What happened to Martin O’Neill?


Football is a results business and Sunderland’s results have been rotten for months, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Martin O’Neill was dismissed as manager on Saturday.  But he is Martin O’Neill, who appeared to be able to walk on water when at Celtic.  What happened?

Martin’s teams played the same football at Sunderland as they did at Celtic and Leicester.  Direct and, if supported by excellent players, incredibly effective, but Martin was the antithesis of the tinkerer manager.  He had his plan and stuck to it, a fact which Alex McLeish successfully exploited.

Of all the recent dismissals in England his was least surprising.  Sunderland thought they were heading for relegation but still have a fighting chance, the right change could produce the short-term boost required.  As for our old pal Paulo, I’m in David Milliband’s camp. He and ‘Arry can go the same way.
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  1. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    one of the Bhoys on my bus had an oversize homemade passport, a huge green sombrero on and water wings. We were right in the corner next to their enclosure and they were going apoplectic at him. Some laughs:)

  2. Martin Oneil.good manager,but he made a lot of mistakes,but i would rather have martin,just now at celtic.tony watt into 3 mins added time sent on to try and win the match,says it all for me,

  3. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    You could include Henrik in the success bracket -Epl and CL not bad effort

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on




    That other boy – Henry Larkson or something like that … anyway he did quite well when he moved away from Celtic. So, I’d include him on the list…

  5. It’s Awe aboot..






    THAT’S ..the SECRET tae .. WINNING.



    Yep… ATTITUDE.



    Attitude,is Always.. The Ultimate Decider.



    Noo. If A Player his Dazzlin’ Fitba’ Skill…



    Well,That’s A Grand Accoutrement tae Hiv..and


    it’s always.. a Big, Big, Help..






    When the Chips ur Doon.. and the Cloack is Tickin’ Doon.. And oor Team is Staring


    Defeat in the Kisser..






    Jist Like Good Smoking Tobacco..











    Noo.. Whit kinda ATTITUDE?



    Aha!.. That’s A Very Important Question..



    Well.. Ye know..



    The Good Kind.



    No.. The Bad Kind..



    Trouble is.. Wi Celtic.. Thur Team is Full o’ the Guys who ur positively loaded wi’..


    The BAD kind.



    Ah suppose ye want..Names?






    Thur ur so miny.. Anyway



    Here ur a Few.. But, there are a Loat of Ithers.. which Ah canny be bothered ,naming.



    Thur is.. Ledley.. He is Simply Loaded wi .. the Bad Kind.



    Then.. thur is..



    Hooper..? Aye.. He certainly hisnae goat .. much of the Good Kind.



    Wanyama? Yep.. Him Tae.. His Attitude .. Disnae live up tae Ma Criterion.




    Stokes.. ?? Ugh! His Attitude.. Stinks.



    And there is ,also….



    Heck, the wey things are goin.. Ah figger it wid be a loat Easier.. fur me


    tae Name..



    Any of Oor Players. Who hiv the .. GOOD ATTITUDE..



    which.. being , GOOD.



    Kin be Described as..






    Noo.let me see… Ah know that There is At Least Wan..or Two.. Guys..that Ah kin Name.. Who hiv


    goat that Elusive Commodity.. Which in This Celtic Team



    Is as Scarce as



    Frog Hair.




    There is…



    Wee Jamesie… Young Forest has the Right Attitude.. He Kin Tak the game by the Scruff of the Neck..



    And.. Here’s anither..



    Darlin’ Charlie.. Noo there’s a Guy, Who is Made of the Right. Stuff.



    Adam???.. Sure, No Question… Ah wish we hid Mair Like Him.. He has Goat that



    “Get up an Go.” Attitude, that in Guys.



    Such as Hooper and Stokes..





    Has .. “Goat up and Went.”



    And .. the Wan Celtic Player.. who Towers Above awe the Rest



    He is Positively Over Flowing .. wi ..



    The Good Kind of Attitude.. which,as ye know..



    Is .. The RIGHT ATTITUDE..



    His name?



    Tony Watt.



    Noo that You,Dear Readers hiv bin Informed of



    Jist.. Whit is the Maitter Wi This Celtic Ootfit..



    Ah am Sure Someone Wull Pass it oan tae Neil…



    And He wull ,Also, get in oan the Secret.






    Ah. It’s a Well Kept Wan, Tae..






    Noo that Ah hiv spilled it.



    It is Up tae Neil.. tae Get Weavin’ and Fix his Broken Team.





    Still Laughin’





    Of course.



    Apologies for that GLARING error!!!!!

  7. Easter Review






    Great season overall, excelled in Europe and was the backbone


    to title winning success with a great run of form culminating in an


    England call up.



    Not back to his best following injury.






    Fine player with some great performances suited to flexibility in


    defensive duties, and doubling as a wingback.



    Denied more starts, by successive injuries.






    Good big player that adds stature to the Celtic defence, but more so than


    his counterpart Matthews, is prone to injury, and limps off, or is subbed in virtually every game he’s taken part in.






    ‘Whipping boy’ (there has to be one) gaffs have given him this reputation and


    remains to be seen, if it’s why we got him. Not sure anyone knows his best position, but he’s a good player, favoured and rated by NFL.






    Another that upped his game with a prolonged run of good form that contributed to the title. Classy and trys to stay cool under pressure sometimes to a fault.






    Sensational before a bad leg break that has sapped an x factor from his game, or are we just seeing the Celtic left back that was always underneath a sublime first season. Remains a shoe in to start virtually any game.






    Injury again, features in this career, great before he was stookied in a ‘fair tackle’ and has never recovered. Spends time seaching for form by being overzealous in unnecessary tackling, and petty squabbles. Averaged less than a goal a year.






    Midfielder that spends the least amount of time with a ball at his feet, runs tirelessly and closes down space making a valuable contribution. Pops up with the odd goal, but can be invisible, in too many games.






    Final year of contract slips by, probably like his Celtic career, big guy but unfit and unconvincing when called upon.






    Contender for bosman of the decade? – A left peg that could fill the Barca middle, but not without lapses especially in defensive duties, lets his head go down sometimes. Where would Celtic be without his efforts since he was resigned?






    Gifted player who is the closest we have to a creative midfielder, used sparingly will be an asset , in the run in towards the double, if fit. Plays the roving roll best, and is just as likely to score as the strikers.






    Developed into a Celtic player over many seasons, and has created a roll unique to his style, particularly in European games where he is suited. Less suited to tight pitches in the SPL, he plays best for Celtic at home.






    Another player frustrated by injury in a stop start season that outlined only potential.






    Captained the side well over an injury ridden season and drives the Celtic side forward with never ending enthusiasm, no coincidence that Celtic’s form has dipped with Browns absence from the side, – says it all.






    Goal poacher supreme of NFL’s tenure, and a great investment found by Celtic’s scouts. Starved of service lately and bound to have been affected by transfer speculation, will always score goals.






    Yet another hampered by a bad injury, Stokes has the goal scoring habit but has failed to make the shirt his own, and may remain a squad filler where regular goals become harder to find.






    Superb start to Celtic career bound to dip in form, natural goaltaker with a very bright future, quickly tied to a long contract by Celtic.






    Glimpses of a player in his first season where his second will have to be much better, if he’s to justify his fee and whether he’ll feature in future Celtic sides. Looks a bit soft for the rough and tumble, another regularly unfit.






    Started brightly in his debut, one for the future






    Few chances to impress, but may find them in the run in, where his unhidden talents could bear fruit.






    Treading water, unlikely to come back into the side where he’s never had


    a run of games.






    Tidy player that’s taken a couple of goals, but will find himself back on the continent where he’s more suited.

  8. Tallybhoy



    spot on we won it with two points a draw would have sufficed. However it was the half-time news from Pittodrie that gave us the jitters…





    I was discussing attitude earlier with a fellow TIM.



    We both discounted Stokes from the bad attitude camp.



    Please feel free to cite one single solitary game where he has hidden or huffed

  10. bournesouprecipe



    15:27 on 1 April, 2013



    Easter Review



    I agree with your summations. Personally I would look to move on McCourt, Miku, Rogne, Ledley and Kayal. Time to freshen things up.


    Have you ‘suspended’ big Victor?

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    15:22 on


    1 April, 2013



    Hahahahahahaha ……. I will NEVER forget that day






    Gonnae go back into your cupboard

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    15:35 on 1 April, 2013



    Ledley must stay …… I luv Ledley….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hallo BMCUW.


    I was sorry to her that your hun pal walked away and left you on your tod in the boozer’s.



    I can honestly say that my big Rangers supporting pal has never walked away from a drink in his life.



    In fact. On occasion I’ve seen him sprint towards one.

  14. When assessing MON’S era at Celtic it has to be taken into account that he inherited Henrik. If we had a young Henrik in our team today we would be twice the team we are.


    Re present form, I never never slag off the team or the Manager and indeed generally quarrel with the NegAnon’s and Timbhoy2’s of this site when they do. However for the first time this year I’m finding it hard to defend Lenny & the Bhoys. 66pts from 32 games is simply not good enough.

  15. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    all about opinions and that’s what I love. He doesn’t do enough for me on the ball although I appreciate his work off it. I’d sell him.

  16. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    It’s interesting to see the media’s reaction to the di canio appointment -don’t remember the same reaction when he joined swindon -think he was a facist then.

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:39 on 1 April, 2013



    Young team who did us proud in CL…….will do better in SPL next season





    Paul McCarthy was scathing about the appointment.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    15:39 on 1 April, 2013



    Watch my lips….Ledley must stay ….hahahahahahahahahahaha

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    BSR 1516.. You said it.. Few realise it.. Hooper a current example.. He does not know what he has at paradise ..



    He should research those that move on. Stan & Henke excepted few PLAYERS go on to better..




  21. bournesouprecipe,



    How many times does the word injury feature in your summary?



    I would not be surprised if we haven’t managed to field our strongest eleven together at any time this season. Constant changes and players repeatedly trying to get to full match sharpness have hampered us severely this season.

  22. I sincerely hope so 67, but at the moment they are playing very badly. Ref & dodgy decisions aside, St. Mirren who were 2nd bottom in the SPL, passed the ball better and played better football then us yesterday.

  23. Bobby Murdoch



    Pal.. Stokes has a Bad Attitude..




    Inasmuch as






    Yes. Selfish..



    He has a Loata Fitba Skills..including the Ability tae Score wi’ Frequency..






    He is.. Faur too, Self Centred..



    And right there.. That Marks him in Ma Book…



    As Hivin..







    The Difference between hivin a Bad Attitude.. fae hiving a Good Wan..



    Boils Doon tae… in loata Weys.. tae bein’…




    If Wan is a TEAM PLAYER.. rather than being a ME . Player.




    The Players whom Ah hiv mentioned as Being the wans in oor Team



    with a GOOD ATTITUDE.. which is ..







    His that QUALITY..of All being






    Forrest, Charley, Adam, Tony..



    All .. are .. Play fur the TEAM.






    Still.. Laughin’

  24. Celtic are just cantering into the winners enclosure to collect another title and proof of this was in yesterday’s pedestrian one-dimentional display by the Hoops.


    They rarely looked like scoring and a shame that Kris Commons seemed to have picked up a serious injury.



    St. Mirren played most of the good football and we would have a great SPL if teams like these got off their lazy backsides and played like this more often instead of when the TV cameras were around.



    Let’s hope Kris and Vic are available for the cup games and the team shakes off the current malaise that’s afflicting it.

  25. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    Can’t say i know of the guy -but it certainly wasn’t on Sky news or ssn interviewing swindon fans about his facist views -or at least i don’t remember it being

  26. Valentine's Day on

    Re- Joe Ledley….. does nothing, hides when the going


    gets tough…….sell him.

  27. rc



    Big Vic’s early bath ;-) Great signing hope we get alot of cash






    That occurred to me too when I was typing – incredible injury record






    Too right, I’m sure if you averaged it out, it would be a stunningly low number that go on to better than playing for Celtic.

  28. BMCUW my pal always stands his round.


    He recently cancelled his ESPN subscription.



    He said he wasn’t paying to watch such dross.


    I suspect an additional factor was me tuning in and then being very keen to discuss, in detail, such dross.

  29. Championship update (bored):



    Doyle running amok for Wolves – have we got someone watching him?



    Bazza (Blackpool) gets a red card.

  30. Ledley should be given a contract extension. If others did their job as well as he does his then we’d be a far better team than we are. He’s given the unglamorous role of closing down opposition players and space, and covering when others charge forward (especially Izzy). He could weigh in with more goals if he was allowed to go forward himself more often as he’s a decent finisher and good in the air but his job is to protect the defence and cover for others.

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