What now from HMRC after New £9m tax delinquency


Contrary to our earlier understanding, Rangers did not win a ruling from the Court of Session on who was to be appointed administrator, HMRC and Rangers came to agreement on the appointment of Duff and Phelps, who acted for Whyte during his takeover of the club.

The admission by Duff and Phelps that today’s court action by HM Revenue and Customs was in connection to circa £9m unpaid tax accrued since the takeover in May last year will come as a surprise no one in the Celtic Quick News community.  This is why Rangers are now in administration, it’s nothing to do with the big tax case, or indeed, the wee tax case.

Key question is, what will HMRC do now?  They’re not going away/. Rangers continued to sign football players despite being delinquent with taxes, and briefed journalists that they rejected a £9m offer for a player on 31 August 2011.

The fact that the business is in administration due to activity carried out under Craig Whyte’s tenure may also interest the Insolvency Service, who are already investigating Whyte’s takeover of the club following information passed by former chairman, Alastair Johnston.

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  1. In this time of austerity brought upon the country by larger corporations who showed no concern for others in their financial recklessness, there is a certain irony that certain members of the elected chambers (and others) feel the need for HMRC to settle with rangers on a reduced figure,


    the monies owed to HMRC are in fact my monies, your monies, our monies, it is such monies that maintain the countrys needs, it is monies that no one likes paying, but we do it, cos if we dont then not only do we face possible personal court actions, but overall the bigger picture is if we dont pay up we as a country end up at risk of meltdown, when the respective Governments at both London and Edinburgh are advising us “were all in this together” that budgets of all Public Service areas will require continual assessment and reduction, whilst people in the public and private sectors are losing their jobs, that larger and smaller businesses are struggling or going to the wall, all in one way or another linked to the financial recklessness and essentially the greed of larger corporations, are people seriously suggesting that in light of this HMRC should consider cutting a deal with public monies? 2012/13 is going to be an extremely difficult year in my household, can I approach Centre 1 Tax Office and ask for the same considerations?

  2. Nothing is bugging me more at the minute than the constant references to der hun as “not Just a football club, but an insitution”. Every ^%&&%$^ report on tv, radio, comments that special treatment and consideration needs extended to preserve one of Scotland’s ‘institutions’



    I can understand why the Scottish media continue to trot this nonsense out, it’s because 99% of them are a member. The BBC in England though? Radio 2? Gimme a break. An ‘institution’ that has been institutionally bereft of morality for 140 years or so, and who have more recently, systematically and with malice aforethought stolen from it’s fellow countryman, cheated in attaining trophies, entered Europe’s elite tournaments and did so with a significant number of their senior employess knowing it was happening.



    It is quite fitting that such a corrupt ‘institution’ was sold on to an equally devious and cheating successor. A guy who has knowingly reneged on paying tax fom the moment he stepped into power. Who even yet, despite the worlds eyes being upon him, is still planning to escape in full view with money that was fraudulently obtained.



    The KKK could be regarded as an institution, and I don’t think it is overly ridiculous to make a comparison between the two.



    No, the media portray the meaning of ‘institution’ in the same way you would consider the World Health Organisation, i.e a vital role to play in local and global society. Then they sell it to gullible fools.



    Most civilised countries would see this as the welcome death of a parasite, an opportunity to rid themselves of a disease that has held back the growth of tolerance, diversity, equality. The chance to move towards a golden age. Instead, the clamour is on to pressurise the government to take pity on this ‘institution’.



    Don’t anyone ever try to convince me that offering life support to this particular ‘institution’ is the way forward. To any Celtic fan considering going on to Clyde1 or wherever, trotting out the ‘we need them line’, please think again. Many thousands of the Celtic family have suffered terribly at the hands of the hun following. Many are still grieving, and will do so until their dying breath.



    As Rangers FC breathes it’s last, I shall have no pity, only gladness in my heart. I shall rejoice and so should the rest of normal civilisation.

  3. ernie lynch says:


    15 February, 2012 at 08:12



    Reading the Sykes article it now seems blatently clear that Whyte isn’t the wide eyed (goggle eyed) simpleton he likes to portray.



    He saw an organisation that was heading down the pan with huge debts owed to the taxman and took a punt banking on the fact that the support, the media and the government would let him away with it because “Rangers aren’t an ordinary business”.



    If Whyte had bought a Bank that owed £75 million pounds to the taxman he’d be crucified and the bank liquidated, but because its The Rangurrrrrrrs we should all do our damndest to help them screw over the revenue and carry on with little or no consequences. I am sick of watching media commentators telling me “we need Rangers”, Football Finance experts “we need Rangers”, Ex-players “we need Rangers” and now even elected represetatives who are supposed to be upholding the law are also jumping on the “we need Rangers” bandwagon.



    How come nobody can stand back and see the bigger picture!!!! This is effectively a criminal organisation which has been evading it’s responsibilities and now wants a clean slate to start again, yes they will be paying rent to Whyte for years on Ibrox and Murray park but they’ll still be in the top flight unless something amazing happens like the SPL board and the clubs find their backbone.



    Please UEFA do the decent thing and demand that if Rangers go down the Swannee then the new club must start at the lowest possible rung in the league system. 3 years and they’d most likely be darkening our door again but at least they may (and I stress may) have learned a lesson or two in humility on the way back up.

  4. The factor that really annoys me is that an HMRC non payment amounts to theft from the British people. So each and every tax paying Celtic supporter has indirectly contributed something to Rangers.


    To rub salt into the wound this debt gives a strong indication that it is deliberate, since it has arisen in the time since the takeover. The normal assumption is that anyone taking over a business has the money to deal with immediate payments in order to stabilise the ship. To not pay HMRC virtually from the start of the new regime suggests a deliberate ploy, perhaps to salt money away for later shenanigans. But really that club it just stealing from everyone else. With the country in a difficult financial condition this suggests a level of opportunism and moral depravity that should disgust even the Scottish Establishment.

  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 10:30



    Thanks for that – I hear Kirsty this morning and her baulk at the suggestion from Speirs that rangers should be relegated – my first thought was – “oh so she is a hun as well” ….. then I corrected myself and thought no dont be daft they are not all like that.



    Then I read your comment ……………….gut instincts and all that.