve noticed this too. They’re just too sick to face up to it.


    The rest is just bravado. The fake celebrations. 55 and counting. Big crowds (dwindling) loving the fourth tier. Loadsamoney etc. The more they try to convince us, the more they seem to be trying to convince themselves. The reality is, I don’t think they’re very happy bunnies at all. Well, not as happy as the bunnies in my garden. Slante, or whatever they say here when the first beer of the day is cracked open.

  18. Marrakesh Express on

    Deluded shameless Sevconians will claim 54 or 55 titles with the brass neck we know they have and they’ll get away with it as long as long as they’re allowed to



    As someone suggested earlier its probably best to ignore them with a sly grin when they’re itching for a chance to shout about ‘same club’. If pushed though my stock reply is ‘its the happiest I’ve felt as a Celtic supporter apart from Lisbon’. Hits the spot every time, as does the tribute act one.



    However I think there are legal issues which have to be addressed and I’ll give PL and DD till the end of the season to see what the record books say. We can forget the msm as they have nailed their colours to the hun mast a long time ago. The SFA, SPL and UEFA surely have a duty to correctly register results, achievements and awards. If any or all of these bodies credit Newco as having won a Scottish record 54 titles, they are surely depriving CFC of rightfully claiming this ‘honour’, (as an existing club)and therefore any income they might gain, however small, from using this record as some marketing ploy.



    It really annoys me to think that if Celtic had commited the crimes we’d be booted into touch by now, stripped of everything by LNS, and the msm still doing an 8 page daily pullout about how we disgraced the nation. Meantime we have to sit and listen to lie after lie from these same morons. Can anyone imagine NL getting away with a fraction of what the ned McCoist does, or Fergus with what the maniac Green does?



    The time is coming for PL to act.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:49 on


    2 April, 2013


    67 Heaven.



    I wasn’t meening it was an April fool.:-)






    hahahahahahahahaha ……. I’ll need to stop taking leave……I leave my brain in the office..

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    marrakesh express



    16:51 on 2 April, 2013



    I could not agree with you more…….. There is, and there always has been, a ‘law’ for them and a ‘law’ for us ….. If we had behaved like oldco over the past 20 years, we would not be in existence now …..they would not even have allowed US back into Scottish Football.