When exceptional becomes the norm


As this clean sheet run has continued, every time Fraser Forster has made a good save, I’ve found myself suggesting that the defence is not playing as tightly as it used to.  We quickly regard exceptional performance as the norm.

Fraser has, of course, been exceptional, again, this season.  Efe Ambrose and Virgil van Dijk are fast and commanding.  Virgil has a presence about him, like Wanyama, but bigger.  On the flanks, despite the lack of competition, Emilio Izaguirre is performing at his best, while Adam Matthews, Mikael Lustig and Darnell Fisher have shuffled through the right back position as availability dictates.

I have a notion that Scott Brown is also worth credit for the defensive performance.  He seems to have grown this season, perhaps as a consequence of fitness.  This is his best season yet.

Ultimately the game is all about tactics.  Any team can keep a clean sheet but 10-in-a-row (get used to reading that) is a consequence of team plan, which is where Neil Lennon comes in.

Tomorrow is the final day to confirm tickets for our CQteN St Patrick’s Day Dinner on 14 March at the Kerrydale Suite.  The dinner will raise funds to build a kitchen at Kholoni Primary School in Mchinji, Malawi, where 1200 kids currently attend without food facilities.  If you have lost your invoice email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

See you there.
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  1. “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”



    “Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.”



    Good luck Joe if you go…..I certainly appreciated what you did for the team, and you skelped the now deid huns!!



    “Hey Joe”:




  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Johanson comes with hood reviews and seems keen ….looking forward to seeing how he does



    As you know I’m no JL fan …..

  3. Looking for some IT help here if possible please?



    Tried googling the issue with no real solution.



    I have KLM/AirFrance sites on my bookmarks and now whenever I try to open either of these pages, it looks like they will open, but then it changes and opens to a:



    “Page Not Found Yahoo” page (I never use yahoo, usually Google!)



    and the phrase:



    “fls doubleclick activityi” is already listed in the Search box



    with the message:



    “The requested URL “https://fls.doubleclick.net/activityi” cannot be found or is not available. Please check the spelling or try again later.”



    stated immediately below the search box!



    as i say ive tried googling this without anty solution or at least any correct solution being offered.



    Any ideas or solutions from all the CQN IT dudes out there?




    This is particularly frustrating today as I need to change flights if possible and would prefer to do so without the 20 minute + phone call to Paris!



    Thanks in advacnce for any help.






  4. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    Inane drivel….too strong?





    Your post in the early hours, well, in my opinion was nonsense…



    There I’ve toned it down a bit.



    I’m sure we’ll look back at this and laugh about it at the next hootenanny, in between you berating referees :-)



    Back to work now.

  5. The Token Tim



    This might be a bit technical……..



    But have you tried turning it off…..waiting 10 seconds then turning it on again? In IT speak this in known as a “Power Cycle”



    There is a whole IT department in my workplace who have made careers out of this…..




  6. Johanson comes with hood reviews





    Excellent news, with all this rain, i’m in the market for a quality hair wetting reduction system, so a new hood might fit the bill



    I will read his reviews on the subject and make my choice

  7. The Token Tim



    The KLM App for smartphones is really good – I use it all the time as I fly with KLM regularly.



    Change seats, flights etc……it does work.

  8. The Token Tim


    10:28 on


    31 January, 2014



    Have you tried just going to airfrance.co.uk (or .com whichever it is) without using your bookmarks?



    Or in a different browser.

  9. Sydney Tim



    Stefan Johansen £1.9m


    Holmbert Fridjonsson £100k



    the school I went to that equals £2m spent, where does nothing come from?

  10. Can’t see us selling Efe, if anything we’re more likely to be signing a centre half as we have little backup (only Mulgrew at present with Mouyokolo & Lustig injured)

  11. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar,



    but what do you hate more






    or cheeky fellow CQNers who are too quick to take advantage of iPad-isms




  12. Michael Miller off to Dumbarton on loan. At least we are now getting these young guys out on loan to get the experience. Next step we should bring the best of them back when loan is up and give them a chance in our first team





    That’s only an excuse!



    Though one I use myself…

  14. so johansen is our very own Fresh Prince,



    he’s left the ‘hood to move to the upmarket location which is Paradise



    Welcome, The Fresh Prince of err, Bel Videre



    (Thats enough hood jokes – ed)

  15. Well done Peter.



    Another transfer window of the ‘Oh Aye’ as opposed to the ‘Wow’ variety ensures that this years figures remain rudely healthy.


    Mind you these may take a bit of a dunt when CB renewal time comes.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Kayal33 The young lad Obrian who played in Turkey could also hold a place at centre back.H.H.

  17. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    With £31m from last years cl £21m from this year’s and£26m from sales of hooper wanyama ki and wilson I hope we are better equipped for this years cl qualifiers and proper business planning is put in place.

  18. Fin 75,



    haha yes indeed the ole tried and trusted “Off and On” scenario has been employed. Unsuccessfully. :-(


    As for the smart app, ive still got a company-issued blackberry 9900 which is on its last legs and is useless for going online imho!


    I fly more or less every month with AF/KLM to SE Asia/Japan. decent service without being brilliant, but very reliable. Schipol a good airport too. Unlike CDG though! And as a platinum member they do look after me in events of any problems. Even the occasional upgrade etc.



    Weeminger, yes tried that also. nae luck there either. Very strange it is too.



    I’ll use the fall back of tablet or ipad or even laptop.



    Just would prefer to find a solution to this is possible though.






  19. In other news.. I see Ivan Ramis – erstwhile on-off Celtic target – is likely moving to Palace too.



    A couple of years back this guy was going to be the solution to all our defensive ailments but has since failed to make it at Wigan.



    This is the same Wigan with Gary Caldwell at CB.



    (to be fair he has had some bad injuries)

  20. Transfer Window



    My recollection was that this was introduced to stop big clubs which were having a difficult time just going out any buying players whenever they felt like it.



    However, it has received almost a unanimous thumbs down from managers and players alike and always ends up with a last minute scramble when most business is done and rush decisions are made. Clubs can sign as many as they like (apart from Hearts) so they can still plunder the smaller clubs.



    I have often thought that a better way would be to restrict the number of signings over a season. So, if a club starts with a squad of players, they can add an agreed number of payers over the season to that squad.



    This would cut out the last day madness whilst restraining the rich clubs from buying whenever they liked as their quota would become exhausted.



    Each model has its pros and cons but no-one like the current one so maybe a new model is worth a try?



    I am braced for the multitude or replies pointing out the flaws in my model so bring them on.

  21. I noticed last Sunday on Sky Neil McCann was speaking in superlative tones about our new Norwegian international, Stefan Johansen, so it looks like there is a replacement fit and ready to take Joe’s place – could be even a better player.



    Good luck to Joe, he did well for the club, but at 800,000 grand I admire the nerve of a cash-rich EPL club and what’s this I’m hearing about Efe Ambrose and Fulham another relegation battler, surely not Efe. If true, I hope they can afford our asking price.

  22. Good luck to Joe if he goes.Always a great professional.Not the greatest player,but invaluable often.Welcome LG.Dont care about anything said about the boy,he is a goalscorer.Is that not what we wanted ?.If his name was Leon Griffoni,he was 6 foot and tanned,we would all be slabbering over the signing with his goal record.The most fickle fans sometimes.


    We have brought in a terrific midfielder/playmaker,a proven striker,got money for a guy on his way out in the summer.Good business so far.Now to get the Greek god sorted.

  23. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Ally McCoist spent the morning concluding 2 high-profile transfers, before saving his Football Manager game and heading to Murray Park.