When boyhood fans move: Liam Shaw


With several in the squad reluctant to extend their stay at the club beyond 2022 it was encouraging to read 19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday player, Liam Shaw’s, drive and sense of purpose at joining Celtic from 1 July.

Liam’s teenage years followed that of Kristofer Ajer, central mid-cum-central defender, I expect him to fill the latter role at Celtic.  Wednesday are considering legal options regarding this transfer, which falls into Moussa Dembele’s Fulham-to-Celtic category, which saw the player cross the border for training development compensation.  A deal within England would have cost an actual transfer fee.

Sheffield Wednesday fans are less than impressed with their club for failing to convince a fan of the club to stay.  It is a tough one, but this is modern football.  Players move, irrespective of who they support.  If they have the drive to succeed at the top of the game, childhood dreams are not going to stop them.  We have known this to our cost.

You will never hear this from a player but speak to an agent.  If the player has talent, he is moving to the best career option available.  Enjoy your final months in Yorkshire, Liam.  Lennoxtown will be  a changed place when you arrive.


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  1. Paul67


    ‘Lennoxtown will be a changed place when you arrive.’



    I hope you’re right and it’s for the better.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    Celtic continue to be an easy target, promoted by the media at large, until they grow a pair and put an end to the excremuntum by them.



    The National running with a story they didn’t even research and probably got from here re the trademark, sometimes we make the SMSM jobs easy.

  3. jhb prev




    Surely to God there are enough glaring historic examples – from the original SNP/Church of Scotland famine song in the 30’s/40’s, to, “what school did you go to” at job interviews up until the 70’s.




    Tell me mr chased of cqn as its full of nationalist bigots while getting your back slapped by fellow unionists of the hun persuasion



    What did the labour and unionist party do about it?


    was ii


    a. zero


    b. nothin


    c zilch/nada


    d. phone George Galloway to find out how to betray ones principles



    keep to Celtic.once you stray into the realms of your George Galloway phone in yir lost.


    yir lost anyway if you defend any union which murdered over a million irish in the genocide that was an gorta mor

  4. Stems back to “Bob” two nights ago. Said he read it on facebook. I wrote it off as nonsense like others but some loved to use it for another excuse to moan 🤣😂

  5. AN TEARMANN on 11TH MARCH 2021 1:39 PM




    ‘yir lost anyway if you defend any union which murdered over a million irish in the genocide that was an gorta mor’








    Even for a member of the cult, that is utterly bizarre.



    What’s your view of all those people living in England who are entitled to an Irish passport? Are they lost too?

  6. I hope this signing is the first of many. I hope we should send the loanees back (Kenny, Duffy Laxalt and Elynoussi) and sell as many of the existing squad as possible with the exception of Bain, Hazard, Ralston, Welsh, Shaw, Taylor, Soro, Turnball, Henderson, Robertson, Connel, Forrest, Klimala. I hope give chances to O’Connor McInroy and Afolabi who have had time on loan.



    The new signings Barkas, and Ajeti need to be sold, Eddy, Ajer Christie, McGregor, Johnston Bitton, Griffiths need sold if possible. Brown should become a coach. We also dont need a Reserve team so we should give the youngsters a chance and free them or put them out on loan,



    i reckon we need 12 or 13 new players. 3 or 4 need to be Scottish Academy Development players to meet new Uefa regulation.



    With new Coaching staff and a lot of new players, Lennoxtown will be different place.

  7. Apart from using it as a smokescreen to gloss over thi season’s shambles, why would Celtic , having went along with it for over hundred years, suddenly wish to abandon being one half of The old Firm?

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    Timhorton…of course they will.


    It’s a corrupt organisation as is FIFA and the SFA.

  9. I Know he’s a young laddie but what happens when the new gaffer rocks up and doesn’t like the looks of the bold Liam???



    What’s going on Celtic? Who is calling the shots?

  10. New Cases of the virus, and 7 day average went up yesterday, the actions of the weekend starting to take hold.

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    Foden bursts into the box and is brought down by keeper McCarthy. From the ref’s perspective it looks like the goalie gets the ball but VAR reveals he didn’t and it is clearly a stonewall penalty.


    But it’s not given…


    that will be VAR in Scotland…when it suits.

  12. Ernie



    In my eyes the biggest ‘cult’ in U.K ,if not the world, is the masonic cult for which the majority in the U.K, im sure, will be unionists.This is a forum for followers of the Celts no the Cults hopefully

  13. spikeysauldman on

    saint stivs



    and the schools are back….


    eat, sleep, make a complete 4rse of lockdown management , repeat

  14. WishawTim – you’re right he was. I wasn’t thinking that far back. If I recall rightly, he was a tip-off from Bobby Robson rather than someone we scouted and identified, but may be wrong.

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m beyond caring about teenagers arriving with the promise to be the next Moussa.



    We don’t require to know this latest kid is the real deal and with just two years to make him bigger, stronger, faster and better he’ll earn us millions when he’s sold. Twenty appearances in the first team if we’re lucky.



    Obviously, the final sentence resonates. I haven’t decided about renewing our season tickets yet because this campaign was lost at Lennoxtown during June, July and August. It won’t be enough for me to be presented with a bare list of changes without clarity around the happenings then and the scrutiny staff skipped.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH MARCH 2021 1:34 PM


    Who’s recommending we sign these projects?





    Bada who signing anyone? If the Managers seat is vacant.



    Never a good idea to sign players in the absence of a Manager or is the Manager already in place?



    D :)

  17. JHB on 11th March 2021 11:43 am



    Wibble wibble big bad proddies.


    Wibble wibble terrible history of oppression


    wibble wibble unfair


    wibble wibble everything will be better if we stay with the English


    Wibble wibble terrible history of oppression mk2

  18. Ernie 11th march 1.39pm



    What on earth has people in England with Irish passports in the present day got to do with the guilt of a British Unionist government during the Irish famine. Also believing in Independence for your country doesn’t make you a member of a cult, if it did then their must be billions of people throughout the world with cultish tendencies.


    On the football front I hope their isn’t too much of a clear out at Lennoxtown as a change of manager and tactics can improve the performance of some players as we witnessed with Brendan Rodgers.

  19. Lengthy post to Chairbhoy@ 7:01 am. Please scroll by if uninterested







    SFTB said “I don’t know what you think I was missing and what I needed to be educated on but your post did not do it.”






    Chairbhoy sections in bold :-



    Fair enough, however there has been screeds written about it and if you are unwilling or unable to understand what went on during “the great footballing swindle” then that is what it is.




    However what did happen and I assure you it did, was the Footballing equivalent of a Frankenstien monster was created.




    This is, yet again, a bizarre response. How could you be labouring under the idea that you were aware of the 5 way agreement and the LNS report and the Audheid research, and that I was not aware of this, or had a less superior understanding of it? That requires a degree of “unwillingness or inability to understand” that neither of us is capable of. I suspect it is just constructed as a convenient straw man argument or as a question you were never asked but would rather answer, as opposed to what I was referring to.



    For the avoidance of future doubt, there will be many posters here with a deeper understanding of the detail around these events but your listing of a few commonplace facts, known to all of us, did not put you in that category or move me out of it.




    SFTB:“SInce they now claim that this basket contained all trophies and titles and registered trademarks but no liabilities or debts, I’d assume there is a written record somewhere outlining what this basket consists of. Is there? Have you seen it?






    Yes there is but you are conflating several things here.




     Allowing The Rangers Football Club to phoenix from oldco to newco is not I believe in itself illegal, insolvency law is a minefield navigated by “experts”, we may feel allowing Companies to drop debt and continue in a different form but essentially the same, to be immoral – yet the fact remains it is done every business day.




     The buying, selling and transferring of intellectual property is likewise the domain of “experts” but the likes of, patents, copyrights, “devices”, trademarks etc are legitimate and often change hands especially in an insolvency event.



    OK- so neither of us are trading experts and both of us know that items can be bought from administrators at a “fire sale” price. Yet, I know, and I assume you do too, that there were football rules around continuity of clubs. All previous Scottish football clubs who had entered administration (Hearts, Dundee Motherwell 2x etc;) had to exit administration to claim continuity.



    Other clubs who ceased trading and did not get out of administration, were liquidated. These include:



    Third Lanark 1967


    Meadowbank Thistle 1995


    Airdrieonians/Clydebank 2002


    Gretna- 2008


    & Rangers 2012



    None of these clubs exited aministration and none, but the last, was afforded an illegal fig-leaf of a “Get out of Liquidation” card, which had no basis in liquidation laws.



    Livingston, though based in a different geographical area, are a continuation of Meadowbank, in terms of SFA membership, but the current Livingston website lists the two clubs as seperate though the honours acquired by Meadowbank are now listed as belonging to Livi.



    Airdrieonians went out of business, mostly due to a debt owed to Davie Murray, but a new club, Airdrie United was set up, in the same geographical area but, it was not allowed to inherit Airdrieonians old license. Instead it had to apply for Clydebank’s ( whose latest incarnation went bust in 2000) and inherited Clydebank’s trophy haul but not that of Airdrieonians. There has been a new junior club, Clydebank FC since 2003/4 and they list but do not claim to possess the trophies and titles of all previous CLydebank football club entities.



    Gretna went bust and formed a new club and have never claimed continuity with the old club.



    Only in the case of Rangers in 2012 was this new idea formulated, at the last minute, that you could buy a previous club’s achievements and pass them off as your own. Airdrie United did not particularly want Clydebank’s trophies and would have preferred those of Airdrieonians but were never allowed to do so.



    All of these cases were dealt with adequately by existing SFA and Scottish League rules. No one , even after the favours were granted to Rangers/Sevco, sought redress for not being allowed the “basket of asets” option when they were liquidated. All of them feared inheriting the titles and trophies of their old club because it would see them inherit the debts and obligations too.



    Nobody at Rangers, when they went into admisistration, were aware of the “Basket of Assets” escape route, and all of them feared and stated so, that a failure to exit Administration would mean the death of the club. All the papers and media outlets said so. Everybody at Rangers said so too.



    Now, not every country had proved so strict and unerring in their approach to liquidation and continuity. England, in particular, had proven quite lenient and forgiving in viewing the status of various clubs heading towards liquidation (Palace, Plymouth, Leeds, Bournemouth, Rotherham and Luton) were in that boat and some were given points deduction punishments but none were viewed as a different club in their continuity guise (Palace and Plymouth did not even suffer the points deduction). But, in most countries, the liquidation saw a discontiinued history for Olympia Ljubljana in Slovenia and Bohemians in Prague. the latter tried the “basket of assets” approach but their courts knocked it back. Scotland, as I have shown, always equated liquidation with the deth of the club, until 2012 anyway.



    So, I think, it’s safe to say I have a moderate level of understanding of the shenanigans that occured in 2012 and that I am allowed to have my voice heard in the realms of those who have a superior understanding and are not unwilling to contemplate and comprehend what happened then.



    A contemporary blog written around that time by a football expert who was not ill disposed towards Rangers said “but will Charles Green’s newco have any claim to this history? The arguments will no doubt rage on about this, but the only way the new club can legitimately claim the history of the old club is if they transfer across the SFA membership from the former Rangers FC. But if the membership is transferred, then so too are all the punishments attached to that club – for example the SFA disrepute charges and the potential dual contract charges. They would also almost certainly be responsible for the football debts of Rangers FC.



    If the new club apply for a fresh SFA membership, then they would be following the path of Gretna 2008 and Clydebank in having a brand new club. That club wouldn’t have the trophies of the former club, but nor would it have the toxic history. Time will tell which approach is taken, and indeed whether the SFA make any announcement about the history issue.”




    The second aspect, can a Club transfer their trophies and titles to a new Club?




    No, it is clear in the SFA’s articles of association that this is forbidden.




    The Footballing authorities (with the blessing of the other Football Clubs, especially Celtic) used certain devices to by-pass and override rules and regulations such as the transfer of Club licences and Club ownership rules.



    As an aside – a list of the “basket of assets” will of course exist. Now maybe you understand why so many of us were so get up by this sham and Celtic PLC being a part of it.




    Now maybe you’ll understand why Auldheid et al were so passionate and active to get something done about the cheating.




    Is the 55, is George Square palpable enough for you ghuys to understand the repercussions.





    First of all, despite your self proclaimed superior ability to look at and understadnd this issue, I think you are wrong on the way you framed the existing regulations at the time (though they have been severely re-written in the aftermath in an attempt to hide the trail). It is of course, true that the liquidated club has no say in giving its assets to a new club but the administrators can sell of any assets that raise further funds for the creditors, whose interests they should serve.



    No trophies and titles were sold to anyone form the liquidation of Airdrieonians or Gretna. The buyer for Airdrie United, one Jim Ballantyne, who also played a crucial role in the Continuity Myth, a trained accountant, did not even dream that he could ask to inherit Airdrieonians titles and trophies. Precisely, because it was a myth invented at the last minute in 2012. Did the administrators ever say what Sevco had purchased or what price they paid or whether alternative bids for these items were sought, as they should have been if the aim was to raise the maximum funds for the creditors pot? Perhaps, Dermot Desmond would have paid more than Charlie Green to add 53 and a half or 54 league titles to Celtic’s record. I am well aware of the evidence that, at least one Celtic Board Member, received an advance copy of the 5 way agreement and was asked to reply as a non-reply would be taken as tacit approval. i am well aware of how our Board are implicated either as colluding or being too cowed to respond appropriately, but I don’t see any evidence of them being involved in the “basket of assets” idea. Charlie Green played a weak poker hand and seems to have played it well, But it’s not obvious that he made a strong play when you consider how willing the other parties were to fold, even as they knew they had better hands. That includes the Celtic Board.



    And finally, your so-called “aside” which was actually the meat of what I was asking about. If this list exists, as you say, then you do have superior knowledge to me. I have not seen it and I have never seen it referred to. I have seen several versions of the 5 way agrement or the 6 way agreement but I have never seen convincing detail on this matter nor have I seen a legal opinion from the SFA or Scottish League outlining their reasons for allowing this unique outcome to one club only.



    So, I ask again- where is it and what does it contain? Who dreamed it up? Who agreed it was legal to do so?



    Those were my questions and had nothing to do with any perceived unwillingness to look at my club’s failings in this matter or to require education on the matter. I asked the question I wanted to ask but I received a lengthy answer on a topic where I would assert, I am already as equally informed about as you are.



    Can’t see the new article but I just popped in to ask if anyone watched Debate Night on BBC Scotland last night. The liquidated team were being roundly attacked by the SNP chappie when Stephen Jardine, the host, had to mention us too. Ragtag. I didn’t listen to anymore.






    I thought the rangers defender got slaughtered actually.



    I dont know Jardine alliegiences, but as the debate went on he looked like he was gonny greet.

  21. MMCCARTNEY on 11TH MARCH 2021 3:06 PM


    Ernie 11th march 1.39pm










    ‘What on earth has people in England with Irish passports in the present day got to do with the guilt of a British Unionist government during the Irish famine’







    Well English people who are entitled to an Irish passport have the right to live in Ireland, but they chose instead to live in England and therefore, using the bizarre logic of you fellow cult member, are somehow endorsing and accepting responsibility for the actions of the British state during the famine, just as Scots, who aren’t members or supporters of the cult, are doing.

  22. Wednesday 11th March 1981




    I received a large amount of birthday cards today. Some from people I do not know. In particular a Mass bouquet with fifty Masses on it from Mrs Burns from Sevastopol Street. We all know of her, she never forgets us and we shan’t forget her, bless her dear heart.


    I also received a card from reporter Brendan O Cathaoir, which indeed was thoughtful. I received a letter from a friend, and from a student in America whom I don’t know, but again it’s good to know that people are thinking of you. There were some smuggled letters as well from my friends and comrades.



    I am the same weight today and have no complaints medically. Now and again I am struck by the natural desire to eat but the desire to see an end to my comrades’ plight and the liberation of my people is overwhelmingly greater.



    The doctor will be taking a blood test tomorrow. It seems that Dr Ross has disappeared and Dr Emerson is back…



    Again, there has been nothing outstanding today except that I took a bath this morning. I have also been thinking of my family and hoping that they are not suffering too much.



    I was trying to piece together a quote from James Connolly today which I’m ashamed that I did not succeed in doing but I’ll paraphrase the meagre few lines I can remember.



    They go something like this: a man who is bubbling over with enthusiasm (or patriotism) for his country, who walks through the streets among his people, their degradation, poverty, and suffering, and who (for want of the right words) does nothing, is, in my mind, a fraud; for Ireland distinct from its people is but a mass of chemical elements.



    Perhaps the stark poverty of Dublin in 1913 does not exist today, but then again, in modern day comparison to living standards in other places through the world, it could indeed be said to be the same if not worse both North and South. Indeed, one thing has not changed, that is the economic, cultural and physical oppression of the same Irish people…



    Even should there not be 100,000 unemployed in the North, their pittance of a wage would look shame in the company of those whose wage and profit is enormous, the privileged and capitalist class who sleep upon the people’s wounds, and sweat, and toils.



    Total equality and fraternity cannot and never will be gained whilst these parasites dominate and rule the lives of a nation. There is no equality in a society that stands upon the economic and political bog if only the strongest make it good or survive. Compare the lives, comforts, habits, wealth of all those political conmen (who allegedly are concerned for us, the people) with that of the wretchedly deprived and oppressed.



    Compare it in any decade in history, compare it tomorrow, in the future, and it will mock you. Yet our perennial blindness continues. There are no luxuries in the H-Blocks. But there is true concern for the Irish people.

  23. James Forrest


    I understand where you are coming from with your present article, however if the Cops do what they did on Saturday and Sunday how can anyone have faith they will do their jobs impartially?

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