What next for Scottish football after Grand indulgence fails?


Since October last year, when I first predicted the SPL would vote to gift a Newco-Rangers into the league, some people ‘close to Celtic’ have cynically held to the view that our club would be the only ones to vote against the proposal.

Plenty has happened since then, most notably fan pressure has been brought to bear on our SPL colleagues, so much so that a majority of them have publicly declared their intention to vote against admitting Newco.  This should be a forgone conclusion.

There remains some unforeseen dynamics, however.  We now know that the SPL were preparing the ground to present a fait accompli for the Scottish Football League to admit Newco directly into the First Division as far back as the first week in April, long before clubs lined up to reject Newco’s entrance to the SPL.

In short, you were sold a story of clubs choosing sport over money when, in fact, they planned to choose money with an accommodation they believed they could sell to their fans.

There remains plenty of uncertainty.  Media reports from yesterday’s SFL meeting indicated that Newco would receive support to be placed into the First Division, however, media reports have often missed the target on this issue.  The chance that SFL clubs will reject Newco is real enough, so much so that as recently as yesterday some of well-informed cynics remained to be convinced that there would be more than one vote against putting Newco into the SPL, despite public pronouncements.

I don’t believe any of the clubs who have publicly stated their intentions to vote No honestly believed they were consigning Newco to the Third Division, but none are now able to vote against the wishes of their fans.  You can understand why some have briefed journalists that today’s vote might not happen.

If you are looking for some grand plan behind this, don’t bother, there isn’t one.  Our game looks like a shambles because it is a shambles.  Scottish football’s 768-game season is, in fact, a grand indulgence, paid for by just four games.

This fact is now inescapable and will ultimately be brought to bear on whatever cobbled-together accommodation emerges in the next few weeks.  Let’s acknowledge our domestic sport is no longer viable and start asking the proper question: what next?

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  1. ♪ ♫ Hector Avocado ♫ ♪ on




    What next? Seriously.



    South is out. West is dead end.




  2. Date: 25th May 2067



    Young Sammy resplendent in Green & White jumps, not just any Green & White, but Glasgow’s Green & White, jumps up on his Old Granpa’s knee. Turning to his Granpa Billy the young lad smiles that smile that only Granpa’s get to see and says “Granpa. Can you tell me that story again? The one about that football team you supported in the olden days. What happened to them Granpa?”. Granpa Billy smiling through gritted teeth at wee Sammy bellows “aye son, they wurra days . The Glesga Rangers. We wurra People.” Wee Sammy seeing a tinge of sadness in his Granpa’s eyes turns to ole Billy and gives him a big hug. “Granpa” he says “Who are the people now?” Ole Billy looks at him, tears welling in his eyes. “Is it The Green Brigade?” asks wee Sammy. “I’m going to be junior Capo one day Granpa.” Granpa Billy turns to look at wee Sammy. Smiles at him and says “Oh that sounds fun Sammy.” All the while, hidden from his grandson, the adrenalin and anger rushes through ole Billy’s veins. “Sammy” he says. “Granpa’s going to have to go to the toilet”. Putting wee Sammy down he runs across the room, out the door, along the hall storming through the toilet door slamming it shut behind him. Getting to the toilet just in time hew spews down the lavy. Just as he’s half way through his spew his guts begin to rumble and churn. Ole Billy realising his predicament grabs the bin, drops his trouser and sits down as both ends explode like Mount Visuvius in 79 AD. Thirty minutes later Granpa Billy walks back into his living room. Wee Sammy runs across the room grasping at ole Billy’s legs. “Are you ok Granpa.” he says hugging him tightly. “I’m fine son. I’m fine.” says Granpa. Cursing under his breath Granpa mutters to himself. “******* Celtic. ******* Green Brigade.”

  3. jungle jam67 on

    come on you bhoys in green



    glasgow celtic champions …..glasgow celtic chapions …..(repeat )







  4. I hope the powers that be are talking to the FA in England and/or resurecting the contacts on the Atlantic League, otherwise I fear for the future

  5. ontheoneroad on

    In terms of what is next, it seems that PL and DD have played their cards so close to their chest that it is not clear what they want or what they feel is possible.

  6. Aye, Paul: ‘What next?’



    Also, I’m interested in your assertion that ‘We now know that the SPL were preparing the ground to present a fait accompli for the Scottish Football League to admit Newco directly into the First Division as far back as the first week in April …’



    What do you mean when you say ‘the SPL was preparing the groun’?



    As a member of the SPL and with a seat on the board, was Celtic party to those preparations?




  7. jock steins celtic on

    the most likely outcome is Celtic slowly dwindle away in tandem with Scottish football.

  8. Don’t know what to think of that Paul!!!!!



    Maybe i should just decide to get some work done and see what happens in a couple of weeks time when the new season is nearly upon us!!!!!


    Or is that what the ‘suits’ at sfa, spl etc want us to do?????

  9. Would anyone accept this scenario?


    Sevco in SFL 1 with sanctions, if they get promoted then 2-3 years sanctions in SPL.


    Votes of no confidence in the 3 main amigos by SPL chairmen.


    2-3 of them resign.


    If that was put to the fans, would most accept it?


    Will write why I ask when/if I get any replies.


    I thank you




  10. traditionalist88 on

    ‘Scottish football’s 768-game season is, in fact, a grand indulgence, paid for by just four games.



    This fact is now inescapable and will ultimately be brought to bear on whatever cobbled-together accommodation emerges in the next few weeks’



    So its SPL or SFL1 then?




  11. What next?



    The clubs that want to play in a league based on integrity join together to start their own FA and League and Cup competitions because if we accept Newco at all anywhere in football before the full extent of their cheating is shown we have effectively killed our game anyway..








    A nice place to shop but not a nice state to be in.



    Personally I’ve never seen a shopping centre named fecking disgrace.



    But that would be more aot for the state of Scottish football.



    (Awe right,I was in Primark once…..)

  13. ♪ ♫ Hector Avocado ♫ ♪ on

    Further to our previous notice of intent on Friday, and following yesterday’s meeting of all SFL clubs I would like to make the following statement.



    I could not comment on the information provided immediately after yesterday’s meeting until I had consulted with the other DAFC Board members.



    I can now confirm for the avoidance of any doubt that our position has not changed following yesterday’s meeting and this is, we will continue to vote no to “Newco” being parachuted into SFL1.



    As a club we have listened to our supporters and we will continue to fully respect their opinion.



    However collectively we can control how DAFC will vote, but we can not control clearly how other SFL clubs will vote, so it is important that all true Pars supporters continue to pull in the same direction and support the team and club in what will be challenging times ahead.



    If there are any substantial changes the Board will interact with the fans

  14. Am iI right that if aby version new or otherwise of der hun is in administration when the season kicks off its 10 point penalty spl and 25 point sfl?



    Also the Celtic board is made of up highly successful and intelligent men who are also Celtic supporters, such as the chap paul67 spoke about a few weeks ago who put 1m in to save the club.



    They know what they are doing, the reason I say this is we have people on here who cannot even spell board slagging them off.



    No doubt the same people who for years have been saying spend more, just like rangers.



    I know who I’ll put my faith in.


    aot=apt,in case PHILVISRETURNS is still around,haha!

  16. Paul67 – The game is broken beyond repair. Sporting facets of the game wholly reliant on 2 teams. Financial model wholly reliant on 2 teams. 1 team fails makes carnage. However in Scotland instead of this being acknowledged as perhaps being a bad thing we then overtly and implicitly rip up the, we now know as, pointless rules to perpetuate an utterly corrupt league model.



    It is not worth saving. The game is already dead.



    It is literally madness.

  17. Paul 67



    The ball in Scottish fitba is burst.imo.


    What to do ?


    Could our billionaires on the bored give the club a loan of


    £100 mill – interest free – payable over the next ten years


    to use as a down payment to…anywhere(EPL ?) to get


    us out of here ?


    Hail Hail




    they could just say we dont have an opinion but they can apply to join with spartans and the club we think suits will be voted in to the 3rd divison



    also if the sphell is being a bully fine we will be happy to break the structure for a crappy £60 k a year we will sail own on way and if any of the liquidated teams from the spl next year want to join they can follow the same route as any team who wants in our system .

  19. starry plough – from previous article


    “We’re Celtic Men Kev whether we argue and fight or agree to disagree when it comes to the crunch we stand shoulder to shoulder…”




    The pleasure would be all mine M8.


    God Bless


    hail hail

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