When playing for your livelihood counts for more


After the rest of the world has enjoyed a two-week international football break, Scotland gets back to real business tonight when Celtic visit Kilmarnock. A win would see the champions move level with their three nearest challengers on 12 games played, but 13 points clear of second placed Aberdeen.

Brendan Rodgers will welcome the Friday night kick-off as it allows for extra recovery time before the visit of Barcelona on Wednesday, so Kilmarnock can expect to face a full strength team.

The contrast between our earlier games this season against Kilmarnock and Barcelona could not be more stark. Killie looked like the worst team we’ve faced this season (Red Imps included) when they lost six at Celtic Park, while Barcelona blew us away at the Camp Nou.

My expectation for Celtic on Wednesday is that we will see a react to that painful defeat. I don’t know if we have enough in our tank to repeat our previous recent wins against Barca, but we should be vastly more solid in all areas of the park.

Kilmarnock will have similar feelings about tonight. They have lost only six goals in their last five games, so can legitimately tell each other they are a much improved team. They are also nip-and-tuck with Inverness, Partick, Hamilton, Motherwell, Dundee and Ross County, all of whom are within three points of bottom of the table or a top six spot.

In other words, unlike Celtic, who are playing with the incentive to increase their already daunting advantage, Kilmarnock are playing for their livelihoods, a scenario which should never be underestimated.

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  1. Paul67


    the bbc were reporting Brendan not happy with friday game due to having 14 players on international duty





    I don’t think anyone enjoys international breaks anymore,including the players.



    Yer a young multimillionaire and banned from seeing your family and friends for ten days,castigated for sneaking a few beers,and then read about how the whole nation thinks yer a useless self-centred overpaid primadonna alkie.



    And then there’s the useful idiots who turn up to watch it and actually pay for the pleasure.



    No,I wouldn’t miss it. It’s utter garbage.

  3. Tom Rogic played on Tuesday in Thailand. Will he be ready? I’d probably leave him out and use him as a sub.



    Wow, I’d forgotten what it was like to talk about the Celtic team…





    Only once you realised that






    was first and second and you were nowhere!!!!!!



    Enjoy yer wee day the morra,try to dip C’s handbag for the credit cards. Save you a fortune.



    You know it makes sense…

  5. Saw Stuart Armstrong last night at Ross Hall, looked okay but either waiting for someone or waiting to see a consultant, if the latter he may not be available for tonight.

  6. International breaks are boring. Thank feck it’s Friday. Even better a Friday night when the hoops are back in action. Canny wait . HH





    My Aussie Brother-in-law is a bit of a jetsetter due to his work. He’s like a wet rag for three days if he has to fly through time zones.



    Izzy and Tom are unlikely to be ready for tonight. Might be one or two more in that situation,just need a day more.



    Having said that,the Scottish players have been back all week. One or two others weren’t even picked for duty. And Mikael used the break to recover.



    Aye,it’s a god point but we should take the five days as a huge bonus over a Sat/Tues regime.



    IMO …

  8. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    KEVJUNGLE on 18th November 2016 12:13 pm


    AULDHEID on 18TH NOVEMBER 2016 11:46 AM






    Dallas was on SSB lying about what Steven craven said to – Dougie, Dougie.



    What did Cellic PLC do about it – hee-haw.



    Hail Hail and thank you but,…ye might have to be dirty to win the Res;12 war…imho.



    Hail Hail





    After Dougie-gate, McDonald “resigned” as a referee and Dallas was sacked 3 days later after Phil outed the story about a Sectarian e-mail sent by Dallas.



    So my question to you is: were these events purely coincidental or do you think someone (or some PLC Board) might have fought dirty? No right or wrong answer, just an opinion.



    Me? I don’t think it was happenstance. But then again, I was brought up in the Drum and ye always had to fight dirty there!








    Yep, I would be comfortable with one of those who didn’t travel, like McGregor, playing the Number 10 role.



    (Whisper it but…I actually quite like McGregor…)

  10. EPL just signed a 564 million quid deal with China.Dear God,there is no end to this.Tell you what though,they can sure bum their league up and sell it.Compare that to the morons selling ours..I mean,Stoke City v West Brom.80% of their league games are as appetising as this every week.


    Anyway,so happy I can see the Hoops tonight,even with this attack of Gout.



  11. BMCUWP,


    Sorry I’m having connection probs today .


    Yes Big Nan got back to me by email a few weeks ago. I may contact him again soon depending on what happens next week as I am being helped by a ” legal person” who also doubles up as a Celtic man.


    I also emailed and phoned ” Scotland against crooked lawyers” a few weeks ago and spoke to a lovely elderly lady ( forgot her name) who was one of two people who ran that organisation. Sadly that organisation has now packed up.


    The lady I spoke to was very sympathic to the parts that I told her over the phone, and she too was very critical of the SK called legal profession in this country including of course the Law Society of Scotland , which makes the SFA look like the ” Truth Police” in all honesty.


    She obviously wasn’t in a position to help me now , but it could have been difficult anyway as she lives in the borders I believe ?


    It was okay though, cos I reversed the charges !


    Joking of course.


    My admiration for those Bhoys who have got res 12 thus far knows no bounds. Irrespective how it ends up this time on this particular issue, I think it’s safe to say that the cheats and liars of Scottish football will be more aware than ever that deeds of the recent past, have now been put firmly in the spotlight and those of that ilk will think again before indulging in other skullduggery in the future ?


    Unless it course the Huns start to spend some real money once again, when they haven’t got any ?


    Stay healthy my friend, hope to meet up with u and others fairly soon for several ales ?







    Gives him time to fatten up for Christmas then hit the laxatives over the winter break.



    Not that I’m suggesting Boyd would do such a thing-after all,he clearly hasn’t in the past.



    Laxatives,that is…

  13. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    St Mary’s Race Night



    Thanks to the generosity from CQN there are only 2 jockeys left to sell (£10 wins you £50) and 1 race to sponsor.



    Contact me on vfr@girfuy.co.uk if you are interested!




    KTF and thank you!







    Is that between them?



    Wait until our new sponsors fae UAR get their wallets out for us!



    The EPL will want to play in bliddy Scotland.

  15. Right bhoys and ghirls!



    I can feel a half day coming on and nae appointments the morra’!



    Is it too early for a small libation, or maybe two?

  16. I think the Griff will start tonight, due to DemBhoy playing last Monday for about 80 minutes ?


    I could be wrong of course, which wouldn’t be unusual however the bookies are getting my cash on Celtic winning 3-0 and maybe 4-0 with the Griff grabbing a double, if he starts ?


    I love the Celtic and The Clump !

  17. Auldheid ( fom previous article)



    “Same 3 monkey routine after the original TJN report and unless supporters demand that LNS be laid aside regardless of the final BTC decision, we are in effect say it’s ok to lie to us, in order to cover up the enormity of the damage inflicted on our game. As long as our teams are out there every Saturday and enough turn up to watch we accept we are not worth the truth or accept the illusion it is a sport.”






    I hope these words are read, and their implications understood.



    Football, as opposed to Entertainment, supporters, drew a line in the sand in 2012, when the attempt was made to extract the urine by allowing Sevco to ‘continue’ in the top tier.



    Acceptance of LNS now crosses that line, given all that we now know, and the only action that will change anything is to make directors feel the same heat they did in the summer of 2012.



    Nothing is worth turning a blind eye to the scandal we have witnessed.



    The same eye that’s been pretending not to see the SPFL website.



    Founded 1872, over 100 honours, my arse!







  18. Kev Jungle





    I know all about what Dallas said on SSB I heard him and subsequently blogged about in detail setting out what Dougie told Dallas after the game and what Dallas didn’t say on SSB.



    VFR800. Whilst I welcomed Dallas departure I would have preferred it would have been on the basis of his SSB statement and an investigation into the power to influence games through the “right” choice of referee as well as the carrot/stick of promotion to international matches.



    A reconstruction opportunity lost and if Celtic had anything to do with it, and I cannot recall anything from Phil Mac to suggest they did, then the e mail was not the way to go.

  19. Kev Jungle



    I hope it’s not necessary to go dirty. I really do. Everyone gets mud on them including the thrower.

  20. BR should just get on with it.International games are a fact of life.England played a useless friendly on Tuesday,bet the EPL managers loved that.We were all delighted when Moussa enhanced his standing with goals for France,so we cant have it all ways.They are young,fit,with the best of everything to keep them at their fitness levels,so no worries for me.It also gave a break to those not on duty.Kilmarnock are rank rotten,so thats a bonus,along with an extra day off before the CL.


    Moussa and Scott to destroy them,or maybe even wee Griff.If fit we could see Kolo tonight.No matter what,we always have “The Broony”.A good atmosphere tonight,think we have sold out,so plenty of support.


    Cant wait.

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Current bid for the 4 CQN badges is £40.



    Highest bidder gets a free Celtic v Barca ticket for the game next week.



    Good luck and happy bidding.







  22. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Auldheid I disagree any way to rid us of that dirty cheatin bassa is okay in my book



    I blame Dallas for black Sunday when the Motherwell player should have seen red as last man when he fouled Craig Bellamy who was going through one on one A DIRTY CHEAT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. I also recall being in de lucianos for a meal and in walked Dallas dougal and Clark with there wife’s no doubt to collude on how to cheat Celtic total scumbags everyone of them



    I’m yr man … I’ll fight dirty with Catherine Zeta Jones anytime ! Right hen , ID say, ” Taps Aff”


    Come to think of it, her man Michael is now 72, I’m a youthful nearly 61 so when he croaks it I’ll be right in there. C’mon Catherine !


    Off Catherine canny make it , just send Liz Hurley or Kylie they can come aff the bench anytime ?


    I’m away for a wee lie doon noo.



  24. Philboy,



    Yep,in my dreams I can see The Celtic Emirates Hotel rising up in the night sky.The Emirates restaurant,not cafe,selling Shwarmas,Kebabs,roasted,toasted Goats cheese sandwiches,Cardamon tea,sheeps eyeball salads.


    50% discount for any ST holder flying Emirates Airlines.The CQN corner covered by a Bedouin style canopy the occupant sitting cross legged on the floor smoking the old Hubbly Bubblies,whilst chewing the fat over Res 12.


    Its the future,I tells yees.

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