What money Dave King has left, he should put on Celtic for the title


It is a little more than two months since there was angst over accusations of soiling sheets, and I remember the question, “Would you rather have lost the cup final and won on the 29th?”  Progress in football is not linear.  Even for the imperious (that’s us), it has regular defeats and disappointments.

We cannot cope in West Lothian, taking a solitary point from two visits, and lose concentration against Cluj and Copenhagen, but eliminate Rennes and Lazio, both flying high in top five leagues.  Step back and you see the big picture, a year on from Neil Lennon parachuting in as caretaker manager, Celtic are playing their best football in three years.  There is confidence in the future and hope of even better to come.

As a consequence of Tom Rogic’s late equaliser and the utterly hilarious disintegration of the ‘Let’s go’ manager at Ibrox, we can relax and enjoy the procession to that most remarkable of records: nine-in-a-row.  Whatever money Dave King has left to invest in Newco, he could do worse than to put it on Celtic to win the title.  His meagre winnings will be welcome when it comes to paying Sports Direct, among others.

Now it is all about St Mirren, our next biggest game of the season and a chance to go 16 points clear.  Bring it on.

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  1. Hard to be too critical of players on that pitch, we made a few bad decisions and two colossal errors to gift them two goals.



    Forster and Jullien are two of the main reasons we are doing so well in the league and were immense in Europe for us.



    They will have learned their lesson and we gained a point versus der Hun, who are imploding as we speak.



    Nevertheless we deserved at least a point.



    Onto Saturday, another three points to be won an a decent grass pitch for a change!

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    GARCIA LORCA on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:30 PM


    The mood music at Ibrox has finally turned.



    It’s all downhill now!








    Lets see Level 5 spin their way out of this!



    And…season ticket renewal campaigns soon…will they use the chance to stop 10iar to flog their season tickets for next season? They are so desperate they probably will use our success to that end!




  3. I actually thought we done all right last night against the form team in Scotland, with 10 men behind the ball on a shit pitch.



    Incidentally anyone who continues to crticise James Forrest cannot keep the ball up for more than four..thats a a fact

  4. WARNING….


    Ive just read about a woman in Fife who was scammed of £80,000 following a telephone call from someone kidding on that they were from Amazon. She was told her account had been hacked, and to move her cash to a different account ???



    I read this story minutes after I myself had received a telephone call from “Amazon” this morning. I immediately hung up as I have never had an account with Amazon.



  5. TIMALOY29 on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:12 PM



    Frimpong is an exciting player, he definitely made a difference last night, and there are a few reasons for it but we’ve scored more goals this season when he’s not started than when he has.



    It might be coincidental but our upturn in goalscoring coincided with him being out injured. We don’t need him in the team to score more goals

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ BIG WAVY on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:08 PM


    “If we did a poll of Celtic fans, would we play the kids in the league cup and early Scottish cup rounds, raising chances of going out?”



    The thing is, we don’t need to play the kids. We have a huge squad at present with many players who aren’t getting a look in: Bauer and Boli haven’t kicked a ball in months, Arzani and Shved can’t get a look in, Moi and Rogic have been used sparingly- that hurt us against Copenhagen as they appeared to be well off the pace when called upon. Add in Klimala, Bayo and Soro and there are a lot of players who are senior squad members that aren’t getting a look in. That’s before you consider the youngsters like Henderson, Dembele and Connell.



    As previously raised, that was game 52 of the season. We have been using the same core group of players now for months on end and I think we look a bit leggy- much like by the end of December.



    We are certainly witnessing a dip in performances in our most recent games: Aberdeen, Copenhagen (x2), St Johnstone, Livi. The best performance of the bunch was against Kilmarnock at home and we had to change things up on account of injuries to Forrest, Ntcham and Brown. It may be an aberration, but maybe it’s an example of the benefit of freshening things up.




    I’ve had that call a few times.



    I string them along for a while before calling them scamming bastards.



    Hope you are good big mhan!




    Completely agree. We could have rotated more against Clyde. Shved & Soro should have started.



    Let’s not forget Frimpong seized his chance in a cup game against Thistle.

  9. Still time for the fringe players to make their mark this season. Probably after the split, where I hope all five games will be “bounce” games.



    Wee Karamoko included.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well when there isn’t another player in the league who would get into our second team and we can spend more on two players than half the teams in the league have spent in their entire history then winning the league should be a given.


    The question is how do we make progress in the Champions League?


    I wish I could share your optimism about things going to get better when everything we do is based around the old firm which only holds us back.

  11. ‘the Govan club won their first game in the east end of Glasgow for nine years’ – some mistake surely Paul?

  12. the Govan club won their first game in the east end of Glasgow EVER – there that’s me fixed it

  13. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:42 PM



    Jimmy, I suspect that this Fife £80k scam may be the tip of the iceberg. The criminals are becoming so sophisticated that – I’m told – they can target specific demographics, particularly the elderly.


    And I’m not sure that the police have a handle on this. An woman in her 80s told me that she was almost the victim of a council tax fraud. She contacted the police who – although sympathetic – told her there was nothing much they could do.

  14. Macjay


    I am not a qualified lip-reader but I thought Lennie just said : Hamilton?


    Bit of a difference. What? Hamilton? would be demeaning whereas just `Hamilton?` could easily have been in response to having been told there had been a goal at Ibrox.

  15. Nir Bitton is playing really well, last couple of games, hugely impressed with him.


    Another ghuy I rate highly is Elhamed. I sincerely hopes he starts against St, Mirren, in preparation for Hun game,, I think he would be a huge boost against the Huns.


    I know we are all having fun at the Huns expense but they seem to turn up for the big games, in Europe & against us, Accordingly we need to bring our A Team & A Game to the Bigot Dome.


    I think we will win the League regardless of Hun result but we owe them a hammering,

  16. It is very difficult to work out what players are in form. Picking a team is difficult also. Last night two of our best performing players Forster and Julien made mistakes costing goals. Christie, Eduoard and Forrest were poor and they have been among our better performers.



    Frimpong and Rogic came on and helped to a gain a point. Last night Bitton was our best defender.



    We all have our own opinions but we should leave it to our coaching staff as they see the players every day. This season we had brought in 3 new Right backs, last night none were given starts.



    I expect a reshuffle ahead of Saturdays match

  17. ps . I wish we had signed Hagi. He looks a really good player. We spent £6M on two players not good enough to get into the team.. Would rather spend $6M on one plyer who would be a first choice

  18. mom last night , NB by a mile , our centre half will have learnt from that last night just like he did from his previous encounter at livi.

  19. PHILBHOY on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:48 PM









    I’ve had that call a few times.







    I string them along for a while before calling them scamming bastards.







    Hope you are good big mhan!





    The Amazon scammer has just called me again on my landline and I hung up. Next time, I wont hang up, I will simply say….”Please hold the line as your call is very important to me”.




    Who can I call to stop these calls as I dont know what number they are calling from ?


    Thanks PHILBOY, Im so…so…hope you are good.



  20. Need a few fresh faces in team over next few weeks. Some very tired looking players (physically and mentally)

  21. PHILBHOY on 5TH MARCH 2020 12:48 PM



    South Asian men used to phone me with a view to stealing my money. I told the last one who contacted me that I was very interested but before making big decisions I always prayed and that he had to pray with me and repeat the prayer after me.


    We got to the second line of the ‘Hail Mary’ when he stopped abruptly and whispered, ‘I can’t do this. My boss is listening.’ End of conversation.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 5TH MARCH 2020 1:19 PM



    That`s exactly what I thought.


    Looks like an agenda.


    Perhaps I should stop clicking on their links .


    Listened to advice on here and never click on the D. Record .

  23. MARADOMINIC on 5TH MARCH 2020 1:21 PM


    Would rather spend $6M on one plyer who would be a first choice




    No. I think you’ll always need two plyers.

  24. FF; J Frim; CJ; NB ;JH ; CalMac; Christie;Rogic; Griff; Bayo OE up front on Saturday. St Mirren will just pack 18 Yard box.

  25. 2 pl;ayers who never get a game? We have 50 players at club. Would you rather have bough 3 crap CF or OE?

  26. Paul67



    An embarrassment of riches, six fully fit full backs, tons of centre back cover, heroes like Rogic, Griffiths, and Ntcham competing for a starting place and January signings that can’t get in the squad never mind the team.



    Who’d have thunk it CSC

  27. RT @RaeComm Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann adopting the Klopp method of answering questions about #Coronavirus & going one step beyond. “You’re not asking virologists how we’re going to play against Wolfsburg.” twitter.com/sportschau/sta

  28. just watched Hun highlights. They should have scored 10 goals! Hammered Hamilton.

  29. Ive just noticed that the SFA have Celtic v Aberdeen as the SECOND Semi Final to be played on the Sunday at 3pm, with Hibs and Hertz playing the first semi the day before on the Saturday.



    Im sure that Celtic were first out of draw last Sunday and the Dons came out second.



    Why is our semi final the second of the semis…..more skullduggery from the SFA….as with Celtic playing on the Sunday…that pitch may well be very cut up ?


    It is a cut up…Pun intended.






    I think you’re missing the point (I suspect on purpose to make your own). It gives the younger players an opportunity to play in the first without the pressure of needing to win for league points, and a chance for the manager to see what they can do without threatening the title



    It’s not primarily about giving the first team players a rest

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