What of Tom Rogic?


I don’t know about you, but my early Player of the Year tip is Ryan Christie.  He is the sugar in our tea, when he is pulling the strings; we create chances and score goals.  The way he throws himself into tackles and darts around the field adds bite to our pressing game.

Which asks another question, what of Tom Rogic?  Tom’s absence on international duty when we visited Ibrox in December was a factor in the poor performance that day, while his injury before returning to Scotland hampered Celtic’s style, if not substance, on the way to their third consecutive treble.

He started two games on return from knee surgery, including the Scottish Cup Final, but did not achieve full fitness before succumbing to more knee trouble.

There is a lot of love for Tom around these parts.  He delivers in the big games and at 26 years old, he is only two years older than Christie.  The next five years should be the most productive of Tom’s career but how he recovers from this injury will be crucial.  Let’s hope we see him on the field soon.

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  1. If we could just get Tom Rogic fit..


    If we could just get Jozo Simunovic fit…



    Feel like we’ve been saying this for years.



    I can fully understand why many are a bit fed up with the reality of both rather than hypothesising over the promise…

  2. Unfortunately, and with some hindsight, Tom should have been moved on. Even when he was “fit” he was unable to play the full 90 minutes, which is unacceptable for a professional footballer.

  3. glendalystonsils on




    Off the bench matchwinners and 45/60 minute wonders also have their place.



    BigTom&PaddyMcCourt CSC

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I think Rogic is worth keeping around the place. We don’t have many that can win a game on their own like him. I like Christie, but his committed style and high work rate, will mean he always has spells on the treatment table. Rogic would be a top level replacement. I assumed when he re-signed such a long contract with us that there must be allowances made within said contract to take account of his lack of durability.



  5. Last minute at Rugby Park – last minute in the Treble winning cup final Tom Rogic is worth some patience from the snowflake generation :-)



    Last minute at Rugby Park – last minute in the Treble winning cup final Tom Rogic is worth some patience from the snowflake generation :-)






    Debate the point fella instead of taking the man.

  7. Tom Rogic is an excellent player, has had too many injuries over his Celtic career but doesn’t necessarily make him injury prone, maybe more unlucky.



    James Forrest had loads of hamstring issues in the past but has kept himself injury free for a while now, touch wood, hopefully big Tam can do the same with his knee issues which started playing for Australia.



    Used properly he is a great squad player, Hunskelper and trophy winner for Celtic.

  8. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    Totally agree corkcelt …a big game player but too many injuries in his relatively short career so would cash in.



    Totally unrelated and a longshot Im sure but just wondering if anyone has spare tickets for Hamilton on Sunday…they seem very thin on the ground so any help would be much appreciated.



    Hail Hail

  9. Tom Rogic is a class player and everyone was chuffed when he signed his last contract.



    Rodgers and his staff got Tom’s fitness sorted and he played his best football for him



    Same with James



    Get Tom fit and the love will flow to him again



    Jozo is a frustrating one. He always plays well for us(collective team screw ups not included) but gets way too many injuries for a CH. this has been the case under 3 managers.



    Frustrates me as I want to see him ‘Miller’ Morelos or Kent at some point

  10. Cant have enough good players, big tom is a very good player. He will come back from injury and will add to our squad.




  11. You can’t just cash in footballers like chips.



    We knew exactly what were ‘signing up to ’ when we gave Tom Rogic a contract to 2023.



    There are hundreds of professionals that don’t play for 90 minutes, and play much fewer games than others, if you’ve developed a playing pattern and appearance rate such as he has, at 27, it’s unlikely to change.



    Pretty confident it was all factored in, bonus player when on the pitch




  12. glendalystonsils on




    Pretty damning article on big Tom…….but…….our wizard of Oz has got his crampons on , his ice axe in his hand and is ready to climb that slippery slope again (Mibbe!)



    Liesdamnedliesandstatistics CSC

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Now it would be funny if all these anti republican marches ends the marching in Glesga full stop. Bit of an own goal by the OO😱

  14. The attack on Canon Tom White and other innocent civilians in this summer’s marches, culminating in violent protest against the Republican march a fortnight ago, have presented Glasgow City Council with a tap in, open goal.



    They brought it all on themselves.

  15. Lots of good news today!



    My wee ghirl has a job offer which she has accepted.



    She has had a few knock backs and was taking it personally, so really pleased for her.


    The starting salary means that Top Shop’s profits will continue to be maintained at an acceptable level.



    I was at the hospital today and the crutches have been handed back.



    Return appointment made for six weeks and physio starts in a fortnight, so………………….I might make the HOOT.



    Fingers crossed!

  16. BSR



    Has there not been marches past catholic churches before ?.



    I think that one was disgusting but that risk has existed long before that one.



    There is more pressure that more people dont tolerate this s**t anymore & its bigger news outside bigot zcotland.







  17. Congrats to your wee ghirl, Philbhoy, I think we can deal with setbacks to ourselves as we get older but set backs to our kids hurt a lot more.




    Thanks and couldn’t agree more!



    She dropped out of uni in April having suffered from TB since December.



    We told her to take her time about her future and she didn’t start looking for work until August when we came back from holiday.



    Applying for jobs now can involve online applications followed by telephone interviews, then face to face interviews.



    She has accepted a modern apprenticeship at a big IFA in the city centre of Edinburgh.



    As her Mum and Dad were IFA’s I can’t think what we’ll be talkin’ about at the dinner table!



    Take care and God bless!

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