What lies ahead of Celtic, impossible in the history of the game


Yesterday and today people at Barcelona and Ajax will be appalled at how they threw away three goal leads in the Champions League semi-finals.  This can happen when you fail to concentrate, even for periods in games.

Imagine the taste of despair, failure and sheer waste in Barcelona and Amsterdam right now.  Then consider our job against Hearts at Hampden.  Hearts beat us already this season and turned us over in our own freak result last season.  Winning a treble treble is rarer than Celtic reaching the European Cup Final.

Moments without concentration and it could slip away.  This is why trebles are difficult and why what lies ahead of us has been impossible in the history of the game.

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  1. Which is precisely why we shouldn’t take our foot off the gas – or their throats – at the weekend.



    HH jg

  2. We are, by far, the best team in Scotland.


    We should prove it in the next three games.


    Full team, full on.




  3. Friesdorfer on

    Early start today! Very precipient article Paul 67. We cannot afford to be complacent and lose focus, as Ajax certainly did last night. This prize (rebel treble treble) will never likely be in sight again in most of our lifetimes. Just do it Celtic. HH

  4. bankiebhoy1 on

    Money talks and BS does what it’s good at………………



    I’ve always had a soft spot for Spurs, some fine friends in London support them and there are some similarities between our supporters I think, however as entertaining as the games have been – football as a competitive sport has lost out to big bucks and that saddens me.



    I’ve longed for the Sky bubble to burst and a semblance of reality to emerge from the commercial chaos that would bring – but the beast keeps growing.


    The huns have humped the game here and Our Great Club suffers thanks to thems………..



    in ither news….



    The boull’ Wullie is chosen to be the Ref poster (bhoy?) for change at Hampden. ( i believe he’s only one of two who are being highly trained to be able to peer into a wee telly….) Wullies the bad bhoy thems don’t like, the odd wan oooot, a wee bit different from the rest of Hughs Boys…….and the meeja show him up in all his oddness, visually kopping for the responsibility of introducing technology that will help Level the playing field against the huns. ……In fairness he’s probably better than aw thum ithers as he has eyes in the back of his heid.

  5. Greenpinata on

    Paul 67,



    Exactly. It should be noted that both Liverpool and Spurs had crucial players missing including their ” star” strikers.



    It is why we should completely focus on our history making cup final and treat the next two insignificant games as a preparatory process only.




  6. Free the Griffalo one, he needs game time. I’d have him on the bench on Sunday making an appearance at some point if things are going well.


    If the second legs of those semifinals were played again next week would the results be the same?

  7. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Aw man! This football plays havoc with your emotions!!



    I’m nodding in total agreement with Jamesgang at 8.50am then I read Greenpinata at 9.05am and I’m nodding in agreement with him too!!!

  8. GREENPINATA on 9TH MAY 2019 8:32 AM





    My point exactly !


    For anyone to take a Blinkered, Narrow Minded View on what NOT to watch, just because Celtic are not involved is so HUN LIKE, imho !


    Apart from the sheer enjoyment of watching how other Good/Great Teams can Play, those who chose NOT to watch, must have that Hun Syndrome that “No other team is worth watching etc”…Chumps !


    I can therefore safely assume that during World Cups, European Championships, at International level etc, because ( Celtic aint involved obviously), those who choose not to watch, can not possibly have ANY opinion on ANY such matches should a particular Great International Match(es) be played the Day/Night before, and everyone else in the workplace, Pubs, or on a Bus are ALL Talking about the great match that they watched the day/night before.


    Likewise, if I remember correctly Martin O’Neill was working for ITV or BBC at the European Championships, and literally discovered JOOS Valgareen playing very well for Belgium, and soon after signed him up for Celtic…and he was a Great Buy for us !



    So by refusing to watch OTHER Games ( not involving Celtic), You are literally leaving yourself completely ignorant to Players who could possibly do a great job for Celtic at a later date ….Chumps !



    Thank God that Dr Joe Venglos watched Feneyoord and not just Celtic games…or else we would NEVER have had Henrik !




  9. As I was about to say before my big sausage fingers pressed the post button.


    You have to admire the fitness of both the Liverpool and Spurs players. We keep banging on about having to play qualifiers and this having an effect on the team. Both those teams have gone further in the competition than we did and neither had the luxury of a week off in Dubai. It’s all about mentality and commitment as well as fitness. At times it’s a bit ironic that we come on here making excuses for people in really well paid jobs underperforming when compared to others.

  10. bankiebhoy1 on

    Doubtless Super Awwy Wammont will be, as we speak, on the Laptop…..hammering ooot a hard hittin’ investigative opinion piece on what “scandal” means in scoddish foooodbaw……………




  11. South Of Tunis on

    AJAX .



    Badly missed the injured in the warm up – Neres . Very good player .. Very important player for their system . His replacement – the big lump -Dolberg did nothing .



    That apart — Ajax paid the price of being unable to decide whether to stick or twist at 2-0 . They did neither -.. their weak link is their defence- not good at sticking at it . Their dithering encouraged Spurs . . Llorente freaked them out . Cue capitulation . Cat on hot bricks Goalie didn’t help – prat was booked for wasting time in extra time– all he achieved by that was ensuring that yet more time was added to the extra time ….


    Party at half time was very Dutch . . Turned out Everything Wasn’t Going To Be All Right . Game isn’t over till it’s over.

  12. You’ve got to like ole Klippity:



    Klopp confessed that as a player he felt more suited to a managerial role, describing himself saying “I had fourth-division feet and a first-division head”.[14][16] Recalling his trial at Eintracht Frankfurt where he played alongside Andreas Möller, Klopp described how his 19-year-old self thought, “if that’s football, I’m playing a completely different game. He was world-class. I was not even class”.[17] As a player, Klopp closely followed his manager’s methods on the training field as well as making weekly trips to Cologne to study under Erich Rutemöller to obtain his Football Coaching Licence.[9]

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    In the town where I was born



    Lived a man, who sailed the sea



    And he told us of his life



    In the land of submarines

  14. traditionalist88 on

    The Champions League has been incredible this season and a massive success on many levels. And pretty decent for Celtic too, having reached the group stages 10 times I make it.



    Didn’t hear many complaining then.



    The football industry has to evolve and grow too and Celtic and other big clubs from smaller leagues do have a voice.



    Some are disappointed Ajax lost from a smaller league perspective but they made their point with a timely reminder that there is life outside the big leagues and that is what makes football the biggest and best sport in the world. Its the beautiful game, the peoples game and even with evolution some struggle to get their heads around it produces magical moments like it has this season.



    If only they’d thought of a more appropriate name than the ‘Champions’ League I don’t think anyone would be complaining right now. Something like the ‘European Cup’ would have been perfect…




  15. Never mind the Champions bit, why is it called a League when it’s not really a league at all, more of a knock out competition?




    It was Wim Jansen who signed Henrik. Dr Joe signed Lubo.




  17. traditionalist88 on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH MAY 2019 10:10 AM


    Never mind the Champions bit, why is it called a League when it’s not really a league at all, more of a knock out competition?





    Soften us all up for the inevitable…




  18. Spot on Paul. All 3 games are important. We need to keep the Huns in their place and show them we are completely dominant.



    The final league game against Hearts sets a market fir the final. Have them deflated and defeated s week before Hampden.



    The cup final is s marker for unparalleled history fir our club. No matter how “poor” the opposition is, our strength is relative to that level. We can only heat what is put in front of us and to win 9, yes 9, domestic trophies on the trot is a remarkable achievement. The Bhoys of 1967 are unparalleled in Scottish football history. This team will, IMHO, forever be unparalleled.



    I personally think we have more of a chance of getting to and winning a European final than doing a treble treble again!





  19. Paul is right to talk about concentration.



    The fatal 4th goal conceded by Barcelona is case and point. Liverpool studied the tape on Barcelona and noticed they tend to stand about and moan when they concede a corner or free kick (even if it’s obvious)



    They knew they had a window. That’s why Origi and Alexander-Arnold were looking for each other.

  20. ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH MAY 2019 10:10 AM



    If Chelsea and Arsenal make the Europa League final then there will be two European finals with only EPL teams, who all finished 3rd-6th btw. The EPL will become the undisputed Greatest League on Earth.

  21. TALLYBHOY on 9TH MAY 2019 10:21 AM









    It was Wim Jansen who signed Henrik. Dr Joe signed Lubo.








    Of course it was, I only realised MY Error just after I had Posted, and this is that first chance Ive had to post since. Anyway, I just did to see who was paying attention ? LOL





    Thank God Wim watched Feneyoord.


    Thank god Dr Joe watched Lubos French team ( I cant remember their name ?).


    Thank God Martin watched Belgium, leicester, West ham, Chelsea.


    etc etc…


    Where would we have been if our managers ONLY watched Celtic games ?


    As for this Sundays “Match”, I Posted weeks ago that IF The League was Won BEFORE we head to that hun Midden, Celtic should refuse to play, on the Concern for our Players, Staff and fans “SAFETY” ?


    I dont think many ( if any) on here agreed ?



    I STILL stand by My opinion, especially as while we lose any chance of the 3 Points, and the hun are awarded the 3 Points and we probably get Fined……….just think of the Amount of money the Huns would lose out on…TV Rights, Catering, Programmes, Bevvy etc IF Celtic DEMANDED 100% Security assurances for players and fans alike ?


    When the Huns/Cops FAIL to provide that 100% Assurance…we just say “Feck Aff…we wont be there” !…Simples.



  22. Taken from Sms…..



    Tom Rogic loves Celtic insists agent amid interest from Leicester and Southampton


    The Hoops player is attracting admiring glances from the Premier League but Daniel Berman says he’s going nowhere.





    I love Big Tam….He feckin “GLIDES” !



  23. Glides…..with size 14 feet!!!



    Weird….in a lovely, hunskelping kinda way!!

  24. When I see Big Tam “Glide” across the Pitch…it always reminds Me of how I used to also “Glide” across the Disco Floor, showing Aff My Moves….just to Nip a Burd fur the Night !



    Im still doing it…but not quite as Fast or as Elegantly.



  25. I never watched either of the “Champions League” semi finals, I saw the last couple of minutes of the Liverpool game and the last few seconds of the Spurs game. It doesn’t hold much interest for me, bloated competition, set up for the “big” teams to win every year. Not fussed who wins it either.



    Ajax deserve plaudits for the way they played in the tournament, the club set up and how they performed for a “wee” team having to pre-qualify like us, but I’m glad they got beat, I’ll never forgive them for the way our supporters were attacked in Amsterdam, some subsequently jailed and only after moths of torture found not guilty in the courts.



    Also their thug supporters who in conjunction with Huns slashed a publicans face in Glasgow. I hope we never play them again. For those who think I should be able to separate the two, club and fans, think Hamburg.



    I actually watched the program about the Singer sewing machines in Clydebank, fascinating piece of Scottish history, incredible how many worked in that plant, how many families worldwide (including mine) had a Singer sewing machine in their house, their grannies house et al. This guy invented “tick” essentially mortgaging sewing machines to families who could’t afford them, genius marketeer.



    Enough about Clydebank, gub the Huns on Sunday Celtic, put them in their place.

  26. A question on bbc teletext ask who are the 34 players Celtic have fielded in league games this season , I can only get 33 who am I missing. Goalies Craig,Scott. Defenders Mik, Ralston Toljan Gamboa Dedryck Jozo Kris Benkovic Hendry Izzy KT Bitton. Midfield Ntcham Brownie Callum Ryan Kouassi Hendo Rogic . Forwards Griff Eddie Sinky James Timo Burke Morgan Bayo Arzani Hayes Moussa.Mikey.HH

  27. gordybhoy64 on 9th May 2019 11:13 am


    ‘Danny Baker gets the Dan mac’






    ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense.’

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This is the day in history that we stopped the cheating huns getting 10…

  29. Listened to some people in the media talk about the Spurs ‘fairytale’ so I had a look at wage bills across Europe. The Champions League final will be between the 9th best-paid players in Europe and the 14th. Of the teams in the last 16 of the CL, only 3 aren’t among the 16 best-paying clubs in Europe (Ajax, Schalke and Lyon). Of those 16 clubs who pay the most, only Arsenal, Chelski and Inter weren’t involved in the last 16 stage of the Champions League. It’s going exactly as UEFA planned it, and exactly as the money men wanted it.

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