When boyhood fans move: Liam Shaw


With several in the squad reluctant to extend their stay at the club beyond 2022 it was encouraging to read 19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday player, Liam Shaw’s, drive and sense of purpose at joining Celtic from 1 July.

Liam’s teenage years followed that of Kristofer Ajer, central mid-cum-central defender, I expect him to fill the latter role at Celtic.  Wednesday are considering legal options regarding this transfer, which falls into Moussa Dembele’s Fulham-to-Celtic category, which saw the player cross the border for training development compensation.  A deal within England would have cost an actual transfer fee.

Sheffield Wednesday fans are less than impressed with their club for failing to convince a fan of the club to stay.  It is a tough one, but this is modern football.  Players move, irrespective of who they support.  If they have the drive to succeed at the top of the game, childhood dreams are not going to stop them.  We have known this to our cost.

You will never hear this from a player but speak to an agent.  If the player has talent, he is moving to the best career option available.  Enjoy your final months in Yorkshire, Liam.  Lennoxtown will be  a changed place when you arrive.


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  1. Watched the hun game until they equalised….I was flabbergasted because to me they were getting battered 1 0 ……..the type of goal they scored just does my nut in …..a dodgy free kick where I thought morelas feels a tickle and I mean a tickle and down he goes…Q massive shout from hun bench free awarded…..to the time the ball goes in the net is just a farcical.


    I know some on here hate the word luck …..there is such a thing you know !!……. so I can’t really comment on the rest of the game I thought Prague looked decent until goal…..and I hear mcgregor did the usual……oh for a keeper

  2. GEEBEE,


    How many times do I have to say it.I was not talking about us.We have had all that.The Huns were poor tonight,and Prague could do nothing.Just a load of whataboutery getting thrown out here,for no reason.If I mentioned Man U were crap tonight,would the same comments be coming out.

  3. 31003


    So, if I were to bet Sevco to win at + 1.0 , a draw would mean I would win the bet.


    At + 0.5, I would still win the bet.Any difference?


    Any win for Sparta , I would lose the bet.




    Our back four are way below the standard I want for Celtic and we appear to run out of steam after about 70 minutes unless you are our best player Turnbull and Kennedy pulls him off earlier.



    Plus the influence of the mibs.



    Still JK will come good and we will all forget about this season in a flash.

  5. When MON came into Celtic, he said Rangers were the benchmark, no iffs buts or maybes, he built a team accordingly, i hope whoever comes in adopts the same approach, Sevco are better than us right now and results prove it.


    A team made up of kids will not do it we need to make ourselves a fit solid outfit then add the skill element, don’t need bogged down in a philosophy of playing just play effectively but as a team.

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 8:15 PM



    I think the whataboutery goes the other way.



    Every time Sevco play, their opponents are “gash”. Wouldn’t it be nice to play 50 games a season against poor sides. Must be pure luck.



    Look, I’m a middle-aged man, not a kid in the playground. I know football and I know what I see. Sevco, are a decent side. It hurts me that they are but admitting it doesn’t make me a hun or hun admirer. Wanting them to be rubbish won’t make it so – we should have learned that by now.



    Now, we’ve seen what the challenge is, let’s meet it. Or let’s just pretend they’re “pish” and do nothing….and just hope that our wish comes true.

  7. DESSYBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 8:27 PM



    “Sevco are better than us right now and results prove it.”



    Wrong. They’re lucky every week and everyone they play is rubbish. That’s the line and anything away from that makes you a “hun admirer”.




    Watching them i couldn’t make my mind up but settled on lucky and good.



    They were let of the hook tonight.



    Whats up with John Hughes and Martindale god what a country we are on our own.

  9. Bada – I had never heard of the Martindale character before but I did see his coverage on Shortie – at the time I thought something didn’t smell right……………especially with how his “form” had been presented……..



    Can you imagine if a Tim had been in his shoes…………they’d a been turned over with gleeful haste.



    A wee hun doubtless to be heard ion a wireless sometime soon.

  10. Hopefully professionals can see things for what they are not what they would like them to be, I admire nothing about them as a club as players or as a support.

  11. Just to get away from the Europa Cup, These last days a line from Sean O’Casey’s play Juno and the Paycock has been running around in my head. ” As far as I can see, the Polis as Polis, in this city, is Null and Void.” Does it ring a bell with anyone?

  12. Hot Smoked



    If you bet the hun to win at +0.5 you’ll win the bet providing they win by at least 1 goal


    Bet them to win at +1 they must win by more than 1 goal

  13. They have done exceptionally well in Europe ,we all thought and hoped they would have been shafted long ago . They are a big tough team prepared to get stuck in , they don’t have wee tippy tippy players who can’t take a rumble . The Seville team was like that we were tough back then . we presently don’t have a player who would have gotten in the Seville team . I don’t know who we have searching for players ,I only hope he is looking at big tough arrogant guys cos that’s the kind they sign up .

  14. Geebee



    Rankers are a better side than us. It’s because they are coached better.


    I believe we have better players, but, not as good as a team.


    Get the right coach and we’ll be top again

  15. Weebobbycollins on

    Bankiebhoy1…the greatest disappointment in his life was not making it at the huns….said he.

  16. Dessybhoy bang on ……if we build a team specifically to beat the hun team and a 433 press …..I will be happy …..beat them more than they beat us we will win the league …..it really is that basic and simple

  17. Martindale said that the jail was full of Rangers and Celtic fans that had been caught fighting. His words not mine.



    Well that wee criminal should know I suppose.



    D :)

  18. What the huns did well this year was buy a team good enough to beat everyone else in the league….that was their improvement.


    That and the help of our idiocy and the enhanced Ref support was more than enough to ensure they had an improved season and ultimately deposed the Champions.

  19. He’ll have a Level of cover no-one else would benefit from………………


    The fact that he has been given meeja safety will ensure he’s a good ole boy now………..



    Big Yogi’s been out of work too long to risk any candid bravery.

  20. I watched The Rankers game. Why? I thought they would get well beaten (I had to look at this really large The Rankers supporter in Tesco last night with his Union Jack mask and Red Poppy with a The Rankers Jacket on) and believed it might be time that they got a reality check. Sadly, they luckily drew, and if truth be told, unluckily failed to win. Does that make me a Hun admirer? Just grow up – let people express their feelings without jumping down their throat. I don’t admire them and God I hope they go out in the return leg. Yet, they have built a momentum (mainly our fault) and are a confident team becomes a lucky team. We never put them under pressure and their confidence has grown. I will keep praying that they collapse, but I have to be honest and say that they have a system that works, and they believe in. Once they start losing – they will go to bits, but it has been too easy for them this year – again mainly our fault.

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 11TH MARCH 2021 1:52 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 11TH MARCH 2021 1:39 PM



    ‘yir lost anyway if you defend any union which murdered over a million irish in the genocide that was an gorta mor’






    Even for a member of the cult, that is utterly bizarre.



    What’s your view of all those people living in England who are entitled to an Irish passport? Are they lost too?






    those english people who are entitled irish passports…..


    -you mean those evicted of their land by your union


    -you mean those who died eating grass with no assistance due to your union


    -i suppose you mean the descendents of coffin ships


    you are from the same ‘civilizing by providence cloth,its your union.



    onto which we update to your union



    Cult you say.i take it you mean snp?


    for clarity in blocks






    but i dont expect the core of your cranium to have any memory which sadly a pillar in whatever fakery emits from a ‘socialist’ party.



    tell me


    Do cults change their name?- what was wrong with the name? marketing change!noo noo noo



    Do cults align themselves to murdoch press.


    Is Tony still e-m rupertz wife?



    This socialist cult.did it end international socialism by bombing killing and maiming thousands of innocent iraqis.The cult leader still to this day thinks he done right.



    Do cults stay within the budgetary limits of their so called adversaries as noolaburr did in 1997



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    little wonder your cult then went onto become the greatest exponents of the offshore tax industry.



    Your cult did not repeal one bit of Thatcher et als anti union legislation, cult only signifying publically their route started by clause4 repeal.



    anyway whits jim murphy doin? did your scottish cult leader get a job in america with one of those foundationy neo cony culty thingys?



    so yeh Ernie it is bizarre,always lookin to protect and apologize on behalf of your union


    in the hope yir wee cult get in.



    but your Tony(cult) patter.


    its you,givin it ‘if only’in the mirror


    you didnt ernie


    he done same to you as he did to his meejabarons mrs!! He done youz.




  22. JIMTIM @ 8:45 PM,



    Yes, the fact is their results have been consistent and been in line with where they are as a team.



    The same as us, our results have been consistent for where we are as a team.



    To say they’ve just been lucky and then make excuse after excuse for our performances is to live in an unreal world.



    One silver lining is this, if we put together a team that can compete with them. The coaching, tactics and conditioning of our team together with the impoved quality of players and the physicality of our squad will ensure we can compete in Europe again.



    I just hope our new CEO can bring in the right staff to make this happen.



    Hail Hail

  23. “31003 on 11TH MARCH 2021 8:41 PM


    Hot Smoked


    If you bet the hun to win at +0.5 you’ll win the bet providing they win by at least 1 goal


    Bet them to win at +1 they must win by more than 1 goal”




    Sparta 1 Sevco 1. Sevco + 0.5 = Sparta 1 Sevco 1.5. Sevco win;



    Sparta 1 Sevco 1. Sevco +1.0 =Sparta 1 Sevco 2. Sevco win.





    This is becoming funny :-)

  24. Sevco have not been lucky this season and have not been getting the breaks. Four months before the new season starts I confidently forecast that sevco will receive more penalties than any other team and will concede fewer penalties than any other team. They will have more players given retrospective red cards than other club so they don’t have to play with ten men. Like every other season more than 90% of their games will be refereed by their own supporters.


    This has always been the case. This is not luck. This is cheating.


    If covid is still around next season it will once again be used to disadvantage Celtic.


    We will be up against it next season.


    In other matters if we sell 50000 season tickets for next season I think John Kennedy will get the job.

  25. “BANKIEBHOY1 on 11TH MARCH 2021 8:56 PM


    What the huns did well this year was buy a team good enough to beat everyone else in the league….that was their improvement.


    That and the help of our idiocy and the enhanced Ref support was more than enough to ensure they had an improved season and ultimately deposed the Champions.”



    Don`t you think they have had a fair bit of luck as well in that they have been unscathed re Covid but their opponents , particularly in Europe, have been very scathed?

  26. Westcraigs


    Apart from this bit `Sevco have not been lucky this season and have not been getting the breaks.`, I liked and agreed your post.

  27. fairhill bhoy on

    That’s it then.


    The huns have just been really really really and I mean really really really lucky.


    Nothing to worry about then 🤷🏽‍♂️