When and how football lockdown lifts


I had a conversation yesterday about what the world will be like when lockdown is lifted.  We agreed it will not be lifted all at once.  Small private gatherings will be permitted first, then restaurants, cinemas and eventually bars.  The last thing to be released from lockdown will be football stadiums.

When you consider how football fans shout, sing and embrace, normal attendance at games will not be possible while the virus exists and large parts of the population remain in mortal danger.  Thousands of spectators cross-contaminating will not be allowed to happen until the virus is eradicated or a vaccine is distributed.  This could take years.

Around 90% of the football industry across Europe may go out of business before selling another match ticket.  Scotland would be left with Celtic and the community clubs, who can furlough every member of staff, get a grant for the rates and rent out their pitch to youth teams to pay insurance and utility bills.

This is just one small unthinkable thing in a seemingly imperious industry that is very thinkable in 2020.  Similar consequences will be replicated in other industries across the world.  If football wants to survive, it has to get innovative very quickly.

Facemasks, visors, gloves, a shedload of new rules on behaviour permitted at a football ground, alcohol gel dispensers everywhere and cashless kiosks are all things clubs should be planning for.  It would be a mistake to assume the game we are familiar with will return at any point in the next year.  Your football stadium experience will either be very different, or it will not happen for a long time.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just heard there will be a round of applause for Courier and Delivery Drivers.



    It could be anytime between 9am and 5pm tomorrow.

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    DAVID17-my wife knew about the sec and old folks homes in bothwell/udingston set up 2weeks ago.She actually went to our local church and primary school for tables and chairs to put in the the places.She is now being asked to go to her patients home instead of them coming to the clinic.Iwould hope she’s being kept up to date.


    Everyone please stay as safe as you can

  3. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    I stayed up all night to see where the sun went- then it dawned on me.


    I’m reading a book about anti-gravity..I just can’t put it down.


    When you get a bladder infection….urine trouble.


    I didn’t like my beard at first–Then it grew on me.

  4. matt stewart @ ages ago



    Was just about to take the pigeon for a walk (I haven’t got a dog) and pick up up some essential Merlot when this arrived




  5. FAIRHILL BHOY on 8TH APRIL 2020 9:59 PM



    A work colleagues father sadly passed away at the Uddingston home, from COVID. Immediate family only were allowed at the funeral, a truly terrible situation.

  6. fairhill bhoy on

    DAVID17-my wife doesn’t work in there.And it might not be the same care home.They had a day where anyone who had the correct car insurance were asked to deliver essentials to the care home.Sad news about your friends dad.

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    I suggest they should have been in panic mode in February when it would have been helpful and saved a few thousand lives.





    na, cos panic mode usually means loads of rashly thrown in ‘solutions’ by all those involved so has a tendancy to make matters worse and not better



    im sure plenty of folk can relate to that from their own workplace

  8. The media in this Country are S### scared of that mob from Ibrox.



    Radio Clyde earlier ” great statement from rangers”.



    They all know saying anything against THEM makes them targets.



    Make ye puke so it would.

  9. Had to laugh at this from the truly hopeless Ann Budge,



    ”Government can change the Laws of the Land, within 24 hours, to cope with this crisis, then surely it cannot be impossible for Scottish Football’s Governing bodies to modify rules to get things done.”



    Let that sink in for a moment, bottom Club seeks rule change to stay in top division.



    In other words we’ve been total s**** please change the rules to save us.



    Appreciate she is trying to deflect Hearts failures onto the SPFL and angling for reconstruction, but good grief.

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    Think this is definitely one of these times where we let them say what they want.


    Never interrupt a fool.


    Stay safe 🍀



    Just heard there will be a round of applause for Courier and Delivery Drivers.







    It could be anytime between 9am and 5pm tomorrow.








  12. Fairhill Bhoy,


    you enjoying the lockdown mucker,


    thought you would have used the time to learn


    how to post music,


    glad you havent

  13. That statement from the huns……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    calling all” Journalists” – this is your time!






    Guff-0-Meter totally fubar’d…..

  14. Duffy & Guidi were bending over backwards to agree with the Huns tonight.



    Easy for me to say as an Anonymous poster I suppose.



    Maybe different if my name was out there for that horrible mob to target.



    Think I would refuse to go on their show if that was the case?



    Hail Hail.

  15. Bada


    In response to earlier


    The updated letter from goverment only came out 24hrs ago


    I was issued a copy this morning

  16. Earlier I expressed surprise that work was going ahead……… and being photographed at The Dilapidated Victorian Toilet Block…………I’m still surprised, I mean – whatever work is going on , it’s hardly essential is it?…………..




  17. BTW………….



    for supper I just had a packet of Rolos……….and not for the first time since the new regime!




  18. Nothing new under the Sun.



    Start building yer Ain Stuff.



    Tok l8 methinks.



    All the Almightys jibber jabber is Touching Down.



    Chris/ HT warned about wishing Ill will…..




    Ffs only been here in the main 70 years.



    I know Churchill was a Druid.



    Love is the Dave at this Moment of crisis.

  19. Bada . 8.45


    I received similar from a pal who works for the NHS .



    TBB & Canamalar.


    I got a call from someone early last week, currently spending time in her majesty’s pleasure. Little more than one hour out the cell each day for the one hot meal per day and exercise which consists of a walk.


    Lockdown when locked up .



    Btw . Canamalar 8.24


    Thumbs up .

  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a beautiful sunny Melbourne suburbs.


    Oz government warning people to stay of the beaches this


    Easter weekend and not get complacent about social distancing.


    Thankfully the cold weather anticipated then will keep the


    nutjobs in the hoose.


    Welcome DAVID 1958 you’ve already been asked that all important


    initiation question so i won’t bother, so more importantly do you


    prefer your cheese roasted or toasted?


    H.H . Mick

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Scandal of gigantic proportion regarding the cruise ship


    berthed in Sydney with covid sufferers onboard.


    And who was it allowed hundreds of infected to go ashore?


    Police raided the ship last night to collect a black box?


    I thought only planes had them.


    15 poor souls dead now from that ship and 10% of the


    nations infected through that crazy decision to let passengers




    Heads must roll for this.


    H.H . Mick

  22. Played Aidan tonight Fifa 17 Ultimate Teams. He had Leigh G inform and BIG STRONG man Moussa (silver at the Timme).



    I got beat 3-1.



    Brilliant by Aidan. Tomorrow is another day.




  23. When a Person says you are not Loved,



    Need to redouble efforts.



    Being quiet is Mega. Sometimes



    Hope and I Pray.

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