When the shine rubs off a club’s brand


Those not infected with the football bug often look on in a mixture of dismay and disgust at fans of the game.  This is a benign form of intolerance, usually ill-informed and of no consequence to those of us hooked on the game.

Then you read things that makes you wonder.  Real Madrid are in tonight’s’ Champions League semi-final, having eliminated Paris St Germain in the quarters.  PSG fans were so upset with their one-time idols that game which delivered the 10th league title in the club’s history was scarcely celebrated with a round of applause.

PSG ultras left the game early, not wanting to share the moment with the players, the others left within 10 minutes of full time, not even affording players time to do a circuit of the pitch.  There is being upset and a defeat, and there’s being spoiled.

Football supporting is a contract in delight and despair.  You will see both, if you are very lucky, you will experience trophies in the quantity you and I have enjoyed this past decade or so, but most football fans across the major European leagues will never see their side win a major trophy.  Supporting the game is mostly a harsh condition.

We always knew Celtic could not win everything, although there is a real possibility our Generation of Domination could replicate across many generations.  For me, last season’s losses make the prospect of this season’s success all the sweeter.  Would I celebrate 11-in-a-row as much as a mere one-in-a-row?  No.

For PSG, the Qatari money will continue to pour in for a while, but the brand has lost some shine.  We may look back on their league winning game against Lens as the beginning of the end.

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  1. Football clubs are mere toys to the billionaires of this world. Millionaires have a more emotional attachment, and as such do tend to have a more hands-on approach. The Sheiks may see that Formula 1 has much more razmataz and the chance to move in the right circles, especially when in Monaco. Yes, they will tire and move on to their next “shiny object”, very shortly, por cierto

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The PSG support were never a united unit. The club is an amalgam of two Paris clubs, similar to Inverness Caledonian and Meadowbank Thistle. I can’t imagine a unification of two clubs within the same city leading to an harmonious and united support. PSG have a divided support.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I don’t follow it that closely, but maybe the PSG fans think they are being short-changed by a bunch of mercenary primadonna’s earning obscene amounts of money. I watched Man U v City a few weeks back. A fan of neither I was astonished to see most of the Man U team chuck it. For me last season’s performances of Edouard, Christie, Duffy and Barkas will remain a bitter memory for a long time.



    There’s a fine line between being spoiled and conned.



    In other news – the SFA are trawling Celtic. Their two head Hunchos appointed for successive games.



    The Huns will come with the same plan to kick Celtic off the park aided by a sympathetic official.



    At least AP and his team know what to expect.

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  5. As a wee quirk of an employee population being sold off and having to move away, we lost the majority of celtic and rangers fans in the big pool, to the smaller teams supporters being no longer in the minority so to speak.



    In my wee work group we had a few tims, a few thems, but also 3 st mirren fans, 3 motherwell, couple of mrton, a kille man and a partick fan.



    we talked often about the glory hunter versus them as real supporters, and i would often think could i support a wee team that will never win anything, but they would tell me, each win, any win, especially a win against anything considered as a bigger team was met with the same joy as winning a cup final.


    their biggest moments might be winning promotion or avoiding relegation, they worried about that, rather than our lens of dropping two points bringing a week of self flagellation.



    they get joy, in my world i see and hear a lot of celtic fans who just cant be happy for some bizarre rational. sure some type on here and worry all week that bitton is going to play or julien is in the huff or now rio is knackered and unhappy.



    take all sorts i suppose.



    i hope we have the bus available for a tour up the gallowgate when we do 1 in a row.

  6. The Huns will come with the same plan to kick Celtic off the park aided by a sympathetic official.







    At least AP and his team know what to expect.






    take the natural pass, to the person with a little space, with players giving more than one option, do it fast, trust your team mate to collect, control and pass again, keep moving, dont try and run away from them with the ball , release the ball before they can clatter you, and run into space, be ready to get it back, control and pass again, cross EARLY, our forwards are fast enough (all of them) to anticipate and get on the end of the ball. oh and if mcgregor is in goal, shoot early, hard and low to any corner



    here it is in action –



    hard, early low, followed by the perfect pass and move goal







    speaking of mcgregor, i want his last ever glasgow derby, all versions, to be humiliating for him, 6 or 7 would be nice.

  7. Paul does the PSG story say anything to you about remoteness of ownership.



    Gaps with fan base and board on matters of ongoing policy



    Any comment on Irish Catholic bigotry,from the plc?



    How many bottles does it take to hit home?


    It’s a constant.as is income from hate.



    How many resolutions a la res11 and 12,lns,appeal once court battles are over?


    That helped eh?really brought us close together that did!



    let’s have a share issue to save and rebuild the club,then take it up the shoofty from a tramp like murray as they cheated left right and centre,




    When,if ever have they spoke out on behalf of those who pay the Directors emoluments? Crush investigations etc? Any reports?



    Unlike the gen of domination fantasy,still awaiting the tap in.! across the line here.just a wee example of words with no source or gumption as history has shown imo.



    Look at PSG


    More to do with a remote board detached from its fanbase



    What are we doing as a club at Celtic to ease that remoteness….we are planning on a kellys2!! A family dynasty.


    And all the sychophants bow in meekness and silence not a word….if only DD mentioned liquidation(or any of his puppeteered team) did In 2012,nope seem to recall he talked of great history while ubend after ubend was ended before being released for history to laugh at.(it laughs at our çlub for partaking in the “it didnae happen” event.)


    The symbol of the union self-harmed itself,our board can keep trying to assimilate,wish they would just be honest,aye Messi and Ronaldo as a front two next season sure sure.



    Look to our own club.close the gaps at our place.


    A lot to be getting on with as always at Celtic



    We have a board that will be getting overhauled,


    -NEDs(non exec directors to be active and courageous) instead of nodding at bonus divvy up time


    -Board freshened up with thinking post PL reign.


    -Retirement of elderly Board members.




  8. THE BLOGGER@1:18pm



    I wouldn’t be too hard on Duffy……….no system no protection.He does fine in the EPL.The rest you have a point.



    I think Eddie scored 19 goals last year ,could be wrong.

  9. I watched a chunk of palace v leeds last night.



    1. inceredible amount of diving from Palace. That lad Gallacher is like a young Gerrard; run at the defence and fall over. Saha is always at it



    2. Edouard not getting a look in again. Even Ayew and the past it Benteke ahead of him. I think we got the best years out of him

  10. Saint Stivs,


    Excellent piece of coaching. You’ve clearly done this before.


    I agree about shooting hard and low, we don’t do it often enough.


    And when we do, it’s often a Ryan Christie style Garryowen.


    CalMac, who I love, needs to work on his shooting.


    As for throw-ins…..don’t start me.

  11. Great perspective Paul.



    Celtic are blessed with success but we should never forget the effort it takes to be the best in difficult circumstances in Scotland or forget the other genuine football supporters out there who rarely see their teams lift a cup in their lifetimes. Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City and United, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Barcelona hoover up the rising stars of the game and create the superstar celebrity mentality which widens the gap between spectator and sportsman and which allows the smarmy anti/football types you refer to Paul to have a field day with spoilt, overpaid young men. And it doesn’t work!! Bale and Hazard will be on the bench tonight, the money spent (and the agents´ commissions) for their transfers is astronomical. Let´s see if even Grealish gets into the starting line up tonight.

  12. With regards to last season.


    I think what annoyed the majority of fans. Was that there was no forward planning, with regards to the squad. Too many loan players and wanatawys.


    The majority could see a disaster happening as early as last September . But the board did nothing, until it was too late.



    It’s all history now.

  13. RUBICON on 26TH APRIL 2022 2:19 PM


    Saint Stivs,





    Excellent piece of coaching. You’ve clearly done this before.





    I agree about shooting hard and low, we don’t do it often enough.







    the absolute best parts of angeball have been playing that way, the celtic way isnt a myth really, its been ever thus, they cant kick shadows, those old clips i am fond of posting and in the match reports, its outstanding how often celtic are “the football team” “the passers and the dribblers” “the skilled”


    and not the kick and rush exponents.



    i am full of hope in my heart that our football team turns up. nothing to be scared off,



    compare hatate seems to me, trying to keep the ball low, to mad ryan blasting away






    back to work.

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Very quiet today in the usually bustling metropolis of Govanhill.

  15. Sláinte Ange on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH APRIL 2022 10:10 AM


    I don’t often agree with Ernie when it comes to politics but I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. If a comment is abusive or uses foul language then a case can be made for removal.



    When a moderator starts removing comments just because it is political, a line is crossed. It is surely not within a moderator’s remit to dictate which topics can and cannot be aired.



    Where do we draw the line?




    Thought police?



    Tom, it’s not often that I agree with your posts but on this subject you have hit the nail on the head.


    If the moderator continues in this vein, it will only drive even more good posters off this dear blog.



  16. Sláinte Ange on




    ICT is an amalgamation of Inverness Caledonian and Inverness Thistle


    Nothing to do with Meadowbank



  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Happy birthday James Edward McGrory. The greatest ever Celt and a lovely gentleman.

  18. AN TEARMANN on 26TH APRIL 2022 3:37 PM


    Born on this day.James Edward



    that is a brilliant image, and even better that our own BT is first up in the comments.



    I often feel Jimmy McGrory isnt celebrated enough.



    His Celtic story, Donegal parents and a big brother born there in St Johnston before getting to the Garngad, grinding poverty up the close in Millburn street with big irish families all around (was it the Hilleys next door ?). Born in 1904 when celtic themselves were only 16, his resilience was remarkable, his kindness second to none, told off by his sister for giving his tramfare away to someone in need while he himself walked to celtic park.


    Described as modest and shy, but aggresive and tough on the park, like Quinn, his great hero.



    If you havnt read the John Cairney biography go do it, for me the best Celtic Player book ever researched. Overlap it with McCallums, The Glasgow Irish, Celtic and the Great War , for a world that already is one hundred years ago, but scarcely believable to our youths today.



    When Jimmy McGrory put the Celtic one-up …………..







  19. Maybe it’s escaped me, but what punishment did hunman get after the glass business at Ayebroke.


    Enquiry, then forgotten




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