What your money did


In recent weeks hundreds of you have contributed to our Mary’s Meals project to build a school kitchen in Malawi for the 1221 pupils who are enrolled at the Kholoni Primary School in Mchinii, and then for the 746 pupils at St Joseph’s Primary in Kasungu.

The £7000 required for the first school reached Mary’s Meals some weeks ago and the building was opened and serving meals yesterday.

Here it is:

We have a lot to do today but there is an excellent chance that the £7000 required for St Joseph’s will be raised and in Mary’s Meals account before 470 of us sit down in the Kerrydale Suite for the CQteN St Patrick’s Day dinner tonight.

Here’s what you’ve done.  You have funded two facilities which between them will feed 1967 children, all of whom live below the UN measure of absolute poverty, in the 17th poorest country in the world.

Most days, for almost all children, this will be their main meal, it will often be their only meal.  As a result, they will attend school in greater numbers, 30% greater, if they are an average Mary’s Meals, Malawi, school.  They will gain a better education and have better opportunities in life.  They will build stronger bodies, more able to resist infection.  Child mortality will fall.

The spirit of Brother Walfrid, of Celtic, is alive within you.  You can get involved here.

See you at the party!

Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches tonight.

“CNN reported that on the day before the game 3% of the earth’s flying population were all headed for Seville and were sporting a Celtic scarf – a statistic that no sector of industry could ignore and which would change the policy of many airlines as a result.”

Order yours here:

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  1. right, things to do to get a podium



    read the article



    go for a ‘single’



    put the kettle on



    think of something witty and interesting to say to gazump those bland ‘first’ posters



    have quick bit of shut eye






    give a quick verse of ‘can you hear The Rangers sing’



    booger, forgot to post



    next time

  2. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    * He played a total of 140 consecutive matches between April 1965 and September 1967. He did not miss a single match during that two-year period – the most successful period in the club’s history – playing in every friendly match for the club, including the North American Tour that preceded the clean sweep season of 1966/67, the head-to-head with Manchester United and the great Alfredo Di Stefano’s testimonial. The run also included four internationals with Scotland and continued until September 27, 1967, when he was rested for the League Cup quarter-final against Ayr United. John was back in the team for a league win over Stirling Albion three days later.




    John Clark

  3. Happy Cq10 day and congratulation Paul. You should be rightly proud!


    Hail hail



  4. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    to all attending tonight’s wee do






    Hail Hail

  5. Paul that was more than just one ‘congratulation’ :) Congratulations! (iPhone – cross trainer :) )

  6. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    00:11 on 14 March, 2014


    I know how we all try to avoid politics on this site but I really find this youtube video so funny and sad






    A cracking post but politics is absolutely welcome on this site when it’s about Russia/Soviet Union, Cuba, Kosovo and just about any country in the world: as long as it’s not about our country….. Scotland!!!!

  7. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on

    Paul67 & CQteN team



    What a Humbling, yet absolutely Brilliant Effort



    Will be over the moon to be part of tonight’s Kerrydale brigade



    Hail Hail

  8. antipodean red on

    Absolutely incredible that the first kitchen is built and serving already, hope everyone going tonight has a great time, I will be there….virtualy, please can as many of you Bhoys and Ghirls as possible sign those Seville books tonight for us Bhoys who are far away.



    Paul67, What a magnificent achievement!




  9. Catman supports Wee Oscar on

    Have a great night tonight all posters and lurkers. Wish I was going but the small matter of a free weekend in Cardiff watching some egg chasers before enjoing the various bars in the city.




  10. Paul67



    I appreciate that a lot of people contributed to the cause, but how proud those photographs make you personally feel I can only imagine.



    Hats off.

  11. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on

    Incidentally I got into the first 11 :-)



    Hail Hail

  12. Tony Blair and Tony Benn -what a contrast .


    Cameron in Israel yesterday along with – with the middle east “peace envoy” Blair!


    And at the same time air attacks on Gaza were taking place to the deafening sound of silence in the MSM.

  13. Magnificent cause , magnificent effort. That’s what the celts do best , congratulations to all the organisers .




  14. I’m still convinced that the Tony Blair as ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ thing is the work of some political satirist.

  15. Paul 67………Bhoys and Ghirls…………….



    …well done to all involved in this great life-affirming effort.



    Cap doffed……..



    It is good to be a Tim!




  16. Paul67


    You don’t have the phone number of the Malawi builders do you ?


    My kitchen is taking 8 weeks to build, and is not as big.


    A great effort Paul67 from all concerned, and something you should be rightly proud of as we celebrate 10 years of your creation…. See what you’ve started ?

  17. From the programme:



    “A signed photograph of Kojo – or the cash equivalent” – Brilliant.

  18. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    winning captains



    Programme looks superb.






    Incredible effort by all who donated for Mary’s meals.



    Looking forward to a great night tonight. Work is in the way but that will zip past.




  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    So a free pint on entry tonight. My wife doesn’t drink pints so I’ll have hers, what’s not to like ;-)




  20. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    Paul 67






    and the cqn community …….



    take a bow….. magnificent effort .



    Hail Hail

  21. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on

    Bamboo 9,12



    I think the air strikes on Gaza, which you mention, are in retaliation for the firing of over 60 missiles into southern Israel, over the last few days. Equally unreported by media, but fact none the less




  22. St Patricks day 1956 on

    Paul67 & CQN team



    Fantastic achievement, you inspire us, well done.



    And well done to all posters & lurkers who have helped the cause.



    This has taken us back to our origins, helping to feed the poor and hungry.



    You can all be proud.

  23. glasgowdave



    Never mind the Malawi builders. I reckon CQN have Mchinii District Council in their back pocket the same way Celtic are in cahoots with Glasgow City Council. Show me the Building Warrant for the Kitchen? Show me the Planning Consent for the Kitchen?


    No, I didn’t think so……




  24. My Mrs isn’t really a sports fan. Doesn’t really get the attraction of football. And often teases me about how much time I spend ‘on your Celtic website’…….



    Just showed her the article – I think she gets it a lot more now.



    HH the Celts are here……




  25. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Johnny Clash



    Sorry I missed your post about hand held devices yesterday, I was too busy using mine to contact the mothership to get me the hell out of here!! :-)

  26. JohnnyClash



    Yes a sick joke . But Blair has become a very rich man on the back his bloody crusade.


    Maybe crime does pay.

  27. Good Morning All, from a very pleasant and sunny Cologne.



    Congratulations Paul on achieving the milestone of a second school kitchen, a fantastic achievement and demonstration of the ethos that sets Celtic apart.



    To everyone that will be attending tonight’s bash at Celtic Park, I hope you have a wonderful evening and I am very jealous that I can’t be there tonight, have a great time.






  28. lilys grandpa



    The Palistinians are under a cruel and ruthless occupation and have the right fight against the oppressors.

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Amazing work Paul 67,just shows you how quickly these things can be activated.Politicians hang your heads in shame.

  30. JohnnyClash


    Do you need paperwork for this ? . I thought a wink, and wearing my CQN badge was all that was required when the guy from the coonsil came calling.


    Whatever happened to nepotism ?

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