What looks like fine margins are actually chasms between Celtic and Newco


If you’re my age, you’ve seen Oldco and Newco lose hundreds of goals to Celtic. In all that time, can you recall as amateurish a goal to concede as yesterday’s? We all thought we’d see the worst of them when they came to Celtic a month ago. Davies and Souttar made individual errors that were bad enough, but in all my football watching life, I’ve never seen a defence switch off anticipating a foul against them that was never awarded, then compond that error so spectacularly.

When Callum McGregor took a short free kick for Celtic, the Newco defence and midfield were all in place. Kent, Rankin, Lundstram and Arfield were goal-side, behind them were four defenders and the keeper. Only Cantwell and Morelos were ahead of the ball.

Kent was ball-watching, so allowed a pass to Matt O’Riley. Raskin body checked O’Riley on the edge of the area and remarkably stood still with his hands in the air in a Surrender pose. Daizen Maeda was between Davies and Barasic, both were on their heels. Maeda was in front of Barasic before the defender understood what his job was.

At this point, Davies, still on his heels, decides to chastise Barasic, with a rapid clap of the hands, then outstretching his arms, expressing despair at his team-mate’s lapse – he made no positive contribution. Maeda took a touch then whipped in a cross. During this part of the move, Davies remains a spectator, guarding no one. Goldson is marking Kyogo and repeatedly glances at the striker, as good defenders know to do.

The Newco defence is in a fairly straight line, with Tavernier picking up Jota at the far post, but unlike Goldson, Tavernier does not look to see where Jota is once, he focuses on the ball. When Maeda crosses, Jota is a yard behind Tavernier but he’s already on the move, Tavernier, like the thousands of fans behind him, is just watching.

Jota meets the ball four yards from goal, between the posts and does not even have to jump. As Jota runs away to celebrate, Goldson turns to his captain in despair. It was a fairly even game, so it may look like small margins determined the outcome, but this was no small margin. There was only one team on the field capable of conceding that goal. Newco dominated the middle of the park for long periods, but Celtic have a far better defence and attack. There are no awards for unproductive possession.

Reo Hatate returned for his first outing in six weeks and his performance never reached the levels we saw before his injury. Callum McGregor was often crowded out, resulting in a few unaccustomed errors. We did not look solid in the middle until Aaron Mooy bedded into the game after coming on as a second half substitute. It was not pretty in the middle, but it sure was effective.

Tavernier could not have come closer to scoring when his effort from the edge of the area rebounded off the inside of the post, resulting in a Groundhog Day moment for Fashion Sakala. When the teams met at the League Cup Final in February, Sakala had an open goal from a tight angle but hit the side net. Yesterday, when the ball rebounded off the post, Sakala was presented with the same chance, at the same end of the ground. Just as he did in February, he again hit the side net. All players miss great chances but good ones tend not to double down.

Cameron Carter-Vickers took Man of the Match award, although it could just as easily went to Daizen Maeda, who continues to grow as a Celtic player. Special mention to Anthony Ralston, who before yesterday had only made one appearance in 2023. Everything about him was on-point.

Congratulations, Celtic, on a great win. And I think we’ve all seen enough of Inverness in the Scottish Cup to have none of this talk about the treble until it’s done.

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    Good evening, friends.


    It’s becoming a bit of a theme when these 2 clubs face each other. We don’t play as well as we know we can but are still good enough to gain the victory. I’m happy with that. Our successful season rolls on with league winning day, trophy day and a cup final to look forward to. Triggers Broom FC have pretty much nothing although they will no doubt try to big-up the May 13th league game against us.


    In terms of our Player Of The Year it’s a shame that Cameron Carter Vickers won’t be picking up any more points. But then again, our current leader, Hatate, has also missed a number of games.


    Domestically this season we have now played 41, winning 38, drawing 2 and losing 1, scoring 129 and conceding 28.


    A really big thank you to the 74 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Hart: 14


    Johnston: 8


    Carter-Vickers*: 74 (the 3rd player this season to receive 100% of the votes)


    Starfelt: 45


    Taylor: 1


    McGregor: 4


    Hatate: 0


    O’Riley: 3


    Jota: 23


    Furuhashi*: 2


    Maeda*: 45


    Ralston: 2


    Mooy: 1


    Iwata: 0


    Haksabanovic: 0


    Oh: 0



    And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Triggers Broom FC are – Carter-Vickers – 5 pts


    Starfelt and Maeda – 4 pts each


    Jota – 2 pts


    Hart – 1 pt



    After 47 games the overall standings are as shown below –


    86 points – Hatate


    84 points – Carter-Vickers


    63 points – Jota


    51 points – McGregor and Mooy


    50 points – Furuhashi


    44 points – Taylor


    34 points – Johnston and O’Riley


    31 points – Abada


    30 points – Maeda


    26 points – Starfelt


    22 points – Jenz


    17 points – Haksabanovic


    13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic


    10 points – Iwata and Ralston


    9 points – Bernabei and Welsh


    8 points – Forrest and Hart


    7 points – Kobayashi


    5 points – Turnbull


    4 points – Oh


    0 points – Abildgaard, Lawal, McCarthy, Siegrist, Summers and Vata





    We played 5 games during April and based solely on the total number of votes across those 5 games we get the player of the month. In 3rd place we have McGregor with 103 votes. 2nd place goes to Carter-Vickers with 134. And the player of the month for April with 161 votes is Alistair Johnston.



    Our next game sees us travel to Tynecastle next Sunday. A 2.15pm kick off knowing that 3 more points will see us crowned Champions.


    Hail Hail!

  2. paulsthroughball88 on




    Cheers. More motivation, not that we need it.



    Did you get to that eatery in Lisboa, the Trindade?

  3. paulsthroughball88 on 1st May 2023 10:10 pm






    Cheers. More motivation, not that we need it.



    Did you get to that eatery in Lisboa, the Trindade?






    Unfortunately not. We had half board in Hotel Juniper and only snacked out during the day. Wearing the Hoops was very well received, especially in Sintra. The tour of the Estádio Nacional was very emotional. Would definitely go back and maybe get to the Trindade.

  4. paulsthroughball88 on




    Only a restaurant, you got to where you had to go. Unique setting for a unique team’s greatest hour (and a half).

  5. Great Work Jobo, Obviously he can’t win our Competition but overall Carter Vickers is and will be officially recognized as Player of the Year.

  6. vinniethedog on

    Snooker was brilliant tonight….well done Luca Brecel…..scintillating all tournament

  7. Not long in, and needing to check tomorrows meetings, so I put the game on again, having listened to the phone ins and watching without any emotions attached, and I will come back to that another time.





    the “closing the gap and we just need some luck in front of goal, and em stop gifting them goals” has become only 4 players are good enough to stay …………. how quickly things change.



    Beatons face at the end, ffs, impartial my arse.



    Anyways Raskings hair cut wtf.




  8. Saint Stivs on 2nd May 2023 12:22 am



    See that Callum McGregor..



    I’m ptretty sure he disnae have Tattoos.

  9. Saint Stivs on

    Last post.



    After the match sunday it took me 40 minutes to get from the beechwood to the lights on aitkenhead road that go left to dixon street and the gulf petrol station , or right to polmadie and the m74 on ramp.



    At dixon street the nice church conversion , next to the bus stop had a huge police contingent, with loads of vans and a kettled in group of supporters.



    now what confused me was they were in all black, hooded, but one is holding up a tri-colour.



    was this the onion pears ? anyone witness what was going on.



    Meanwhile ,


    The Rangers blogs are much divided about the appearance of a Nazi sympathy flag, in the Rangers end.


    It contains a skull symbol of the ss, a mussolini quote, an ICF reference and a Rangers badge.



    Many are upset and putting forward arguments this has no place in their support as their forebears fought the fascists during ww2, and as loyalist, british first, the freedoms they fought for is what makes britiain great,.



    Others put up utterly bizarre arguments, listen mate, if we had won nobody would mention the banner.



    So hearting a wee bit maybe some of them really dont like fascists.



    Well apart from the Billy Fullerton one. Killing catholics, that is ok to sign about that. I reckon it is a small minority taking part, maybe 10,000.



    Dont click on if you are easily offended, I was, seems no one in the media heard it.




  10. From The Celts Are Here on Facebook


    Michael Beale has now lost MORE games in domestic football in the last 4 weeks than Ange Postecoglou has lost since September 19th 2021.

  11. Good morning BRRB


    Early for you. I suppose you’re getting your preparations done for the coronation?


    I mean Sunday’s of course.

  12. Good morning all from a grey skied but dry underfoot Garngad.



    Still chuckling at all the whats app, twitter jokes out there at der huns expense.


    Might give Radio snyde a go tonight where no doubt some hun will be telling everyone how they bossed the game and they will beat us next time.🤣



    D :)

  13. bigrailroadblues on



    At airport with Brian M having a few beers before Dublin flight. Ryanair delayed again. Ffs, I’ve typed that a few times. 😡

  14. Listening to Clyde Super Scoreboard from Monday evening.


    Disappointed that only 2 Huns been on so far.


    Ryan Kent is not coming in for praise, even from Roger Hynd, whom I quite like.


    Ye cannae put too much blame on him as he’s come up against a class full back when playing us.


    Can you tell I’m an AJ fan?. The lad hit the ground running and he hasn’t stopped.


    Now someone on who recognizes 8 will be out the door at the end of the season.


    Ah I might just fall asleep. Too few irrational callers.

  15. SCULLYBHOY on 1ST MAY 2023 5:47 PM


    Big Jimmy on 1st May 2023 5:32 pm














    Since you wont arrive until after 4pm on FRIDAY 2nd JUNE, I will NOT go to the Pub too early. I will go to the pub around 2.30pm.







    Cheers Mate.



















    My wife and I are staying in the Maldron Hotel and I will try to get there asap.




    Okay Mate, I will see you in the SHIPBANK Pub in late afternoon on FRIDAY 2nd JUNE, the Day BEFORE the Cup Final.


    Hopefully some of the Shipbank Wreckers will join us on that Day for a Pre Cup Final chat and Beer session.



    I hope that someone can help you out with a Ticket for The Final ?



    See you then SCULLYBHOY.


    HH Mate.

  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Morning bhoys, just going for a wee read back now.


    All positive I hope 👍


    H H. Mick

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Funny read back there, brilliant stuff from




    “ Who’d win a duel between IWATA and ITSMIWATA “


    Only on CQN 🤣


    Still don’t believe that Cant did that to another fellow




    Someone on here reckoned Tavpen came over and


    told him to grow up, I reckon a real club captain would


    have berated the twat and handed a bottle to a rival.


    H H. Mick






    “ Who’d win a duel between IWATA and ITSMIWATA “




    EXCELLENT Mate, that made me chuckle.





    I will BET good money that BIG ANGE knows this Song…



    IF he does it would be GREAT if The Celtic Support put other Words to it, Aand sang it in Tribute to the Big ANGE Fella ?






    This Song also featured in the WEDDING SCENE in the Film ” The Guns of Navarone”, when the Wedding Party sing it just as the Nazis move in on Gregory peck and CO.


    The Film is from 1961. I saw it in 1962 in my local Picture Hoose in the auld TOON HEID, when I was almost Seven Years old.





    I cant do the Link to the Song…maybe one of the good Guys on here will help me out ?



    Thanks in advance.



  20. SCULLYBHOY on 1ST MAY 2023 10:29 PM






    I thought it showed them in a reasonable (!!) light. I only noticed one angry face. The others looked resigned.



    ” Oh no! Here we go again. Another defeat.”

  21. “Saint Stivs @1:02am


    Dont click on if you are easily offended, I was, seems no one in the media heard it.”



    It didn`t bother me as I saw it as a mixture of mob mentality and a few pints. I was more interested in the hypocrisy of their club in condemning Aberdeen fans the week before for their sectarian singing but, as far as I am aware, not a peep about their own supportes.






    Cameron C-V would definitely be a worthy winner but, IMO, Calmac is a real contender as well.

  22. An Tearmann on

    3 years ago today CQN lost one of its own,a good lady,taken way to early and missed dearly


    Minx,Helen RIP 🙏



    Hail Hail

  23. BOGNORBHOY @ 8.09AM.


    Thanks Mate for the Link to a FAB wee Song…….


    Now…IF only someone smarter than me can change to Lyrics to suit the Celtic and Big ANGE ?





    HH Mate.

  24. DAVID66 on 2ND MAY 2023 9:03 AM


    Is the game not live on tv this weekend against Hertz?








    Just TYPE in Sky sports football schedule on GOOGLE and you will get all the info you need about upcoming matches on Shy….likewise with BT SPORTS.



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