When boyhood fans move: Liam Shaw


With several in the squad reluctant to extend their stay at the club beyond 2022 it was encouraging to read 19-year-old Sheffield Wednesday player, Liam Shaw’s, drive and sense of purpose at joining Celtic from 1 July.

Liam’s teenage years followed that of Kristofer Ajer, central mid-cum-central defender, I expect him to fill the latter role at Celtic.  Wednesday are considering legal options regarding this transfer, which falls into Moussa Dembele’s Fulham-to-Celtic category, which saw the player cross the border for training development compensation.  A deal within England would have cost an actual transfer fee.

Sheffield Wednesday fans are less than impressed with their club for failing to convince a fan of the club to stay.  It is a tough one, but this is modern football.  Players move, irrespective of who they support.  If they have the drive to succeed at the top of the game, childhood dreams are not going to stop them.  We have known this to our cost.

You will never hear this from a player but speak to an agent.  If the player has talent, he is moving to the best career option available.  Enjoy your final months in Yorkshire, Liam.  Lennoxtown will be  a changed place when you arrive.


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  1. weebobbycollins



    I made a point in a post directed to auldheid recently that whenever I try to explain my own support for Celtic Football Club to those less familiar, I start at the beginning, the reason and the purpose for and of the Club being created in the East End of Glasgow all those years ago. I’d like to think that I still share some if not all of the principles of those founders, Brother Walfrid being the foremost. I’m certain that you do, so no need for you to describe your “rant” as selfish, deeply held, personal, no doubt in my mind, and along with those of An Tearmann, Blantyre Tim and OldTim67, et al genuine and forever welcome on this dear Green Place. One hundred thousand times….



    Ceud Mile Failte




  2. After tonight’s results, barring a miracle, next season’s SPFL title will be worth £40m from UCL group stages. That rescues them no matter what happens this summer. It would also put us back in clover. Next season is massive.

  3. Scotland’s ordinary people was not part it.



    Maybe 30 clan chief defeated families got bought out to be part of the union,



    giving up all their people, they got sent to the americas, as in servitude, defeated captured rebels got sent as prisoners,



    what has it got to do with people voting in may,



    absolutely feck all

  4. Ernie



    as a unionist please please dont misinterpret my view so you as a unionist can deflect ownership of its historical slaughter.my point to the georgegallowayphonein guy who i answered- he was lauding its glories,i just happened to point out the genocide that union owns.



    moonhowling belongs to you and the failed marketing excuse you claim to follow.Tonysparty.


    sadly it is what exactly?


    you dont know,but you know your party will never be in a majority in eng&wales so its only save the union otherwise no power…heres an idea change your name….naw please dont.



    Scots eh whit we like



    Ps socialism before unionism or other way bout….wonder what “the cat” opts for eh.




  5. CLINK\O/ 4X3 on 11TH MARCH 2021 9:48 PM



    St. Stivs at 8.02 I was born a tim in Donegal. I worked in England from my late teens till my late thirties.



    Seen my compatriots travel in two directions. One assimilated and took on the prejudices of their peers whilst another remembered the signs in the windows and every Paddy joke.



    I’m of the latter and I salute the Black Panthers and I am humbled that they understand what happened in the east end of Glasgow.




    *I was over here in 1968/69 when the roof blew off the black north. Toronto at that time was still predominately orange, politicians, polis, insurance companies, banks etc, and since we only had 2 TV Stations well you know how the coverage was slanted.



    The first act the tangerine flavoured council made was tae prohibit patriotic songs in the few Irish pubs in the area, one night I was in a very popular one called the New Windsor House, during one of the sets one group member roared out “this next one is for the boys in the Bogside” and went right intae “A Nation Once Again”, the place went mental and rebel songs continued after that.



    We were however fortunate that we had access to US channels through their Buffalo affiliates, that city has a huge Irish/Polish diaspora so they wurnae shy in telling the truth.



    Among other atrocities they showed the Battle of Burntollet Bridge. When I arrived back hame tae live later on that year and told my parents what I had saw their first remark was “how do we no see that”, of course the answer was BBC and ITN.



    Next time I was in a local pub with my da who was with all his pals, who incidentally like him were first generation Scottish, he let them know what I had told him, the phrase illegitimate persons was heavily used that night.



    Anyway, the summer of ’69 a civil rights delegation from the States went over tae the north tae investigate the concerns. After it was over they stated the negros in the southern states were treated far better than the Catholics in that part of the UK.



    Bet you never read or heard that in the brit msm.

  6. ernie lynch on 11th March 2021 11:23 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 11:09 PM







    ‘The UK is built on exploitation’







    True. It was.



    And Scotland was very much part of that. A very willing part (Scotland united with England to allow Scotland to get in on the colonial/imperialist bandwagon, after its own attempts to do so in central America ended in ignominious, catastrophic failure).



    But Scotland leaving the UK isn’t going to change any of the history.



    So I’m not sure what your point is.





    To those who understand, no explanation is necessary. To those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible – or words to that effect. The history of nearly every country, (all countries?) is pretty disgraceful, but why not try to build societies that admit to the wrongs? Aim to create countries built on social justice – probably a load of cr#p. But look at the treatment of Meghan and Harry, the Big Lie in Scotland i.e. the 55 titles, and the Big Lie in the US (the election was stolen) scary stuff – BUT IT IS HAPPENING – so speak out.




    Used to go to the New Windsor House every week end from mid 68 to 71.


    Must have been Jimmy Carton i think that was his name, he would bring the roof down when he sang a Nation Once Again. Haven’t seen him in years……..he is a member of the Irish Club in Mississauga.

  8. Chairbhoy @ 7:07 pm




    Well with all due respect I have never set myself up as expert on this, self proclaimed or otherwise.



    I am more than prepared to accept you know what happened but with all due respect your questions and answers suggest that you don’t.



    And then you printed out what was already printed out twice on the blog.



    I read your opening stement as



    1) You are not comfortable now with the perception that you are, in any way an expert on the matter



    2) You are prepared to accept that I know what happened in 2012



    but 3) My answers don’t convince you that I actually do, so scrap the concession at 2).



    You provide no evidence of which answers of mine betray my ignorance and you give no further evidence of why you have a superior understanding of the matter.



    Perhaps you should re-read your ending . I have bolded the bits where you should have caught yourself on:-




    Now maybe you understand why so many of us were so get up by this sham and Celtic PLC being a part of it.





    Now maybe you’ll understand why Auldheid et al were so passionate and active to get something done about the cheating.







    Is the 55, is George Square palpable enough for you ghuys to understand the repercussions.












    In 3 sentences and a tag line you have placed me (with all due respect) in the unenlightened corner four times and placed yourself in the enlightened end with the “us” statement.



    There is no respect due to such in-group & out group pre-framing of the debate.

  9. Blogger PhilMac is doing a bit of kite flying or intel-sharing apropos the managerial setup. He sez:



    Roy plus Damien,


    Enzo from Citeh


    Eddie Howe still interested


    Young Lamps and


    Moyesy (who PB rubbishes despite a great season to date for the Hammers)



    Which one of them will build a team around Barkas, Shaw, Turnbull and Albian??

  10. TIMHORTON on 12TH MARCH 2021 12:02 AM



    TONTINE TIM Used to go to the New Windsor House every week end from mid 68 to 71.



    Must have been Jimmy Carton i think that was his name, he would bring the roof down when he sang a Nation Once Again. Haven’t seen him in years……..he is a member of the Irish Club in Mississauga.



    *must have been there when a young TT was holding court, agree that Jimmy Carton is a cracking singer but it was Sullivan’s Gypsies that night.



    My brother rip remembered Billy Connolly playing Sean South on the banjo one Saturday afternoon.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SAINT STIVS on 11TH MARCH 2021 11:17 PM



    I know it wasn’t aimed at me, but I just wanted to say thanks for that link to the Jamaican Celt twitter…page…site…stuff – apologies, I don’t know the correct social media lingo :-)



    Anyway – I just had a quick hour’s read through some of the stuff on there – fascinating.



    That’s Friday evening sorted.



    Thanks again.






  12. SFtBs @ 12:09 AM,



    The thing is the vast majority of us were duped. Not when newco were formed but when they were bestowed status and rights no new Club has ever been given.



    Many of us got caught up in the “same club” argument. It is still a subject for much banter between the old firm fans.



    What we lacked was detail, Rangers died, we were content to leave it at that. However what the authorities did was to ensure there was continuity between the oldco and newco, a concept that is allowed in business but NOT in association football.



    Phil Mac detailed some of the 5wa issues recently






    Now with all due respect your posts are riddled with lack of detail, examples…



    Conflating the administration process with the liquidation process.



    Raising the LNS Report, which was a SFA report drafted in April 2012 when you meant the SPL’s LNS Commission.



    You may say I’m being pedantic but I’m not, it is exactly this lack of detail that allowed them to pull the wool over our eyes.



    If you look at Auldheid’s site you will see robust and detailed information that was rigorously collated






    There was a deflection campaign by the Celtic Board to prevent a ground swell of Celtic supporters understanding what was going down and railing against it.



    We seen certain leads on here from…



    The no need to take action messages



    2012 – Never interrupt your enemy while making a mistake



    Through to the we have this covered messages



    2017 – “Well heeled” Celtic supporters are funding legal action against the authorities who refuse to revisit the 2012 shams



    Put all that together with the faux Res 12 support and you have an alarming vista



    It was three and a half short years ago when I realised the full extent of the duplicity not only were Celtic involved but they had gone to great lengths to disinform, deflect and keep Celtic supporters in the dark.



    Now you say…



    In 3 sentences and a tag line you have placed me (with all due respect) in the unenlightened corner four times and placed yourself in the enlightened end with the “us” statement.



    What I was referring to was Celtic supporters who don’t see the strategy our Club were following, the cover up our Club took part in and the damage it has caused.



    As GARCIA LORCA put it…



    … . It is this very narrow Old Firm view of the world that led us into adopting such a stand and then having to pretend that we had no part in it that galls.



    So if you do get that, if you believe that Celtic were following an old firm agenda and were up to their necks in insuring Rangers continuity, then I owe you an apology, however your comments don’t seem to reflect that at all.



    Hail Hail

  13. Good morning cqn from a dark, wet and chilly Garngad



    Still no manager in place and after this season next will be the biggest money earner in our clubs history.



    Celtuc board still sleeping at the wheel.



    £30 million at least is at stake if we win our title back. A lottery win, straight into the riches of group CL football.



    Unbelievable we are still rudderless and fecking about with John Kennedy hoping he comes good.






    D :)

  14. fourstonecoppi 'Still standing for NFL' and Scottish Independence on



    Would be good to see game v covid cheats cancelled.



    Yes i agree about cancelling….i also think they’re gonna kick our ‘Haw maws’ annaw. For the first time in a long time i dont think i’ll to watch it!

  15. Morning all.



    If we do play them..i hope we kick some ass..no that i want any of them injured for Europe btw.

  16. TONTINE TIM on 11TH MARCH 2021 11:51 PM



    The point though is, in relation to the Celtic supporting Black Panther, is that the Irish diaspora in America refused to make the link between what was happening to Catholics in Ireland and what was happening to black people in their adoptive country, where the Irish were very much on the side of the oppressors.

  17. We will beat Huns on 21st.



    I have a massive party planned….after restrictions are lifted aren’t they Nicola?



    D :)

  18. SCULLYBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2021 11:55 PM









    ‘Aim to create countries built on social justice – probably a load of cr#p. But look at the treatment of Meghan and Harry’






    ‘Meghan and Harry’? The word that springs to mind is epiparasites.*



    Anyone know whether she’s reverted to being a Catholic?







    An epiparasite is a parasite that parasitizes another organism that is also a parasite. Epiparasites are also called hyperparasites or secondary parasites. One example would be a protozoan living in a flea that is living on a dog.

  19. !!BADA BING!!



    Or they want to protect the stadium and environs from hun vandals, who will take to the streets no matter what.

  20. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH MARCH 2021 9:17 AM


    Adi- barriers going back up around CP,suggests game will go ahead.







    Or new manager/DOF being announced.

  21. The Police were well informed about last weeks events at Ibrox, intelligence doesnt get any clearer, they failed to plan properly or act from when the illegal gatherings started from 10 am on the saturday, act then the rest is deterred and yes the club should have been telling people do not come do not gather, the game against St Mirren could also have been cancelled, copper sitting about on motorbikes dancing and getting selfies with lockdown breakers tells me they had no intention of any of these things, their boss Sutherland who is now absent from all comments on this boasted that no arrests were made, why, huge amounts of people were breaking the law .


    Livingston has asked a QC to look at how this occured but from what Livingston is saying he wants to use Human Rights legislation proportionality as a defence for his Service’s inaction.


    They failed the Scottish people and they know it.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I give myself a sore head trying to work out our next Manager………….



    I have a million questions



    When NL was struggling pre New Year – did our Board really think he could turn it around ?


    The fact that no one has replaced him (Kennedy not the answer) suggests they thought NL could win the league or they had a new manager lined up but could not get him till the end of the season


    Meaning our Board were prepared to gamble the ten to wait for this new man !!!!!


    So the big question – how incompetent are our Board – anyone could see how it was going to end



    Look at Chelsea, Lampard leaves, before he gets in the car the new man is giving a press conference


    I think it’s called future planning



    So I assume it’s complicated……..


    Is McKay not allowed to talk to anyone until he is in place ??


    Perhaps Dominic has put down a red line to PL – don’t touch anything until I get there



    Or maybe we are waiting on a DoF as he will have a big influence on our next Manager


    Or we have a Manager (this is my view) but we can’t get him until the end of the season (no idea why)



    Look at Aberdeen one out and the next one will be in place in a week or so



    Why have we not got a new Manager now – why do we have to wait



    This convinces me it’s done



    So if my theory is anywhere near correct….


    Our next Manager is currently working


    Meaning its not Eddie Howe or Rafa or Lampard or Martin O’Neill or Roy Keane



    It could be Clarke, it could be Henrik (I have actually put a few quid on Henrik @40/1) not sure it is Henrik but i fancied a bet, it could be Dyche, or Michael O’Neill or some obscure name we have never heard of



    Either way it’s doing my head in



    Patience was never my virtue




  23. 67ECW- I get trying to get a manager from another Club mid season could be difficult, but a Director of Football? I wouldn’t have thought so,why the delay? Every day is a day wasted, as there is so much to do.

  24. An Tearman et all, I have no idea why anyone engages in “debate” with Ernie. There is no discussion and travel to a conclusion with Ernie, the travel starts from his already formed conclusion and his challenge then is to manipulate the facts (as he sees them) to back up that conclusion.



    To give him credit he is good at it but its a totally pointless exercise in High School debate. Its all about winning people to his point of view, not ever about changing minds or genuinely listening. I gave up responding to him years ago, his habit of answering everything with a set of pre arranged questions to move away from the issue at hand really gets on my tits. I’m not on here all the time like some posters seem to be but when I am I can almost always predict his response when I see a post.



    Unless I see lies from the unionist crowd on here I stay away from the circular never ending “debate” and talk about Celtic. Not trying to tell anyone what to do I just find CQN a more pleasant experience that way.

  25. SFtBs, having re-read your post of 3:26 PM yesterday I have re-addressed the bottom paragraphs in the hope of greater clarity…



    SFtBs @ 3:26 PM,



    And finally, your so-called “aside” which was actually the meat of what I was asking about. If this list exists, as you say, then you do have superior knowledge to me. I have not seen it and I have never seen it referred to. I have seen several versions of the 5 way agrement or the 6 way agreement but I have never seen convincing detail on this matter nor have I seen a legal opinion from the SFA or Scottish League outlining their reasons for allowing this unique outcome to one club only.



    So, I ask again- where is it and what does it contain? Who dreamed it up? Who agreed it was legal to do so?



    Those were my questions and had nothing to do with any perceived unwillingness to look at my club’s failings in this matter or to require education on the matter. I asked the question I wanted to ask but I received a lengthy answer on a topic where I would assert, I am already as equally informed about as you are



    The list I think you were referring to was the list of assets the Administrators of Rangers sold to Sevco Scotland.



    This is a perfectly accepted and legal way of selling the assets of a Club in administration. Whether it was in this specific case is for the Insolvency teams lawyers and Administration teams lawyers to fight out.



    Now there seems to be two specific things you were interested in…



    The old firm trade mark



    The trophies and titles



    Now there was a bundle of items sold to Sevco Scotland as Rangers intellectual property – this would include the club crests, the club name, etc it would also include the 50% interest Rangers had with Celtic in the “old firm” trade mark.



    These items would be individually documented but sold as a “bundle” so neither Celtic nor anyone else could bid for them until the preferred bidder had got a chance to purchase them



    As far as the trophies and titles goes they are not a physical or intellectual commodity.



    Now if a footballer gets to play for his country they get a cap, that cap is also a physical hat and can be sold depending on the stature of the player, the importance of a specific match the value will change.



    Of course no similar thing exists with Club titles and trophies – one can’t simply buy and sell a Clubs history despite what Charles Greene says.



    Newco don’t own any titles or trophies won lawfully or not, by the defunct oldco.



    Rangers supporters will state, and may even believe themselves, that they have 55 titles because they are the same Club – that is not the case.



    Rangers claim to have 55 titles comes from the oldco’s 54 titles and newco’s one title.



    As the New Rangers are a continuation of Rangers as agreed in accordance to the 5 wa, then the total titles and trophies are added together.



    So that why it was so important to clearly understand what was going on, highlight and challenge this sham.



    The last opportunity is now. If Celtic had stood up condemned the five way agreement and stated that the only recognised the current Rangers one and only top tier title then that would have been something, too little too late but something.



    Under what has gone on in the last decade the – not half of anything statement is very weak and poor.



    Of course Celtic can’t condemn any of it as they knew what was going on and we’re up to their necks in it. So your perceived unwillingness to look at our Clubs failings is not in my book at all acceptable, in fact it is the heart of the matter.



    Hail Hail

  26. TIMMY7_NOTED on 12TH MARCH 2021 10:37 AM




    When the cult members stop posting nonsense I’ll stop correcting them.

  27. AN TEARMANN on 12TH MARCH 2021 11:29 AM




    What’s with the random word generator posts?



    Is it a secret code known only to cult members?



    A Scottish Rite thing?