What’s it to you, Charlie?


The news yesterday that HMRC would appeal the decision by the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) to reject the part of their tax demand against former club Rangers which was still open to dispute was received by most with passing interest.  The FTT returned a split decision, with the minority view giving HMRC substantial grounds for an appeal, and as we have heard often in recent years, HMRC always pursue tax under various circumstances.  Reasons include when they believe wrongdoing has occurred.

As such, it seemed strange that The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, issued a statement on the subject yesterday as the on-going tax dispute “will have no affect (sic.) on us”.  He also wrote “in the strongest possible terms to HMRC pointing out the futility of such an appeal”.

If Green expects HMRC to read this letter and to countenance a change of tact he has a regard for his own abilities which are, frankly, a little curious.  No mere mortal could write a letter and bring about any change in such a dispute, which leads us to another question, is Charles Green a mere mortal, or does his aim occasionally stretch beyond his reach?  I’m sure we’re not dealing with a Self-Certified-Superman.

The point to this exercise is that while Green’s newco is not liable for another company’s taxes, his football club inherited the SFA place vacated by Rangers, including pesky football liabilities.  Fifa and SFA rules on paying social taxes are clear – avoid them illegally and face disciplinary action.

As the matter is on-going, the football authorities have yet to issue any disciplinary action for the non-payment of taxes for the five players Rangers conceded to the FTT.  Should the courts ultimately decide in favour of HMRC for the balance of players still being disputed, a fresh wave of disciplinary measures would be due against Green’s club.

Last summer we discussed how the toxicity which was attached to the club Craig Whyte inherited, and then relinquished in a worse state, would make going forward as a Newco with any connection whatsoever to the SFA membership of Oldco very difficult.  Many, including the Blue Knights consortium, concluded it didn’t look viable.

It still doesn’t. Scottish football needs to consider how to deal with the long term consequences of these matters.
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  1. Dead and Loving it on

    Dead and Loving it


    12:17 on


    5 February, 2013





    spoke to a couple of huns a few months ago, they said that they where harassed from the moment they got off the bus, cant remember what game it was

  2. From KDS via TSFM



    Q: If there is no ‘tax liability’ on Newco **** then why would he even consider corresponding with HMRC “in the strongest possible terms”?



    A: Because HMRC can instruct the appointed liquidators, BDO, to reclaim the assets sold off from Oldco **** to Newco **** for the under-valued sum of £5.5Million.



    And Chuck knows this, thats why he’s shampootin’ his pants right now.

  3. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on

    What is means for Challs:



    Armaggedon Then, Apocalypse Now, Annihilation Ramorra

  4. Totally off topic, but can anyone recommend a restaurant where I can get a good steak in Edinburgh?



    Doesnt have to be too fancy, but at same time, not wanting to skimp on it either.



    Got some clients up from Wales for the rugby next month and looking to book somewhere for after the match. The Boyos enjoy their steak…..washed down with copious beers too of course!



    Thanks in advance.






  5. mearns 2 milton on

    What are Chuckles long term objectives for TRFC? When he first came to the scene. I was confident he was an associate of Our Hero. As the time has gone by that seems less likely but I am not ruling it out. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Have two football clubs, claiming to be the same ever both been liquidated within 12 months of each other?



    Would that be a world record?

  6. Dead and Loving it on

    Don’t know if this can be done but I read somewhere that if HRMC believe that the sale of the assets from oldco looks like a stitch up, they can instruct BDO to recover the assets from the recipient , is this the reason why chuckles is getting all hot and bothered



    Just remembered where I read this, it was TSFM

  7. cannot wait to hear how LNS deals with the duel contract loans/payments


    some people are going to look like fools if the right verdict is not give



    1 club is already in liquidation



    could be another busy summer ahead




  8. Ahll tell thee whits init fir Chuck,he bought the history,the titles,the cups,the dignity,


    the bike,the asbestos ,the deb………….scrub that last one,ay oop.

  9. Hi Paul67,



    As the wee tax case, the vat, p.a.y.e. and national insurance is owing from the last year that Rangers traded is outstanding, doesn’t that give the SFA grounds to move on the Social Taxes rules.



    Or like sectarian singing, does it need to be put on hold, at least until the BTC is resolved and beelzebub is frozen out of his abode.



    Hail! Hail!

  10. ………….split decision, aye,………………


    ……the msm chose not to highlight the significance of this.


    Too much of a rush to proclaim the ‘busted flush’ as winner.





  11. The Token Tim



    One of the hotels out near Murrayfield will be decent for a steak but I think that the Ghillie Dhu at the West End of Princes Street or the Tempest Bar on George street would be decent bets for a good steak if you prefer the city centre area.




  12. It’s my understanding that FIFA and UEFA both define Football Clubs as legal entities. Therefore UEFA and FIFA are of the opinion, Rangers FC is no more. Given that’s the case, how can they flout their own rules and insist Charlie pays taxes owed by a dead Club?



    Inheriting the SFA membership doesn’t mean inheriting the debt. Had Spartans inherited the SFA membership, would they be liable ?

  13. Miki67 et al



    I know you’ve been espousing the attributes of Paddy McCourt and fair play to ye. Some supporters dismiss him as he has done zilch in recent times but that’s not his fault as he’s not being used, perhaps because what he has to offer is not required in todays Celtic team?



    I think he’s one of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. What stops Paddy being one of the greats is his fitness levels, some have it naturally and some have to work at it and achieve a decent level, Paddy McC doesn’t have it and isn’t able to achieve the required levels partly due to injury and also not getting the game time to achieve a level of match fitness.



    A decent footballer nowadays needs to be strong and super fit first, with skill coming shortly behind those attributes. It’s a shame really because supporters want to see the skilful player first and the strength and fitness levels are seen as an “add on” extra.



    I think that’s why football is dying in Scotland because the type of players coming through follow the …. Erm “model” laid down by Walter Smith et al during rangers glorious draws achieved throughout the many, many years of under achieveing European football bore fests.



    We, the CFC need to change that and it’ll take time but hopefully NFL will be able to accommodate a Paddy McC type when the Champions League trophy is in the cabinet





    Paddy McCourts fan club CSC




  14. LiviBhoy,



    thanks mate. Will have a look at the latter 2. Think the lads will prefer drinking and eating in centre, albeit no doubt it will be mobbed!






  15. TTT



    Re steak in auld reekie – why not venture down to Leith, some great eateries there by the quay. Can’t remember the name but Ronnie Corbetts brother has an excellent restaurant in the harbour – might be called Skippers, but can’t be sure now – ages since I’ve lived there.






  16. Podium drones finished yet?



    I think things are coming to the boil quite a bit quicker than most expected. You’d have thought they would have least have won the Ramsdem Cup? Or even a fairly decent run in the League Cup?



    I imagine there are a fair few follow followers looking for an excuse to get aff the bus. Then again, it’s never ever been about football for the majority of thum. It’s more a herding/kulchur/fleg/Loyalist type thing.



    How can they even begin to compare what we have achieved in Europe? All done with no shortage of class, style and good humour.

  17. The Token Tim



    I would book very early to avoid dissapointment to whichever you choose. There are many excellent restaurants. Depends on your budget really. The two I have recommended are near the main pubs and drinking areas. There are real problems on Princes Street with the trams so you want to be at the west end of the city centre for getting to Murrayfield.


    The Welsh come up to Edinburgh in huge numbers. The city is always packed. The Irish and the Welsh bring the most fans.


    George Street has plenty good restaurants so it may be worthwhile to pick your own but again I would book early to avoid having nowhere to go.




  18. Paul67


    Articles like today’s always draw me back to the CQN video series where you declared ” Don’t play poker with Peter Lawell, I wouldn’t “. Can’t think why !

  19. Worth a follow for twitter types :))









    @corsica1968 So, 6 major City figures tell me Sevco only raised c£9m in float, rest is debt4equity and notes. Any comment Jabba, Chuckles?








    @Danboo67 First, bit of patience and politeness please. Second, flotation was not “a failure”; was perfectly legal scam which has succeeded.

  20. bankiebhoy1



    Totally agree. The food is excellent at the shore. I suspected the guys wanted a city centre venue for eating.


    Cracking restaurants in the Leith area. Some nice watering holes too and also the spit and saw dust pubs which are sadly dying out.




  21. when i opened yhe blog i thought id won the lottery!(check the title headline! or are you just being or are tou just being friendly paul?)

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