What of Tom Rogic?


I don’t know about you, but my early Player of the Year tip is Ryan Christie.  He is the sugar in our tea, when he is pulling the strings; we create chances and score goals.  The way he throws himself into tackles and darts around the field adds bite to our pressing game.

Which asks another question, what of Tom Rogic?  Tom’s absence on international duty when we visited Ibrox in December was a factor in the poor performance that day, while his injury before returning to Scotland hampered Celtic’s style, if not substance, on the way to their third consecutive treble.

He started two games on return from knee surgery, including the Scottish Cup Final, but did not achieve full fitness before succumbing to more knee trouble.

There is a lot of love for Tom around these parts.  He delivers in the big games and at 26 years old, he is only two years older than Christie.  The next five years should be the most productive of Tom’s career but how he recovers from this injury will be crucial.  Let’s hope we see him on the field soon.

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  1. Glad after many years of celebrating Celtic and of watching so many great players that I got a first on here. Never got near it before. Nice timing as I will be 80 years old tomorrow. Still looking forward to many wonderful days celebrating the Bhoys. Hail, hail.

  2. I think Tom’s days are numbered at Celtic . No only Ryan Christie but Johnston, Ntcham McGregor are all options ahead of Tom. Indeed if Lennon plays 2 up with Griffith’s and Édouard there may also be no place for him. Tom is bit of a Luxury player and his best games seem to be in big games against better teams. He has great vision can see several passes ahead and has a power shot on him. You can’t have a player who performs only in big games

  3. Sadly don’t think we’ll see much of TR this season. Yes scored some nice goals but they are very rare things though and last season he was a 20% player only around or fit for one fifth of our games. Injuries seem to have got the better of him and when plays he frequently gives it away in the last third.



    The big man came into the game at a late age, maybe too much expected from him maybe not got the longevity required for the modern game.

  4. Connaire12



    Well done on your podium and have a happy birthday tomorrow on your 80th.all the best




  5. From that link:



    ” Each of the 42 senior clubs – except Rangers – was asked to provide prices…”



    Does anyone on here know why?




  6. Bada


    Maybe Tom is getting spliced but Connaire12 will be 80 tomorrow and he is still managing to turn up here :-)




  7. Paul67 – if you think Ryan Christie may be the front runner for player of the year you can make your vote count following this Saturday’s visit to Hamilton. As can all other posters and lurkers – top 3 performers email to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    Voting opens from full time whistle to 10pm on Sunday. Results won’t be out till Monday night, subject to my safe timely return from Ibiza ;-)

  8. Tom is on a long-term deal and will be hard to sell with his injury record



    Better find a way to use him

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Is anyone due to be in the home end for the Rennes away game? Does anyone know if you will be let in at the gate/if the Rennes fans are known for trouble?

  10. HJ


    Of, course. I forgot about that.




    Your comment shows why I can be forgiven for having forgot !!




  11. Connaire12 – Many happy returns and thanks once again for your moving and memorable service in Lisbon; big shout out to BRTH tae;)





  12. glendalystonsils on

    I thought that Tom Rogic ‘s form in the last few games he featured in was affected by him not being fully fit.


    If we can get him fit and keep him fit he will be a huge asset for us . 45 mins or an hour of TR is worth more than 90 mins of most other players

  13. Tom Rogic looked heavy slow and unfit in the cup Final, if he was injured he should have been getting treatment not playing.

  14. First of all best of luck To Connaire on his 80th morrow. Tom Rogic magical feet but we are just not getting enough of games out of him. We live in hope, a fit Rogic would be some boost Ok but what are the odds,


    If we were offered decent money for him & Jozo come next window, I’d take it.

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