When newspapers cut their own throat


I had very little interest in what former Rangers player Kirk Broadfoot did or said in a match against Wigan recently, I didn’t even know he was still in the game.  What makes him newsworthy (to some) today is a 10 match ban, handed down by The FA in England, for what was reportedly sectarian abuse.

What I found galling is how Mirror Group Newspapers reported this story.  The Mirror wrote:

“Kirk Broadfoot has been handed a staggering 10-game ban for a sectarian tirade against James McClean.

The Rotherham and former Scotland defender will have to serve what is believed to be the longest ban for verbal abuse in English football history.”

Its Scottish sister paper the Daily Record reproduced the same text with one edit:

“Kirk Broadfoot has been handed a staggering 10-game ban for launching a verbal tirade against James McClean.

The former Scotland and Rangers defender will have to serve what is believed to be the longest ban for verbal abuse in English football history.”

The italics are mine.  For reasons which don’t surprise me, the biggest selling Scottish newspaper decided it was unwise to report that a former Rangers player received a huge ban for sectarian abuse.  In 2015.

When Celtic Quick News started 11 years ago a couple of newspapers and radio stations pretty much controlled the news, politics and sports reporting in Scotland.  The journos all worked together; this was a real cabal.  If they wanted to blacken the name of a Fergus McCann, or his like, droves of people quickly turned away from him.

CQN started because reporting like this was rife and unchecked.  I know the value of the new “citizen” media, but I also know its limits.  We need newspapers, we need people to continue to buy them and we need them to find a viable business model.  Without them, reporting which requires considerable resource, experience and, occasionally, money, will not happen.

Most of all, we need them to stop cutting their own throat.

I’m off to Aberdour today, for the 12th CQN Golf Charity Open, not that I’m a golfer, of course.  See you there.

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    Darn whippersnapper,where did you come from?








    Did you manage along to the Ayrshire Tims AGM last Saturday?



    Same place,8/10 for a wee night supporting Scotland. Warm up for the main event two days later.



    Say hi to your Mum and Dad from me.

  3. Son of Gabriel on




    Hadn’t even logged in, first place comes naturally to some.



    Now back to work!



    ps, these things not shocking us was directed at the media, not me being first ;)




  4. OT



    I’m in the Burg today pal. Getting in practice for the future commute!



    The BV will be like a ghost town with The Fonze Richie and all his groupies!



    Have a great day and an even better evening!



    HH jamesgang

  5. Hi Paul67,



    Noticed that myself – shameful.



    Also quite shameful that the English authorities hushed up what was said a gagged everyone. If it was a racist verbal attack the verbiage would be quoted.



    Maybe some right thinking folks in England will see what really goes on in Scotland’s shame.



    Have a good day one and all at Aberdour.

  6. Last time I looked the records circulation was spiralling down at such a rate that by 2018 it will be history.



    It’s surprising when they have that powerhouse of journalism and Scotland top sports journalist Sir Keith Jackson.

  7. Paul


    With scribblers like Jackson, Jack, Grieve & Lindsay etc in situ they are doomed .


    Thank you for all you do and giving us this place.





    I’ve just read similar from THE CLUMPANY.



    Difference is that you qualify it by stating that you support newspapers place in society. In that,you are correct.



    Newspapers are a mix of reporting of news,factual information,views and opinions. Of all sorts.






    What they should never be is the one thing they are is the one thing they rail against.






    To omit a salient fact from an article is to change its meaning entirely. Declining to report the real reason for Broadfoot’s ban is not just bad journalism,it demeans those who write it and implies that their readership ‘just can’t handle the truth’



    I’ve got news for The Daily Record-(aye,I know they wouldnae recognise it if they fell over it). Their target demographic won’t recoil in horror at the real story.



    They’ll celebrate it.

  9. •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Remind me – is it good or bad to shop at Sports Direct?

  10. Gotta say Paul, we don’t need newspapers, untrustworthy rags.



    Can’t think of the last time I bothered with them, and not just for football.



    Much better content online.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Universal declining readership in the Western world.


    What could possibly reverse that trend ?


    They`re a goner.


    Hence the rush for diversification.

  12. Highlight the huns an’ their typewriters at every turn……and don’t link to their awful blatts….



    Shameful paper, shameful klub, shameful fans.





  13. We should champion strong journalism and hold institutions like the media accountable.



    The scoddish fitba’ meeja deserve all they get.

  14. The smsm. Run for, and by the benefit of one, lower league club, and it’s follow, followers.


    Their mindset in one line.


    Just think if that’d been in Bonnie Scotland, auld Kirky could have been charged under the OBAF act.





    IMO,newspapers rushed to join the dotcom revolution and gave away their content without thought for the consequences.



    I pointed that out at a meeting at my workplace in 2003. Why buy when you can get it for free?



    The decline was barely noticeable for a while,to be fair. Of course,the income from online content was barely noticeable too.



    And then came 2008.






    Discretionary spend was a goner for many. And newspapers were quick to be at the sharp end of a nosedive in circulation and in advertising.



    And-surprise,surprise-the shortfall wasn’t made up by clickbait.



    I read that 1m YouTube views earns you £1500. The same number of people buying a paper with multiple articles would be worth c£200k in circulation income with treble that from improved advertising rates.



    They cut their own throats,mate.

  17. the glorious balance sheet on

    Shouldn`t Rotherham be giving serious consideration to sacking Broadfoot for gross misconduct?



    Imagine if it was racist rather than sectarian abuse that Broadfoot spouted? He`d be ostracised and rightly so.



    At the very least he should be sent on some sort of educational programme to wean him off his bigoted attitude (good luck with that) and be made to make a public apology. No idea why the FA initially tried to cover up the case – racists and bigots shouldn`t ever be protected. Shame them publically for being the scumbags they are.

  18. Marrakesh Express on

    The Evening Times online, ten most read stories have three sevco and zero Celtic. No mention of Broadfoot as expected. I see BFDJ’s still got a gig there, says it all really. Rangers and the Scottish newspapers, dead and dying in my lifetime.

  19. Scottish press in story editing shocker!



    Just noticed international champions cup game on sky between 2 non champions – ah welll they don’t have to play CL qualifiers

  20. Well done Paul. When I read this morning how the DR had reported this I was hoping that you would make it the leader in your next blog, and you did.


    Rags like this should be exposed at every opportunity for the lies and propaganda they spread. Like Sevco and their previous incarnation it will only lead to their inevitable demise and the sooner it comes the better.


    These people have no longer any place to hide , the internet is shining a light on their lies with sites like the clumpany and the dailly rekord .

  21. tgbs….



    As it happens part of his compulsory FA sanction is indeed to attend an educational program!!!




  22. If you mean newspapers “across the world”,then I agree that there is a need for balanced and accurate reporting of news in this format.


    However as far as Scotland is concerned…Its been proved time and time again,that when it comes to Us and Sevco, there is no such thing as balanced and accurate reporting.


    Today’s Daily Rectum article confirms that…again…and for that reason alone I’d shut them down tomorrow.


    There is no point in appealing to their sense “of fair play” …They are biased and always will be…and revel in the lies and mis-information that they peddle and the reaction that they get.


    I can also confirm that I once worked for one of Britain’s most Right Wing,Queen and Country,W.A.S.P newspapers you could meet…and their “policies” came over loud and clear.( I didn’t stay long….)


    Yes… “down the middle” newspapers do have a place in society…It’s trying to find one in Scotland that’s the problem.



  23. the glorious balance sheet @ 11:20,



    Believe I’m right in saying that when a racist incident of this nature has occurred it sometimes is investigated by the Police.



    By gagging what has been said the Police don’t have an opportunity to prosecute if relevant.



    Not buying the “protection” thing. They hardly protected McClean’s actions in America, in fact the English press put the worse possible spin on it.



    The articles don’t state what Broadfoot said, yet we’re quite happy rehash McClean’s “disrespect”. Guess Protestants deserve protection.



    Hail Hail

  24. In Crete on holiday, having a fab time. Met a lovely guy Michael today, a good Tim. This is his last day- dammit. Hope you are all well. Pass the sun cream!

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    11:18 on


    24 July, 2015





    I don`t have too much of a problem with the departure of newspapers themselves.


    Particularly some of the Jock rags.


    I do have a problem with the departure of journalists ,the reduction in their numbers and the distribution of the product of one to a mass and sometimes global market.


    Goebellsing. 1984. Telejournalism.(Crass -rap)


    Where will the diverse and opposing views be found ?


    Fewer journalists.Fewer proprietors.Less diversity of opinion.


    More power for the Ruperts (or Maxwells :-) ) of this world.


    Brave new world.

  26. Best wishes to all the golfers today at Aberlour. Hope the weather is as hot there as it is here!

  27. Well highlighted Paul.


    We shouldn’t be surprised at this but we should shout about it from the rooftops – they are catering for what is still, despite progress made over the last decade or so, Scotland’s Shame.



    As for old Microwaved-Heid, I still remember his clumsy foul on Skippy to give us the penalty in the 3-2 game in 2008 very fondly.


    We may have struggled to win the league that year without it.

  28. To all flailing about in Aberdour enjoy yourselves.


    to the hingers oan enjoy yourselves too :-)




  29. I find it very strange that Tonev, Terry and Suarez’s racist comments could be freely discussed by anyone but Broadfoots have a confidentiality clause. Very odd.

  30. Man marking failure at corner by Man City against Real Madrid…








    His manager is Stevie Evans. He will be well-pleased at his player’s behaviour.



    Broadfoot’s days are numbered there,I reckon. You could count them on the toes of his clubfoot.



    Mind,he’s fae Drongan. He could be there for ever!!

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