When the rebels manned the barricades


Back in 1994, when our day of greatest need arrived, Celtic fans had already invested years in developing a recovery strategy in case the club faced extinction.  A disparate group of “rebels” filtered out good ideas from bad, established a platform for recovery and ensured that when the hour came, one man was ready and able to walk into a branch of Bank of Scotland and deposit a large sum of money into Celtic’s account, while others rallied support and prepared for the recovery.

Those rebels eventually went their own ways as many of those who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Fergus McCann found allies in conflict didn’t make for friends in peacetime, but the rebels were united long enough to Save our Celts.  Without their preparation, Celtic would have quickly gone into administration and who knows where thereafter.

Compare and contrast with Rangers in their hour of need.  There is no preparation, no consensus of the willing, not even an acceptance that this is, in fact, an hour of need.

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  1. 31 January, 2012 at 12:01


    Does anyone know how much the non old firm teams will get from the new Sky contract, as it stands?



    Does anyone have any idea how much a TV deal would be worth without the huns? I assume it would be a lot less.



    How much would each team receive from such a deal? Again I assume that without the huns their share would be much bigger.



    So a bigger share of a smaller pot. Or a smaller share of a bigger pot. That’s the choice.



    What I’d like to know is, which would be worth more.

  2. Paul67




    What plans have the Celtic board, or Celtic fans, got in place to fight a newco huns being admitted straight into the SPL?



    That’s the question you should be asking.

  3. The people have not stirred. We are abandoned by those who still live in fear. The people have not heard.

  4. They couldn’t spell Damascus…………never mind find it on a ‘Radar’.



    No strategy change there chaps…..



    Same old, same old….



    Don’t buy it.

  5. Paul67 –



    “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

  6. Ernie Lynch,



    Like you I was preparing to celebrate but, given RTC’s latest article and the ability of the Scottish football authorities to align what is good for the scottish game with what is good for rangers, I think I’ll put my celebrations on ice for now ( or in the fridge if you prefer!)

  7. Afternoon bhoys, the sun is shining down on the hun free mountain.



    Well the retard told us nothing we didn’t know already, still good that it’s out there though.



    The start game has begun, save the hun at all costs.



    This will end in the courts.



    Over to you Celtic.



    Over to you all the other SPL clubs, do the right thing.

  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    ernie lynch says:


    31 January, 2012 at 12:04



    What plans do you have to do this?

  9. Paul67



    I thought the takeover by the MBB was their, “platform for recovery”?



    The big difference is that wee Fergus actually had a few quid.

  10. Paul, the thing is, our debt back then was truly manageable if someone could underwrite the value of it, especially the BoS debt, which was quite comparatively small when measured against realistic potential earnings.



    Their debt and potential debt does not fit with our position in 94. Deep down, the orcs know this.



    Their inherent turnover is about £35-40m and their potential debt is c£70-80m.



    Their potential earnings are restricted to their recent record turnover – they will never get any better than where they were last year in terms of income.



    Compare that with where we were: playing in front of 18-30k and exiting Europe in the first round every year. Very little income from Europe at the time (TV money etc). Our potential was 50-60k fans each week and reaching a European final within 5 to 10 years as well as countless millions from increased revenues in Europe. Why would you not want to underwrite us back then?



    For the orcs, catastrophic losses in the face of spending just to keep pace with their larger neighbours is as good as it gets. Why would you waste tens of millions to do that?

  11. ernie lynch says:


    31 January, 2012 at 12:04




    Pointless. You’ll never achieve consensus over this.

  12. Indeed, Paul- the contrast between how motivated we were in ’94 compared to the current rudderless Rangers support is huge, similarly, on-line bampottery, an absolute world of difference between the 2 sets of supporters- massive.



    And for that we are indebted to the likes of your good self, Phil, RTC, Paul McC, CU etc.

  13. Paul67,



    Perhaps they could be saved, by a business mastermind, someone with a genius plan?



    I mean, I dont know what that would be, but maybe it could involve a collective 100 Million Pound investment in developing the area around the ground? You know, restaurants, cafe’s, cinema, shopping complex, a super dooper casino even………..

  14. If ignorance truly is bliss then ipox must be full of contented individuals. Come to think of it, the press box must be full of them too!



    Paul I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself so much these days. It is a well-deserved enjoyment and bears testimony to the enjoyment that you have brought, and indeed continue to bring, to many. Thank you.



    Your tone indicates that the real fun may not have started yet but that it’s time to look out our party attire. I think I’ll opt for a wee Green and White Hooped number :-)

  15. From the hilarious Rangers Media, this little gem:


    The Cry Was No Surrender,which we all love to sing. But the sad thing is that reading some posts, some fans have already surrendered after they have read a newspaper article. What i will say is no matter what the outcome of the mess we are in, our love for our club will never change, and we will all still follow on. Just remember to hold your head up high and be proud that you are part of the greatest club in the world, and get behind our club in our troubled times. And remember the words The Cry Was No Surrender and at this moment until the day is won.



    And this one:


    Do you still trust Craig Whyte?


    Yes (40 votes [30.30%])


    Percentage of vote: 30.30%


    No (52 votes [39.39%])


    Percentage of vote: 39.39%


    Still sitting on the fence (40 votes [30.30

  16. .



    Now that SydneyTim..



    Has gone to Dreamland..I Feel l have Let CQN know That ST Suffers from a Very Rare Syndrome Not Unknown to CQN..



    RPCS is a Syndrome where Posters Have a Valid Point but there Syndrome takes Over..Sometimes Over & Over..and the Point is Lost in Endless Post of RPCS..



    SydneyTim was Almost Cured of RPCS over 3 years Ago..Unfortunately for Syd..Celtic signed Willo Flood..and his Remission Stopped..almost Immediateness..



    So Please have All this In Mind when Reading Syd’s Posts..



    Please DO NOT..RePost SydneyTims Posts as it Makes His RPCS Flare Up Worse..



    Summa ft RepetitivePostContentSyndromeCSC

  17. Can someone confirm that if they go into Admin, when they come out all the deals done up to now like selling of the merchandising, catering & season ticket revenue are still valid?

  18. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Ghastly highlights of the Keith Jackson Talksport interview there lads.



    The Battered Bunnet, you, BRTH and a couple of other guys have discussed, in depth, various scenarios for what happens next. I think it’s time to revisit – in light of today’s obvious efforts to turn the fans – the scenario which we talked about some weeks ago, that there may, in fact, be more than one entity claiming the mantle of Rangers as we move onward here.



    I’ve had a good look at SFA regulations on the fit and proper person test, and from where I’m sitting it rules out involvement in a NewCo of anyone connected with the club in the five years prior to an administration event, which would wash away the pretensions of Paul Murray, Dave King and all the other touted “Whyte Knight Part 2″ candidates the media has dreamt up.



    Unless Craig Whyte is here for what I’ve long suspected – the pump and dump, in which case I think Rangers FC is as good as dead – he could emerge from this holding certain assets which are vital to Rangers having any future at all. Forget about talk of a straight up SPL reinstatement … the battle over who actually owns what of Rangers’ corpse is likely to last far too long for the SPL to hold open a place for them, not that this would be legal anyway …



    The question is, if three or four different groups emerge, all trying to get their hands on the same assets, might we end up with a scenario where all this might be stuck in a courtroom for years to come?



    There’s also the SFA’s responsibility in a liquidation proceeding. When a club folds, it is the SFA’s responsibility to take over all the player contracts and to get best value for the administrator/liquidator by disposing of them. A pre-pack sells everything cheap, but a pre-pack can’t be done whilst the assets are all claimed by different groups of people … that leaves the SFA, yes friends, the Scottish Football Association itself, in the horrendous (I could die laughing, seriously!) position of having to sell the entire “Rangers” first team squad to the highest bidder … without a single penny of that money being available to what’s left of the club.



    Whyte has created the Perfect Storm here.

  19. It is worth noting that no one in the mainstream media has mentioned “the consequences” for years of financial misdeeds and if proven lawbreaking, they are all just talking about the effects for Scottish Football without rankers.



    The question is Main Stream Media what about the effects of rankers fiscal policy on Scottish Football??




  20. They have a sense of entitlement reflected in their rallying call: We deserve better.


    That misplaced idea that some-one will save the day is part of the reason why they cannot or will not coalesce save their club….and the fact that they are thick as shoite!!

  21. This reason is why I’m so happy with the old media.



    Since Cqn came to being, I haven’t listened to a phone in or bought a daily ranger (apart from today, 7am at the local shop)


    I don’t care what they write or say, my FOD ‘friends’ didn’t listen to me, even when I gave them links to posts here and the rangers tax case. They seemed to think, the anti-rangers media (I know it makes me laugh as well) would be printing this if it was true!



    Even last night follow follow.still had (the?) people disagreeing with ech other. Their groups are disjointed and in it for themselves , who’s got the most hits on each others is all they were worried about.



    So, so happy the media have helped to keep if ‘off the radar’

  22. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy says:


    31 January, 2012 at 12:06


    ‘ernie lynch says:


    31 January, 2012 at 12:04



    What plans do you have to do this?’




    The first part of the plan is to ask the question, raise the issue.



    My view is that the Celtic board could kill any move stone dead by threatening to resign from the SPL if they agree to allow a neco huns straight in.



    All Peter Lawwell has to do at this stage is just hint at the idea to his counterparts in the other SPL clubs. Nothing explicit, just sow the idea. Maybe he’s already done that, who knows.

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