What looks like fine margins are actually chasms between Celtic and Newco


If you’re my age, you’ve seen Oldco and Newco lose hundreds of goals to Celtic. In all that time, can you recall as amateurish a goal to concede as yesterday’s? We all thought we’d see the worst of them when they came to Celtic a month ago. Davies and Souttar made individual errors that were bad enough, but in all my football watching life, I’ve never seen a defence switch off anticipating a foul against them that was never awarded, then compond that error so spectacularly.

When Callum McGregor took a short free kick for Celtic, the Newco defence and midfield were all in place. Kent, Rankin, Lundstram and Arfield were goal-side, behind them were four defenders and the keeper. Only Cantwell and Morelos were ahead of the ball.

Kent was ball-watching, so allowed a pass to Matt O’Riley. Raskin body checked O’Riley on the edge of the area and remarkably stood still with his hands in the air in a Surrender pose. Daizen Maeda was between Davies and Barasic, both were on their heels. Maeda was in front of Barasic before the defender understood what his job was.

At this point, Davies, still on his heels, decides to chastise Barasic, with a rapid clap of the hands, then outstretching his arms, expressing despair at his team-mate’s lapse – he made no positive contribution. Maeda took a touch then whipped in a cross. During this part of the move, Davies remains a spectator, guarding no one. Goldson is marking Kyogo and repeatedly glances at the striker, as good defenders know to do.

The Newco defence is in a fairly straight line, with Tavernier picking up Jota at the far post, but unlike Goldson, Tavernier does not look to see where Jota is once, he focuses on the ball. When Maeda crosses, Jota is a yard behind Tavernier but he’s already on the move, Tavernier, like the thousands of fans behind him, is just watching.

Jota meets the ball four yards from goal, between the posts and does not even have to jump. As Jota runs away to celebrate, Goldson turns to his captain in despair. It was a fairly even game, so it may look like small margins determined the outcome, but this was no small margin. There was only one team on the field capable of conceding that goal. Newco dominated the middle of the park for long periods, but Celtic have a far better defence and attack. There are no awards for unproductive possession.

Reo Hatate returned for his first outing in six weeks and his performance never reached the levels we saw before his injury. Callum McGregor was often crowded out, resulting in a few unaccustomed errors. We did not look solid in the middle until Aaron Mooy bedded into the game after coming on as a second half substitute. It was not pretty in the middle, but it sure was effective.

Tavernier could not have come closer to scoring when his effort from the edge of the area rebounded off the inside of the post, resulting in a Groundhog Day moment for Fashion Sakala. When the teams met at the League Cup Final in February, Sakala had an open goal from a tight angle but hit the side net. Yesterday, when the ball rebounded off the post, Sakala was presented with the same chance, at the same end of the ground. Just as he did in February, he again hit the side net. All players miss great chances but good ones tend not to double down.

Cameron Carter-Vickers took Man of the Match award, although it could just as easily went to Daizen Maeda, who continues to grow as a Celtic player. Special mention to Anthony Ralston, who before yesterday had only made one appearance in 2023. Everything about him was on-point.

Congratulations, Celtic, on a great win. And I think we’ve all seen enough of Inverness in the Scottish Cup to have none of this talk about the treble until it’s done.

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  1. Spent half the day watching & rewatching YouTube Videos of yesterday’s game.


    That Jota goal could end up being in the roll of honour of my all time favourites.


    The delicious irony of the MIB denying us a most obvious free.


    It was so blatant that the Huns themselves were shocked and none of them moved a muscle.


    Maeda was absolutely brilliant, first to react and what a ball for Jota to head home.


    I just love it.


    Think I’ll just have another peep at it.



    Since you wont arrive until after 4pm on FRIDAY 2nd JUNE, I will NOT go to the Pub too early. I will go to the pub around 2.30pm.


    Cheers Mate.



  3. The post truth world had benefitted Celtic more than thems – discuss.



    The Haunting of Hil house on netflix is pushing me to the limit 👀. made it to episode 3

  4. Tommy Joad



    Our Bhoys have been relentless and it’s a long Season. I’ll be cutting our midfield a wee bit of slack.



    We might be pot 4 in the CL next Season but this Celtic Team is the last team anyone wants to have in their Group.



    When AJ went off it was a concern, Anthony is a consummate Professional and we are Truly Blessed to have him in our squad.



    Coronation League Win Upcoming too.



    As the…………………..









    © BSR – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4efME9Vnlc t’was not even that track but it’s a Song frae the Legend he brought to CQN.



    I wiz there @ the Big Bang.






    They didnae do Big Raves Bach in that Davie Hay in Glasgow.

  5. Corkcelt



    Wow EVERYTHING about that Goal is Heaven sent.



    Magical Celtic.



    HH Great Celt.

  6. Big Jimmy on 1st May 2023 5:32 pm






    Since you wont arrive until after 4pm on FRIDAY 2nd JUNE, I will NOT go to the Pub too early. I will go to the pub around 2.30pm.



    Cheers Mate.








    My wife and I are staying in the Maldron Hotel and I will try to get there asap.




  7. Uncle Jimmy on

    Fans spitting on opposing fans, Nazi emblems on flags, petulant players denying opposition team any water and ultras group confronted by police?


    This is just one day in the life of the fledgling clompany. Haven’t even touched on the previous missiles and assaults at ibrox


    We often hear about ‘good sevco fans’ though the whole operation is becoming more and more toxic.


    Genuinely dont know how any reasonable person could be proud to support gers2012.

  8. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Nacho Novo has now passed on the baton of being my most hated hun player to that fanny cantwell. Odious character who is playing to the sevco gallery. I assume he is doing this because he is shite(player and person)

  9. On Cantwell:



    I think he is a tidy player, good passer, decent vision and seems quite mobile.



    But he wouldnt get a sniff at our first XI and Mooy, Iwata and Turnbull are all better players into the bargain.



    More importantly, he wouldnt get near Celtic even if he had more ability, as I suspect Ange would not tolerate this diva’s ego / attitude. He is perfect for Newco. Long may he play in their midfield.




  10. itscalledthemalvinas on

    The lovely Judith keeping us up to date on what’s happening in all things weather.


    Maybe needs to have a look on the size of blouses that she has been issued by the BBC wardrobe department. . . . . . or hopefully not !

  11. They targeted us from the start yesterday, the thug Lundstram went through Kyogo first chance he got. It should have been yellow, nothing given so they knew they could act with impunity.


    If we retaliated there is no doubt cards would have been flashed & we could have been a man down.


    Next day the result is not that important, don’t particularly want to get a red card there but I would really love to see Johnston target that fanny Cantwell and teach him a lesson.

  12. The Lundstram assault on Kyogo and the the Raskin foul, not given, are just two examples of their cheating and they still can’t beat us.



    The start of next season could be a complete nightmare for them. : )

  13. ” MARSPAPA on 1ST MAY 2023 6:54 PM


    Nobody mentioned Taylor yet……


    Pmsl when he dragged Baracheat up off the deck…”



    Yes, with that and his comment to Morelos, I think there is more to Greg than meets the eye :-)

  14. Saint Stivs on

    caught up on all the media and twitters phere from yesterday,



    there are literally hundreds of brilliantly funny moments with these musgs unable to fathom why they keep getting beat.



    an early flavour



    andrew our first caller sum up for us how your feeling about the game –



    i will sum it up in one word – absolutely atrocious

  15. Evening all.



    When Ange first arrived on these shores not many folk knew who he was. Very quickly lots of people were contacting those in Australia and Japan, trying to get the background of the mhan.



    I remember the pundits from the southern hemisphere all said the same thing, ‘Ange builds teams’



    They also stated that ‘You’ll not seem a proper Ange team until the second season’



    Jings, they weren’t wrong.



    Love the mhan and I hope we can hold on to him for as long as we can.



    ‘WE NEVER STOP, what a mantra.




  16. BelmontBrian



    I reckon Ange will be here for a wee while yet.



    When he Curtley Ambrose, I’d give John another shot.

  17. PETEC



    I believe that Ange would never bring players from the other side of the world and just off and leave them.



    Ange, I believe is an honourable mhan.

  18. paulsthroughball88 on

    Wonder if Robertson felt a bit like Bobby Tait, (silent ‘a’) after he added on 5 minutes injury time for his favourite Ibrox team as they struggled to score against Killie in their pursuit of the 10 back in ’98.



    “And it’s Ally Mitchell with a tap in deep into time added on. . .”



    Great help for Wim the Tim, and in his final match as a MIB tae. (unbelievably had requested that game as his swansong).

  19. paulsthroughball88 on

    Looking forward to a prospective midfield duel at Mordor between Iwata and Itsmawata.

  20. Paul67 et al



    Not sure of the ‘chasm’ Paul, I certainly did not witness one yesterday. An edge maybe, with Jo Maeda and Kyogo in green and white. Maybe the smoke got in your eyes…..


    As for our goal, tip top professionalism from both our forwards.


    That said we are close to yet another Treble Yell, two wins away, one in the league, and one in the Scottish Cup final. Both achievable, albeit with a tough run-in.


    When’s the Coronation Cup start?

  21. paulsthroughball88 on 1st May 2023 9:08 pm



    Looking forward to a prospective midfield duel at Mordor between Iwata and Itsmawata.







  22. Saint Stivs on

    Second hand whisper from a bhoy close to a great source.



    Tony Ralston was raging about the cantwell treatment of reo.



    When he rattled him from behind and leaned in he shouted



    You want some water ####






    Who can do the forensic lip read

  23. voguepunter on




    Tony taking a chance there . have you seen his dance moves ?




    Jets v sharks :O(

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