What say you now, Mr Bryson?


Scottish Football Association.
Articles of Association.
Powers of the Board of the SFA.
56, (8).

“It [the Board]shall have power to enquire into all and any financial arrangements between recognised football bodies, clubs and players and to cancel any agreement between clubs and players contrary to the Articles and to publish in the public press or otherwise the findings of the Board in this regard and the substance of any and all evidence tendered in such enquiries.”

“It shall have the power

“to enquire into all and any financial arrangements

“between recognised football bodies, clubs and players

“and to cancel any agreement between clubs and players contrary to the Articles”.

While the prolonged HMRC inquiry into Rangers played out in public, the Scottish Football Association had the power to enquire into what was going on and rule accordingly.  They chose not to.

Mr Bryson is the executive charged with this responsibility.  He did nothing.  Then his evidence to the Commission determined the outcome and effectively cleared his earlier inaction. In SFA parlance, this is “heavily conflicted”.

What say you now, Mr Bryson?

It was always rather curious that the SPL convened the Commission, not the SFA, which is the registration body.  Had it been the SFA, the first route of appeal would be to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).  CAS ruled against Mr Bryson’s interpretation of proper registration when the Swiss FA registered Sion players, in line with the documentation submitted, but improperly.

If the SPL takes the matter to CAS it will win.

Celtic, and Celtic fans, cannot do anything alone.  We need to stand with other SPL clubs, or to be more specific, we need to stand with the fans of other SPL clubs in the first instance.  An SPL Fan Group is needed.  More on this later.
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  1. Proven to be cheats, with a corrupt Governing body. Did anyone expect any different? Bryson and Ogilvie to be sackked immediately, I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Just managed to get WiFi in Kuala Lumpur airport and I am shocked and angered by the LNS decision. Just more evidence that I’ve made the right decision in getting away from that place.



    Trying not to get too angry as I don’t want to upset the kids.




  3. Everyone is crying out for peace, yes


    None is crying out for justice


    Everyone is crying out for peace, yes


    None is crying out for justice.



    I don’t want no peace


    I need equal rights and justice


    I need equal rights and justice


    I need equal rights and justice


    Got to get it, equal rights and justice.





  4. I was heartened by Graham Speirs who said he had spoken to numerous SPL Chairmen, all of whom were stunned at the report.



    I hope this does not rest here.

  5. Sounds great Paul. Is it correct to say that it was Barçabhoy who dug this up?



    Mon the bampots.

  6. tommytwiststommyturns on

    If the Bunnet was still running the club, then he would have already called for a vote of No Confidence in the SFA hierarchy.



    Call them out…and don’t worry about the MSM, who gives a toss what they say?! They’re nothing but a bunch of discredited lapdogs.




  7. Good article Paul


    Nothing will change till the fans of every club that plays by the rules, stand united and tell the corrupt ludge that is running our game NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yesterday our game died on its feet to accomodate one club AGAIN.


    Can we rgister ourselfs as russian or ukranian to get out this cesspit, then just say it was an administrive error, pay the fine and get on withh football outwith Scotland.

  8. The remarkably monikered Turnbull Hutton – let’s be hearing ye, and many more like ye…….


    ……………that’ll set some wheels in motion.




  9. Poor timing Paul, just posted anaw:-D



    However, it looks like the fans have to lead…again. We can’t take this lying down. Don’t touch my toes for anyone!

  10. obonfanti1888 on

    Campbell Ogilive’s malign influence no doubt. It’s exactly what he was placed there for.

  11. Paul



    were you perchance reading my comments yesterday ;-) COS is where this needs to ends up – I did wonder if as with the FTT there might have been a deliberate loophole left for this to happen – perhaps better for all involved for the coup de grace to be delivered from abroad?




  12. totally agree with you Paul. I asked this question this morning if the fans of all clubs lobby their clubs re an appeal then the spl board would need to appeal. The fans stood up to sfa/spl/sfl and made sure the dead ones did not get put straight back in spl or sfl 1 I believe that fan power can overturn this whitewash.


    The fans are the life blood of all clubs, if guys like Paul and other bloggers can unite the fans of all clubs then we may yet see justice.


    Ourselves alone not this time bhoys.




  13. Perhaps the only way forward is indeed Fan power. It stopped Zombie FC from being admitted to the SPL?

  14. You have a chance to protest tomorrow.


    It’s IFAB conference in Edinburgh. FIFA and UEFA offuicials will be talking abut changes in the game etc.





    roll up roll up the show must go on



    timmy at the back of the bus yet again




  16. Snake Plissken on




    Did you share my surprise at the length of time it took for this commission to meet given that the defense offered presented the matter as something as trivial as “an administrative error”?



    For me these things simply do not marry and I think most people not inside the SFA and the blue mob from the South-side bubble feel the same way.

  17. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Flicking through channels to find Big Billy lifting the European cup. Brought a big smile…



    Off oot tae work (as Kev would say)




  18. Zbyszek



    11:56 on 1 March, 2013



    You have a chance to protest tomorrow.


    It’s IFAB conference in Edinburgh. FIFA and UEFA offuicials will be talking abut changes in the game etc.





    Interesting I hadn’t heard about that – the SFA wouldn’t be keeping that quiet would they?




  19. Haven’t we had enough of lawyers, committee men and snake charmers?



    Couldn’t we set an example for the world? Tear up the league agreements, form one governing body, and go from there.



    Hurling is experiencing a worldwide boost in participation levels due in no small measure to its ethos, which many parents see as something they want to instill in their children to better prepare them to take their place in society.

  20. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Mr Z – good shout mate. Perfect place to highlight the corruption of the governing body in this country!




  21. How dare the SFA play a part in telling the game how to run itself. Its flagrant disregard for its own rules, all for the benefit of one club, stinks to high heaven.



    Utter hypocrites.

  22. Paul 67



    Another good header, please don’t give up on this. Can u use any influence you have at CP to encourage contact by Celtic to other clubs and try and present to whoever could be deemed as objective!!


    Hail Hail

  23. .






    11:14 on


    1 March, 2013


    I never wanted ‘their’ grandchildren to be Celtic supporters anyway!!!









    A Wee Bit Dissapionted with That Comment.. Probs Tongue in Cheek but Hey Ho..



    All My Dads Grandchildren are Celtic Supporters.. Oops.. One isn’t..5 out of 6 Ain’t Bad..



    Summa of IBlameCatholicSchoolTeachersCSC

  24. Booker T, I honestly believe that is SPL fans got together they could change the football world in this country.



    Should be easy for us to arrange, especially with all this exasperation?



    Celtic_First, correct.



    leftclicktic, we all have a job to do here in getting people together.



    Art of War, indeed.



    VertWolf, missed your comment yesterday and don’t believe the SFA want it to go to CAS, but agree on your point. Let’s take it there.



    KevJungle, unless SPL fans unite it will roll on for decades.



    mighty tim, indeed.



    Snake Plissken, I hear you.



    Burghbhoy, I am v sure Celtic are on the case but they need others to support their position. I believe others will only support their position if fans encourage them.

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