When media collaborate with power you have problems


A journalist, banned by Celtic, attacked the club in the Daily Record today, suggesting the SFA chief exec Stuart Regan should have told Peter Lawwell to ‘wind his neck in’ and ‘remind him of his duty to the game’ after he wrote asking for clarification after Sunday’s game.

The hyperbole was raised to the extent the notion “Lawwell dragged our game back into a very dark place – somewhere dangerously close to disrepute” was put into hundreds of thousands of hands today.

A dark place, close to disrepute?  For writing a letter asking for clarification? Sounds to me like the know the trouble Peter Lawwell is causing to the vested interests at Hampden and they want him stopped.

By remarkable coincidence, this happens to be the same journo who wrote the puff piece for SFA president, Campbell ‘What school did you go to?’ Ogilvie for writing to Uefa demanding a referee was demoted (while circumventing due process) and asking for a player to be banned.

No mention of winding a neck in or duty to the game for a vastly farther reaching letter.

The same paper gives a platform to Barry ‘EBT’ Ferguson to level wholly inaccurate accusations against Celtic:

“By questioning the reasoning behind [the failure to award a penalty]in the name of their supporters, they were nodding towards all manner of hoary old conspiracy theories.”

Conspiracy you say, Barry?  Who mentioned conspiracy?  An explanation that the standard of refereeing is not good enough and that having 6 officials at Hampden hindered good decision making didn’t occur to you?

Some people are quick to deny conspiracies when a far less controversial response is available.

A concerted campaign has run for days now to ensure that Celtic cannot ask questions without being demonised.  When the media demonise those who question authority we are in a very dark place indeed.

This is intolerable.  It would not happen in England, where the breadth of media is wide enough to escape narrow seams of authority.  It doesn’t matter if it is the government, the Church, the police, big business or sport, if media collaborate with power, you have problems.

Some of it comes from people perhaps bitter that Celtic called them out and banned them, some from those unable to find perspective or consistency between writing about a Campbell Ogilvie letter and a Peter Lawwell letter.  All of them are time-served opinion formers who make money from Celtic’s actions.

We are the last superpower in the game, survivors in the battle of the ages.  This antagonism isn’t going away.  Not until their grandchildren are in place, anyway.

Clubs need to write letters when improvement is needed.  I hear estimates that income to Celtic from winning the Scottish Cup would have been in the region of £1m.  Football is big business and processes and resources need to as good as they possibly can be. If they are not, the very least you can do is ask for improvement.

On Meekings appeal yesterday….

The player’s appeal was right to be upheld, the case should never have been put before the SFA panel in the first place.  The referee Steven McLean saw the incident.  That was not disputed.  He asked his assistant for his opinion.  That was not disputed either.

Meekings representatives pointed out at the hearing that officials are not allowed to re-referee a game after watching TV.  This is a central tenant of the game and was accepted by the judicial panel.

Retrospective action is only allowed for incidents which referees did not see.  It is not permitted for referees to reconsider an incident he saw.  It is blindingly embarrassing to our game that the SFA didn’t know the rules well enough before taking this action.  I hear there was incredulity at Celtic when they heard Meekings was banned in the first place.

…… and you wonder why Celtic write letters.

Last call for the Ben Nevis Huddle……..

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  1. tonydonnelly67



    12:37 on 24 April, 2015


    an tearmann



    12:14 on 24 April, 2015


    50 years ago today? Prob. Went to the shops to get my Ma’s DR,


    BGX remember ma wee bhoy MARK ?remember his first birthday when I bought him a tv and a CELTIC STRIP ,well he is 40 today.

  3. Antony



    Try ween her aff it.



    So you tellin me you were not at hampden to see ‘only one king billy’ stick the noggin to win us the cup v Dunfermline?



    suprised at that :-)




  4. Today I received a reasonable response from JP Taylor re my letter of concern over last week’s semi final officiating and over the same club nonsense that is being constantly perpetrated.



    We should write to Celtic more often IMO. Let them know how we feel not just gas to each other on here.



    No response from SFA to my letters on same subjects, not even an acknowledgement. Strange that ?




  5. DD:



    We’ll get something sorted.






    Where are you watching the game on Sunday, Reading?

  6. We know what they are and what they do ,tis always been the way.


    The question for me now is,WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.


    While journos and SFA are floundering in the water we should be sticking the hose in their mouth and turning the tap on.

  7. Awe naw



    follow Lefti there,i have lost the note i had on yesterdays changes.




    hail hail Celts til later




  8. £1Mill,



    Just from this season.



    What about the CL money, anyone hazard a guess at that amount?



    A Club built to Dominate (and they couldnae even dae that) Scoddish Football and be utter sh!t in Europe, what is the True cost?



    I think it is obvious that everyone is sickened by this corrupt organisation running this wee game here in Scotland.

  9. Fav uncle….congrats mate….knowing how tight you are ,i bet youve still got the reciept,praying he’ s still got the strip and that theirs a hole in it….ha….

  10. When the media demonise those who question authority we are in a very dark place indeed.



    Not just the ‘media’ Paul.

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    50 years ago today


    Before heading to humpdump to see hoops win cup final

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Have to disagree with you on this Paul67, the journo after all is the “Sports News Writer of the Year”.



    He must know what he’s talking about :-)

  13. In terms of bringing the game into disrepute, if it were a marathon Ogilvie, Doncaster & Regan have reached the home stretch and Lawell is still on the starting line.



    RFCil & Sevco officials, along with the whole SMSM are right alongside Ogilvie & Co.



    Bringing the game into disrepute?








  14. coolmore mafia on




    Here is a helpful guide to voting at the GE- see what party suits you



    Do you want:



    a) More immediate privatisation. Lloyds bank next perhaps?


    b) Slow privatisation of the NHS


    c) No further privatisation


    4) Renationalisation of the railways and alternative energy ownership



    Do you want



    a) NATO membership and trident nuclear deterent


    b) NATO membership, and trident, but eventually moving to an EU army


    c) NATO membership and no trident


    d) UN co-operation on joint security, no trident



    Do you want



    a) English votes for the english (forgot about wales)


    b) A united UK with devolved power to 4 countries


    c) An independent Scotland with shared monarchy and foreign policy


    d) More devolution but stronger links to likeminded organisations in UK and Europe



    Do you want



    a) A privatised NHS


    b) A partially privatised NHS


    c) A free NHS in current form


    d) A free NHS with 2012 Health and Social care Act repealed.



    Do you want



    a) Politics of parties and parliament decided by lobbyists


    b) Politics of parties and parliament decided by lobbyists and some trade unions


    c) Politics of parties and parliament decided by lobbyists and some trade unions


    d) MPs made to declare ‘interests’ in business and life that may affect decisions.



    a= conservative


    b= labour


    c= snp



  15. leftclicktic:



    There is only one thing that is bigger than their hubris… their greed.



    We can shout about injustice until we cry but the only language they understand is MONEY.



    Nothing else but Money.



    But collectively we do not have the will to withhold it.



    Who do we blame for that?

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    So Sevcp start -20 pts next season if they go in and out of Administration this summer.




  17. an tearmann



    12:45 on 24 April, 2015





    Try ween her aff it.



    So you tellin me you were not at hampden to see ‘only one king billy’ stick the noggin to win us the cup v Dunfermline?



    suprised at that :-)






    Kinda looks like Paul like a wee read at it too, oh! And it’s Anthony :))

  18. RAYMAC…just reading back there…Paid interloper…whos paying me?..how much….ps can you make it quick , i have an oven to clean….

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