What money Dave King has left, he should put on Celtic for the title


It is a little more than two months since there was angst over accusations of soiling sheets, and I remember the question, “Would you rather have lost the cup final and won on the 29th?”  Progress in football is not linear.  Even for the imperious (that’s us), it has regular defeats and disappointments.

We cannot cope in West Lothian, taking a solitary point from two visits, and lose concentration against Cluj and Copenhagen, but eliminate Rennes and Lazio, both flying high in top five leagues.  Step back and you see the big picture, a year on from Neil Lennon parachuting in as caretaker manager, Celtic are playing their best football in three years.  There is confidence in the future and hope of even better to come.

As a consequence of Tom Rogic’s late equaliser and the utterly hilarious disintegration of the ‘Let’s go’ manager at Ibrox, we can relax and enjoy the procession to that most remarkable of records: nine-in-a-row.  Whatever money Dave King has left to invest in Newco, he could do worse than to put it on Celtic to win the title.  His meagre winnings will be welcome when it comes to paying Sports Direct, among others.

Now it is all about St Mirren, our next biggest game of the season and a chance to go 16 points clear.  Bring it on.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TERJE VIGEN on 5TH MARCH 2020 5:57 PM



    Good tactic .



    Might get a red card like wee Johnny .


    Knowing that mibmob .

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Watch a video of the Hamilton goal, watching MacGregor going mental and I mean mental at his defender Goldson??😂😂😂

  3. Just been on to the SPFL fishul site and here is a date for the diary. As RON67 said the Scottish Cup Final is on the 9th May, a fortnight before the SPFL finishes. But …. assuming we win 9-in-a-row, the final round of 38 league games is on the weekend of 16/17th May (Trophy Day is usually the Sunday, therefore the 17th May this year) and the season will finish a week later with the Premiership 2nd Leg Play-Off Final.



    Hope that helps.




  4. Doncaster added it could make finishing the season “very difficult” even if it hits “the first team of one club”.



    Hmm, I wonder which club might start coughing?

  5. Macjay



    The Johnny Doyle red card was ridiculous . There is a clip on YouTube; Jock Stein grabs him as he tries to storm up the tunnel. I think he was saying ‘should have beat the first man with that cross!’

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic front and centre in Reporting Scotland’s “Coronavirus and football” story.



    Any negative connotation – we get headline treatment.



    Pandemics, abuse, sectarianism ( you know the stock photograph by now – Celtic fans prominent in foreground, Sevco fans fuzzy in the background).



    For ordinary football reports, we get pushed to the back of the bus.



    Absolutely shameless editorial bias.

  7. PP – McGregor is a horrible individual.. It was sooooo funny watching him implode.😂😂😂


    His wee orange keepers Jersey and orange boots what a complete bigoted feckwit.



    Any lurking zombies GIRFUY



    D. :)

  8. The Onlooker on

    Back to basics….


    They couldn’t show the crowd celebrating at Ibrox last night. 😀

  9. FF POSTS below..Sevco fanshaving a good night




    Suggestions for new manager



    An atmosphere of negativity created by the manager (Twitter thread)



    Root causes of brutal form



    Cost of Gerrard to go

  10. currie on sportsound saying they’ve been told the season will not be declared null.



    no surprise really.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    HTB 6.39 – glad someone’s paying attention.



    Watch the bandwagon gather steam once the Huns have their Europa cash and the SFA have fleeced the chumps who pay to watch Scoddland.

  12. Adi – As your monikor is about the founder (I think) of Adidas have you any inside info into whether Adidas are going to join the Hoops party??






    D. :)

  13. TIMALOY29 on 5TH MARCH 2020 5:25 PM



    I think it speaks well to Frimpong when you compare the quality of opponent. The sample of 9 games without Frimpong included only 3 games against the top 6 while the sample of 14 games included 7.



    This could probably go on for a while – we had home advantage in 60% of all games that Frimpong started, 40% in the ones he didn’t.




    “I don’t think it gives much weight to your original point “but we’ve scored more goals this season when he’s not started than when he has.””



    You’re right, we seem to score about the same amount whether he plays or not. Which for a 19 year old playing his first season in this great free-scoring, championship-winning, team says a lot. And it would be a surprise if things don’t change next season when he’s likely to become an even more important member of the squad

  14. With European places to be sorted for next season, the season can’t be declared null.



    If and it’s an big assumption to make, the league is ended early then like a car race with a red flag, the outcome is the running order at that time.

  15. In Glasgow on Saturday morning. Any chance of any CQNers being in the Blane Valley between 11 and 12.

  16. An Dun – it would be a real mess. Us not getting our quadruple treble? Can you imagine Hearts accepting being relegated when there are several games to go? Or Utd not being promoted? Etc. Etc.


    Lawyers would have a field day trying to sort it out.

  17. AN DUN @7:06 PM



    Too true. Tho I have doubts about the integrity of the SFA and SPFL.

  18. D66



    Yes, I can exclusivly reveal it will be £25m upfront with £4M going to PL as a downpayment. But keep it quiet 😁😁




  19. Emailed my CQN POTY x3 to Jobo, but thought I’d share my personal P.S. to him with you all: …





    P.S.  You know I don’t post very often; too many A***holes and not enough A***heids or Jobos!  😊  However, one of the delights and highlights of CQN at present is your very interesting CQN POTY project… Much more interesting than the boring debates like last night’s … Yer talkin’ **** mate!  …  Naw am no!  … Aye, ye wur! … Ad Nauseam …



    So I just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU! 😊’ once more for your fine and uplifting contribution to the CQN experience!  I for one really appreciate it! 😊





    Hail Hail and God Bless,



    TB&F. 😊

  20. Just heard the season will stop now.



    League Champions will be the team that was top of the league on 29th December.



    A well.

  21. If we do announce Adidas, one of the main things I will be looking forward to is having the three lines of white seating around the stadium again



    Much better looking




  22. McGregor losing it at Goldson was really really funny.



    He completely lost it again later in the match and got booked for his troubles, then bounced the ball really hard and stropped away like a wean.



    Defo getting to them!

  23. ADI



    I agree. See the name of the poster and expect their diatribe, so just pass them by.

  24. Thanks Adi! 😊



    Lots of good guys on here, and good guys who have the occasional off-day, but your right that the scroll-on-by option is our own personal Off Button. 😊



    Hail Hail and God Bless,




  25. ROBINBHOY on 5TH MARCH 2020 8:09 PM


    McGregor losing it at Goldson was really really funny.







    He completely lost it again later in the match and got booked for his troubles, then bounced the ball really hard and stropped away like a wean.







    Defo getting to them!




    Mc Gregor putting on a show for the huns…he really cares for them,like walking away when the ole team died.

  26. I don’t think McGregor going mental at Goldson was funny. It was nothing short of bullying and was for the benefit of the peepul.


    McGregor was culpable at their Scottish cup elimination AND he went down like a washed-up 40yo at the Accies.


    An absolute dug of a man…. Always has been.

  27. GENE



    I think sevco will want the season to run to the end – they are desperate for the income.



    Sorted that for you!

  28. An Dun and Deniabhoy



    Good points re European qualification and relegation possibilities.

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