When close season is no more than a 3-week taper


If you are a distance runner, you will know that a three-week ‘taper’, when you gradually reduce training, is recommended before an event.  This will allow muscles to rest after their most fatigued period.  Three weeks is within the period that muscles do not deteriorate, so you should be both strong and rested.

It has been three weeks since the Scottish Cup Final, so the Celtic players who arrived back at Lennoxtown this morning to start preseason training will be ready for the strength training ahead.  Champions League qualifiers are a further three weeks away.  All other things being equal, that will be enough time to ensure Celtic are ready, but even the first round could present a serious challenge, so there is serious work to do this week.

What you gain in summer fitness costs you later.  Three weeks is not a proper rest period, the body needs more time to recover from the exertions of a long season.  Celtic players are not unique in this respect, but they carry a burden not shared by many others in Scotland.  We need to find fresh energy, not to mention motivation, for the challenges ahead.

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  1. just look






    Vintage Wullie






    12 Dec 2018




    A 17yr old Laurie Cunningham, 1973.


    Laurie was the first British player to transfer to Real Madrid, at a time where Madrid were only allowed two foreign players in their squad.


    Laurie was only 33 when he was tragically killed in a traffic accident.




  2. Chairbhoy 8.16pm



    Whinhall :-)



    In the early 2000s I stayed in Davidson Street … for a few years … although I used to “walk” home more often than not … Whinhall to Summerlee was a fair hike at 3am in the morning :-)

  3. Think we will have a good transfer window and all the moaners will need something else to moan about. we have lots of time to sign up a couple of good players. If I am wrong I will be pissed off!! Seems like a better option then being pissed off right now.







  4. last and brilliant



    So I’ll wear no convict’s uniform


    Nor meekly serve my time


    That Britain might brand lreland ‘s fight


    Eight hundred years of crime.



    Vintage Wullie






    Jun 16




    Belfast, 1981.


    Photo Ian Berry




  5. Seems we could be about be bushwhacked by BM regarding our top 2002 youth prospect — if we do lose out then we need to review how we manage the academy.



    All the focus has been on KD when in fact it is LM who seems to be the more coveted talent. You would have to question why a player of 16/17 would want to move abroad to continue his footballing education?




    Surely the question has to be asked about the quality of the coaching and development on offer in our academy — for a club with the financial advantages that we have we should be dominating local youth football rather than just being in the mix.



    I think that the StN angle is not producing the goods. Not sure why — too many involved are happy to be at the club and are basking in the attention that comes with being a CFC player at 14/16/18 rather than growing into senior football.



    Plus three weeks till the start of the qualifiers and we have a squad with all the substance of a string vest.

  6. GFTB @ 8:23 PM,



    The Airdrie/Coatbridge geography is interesting in those parts.



    My Dad was from Coatbridge – Born on Clifton Hill



    My Mum was from Airdrie – Born in Whinhall



    You inspired me to do something I’ve meant to do for ages…



    Check the distance… by car 1.6 miles, 6 mins



    As the crow flies it must be under a mile…



    Here’s the rub, I was born where the monklands hospital is now (Airdrie Home), which is equi-disant.



    Small world in those days…






    When I’m home always have too little time. Is the Summerlee Museum worth a visit..?




    STEPHBHOY @ 8:38 PM,



    Glad your so OpTIMistic;)



    Thought all the moaners had become guardians;) let me know who they are… We will Sentinelise them.



    Hail Hail

  7. Where exactly are we as a club — first team wages?



    28 player first team squad — £28mill in basic wages?


    How does that fit into the published figures in the accounts?



    Consequently what is the average first team basic wage at CP and are we getting value for money from it on the pitch? The Barnsley / Shef Wed angle should have been laughable but it wasn’t.

  8. Latest from Lake Garda, took the boat down to Sirmione today, stunning place. It’s a long peninsula into the southern end of the lake, stunning old town like everywhere else here it seems, beautiful place. Then back to Bardolino where we spotted a bar with a signed and framed Charlie Mulgrew tap on the wall. No one around at the time to ask what the background was so will need to revisit…




  9. Chairbhoy 9.01pm



    I enjoyed living in Whinhall, unlike most of Airdrie it was a big Celtic scheme… as a youngster I played u-21s for Monklands and we left from the Wayside … a terrific Celtic boozer (I didn’t drink much back then :-)

  10. GFTB



    Thanks for copying over.






    How much lies are folk willing to accept and what will it take to say stop.





    Maxwell is answerable to the clubs not Petrie (although he is in a position to influence) and Celtic being a club are answerable to shareholders.



    That doesn’t mean doing what shareholders would like done, it means justifying not doing it.

  11. Clashcitybhoy on

    Not posted on here for a long time but here goes with passing thoughts on topical themes



    First, I would dump our football academy. At present we have 3 regulars who came through the ranks which is no better than 10 /12 years ago with Maloney, McGeady, Marshall, Kennedy etc.


    There is always someone knocking at the door who will be next big thing, but it very rarely happens think Aitchison.


    The money would be better spent on buying 2/3 Armstrong /Watt /Griffiths / Morgan / GMS types at 18-21 and hoping one comes good, one breaks even and accept the losses on the 3rd. Other area I would spend cash is specialist coaches. We have seen the results in goalkeepers, with Bain and rekindling Gordon’s career. So why not similar for defenders, strikers etc?



    Second thought, this is going to be a difficult transfer window. Celtic are sitting on cash, it’s in the accounts, and every club and agent knows that and wants a cut.


    On balance, I am a fan of PL as a CEO, he gets much more right than he gets wrong, but every club and agent will be adding an extra zero to their discussions, and right now both fans and players need a morale boosting injection of reinforcements.

  12. Auldheid 9.19pm



    No bother … your posts are far more informative than my drivel :-)



    Clashcitybhoy 9.30pm



    Just about to retire for an evening, think you are a wee bit unfair on our academy… KT, James F, Calmac, Ralston, have all came through our youth ranks … not many teams have many first team regulars through their ranks … I think it’s the nature of the game … get posting more often



    Fellow Celts good night n god bless I am still hopeful young Turnbull will don the hoops going for 9@row

  13. latest news sounds like Lustig is away and feeling he was not treated well ……




    if thats the case I’m disgusted as he was a great player and servant for our club and he should be treated well for the service he has given




    I wish him every success wherever the next chapter of his career is played





  14. DENA29 on 17TH JUNE 2019 9:48 PM


    latest news sounds like Lustig is away and feeling he was not treated well ……





    if thats the case I’m disgusted as he was a great player and servant for our club and he should be treated well for the service he has given



    I wish him every success wherever the next chapter of his career is played





    Totally agree Dena.hh

  15. GlasgowBhoy: the pub you went to is the home of the Verona CSC, I think. I went to watch a match there once but couldn’t remember the name of it. They don’t open for as long as other pubs in Verona.

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ Chairbhoy



    “So why are we buying Turnbull? Because he fits the business case.”



    I’d wager that it is because we are about to sell Ntcham.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dena- well said, totally agree, going by his statement, looks like we changed the terms of the 1 year option and tried to make it 2 years, for 1 years money .Letting experience go out the door for nothing…..great for team spirit, dressing room, Lennoxtown, and the young players too.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Hands- agree,might be helpful if he plays well in Euros U 21 ,playing Engerland tomorrow….

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ STEPHBHOY on 17TH JUNE 2019 8:38 PM



    The qualifiers are three weeks away and there are deadlines for registering players. The window has now been open a week and there has not been too much movement, save for those heading for the exit.



    At present I would wager that this team doesn’t have what it takes to qualify for Europe (in any guise). Given the seeding this year, I believe that we could face some very tough teams in the EL qualifying should we get knocked out of the CL qualifying.



    Our back four could very likely end up being Ralston, Ajer, Hendry and Hayes (given KT long term injury problems and Jozo’s injury history (good chance of getting a plastic pitch at this stage- could jozo play?).



    If we do get knocked out of CL qualifying (and even if we qualify for the EL), it’s likely we will sell to balance the books (and maintain our large cash reserves).

  20. The hands can’t hit



    Celtic gives you such misery why don’t you consider following such a well run team such as the mob over in Govan ? Oo oops wait a minute !

  21. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH JUNE 2019 10:15 PM



    Agree… its hard to understand why we would let someone with so much obvious passion for the club go and go with bad feeling . Very poor imo






  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Techy question, if you have Sky Q/Sky+ app on an iPad can you watch recorded programmes in the US via wifi? Ta

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @BURNLEY78 on 17TH JUNE 2019 10:27 PM



    Celtic gives me great pleasure. I just get frustrated when we seem to repeat the same mistake of not investing and pushing on while on top.



    Sevco is run by a bunch of criminals and charlatans. I would expect most clubs in the world to be run to a better standard (given it is such a low threshold to surpass). It’s an unhelpful (and limiting comparison) to make as there is very little our directors could do (save for brazen criminality) to fall below the standard in Govan.



    The comparison is equivalent to saying that you should be happy with the current political situation in the UK because times are not as bad as the second world war.

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    I live in West London and watch Brentford a fair bit – they play decent fitba and have a good reputation wrt bringing on young players.


    They had one of the best football academies in London a few years ago – so you will never guess what they did? – they disbanded their academy entirely.



    The problem was that no matter how well they coached youngsters, somebody bigger and greedier would come along and ‘steal’ their best talents when they matured.



    Brentford now have a “B Team” concept where they themselves bring in more mature youngsters with the objective being to develop them into first-team ready players within a season or two. They recruit directly from other sides rather than trying to spot and nurture promising 12 year olds – often paying a decent transfer fee for someone in their teens.



    Of course, someone somewhere needs to be developing youngsters – but does a club like Celtic end up being a charity if we only nurture talent for the benefit of others?



    It’s a complicated subject and one where UEFA could certainly help considerably if they could be @rsed actually doing something of benefit to the game. The most obvious thing that should be changed asap is the loan system – whereby teams like Manchester City and Chelsea can control the game from the bottom up by hoovering up everyone else’s young talent and then deciding who gets loaned to which team.



    There should be a limit as to how many players any team is allowed to loan out – that might make the game a lot more competitive and ensure that there actually is some potential benefit for lesser teams to develop youngsters.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This VAR is going to cause mayhem, French lassie puts penalty wide,retake after GK was a foot off her line,scores retake

  26. Fool Time Whistle on

    Looking for some advice on hotels in Manchester.



    Bringing my son & grandson over for a trip to Manchester and they want to be in thye city centre.



    Are there recommended hotels and/or ones that are to be avoided?



    We’re looking at the mid-range priced hotels.



    Any advice would be appreciated.



    Also areas to avoid and places to visit.



    Thanks in advance.




  27. lets all do the huddle ? on

    This VAR is going to cause mayhem, French lassie puts penalty wide,retake after GK was a foot off her line,scores retake





    utterly mad decision



    but it has already caused mayhem with gentlemen soccer



    crazy shit

  28. GFTB @ 9.43



    Cannot get to grips with your analysis.



    If teams don’t bring through their own youth players and play them in the first team then where do all the players comes from? Are we playing that old game of doing everyone else’s washing but not our own?



    If we are destined to play a team full of buys from the SPL and beyond — what would be wrong with trying to save money by cutting out the middle-man and getting these local players early and putting them in our youth team?



    Something badly wrong with the club if we cannot pick youth players and then develop and coach them — we seem to have the numbers in the system but the throughput is woeful for the resources that have been applied. Consequently change is needed. Starting with a KPI that means we should beat the TFOD2.1 youth teams at every level with no excuses.



    Interesting scenarios regarding AR and his transformation from reject to leading man.


    Either we got it wrong and he should never have been let go or we do not have an ethos that gets the most out of players and we allow them to coast basking in the glory of their peers without the required development.

  29. personnaly I would avoid moss side and Salford after dark, but daytime you should be ok deansgate is nice for shops and cafes,.but watch the traffic wardens.hh

  30. Clashcitybhoy on

    Tim Malone


    Your Brentford analogy is the sort of thing we should look at. It is very difficult to judge long term talent at 11/12 years old, hence why I would invest in B team /reserves for players around 18-21, and transform the academy into a community project.


    I saw some stuff that Celtic youth coaches were our coaching in the US over past few weeks. Given we can’t sign the cream of the crop in our own back garden, it seems naive to be sending resources to the US.

  31. Fool Time Whistle on

    Big Packy 1



    Thank you for the info.



    Hope you’re well too.




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