What price Dundee game in US?


What price an SPFL game against Celtic in America? £2m? More? You can’t blame Dundee for being enterprising but I can’t see this initiative happening.

Celtic are the Great Gravy Train of Scottish football. We defy the status of our league to reach European Nirvana, which enriches us but also pays a healthy dividend to our supportive (cough) domestic competitors. The Caravan of Celtic arrives once or twice a year at each location, bringing paying fans and TV cameras. Therein lies the business model of many Scottish football clubs.

This is fair enough, but there are limits beyond which it’s inappropriate to spread the Gravy.

Don’t think I’m being sentimental here. Dundee can play their home games wherever they like as far as I’m concerned. They can move them to the US, in fact, if they convince the residents of Dingwall to do likewise, I’d have no problem with the ideal. Just so long as it’s consistent with a significant growth strategy for Celtic. The odd £1m here or there isn’t worth it for us otherwise.


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  1. glendalystonsils on

    The odd million isn’t worth bothering about??



    You heartless brute Paul67.


    There are wee lurking Sevconites on here who’ll be having seizures reading that!

  2. Paul 67 et al,



    Just think, season ticket sales in the future c/w global air ticket.




  3. Paul67


    You may well be correct but I know I would be more interested in Dundee v Celtic in America than I would be in Dundee v Celtic at Dens Park.




  4. From last thread



    Winter shutdown is bad enough but when it coincides with a presidetial inaugaration its bloody murder. Need to contact the SPFL to continue every 4th year.




    Happy birthday to Cosy Corner Boy and young ACGR

  5. JJ



    Why would Dundee v Celtic in the USA interest you more than same fixture at Dens?



    Do they do half time peh in Dundee Michigan?




  6. Info.


    For those who don’t read Twitter and may have missed out on Rovers tickets.This was posted by Albion Rovers.




    Albion Rovers v @celticfc Celtic FC -The final few Rovers end tickets for Cup match will be on sale from the stadium today from 4.30 – 6 pm




    Birthday wishes to the auld yin an’ the young yin!



    Hope you have a great day.

  8. PAUL67



    Posting about fitba’ noo an again is ok, but………………………………..what is your opinion on Mr Trumps


    foreign policy and his view on abortion?



    I used to have a comb over but I’ve shaved my head.

  9. CCB – Hoopy birthday to a fine gentleman. I see it in your son.



    Hoopy birthday to ACGR Jnr. I fine gentleman, I see it in your Da…..sort of! ;-)



    HH jamesgang

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The odd £1m here or there isn’t worth it for us otherwise.



    Can´t help but thinking we (NOT ME and that’s a problem for me) are entering “for every tenner” territory here



    So no more glamour friendlies



    No more schedule busting games for pre season and winter break …. god you would almost think that this was our original idea



    No more Summer friendlies … or is the match fee now more than a million ?



    Or is it the de rigeur – tiger never changes it spots – made up on the hoof pash that we are continually fed ?



    What´s PL saying in the papers today ?



    Do any Dundee fans charrmen actually read CQN ?




  11. foghorn leghorn on

    hands up all those who bought tickets for the albion rovers game hoping it will help guarantee them a potential treble winning cup final ticket if we get there but dont have any intentions of going to the game



    and hands up all those bus conveners who took as many tickets as they could for the game knowing that they likely wont be able to get rid of them among their members



    cue shed loads of tickets being held up for sale outside the ground before the game



    mutt-eat-mutt world well and truly alive



    im not saying it’s right or wrong though, merely speculating



    and i dont have 1 bit of evidence to support this theory – but you all know i will be right :)

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    hands up all those who bought tickets for the albion rovers game hoping it will help guarantee them a potential treble winning cup final ticket




    cue shed loads of tickets being held up for sale outside the ground before the game






    Bought our ticket to go to the game – no thought of any future round.



    Game will be jam-packed – rare chance to see the wee-Rovers, romance of the tie, first game for a month, Plains boys will invade Airdrie :-)



    Yer an awfy cynic…






  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Happy birthday to Cosy Corner Boy , ACGR and Awe Naw must say fine men are born in January :)

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Did Brendan not tell the plc that there would be. I glamour friendly this month?


    Did he also have a word in their ear re going to US for an away tie?

  15. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    According to ET ..



    Ivory Coast starlet Kouassi Eboue jets to Russia to complete £2.8m move to Celtic from Krasnodar.



    Celtic new boy Kouassi Eboue has jetted back to Russia to complete his switch to Scotland.

  16. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Inside The SPFL ‏@AgentScotland 6m6 minutes ago


    Kouassi Eboue has travelled back to Moscow from Celtic’s Dubai base, for his work permit to begin he needs to arrive in the UK from Russia

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    It’s also yon big eegit from Dumblanes birthday today. no not Jamesgang but Hutchybhoy☘☘☘



    Prestonpans Bhoy


    Happy birthday whenever it falls in January



    Kit and JFH



  18. MWD


    I know what kind of response there will be in Dundee when we play there and I know how the MSSM will respond to their very selective take on our Away Support.


    I don`t know how the USA media will respond to the likely thousands of US based Tims who would attend the game and behave in a way which is likely, should the game take place, to be a wee bit different from that which they are used to at American Football, Baseball and even MLS games.


    For that reason, I would be more interested in the game if it were to be played in America.




    PS From memory, we always used the word `America` . Is it right to say that USA orUS of A or even just ` The States` are all more commonly used now?

  19. What’s that song at the end of the Mary popping film again? Something about flying a kite?



    Seems Paul is flying one with this Dundee USA story. It’s clear that Celtic are quite happy to play in the US as long as the money is right for them. All this guff about it being Dundee leading this is just guff.



    You see you lot as supporters really are dispensable to the Celtic board. If they can replace you with a higher spending lot they will.



    Interestingly. Paul tells us just as long as it’s in line with Celtics long term growth strategy? What strategy is that Paul? Anyone know what that strategy is? Anyone, bueller, anyone?



    Hats also fascinating is Paul’s silence on the new disciplinary procedures being brought in by the sfa. I’m sure of course the new procedures won’t be used to persecute any minority groups in Scotland. So perhaps we do it need to talk about it?



    Celtic? Harlem globetrotters? Celtic?



    I DON`T HAVE ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT MY VIEW EITHER (oops!) but strongly believe that the Celtic Support will be there in numbers and anyone hoping to purchase one of the `shed load` of spare tickets will be very disappointed.




  21. Hot Smoked



    Ok. I get that it may be a bit different and offer a wee bit better PR.



    But lets say we agree to move one away game for a fee and it is successful where will it then stop?



    How many home games will then be moved at the price of profit and will we receive a reduction or money back on our season book to the value of the game\s in question as season ticket holders?



    Do the fans actually count?



    Celtic International not for me. Although I do see it happening and the club growing further away from it’s core and base support. Something I believe Paul alluded to in an earlier article a few weeks ago.



    USA, US of A, America, Idiotland. Your choice to choose which name you choose to call it.




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