What of Tom Rogic?


I don’t know about you, but my early Player of the Year tip is Ryan Christie.  He is the sugar in our tea, when he is pulling the strings; we create chances and score goals.  The way he throws himself into tackles and darts around the field adds bite to our pressing game.

Which asks another question, what of Tom Rogic?  Tom’s absence on international duty when we visited Ibrox in December was a factor in the poor performance that day, while his injury before returning to Scotland hampered Celtic’s style, if not substance, on the way to their third consecutive treble.

He started two games on return from knee surgery, including the Scottish Cup Final, but did not achieve full fitness before succumbing to more knee trouble.

There is a lot of love for Tom around these parts.  He delivers in the big games and at 26 years old, he is only two years older than Christie.  The next five years should be the most productive of Tom’s career but how he recovers from this injury will be crucial.  Let’s hope we see him on the field soon.

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  1. !!BADA BING!!






    The early rises in the morning will be the making of her!



    Mind you it’s me that will be driving her to the station!

  2. Adi



    New Loyalist ’white supremacist’ ( see Sevco) violent intervention in Republican marches is uncommon but very limited in numbers, as per a fortnight ago in Govan.



    It happened and hey presto, all planned Republican marches get banned, did violence win? – or because they throw in a ban on a couple of apprentice boys gigs, all is fair?



    The OO has never been interupted never mind, interupted with violence for generations in Scotland, I imagine the best society can hope for, is less frequency in future, especially as they a now partial to ‘hitting out’, on the march.




    Thank you!



    If she is fine, so is her Mum and Dad.



    I will introduce you to her at the cafe…………..when it opens!



    Soon I hope!

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If we remember the midfield of Christie, McGregor and Rogic last season it was some of the best football I watch us play in years, we tore teams apart, more of that will do me fine.



    I wonder if cabin pressure affect the big mhans bones

  5. Lets see how many oranj odour “walks” they ban come marchin’ season………..



    ….this stinks.



    The krimplene-klad klan have had carte-blanche……to do whatever they’ve wanted forever.

  6. BANKIEBHOY1 on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:14 PM



    From next week until 10 November there will be 0 republican marches and 23 loyalist marches.


    How many will be banned?

  7. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    “””Last Man Standing 13 starts this Saturday 14th September ( 3 more Jobo sleeps)”””””



    Good Evening fholks and thank you to the 60 teams that have now joined our fine competition. Only a magnificent 7 away from the magical 67, and our first draw for an additional free entry for one of the registered participants.



    We are delighted to announce that our Lisbon beneficiary who will receive 80% of the donation pot ( 50% of the proceeds )is a very fine charitable fundraising cause, An Gorta Mor Glasgow.






    The Seville beneficiary who will receive 20% of the donation pot is still to be announced. Please let us have your nominations.



    Our game is so easy to play which means that surely you must win the prizepot, which equates to 50% of the proceeds. All you have to do each week is pick one unique team* to win or choose a game to draw each week from the list provided, and if you are the last (wo)man standing the whole prize is yours! How simple is that? The cost as always, is £10 per entry and you can have as many entries as you like. There will also be the chance to buy back your history back in rounds 1 to 3 should you make a mess of it. I know, we are good to you!🍀😁



    So if you want to join us, just send us a wee email to cqnpredictor@gmail.com saying “Im in” and we can get you registered and send you the first week fixtures






    CRC and Bateen Bhoy.



    ps * remember you can only pick each team to win once in the competition

  8. Fort William have won a game !!! When did that last happen?


    Buckie Thistle ( who play in the Celtic strip) have gone near the top of the table after a 0-1 victory tonight.


    Goodnight all.



  9. Big Wavy – from earlier – did you not see my ‘smillie’?



    I really don’t need dug up for trying to have a light hearted post – no wonder a lot of the good guys have left CQN

  10. So… as the release of Operation Yellowhammer has just revealed (originally entitled Base Case scenario which they decided to change to Worse Case for some reason) there will be fuel shortages. Job losses. Medicine shortages. Riots. And of course ‘Low-income groups will be disproportionately affected by any price rises in food and fuel.’



    Anyone who voted for Brexit care to explain why it’s a good idea and not a total disaster solely designed to


    benefit the millionaires who illegally funded the leave campaign and shorted the pound?

  11. glendalystonsils on

    The Yellowhammer is a native British bird . Ornithology books describe the phrasing of it’s song as


    ‘a little bit of bread and no cheese’.



    We might not even have the bread.

  12. glendalystonsils on




    Not much eating in a Yellowhammer . Might have been better calling it Ostrich (with it’s head in the sand/up it’s arse.)


    I wonder how many of these millionaire Brexit backers see retail/business opportunities in this post apocalyptic scenario?




    Disaster capitalism is all the rage if you don’t have any morals about making billions bringing misery to millions.

  14. Final score at Mosset Park, Forres Mechanics 2 Wick Academy 2. Forres were leading 2-0 and missed several chances to put the game out of Wick’s reach but Wick finished the stronger and scored 2 late goals to share the spoils.


    My first ever highland league game was quite entertaining and was made all the better with a local steak pie and a Bovril for the princely sum of £2



    More entertaining than Monday’s Hampden shambles.

  15. Torys being Torys shocker!!!! How a working person can vote or support anything these lot say is beyond me. they would shame all the devils in hell.



    Health services will have limited medicine and Social services/ providers will go bust ffs that your dad, mother, granparents, childrens lives.



    Lets take it back to the people and tell them If they vote no and we exit without a deal they are the ones that take the hit on job cuts, dont get access.to limited foods or access to medicine and Social case provisions oh and they are burdened with the higher electric and fuel bills. They wanna throw themselves off a bridge find, dont see why the rest of us should pay.

  16. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Been very busy with our young bhoys/ ghirls spring program planning.


    17 teams this year and every nationality under the Melbourne sun.


    Wonder how many of them we can make Celtic supporters?


    Just getting round to reading back on the blog and i see BIGYINMILAN


    started a wee discussion about the aul black ash parks back in the day, it


    brought back many happy memories of some of them i’d played on, and


    as most have said ” still got the ash in my knees to prove it ” lol.


    Plantation park aka the plots, that was my home park and i can confidently


    tell you i ripped the piss out of a few huns there, some of whom went on to


    play for the ragers.


    Think it was called the plots because there were some vegetable gardens


    there before fitba parks, anybody confirm that?


    But i will never forget filling in the holes the kids dug up with ashes from the


    midden bins before a game every week, or picking up bits of broken screw


    tap bottles from a battle the previous night.


    Ahh.. sweet memories eh?


    Back to planning our kids team tactics on a multi million dollar training complex


    with the blazing sunshine on our backs, how times change 8-))


    H.H Mick

  17. As regards Yellowhammer the poor are starving any way so they won’t notice the difference! Well that’s what Boris and his right wing elite will be thinking. The most worrying aspect is the potential for mortalities caused by shortage of essential drugs and medicines.

  18. Well done, fort willy .. a town named after king willy, who garrisoned there to keep an eye on those pesky Macdonald’s ..



    Smashing wee town..



    Jam packed wae Tims 😁

  19. Just had a wee look at The Glasgow Story there to try and confirm the plots


    theory and there’s a cracking photo of a game going on at plantation and


    i’m pretty sure i’m sitting on that big wall behind the tenements, my hoose


    is the wan with the broken windaes, two up.


    H.H Mick

  20. (Not so) fond memories of the black ash pitches at Queen’s Park Rec, Giffnock, Netherlee and, iirc, the pitches doon the hill from Holy Cross. Used to think that red ash wis luxury…

  21. Connaire


    Many Happy Returns. Hope you have a wonderful day. Was an honour to meet you after Mass on 25th May 2017. God bless you for many more birthdays. YNWA




    Thought i’d killed the blog there with the aul days lol.


    Yes..the luxurious red ash, first time playing on it and all the players


    saying ” the ba bounces funny on it ” he.. he.


    H.H Mick

  23. MM


    That day in Lisbon on 25th May 2017 was very memorable. Great 50th Anniversary. Started with morning Mass, Estadio Nacional in afternoon and Thousands of Tims partying in the evening in Pink Street Lisbon. Never to be forgotten. Celtic fans at our best. Magical memory. YNWA

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